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A Fall To Break Kicking Off Tour, Posts Teaser

Arizona outfit A Fall To Break is ready to hit the live circuit, with a new batch of summer tour dates kicking off today in Salt Lake alongside Kobra And The Lotus and Hatchet. Running through San Francisco on August 14th, a full list of confirmed dates is available below.

With the trek about to commence, today we're premiering an exclusive message to fans from A Fall To Break as the festivities being - check it out below.

A Fall To Break continue to tour in support of debut album "Disaster, Destruction And After," which was produced by From First To Last/D.R.U.G.S guitarist Matt Good. If you haven't heard it, listen in and pick up your own copy at Bandcamp here.

A Fall To Break's brand of melodic metal has drawn comparisons to the likes of Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, and In Flames, with the group winning the Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands Rockstar Uproar contest and Rock 102 KFMA's Battle For KFMADAY.

August 05 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Music Garage
August 06 - Colorado Springs, CO @ Sunshine Studios
August 07 - Denver, CO @ The Roxy Theater
August 08 - Gallup, NM @ The Juggernaut
August 09 - Las Vegas, NV @ LVCS
August 11 - Phoenix, AZ @ Club Red
August 12 - Fullerton, CA @ Slidebar
August 13 - San Jose, CA @ Rockbar Theater
August 14 - San Francisco, CA @ DNA Lounge More...

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ORCumentary Plunges Into A Cavernous Hole

ORCumentary is the evil brainchild of keyboardist/vocalist/songwriter Orc Adams, and while it may be a "solo" act, with 2 albums, an EP, and over 100 live shows in 7 states under his belt, ORCumentary is proving that strength doesn't always come with numbers.

Adams' savage "orc rock" sound is a unique mix of folk, industrial, power, and death metal, but the largest influence on the music is his hatred of elves, men, dwarves, goblins, and 2+ piece bands.

If you loved "Praise Gor-Nacular" (reviewed here), or "Orcs 1, Goblins 0" (check out a music video off that album over here), then we've got a stinky, hulking green surprise for you today. Moving past men and goblins, ORCumentary's new album "Destroy the Dwarves" is coming in early October, and today we're exclