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Jesus Wears Armani Premieres New Video

Jesus Wears Armani has teamed up with us today to officially unveil a new lyric video - check out the epic "Pray For War" below!

Vocalist Rich Hurts of the Seattle metal band comments: "This song addresses the very real struggles our returning veterans face. Being torn between the need to complete the mission, and how to properly come home. This song lets other veterans know, they are not alone."

Hurst writes combat-tested metal with songs that address the physical and psychological scars of war: injury, alcoholism, addiction, PTSD, and the feelings of dislocation and alienation that are unfortunately all-too-common for our returning veterans.

Hurst and the band are currently working on their second CD, also titled "Pray For War," which is projected to release later this year and follows previous EP "Curse of Man." Stay tuned for more info, and you can follow the latest on Jesus Wears Armani at Facebook here.

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Imminent Sonic Destruction Brings On "The Fog"

U.S. progressive metal act Imminent Sonic Destruction teamed up with Metal Underground.com to premiere the music video for the new song "The Fog." The song is taken from the brand new album "Triumphia," which is is set to drop on September 2nd, 2016 via Luxor Records.

Detroit based Imminent Sonic Destruction was formed in 2008 during an unexpected lunar eclipse, which wiped out vast swaths of humanity and ushered in the so-called new age of progressive super metal. Maybe you remember. It was a Tuesday.

Even though some of that is made up, the band was initially formed around the strong songwriting of guitarist/vocalist Tony Piccoli, and consists of Pat DeLeon (drums), Pete Hopersberger (keyboards/vocals), Bryan Paxton (bass) and Scott Thompson (guitar/vocals). Imminent Sonic Destruction’s sound is a satisfying blend of styles, at times melodic, complex, epic and crushingly heavy, drawing on the members’ various influences, which cover the full spectrum of prog, rock, and metal.

Imminent Sonic Destruction recorded and released the debut full-length CD, "Recurring Themes," in 2012 to critical acclaim. Based on the strength of that album and an energetic live show, the band went on to tour across North America with giants Pain of Salvation and Fates Warning, among others.

In between tours, the band spent time excitedly writing and demoing a diverse collection of songs. These demos led to label interest and the subsequent signing a record deal, which brings Imminent Sonic Destruction to 2016, and the announcement of "Triumphia," an ambitious concept album featuring over 60 minutes of music, including the 22+ minute epic “Arborous Calm.” Triumphia features artwork by acclaimed artist Travis Smith.

The track listing for "Triumphia" is:

1. The Crashing Waves
2. Something in the Way
3. The Fog
4. Sleepless
5. Lake of Fire
6. The Knife
7. Arborous Calm

As for the video clip for "The Fog" keyboardist Pete Hopersberger told Metal Underground.com: "Shooting this was an absolute blast. There are so many little things to look for, easter eggs and things that will crack people up. It's really a short film, and I'm thrilled with how it came out. Several of our friends put a lot of hard work into the details of this video, and it shows."

With that said, Metal Underground.com is pleased to present "The Fog": More...

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Infectology Premieres Full Brutal Death Album

If you love your death metal on the brutal and gore-soaked side, then you will want a taste of the disgustingly bloody brew on tap from Infectology.

"Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment” is the sophomore album from this Ecuadorian extreme quartet and follows 2013's debut "Origin of Pathological Extermination."

The new album officially drops today - August 12th - and we're stoked to premiere all eight tracks online today in celebration of that release.

“Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment” was mixed and mastered by Januaryo Hardy at Insidious Soundlab, and the album also includes special guest appearances by Carlos de la Vega (Sanguinary Execution / Gastrorrexis) and Januaryo Hardy (Perverted Dexterity / Cadavoracity).

If you dig the dirty brutal death metal sound, be sure to pick up your own copy through Gore House Productions right here. The track listing is:

1. Absolute Disembodiment
2. Gorging on Misanthropy
3. Deification of Insanity
4. Forced Unnatural Carnal Knowledge
5. Inhuman Conception
6. Ritualistic Embodiment
7. Dying On Cauldron
8. Inducing Excruciating Pain More...

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The Arbitrary Premieres New Music Video

New Orleans-based instrumental prog metal group The Arbitrary released new album "Entropy" earlier this year, which you can stream in full or pick at Bandcamp here.

With the album out now, The Arbitrary is showcasing one song in particular with a new music video. Check out our worldwide exclusive premiere of "As Colors Bleed Through" below and prepare to be blown away!

Guitarist Jeffrey Fisher comments on the video: "We felt that 'As Colors Bleed Through' was the perfect song to sum up The Arbitrary because it really showcases the different facets contained throughout our record 'Entropy.' By shooting this video out in the wilderness, we were able to simultaneously capture the emotions contained within the song as well as the energy exerted at our live shows."

The band is currently working on a new release as "Entropy" continues making waves throughout the regional and national progressive metal scenes.

"We've really begun to find our niche as musicians, and having only two members really allows us to efficiently channel our energy and improve our craft as we continue playing shows and working on new material," says Fisher. "In the end, the music is all that matters."

You can follow the latest on the band at Facebook here or catch The Arbitrary live on these upcoming tour dates:

August 13: Ocean Springs, MS @ The Juke Joint - Frets for Pets Benefit Concert
August 27: Baton Rouge, LA @ Atomic Pop Shop w/ Brother Wolf, They Will Fall
August 31: Biloxi, MS @ Zeppelin's Bar & Grill w/ Traitors, Shores of Acheron
September 10: Baton Rouge, LA @ 524 Studios w/ The Continual, In Reverie
October 7: Metairie, LA @ The Twist of Lime w/ Everyone Dies in Utah, Convictions More...

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Warfather Premieres "Judgement, The Hammer"

September 16th will see the release of new Warfather album "The Grey Eminence." Ahead of that official street date, we're stoked to be bringing you an exclusive first listen to another devastating death metal track cut off the album!

Check out our premiere of "Judgement, The Hammer" below, which features none other than Erik Rutan on guest vocals.

Wartfather's follow-up to debut album "Orchestrating the Apocalypse" was also produced by death metal icon and studio wizard Rutan (Hate Eternal).


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Hannes Grossmann Premieres "Oceanborn"

We've got a surprise track premiere for you metal fanatics today that will absolutely blow some minds!

German musical virtuoso Hannes Grossmann (Alkaloid, Blotted Science, Hate Eternal, ex-Obscura, ex-Necrophagist) is wrapping up an IndieGogo campaign at 3:00 AM EST tomorrow (August 9th) for his impending solo album "The Crypts of Sleep." Get in on the action in these last waning hours of the campaign right here.

As the crowd funding campaign draws to a close, Grossmann has teamed up with us to premiere another sneak peak of the upcoming album. Check out our exclusive early stream of "Oceanborn" below, which is the fifth track on "The Crypts Of Sleep." Prepare to be lulled in by some melodic acoustic strumming before getting kicked straight in the teeth by the most technical of death metal!

After successfully crowdsourcing the funds to independently release his debut album "The Radial Covenant" in 2014 (still streaming in full here), Grossmann decided to follow the same approach for much anticipated follow-up, "The Crypts of Sleep."

The new album was entirely written, arranged, self-recorded and self-produced by Grossmann between September 2015 and June 2016 at his own Mordor Sounds studio in Veitsbronn, Germany.

Grossmann plays drums on the entire album and enlisted the the help of numerous all-stars in the extreme music scene including Danny Tunker (Alkaloid, Abhorrent, ex-Aborted) - rhythm and lead guitars, Linus Klausenitzer (Obscura, Alkaloid, Noneuclid) - bass, Morean (Alkaloid, Dark Fortress, Noneuclid) - vocals, Christian Muenzner (Spawn of Possession, ex-Obscura, ex-Necrophagist) - lead guitars, Fountainhead (ex-Obscura, Despotic) - lead guitars, Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) - lead guitars, and Erik Rutan (ex-Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal) - lead guitars. More...

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The Company Corvette Premieres Full New Album

Philadelphia-based group The Company Corvette recently wrapped up a third full-length recording, titled "Never Enough."

An independent, late summer release is planned for August 5th in conjunction with the band’s performance at Psycho Las Vegas.

Today we are beyond stoked to bring an advance stream of the entire "Never Enough" album before it even hits the stands!

While the band likes to think of the two earlier releases as “glorified demos,” this new album is a huge step forward for The Company Corvette in virtually every department.

"Never Enough" features a solid seven riffed-out stoner tracks recorded at Gradwell House Recording in New Jersey with Matt Weber at helm, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Sleep, Yob, Corrosion Of Conformity) in Oregon.

The album bears incredibly striking cover artwork by the excellent Drew Elliott (Sunn O)), Amorphis, Rwake, Necrophagia), which captures the imagery within the second track "Devilwitch" and takes band’s visual presentation to new heights. Check out the full album below, and be sure to also see The Company Corvette live:

8/26-28/2016 Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Las Vegas, NV @ Psycho Las Vegas More...

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From Blue To Gray Premieres Full New Album

Michigan's From Blue To Grey is gearing up to drop new album "Abstention of Interference" via Luxor Records on August 5th.

A few days ahead of that official release date, we're excited to bring you the entire album early via a full stream below.

You can hear all 10 tracks in advance, and if you like what you hear, pre-orders are available at this location.

Bassist Jordan Myers comments: “This album is the epitome of sacrifice, and diligence. A culmination of our combined efforts come to fruition. We wanted the listener to feel a spectrum of emotion; our anguish, our fear, our anger, and our joy. We put our everything into this album and left nothing on the table."

Produced by Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me, The Contortionist) the upcoming full-length features guest appearances from Dustie Waring of Between The Buried And Me and John Matos of Abiotic. The track listing is as follows:

1. Slave Grinder
2. Vulgarity in Silence
3. Forceful Stare
4. Fractured Reality Obscurity
5. Fractured Reality Reflection
6. Ataraxia
7. Lay Down and Die
8. Buried in Sand
9. Cognitive Dissonance
10. A Reason to Resonate More...

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The Devil's Music Premieres "Can You Hear Me"

After Devilment founder Daniel J. Finch departed the band in 2014, he got to work on The Devil's Music, a new project offering up groovy and powerful music that covers the metallic spectrum.

A self-titled album is due out in early September, and we're stoked to be heralding that release with an exclusive premiere of new song "Can You Hear Me."

This one goes a significantly different direction both musically and vocally from the previously released track "From Beyond" (available at Bandcamp here) - check it out below.

Finch comments on the new track: "It's one of those songs that just feels like someone punched you in the face. Lee (Collapse The Sky) vocals are so hard, I'm amazed at what a talent he is. The solo is James from One Machine and that guy can shred. This is certainly one of my favorite tracks on the album."

The full track listing for "The Devil's Music" will be as follows:

1. From Beyond (vocals by Jambles Darby of The BloodShake Chorus)
2. Can You Hear Me (vocals by Lee Margaillan of Collapse The Sky)
3. Break Through (vocals by Ian Messy Messenger of Scream Serenity)
4. Phoenix (vocals by Jordan Fennell of Scream Serenity)
5. The Smile That Hurts (vocals by Caeser of Ides of Winter)
6. The Strange And Dark (vocals by Benjamin Skirka of (Iron Glove & Philophobia)
7. This Is The End (vocals by James Brett Marten of Hedra)
8. Dvoid Of Light (vocals by Edwin "Wrything" Mascorn of ex Episeed)
9. Cthulu (vocals by Vlad “Viper” Yasinsky of Viper Inc)
10. Hate (vocals by Matt Golder of Die A Villain) More...

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Feign Premieres Full New Album

Into the Night Records has returned from hiatus to release "Atlas" by one-man black metal band Feign. The album officially drops tomorrow, but we're teaming up with Feign to stream the entire album a day early - check it out below!

If you like what you hear, "Atlas" is available for ordering through Bandcamp here. While the project primarily draws on black metal, elements of melodic death metal also weave in and out of the songs.

Back in January of 2015, Feigns’ first demo "Lost to Eternity" was released. Into the Night Records quickly signed the band and released second demo "Into the Void" on May 2nd. Now, after a years’ worth of work, Feign is preparing to release first full-length debut, "Atlas." The full track listing is:

1. Starstrum
2. Into the Celestial Nothingness
3. …A Visitor
4. Haven In The Sky
5. Lunarity (up for free download here)
6. When The World Ends
7. Stargazer
8. Deathwisher
9. Atlas
10. Souls’ Whisper More...

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Casket Robbery Premieres "Pray For Death" Video

Back in March, Casket Robbery dropped new full-length album "Evolution Of Evil" (which is still streaming online here).

Now we're excited to be teaming up with the band again to not only exclusively release a lyric video for the track "Pray For Death," but also issue first official details on the band's impending August tour.

The new clip can be seen below, and Casket Robbery comments: “This song is one of the catchiest on the album. The lyrics in the chorus are especially catchy and disturbing at the same time. The song is from the point of view of a killer torturing someone. ‘The blade, it cuts. The slice it spills your guts.’ We all love the flow of the chorus. The solo features former Warbringer guitarist John Laux and it totally rips!”

Additionally, Casket Robbery will be heading off for the Danger Zone tour alongside Repaid In Blood. Tour dates are available after the jump and the band had this to say:

“We are extremely excited to be heading out to the west coast with Repaid In Blood in August. This will be our first national tour in support of 'Evolution of Evil' and we’ll be on the road more next year. Make sure to come out and see the carnage!" More...

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Hell Camino Premieres "Vertigo" Video

Do you dig Down, Clutch, or Corrosion Of Conformity? Then you'll want to check out this killer new Hell Camino vid for "Vertigo!"

Hell Camino is a stoner/doom band based out of the Heart of Dixie - Little Rock, Arkansas - formed in 2014 by twin brothers Larry “Hash” Williams (bass/vox) and Lefty Williams (lead guitar/vox).

With the soul of the blues and the heaviness of 70's hard rock, next throw in whiskey, weed, women, guns, and fast muscle cars to reach the Hell Camino sound.

"Vertigo" is taken off the band's latest album "Orange Lily," which was mixed and recorded by Jason Tedford at his Wolfman Studios in Little Rock and released last month via Chrome Mountain Records.

According to Lefty Williams, the song and video for "Vertigo" is all about how a person feels when they are fighting drug addictions, dizziness, the withdrawals, crying themselves to sleep at night, anxiety and subsequent failed relationships. If you like what you hear below, be sure to follow Hell Camino at Facebook here. More...

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Beansidhe Premieres Full New Album

Switzerland is about to offer up another stunning extreme metal release to the world, this time from Beansidhe.

The band's new album "Mont" is due to arrive July 28th - this coming Friday - but ahead of that drop date from Via Nocturna Records, today we are streaming all six album tracks in advance.

While the band's sound is firmly rooted in death metal, it also contains elements of thrash and even black metal at times. "Mont" is the group's third album since forming in 1999 and deals with the wonders of nature and man’s spiritual elevation to deity.

"Mont" was produced by Beansidhe and Ste Scenini and recorded and mixed at Stairway Studio by Ste Scenini. The track listing is:

1. Mónt - 00:48
2. Spazi - 07:22
3. Mòrt - 06:21
4. Féras - 08:01
5. Febraar - 06:58
6. Diàvól - 10:40 More...

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Dejected Mass Premieres Full New Album

Incomprehensible and impenetrable guitar darkness is the order of the day with the slow motion chug-pocalypse that is Dejected Mass.

The band's new "Dirge" album is set to drop tomorrow - July 21st, 2016 - and will be available via Bandcamp here.

Darkness has managed to slip through the cracks of light a day early though, as we're exclusively streaming all of "Dirge" a day ahead of time!

Listen in to this obsidian hulk of crushing guitars and primal sorrow below. The full track listing is:

1. Bonds Of Sadness
2. Crave
3. Branch Of Freedom
4. Methanol Death
5. Desensitized
6. Worthless Life More...

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Forgetting Fame Premieres "Sine Metu" Video

Today we're excited to introduce the world to up and coming quintet Forgetting Fame!

The Connecticut metal group has teamed up with us to exclusively premiere a new lyric video for the track "Sine Metu" - check it out below and let us know what you think.

Lead vocalist Daniel Fishkind comments on the mix of melody and crushing brutality in the track:

“'Sine Metu' is a phrase in Latin that means 'without fear.' The song is about never giving up on what you aspire to do, even if there are people telling you you can't, or you aren't good enough. Life is full of battles with both internal and external forces, but if you stay determined and persevere, you can overcome any obstacle. Don't let what others say bring you down or hold you back. Take risks, stay focused, and keep pushing forward. You never know what opportunities will come to you.”

Since the release of 2015's debut album, "Don't Look Down," Forgetting Fame has continued to bring a punk-sprayed metalcore sound to willing ears across the Northeast. Stay tuned for news on a second LP to arrive soon, and if you like what hear, you can follow the band at Facebook. More...

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Noire Premieres Full New Album

There's a killer self-release arriving at the end of the week from another criminally unknown Canadian metal band. But fear not intrepid head bangers, we seek to rectify all metallic wrongs, and that includes getting Noire some much-deserved exposure!

"The Tracks of the Hunted" will officially drop July 8th and can be bought at Bandcamp, and today we're streaming the whole release early in the player below.

Following an atmospheric piano opening, be prepared for a surprisingly acoustic journey straight into "Eternity." When the heaviness finally arrives with the title track you won't know what hit you as black metal gets a majestic and unexpected overhaul. The album's full track listing is:

I. Piano Intro
II. Eternity
III. The Tracks of The Hunted
IV. The Sound of The Void
V. There is Nothing Left
VI. My Name More...

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Netherbird Premieres "Windwards" Single

Last week we premiered a killer new music video from Netherbird for the "Windwards" track, which is one of two songs appearing on a new single of the same name.

"Windwards" officially drops tomorrow - July 6th - and precedes an upcoming full album release. Today we're again teaming up with the band to exclusively premiere both tracks from "Windwards." Check out the title song and accompanying offering "Sculptors and Spectres" below.

These new tunes are just a teaser for impending full-length release "The Grander Voyage," which is coming in October via Black Lodge Records. Stay tuned for more official info on that coming opus.

Staying true to the band's roots in the 90’s black and death metal underground, Netherbird is branching out into the new soundscapes, infusing doom and even post metal influences. This record features Fredrik Widigs (Marduk, Nordjevel, ex-Demonical) on drum as well as mastering handled by Sverker Widgren, a renowned veteran of sound engineering on the Scandinavian extreme metal scene.

You can pick up your own copy of the "Windwards" single at Bandcamp here. The track listing is as follows:

01. Windwards
02. Sculptors And Spectres (exclusive for this single) More...

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War Master Premieres “Penetrating The Unknown”

Houston death metal troupe War Master returns today with a new track titled “Penetrating The Unknown," which we are proud to be exclusively premiering below.

"Penetrating The Unknown" is taken from the “MMXVI” demo, recorded by Craig Douglas at Origin Sound Studios, while guitars were tracked at the home studio of War Master guitarist, Neal Dossey.

The track is a churning, mid-paced number reminiscent early Death and Obituary. Neal Dossey comments on the group's new material:

“We chose this song because I think it’s more of what people are used to. A lot of the new material is pretty different from what people are used to hearing from us. It’s with a different lineup and We haven’t put anything out in a while. 'Penetrating The Unknown' is more of that mid-paced sound that the older material sounds like. Dobber brings drums to a whole new level.

"We've picked up pace to some pretty intense speeds at times as well as slowing down to very sludge heavy grooves. Overall, the album is a lot more dynamic. Anthony is a brilliant guitar player. He really had some cool ideas for some atmospheric stuff with his leads and everything he did with his guitar. It’s definitely new and different.”

This past spring, War Master released the track “All Light Devoured" featured on the “MMXVI Japan Tour” CD and also set to appear on forthcoming LP “To Live Suffices To Conquer.”

Upcoming album “To Live Suffices To Conquer” shows the band bring in new members as Neal Dossey (guitar) and R.G. War Minister (vocals) return to the fold. Anthony Contreras (guitars) and Dobber Beverly (drums) are part of the new lineup, known from their bands Demonical Genuflection and Oceans of Slumber. Mat Aleman will play bass on an upcoming European tour. More...

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Wolverine Premieres Full New Album

Wolverine's fifth full-length album "Machina Viva" is set to drop next week on July 8th, but today we're bringing you the entire disc for advance streaming - listen in below!

"Machina Viva" was recorded and produced by the band in various locations throughout Sweden during late 2015 and early 2016, mixed at Spacelab Studio in Germany by Christian “Moschus” Moos (Everon, Haken, Delain, Cloverseeds), and mastered by Grammy Award winning audio engineer Bob Katz.

The follow-up to 2011's "Communication Lost" features such track as the epic 14 minute "The Bedlam Overture" and dark electronic landscapes on "Machina." To help you get the full "Machina Viva" experience, we had the band give us a complete track-by-track break down of the entire release.

Read the full break down below, followed by the album stream, and if you like what you hear pre-orders are online at this location.

"The Bedlam Overture"

Marcus: The origins of this song can be found way back in 2006. I was in a quite chaotic state of mind and the Rhodes intro-riff is what came out of that, although on an acoustic guitar originally. It has taken many shapes during the years as it was instrumental at ?rst but evolved to a longer and longer song. The thing that has always stuck with it is the somewhat chaotic nature of it.

Stefan: Like Marcus says, a song that has been around in various forms for quite some time now. I remember I really loved the intro-riff that Marcus came up with back in 2006. We intended to do something with it for Communication Lost but ended up not using it, probably because we didn't have a clear idea of where the song needed to go.

Thomas: I think this epic piece is one of the best songs we ever recorded. Sure, all songs have their own strengths and weaknesses, and there are other songs that are more beautiful and touching. With "The Bedlam Overture" however, you feel sort of run over having played through 14+ minutes. It is sort of a musical journey to me, and it has such a massive impact. I especially enjoy playing the verses due to the meditative nature of the bass lines. Speaking of the bass: The fretless bass solo is something that really bothered me since I had a hard time coming up with anything worthy in such a forceful song. Actually it wasn't until Marcus and I was in the studio to record the bass tracks for the entire album that I managed to come up with what you hear on the album – the solo was invented in its entirety under these somewhat stressful circumstances, and I am quite satis?ed what came out of it.

Per: This was the song that we played over and over again at rehearsals. Everything with this song felt very much complete besides the middle section which went through some changes during the writing sessions. From one session to the next we tried different ideas and approaches.

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Deadlock Suffers From The "Backstory Wound"

Germany's Deadlock has returned with the new album "Hybris,"expected for release on July 8th via Napalm Records (pre-order the album now at this location). Today, the band teams up with Metal Underground.com to present the music video for the new track "Backstory Wound."

Deadlock have always been about extremes – and always will be! Fans love these Germans for every emotional force run through the raging depths of death metal, technical prowess, borderline pop-laden melodies, nods to classic metal, and casual flirtation with trance and beats. As expected, "Hybris" turns out to be a multi-faceted monster in terms of both shape and content – and at the same time painfully digs through the last events in the Deadlock camp.

Despite the tragic death of founder and drummer Tobias Graf (immortalized with a minute of silence on the album) and the departure of singer Sabine Scherer (now replaced by Margie Gerlitz), the megalomaniac creative urge could not be suppressed: 2016 sees Deadlock rising from the ashes, scarred, but heads held high. "Hybris" finds its inseparable counterpart in a 90 min DVD documentary 'The Longest Road' that translates the album concept to visuals. A gripping and blunt rollercoaster ride that sees light in the blackest night – and that is something only Deadlock can achieve!

The track listing for "Hybris" is:

1. Epitaph
2. Carbonman
3. Berserk (check out the music video here)
4. Blood Ghost
5. Hybris
6. Wrath / Salvation
7. Backstory Wound
8. Ein Deutsches Requiem
9. Vergebung
10. Welcome Deathrow
11. Uncivil Hands (Bonus Track)
12. Fight Song (Bonus Track) More...

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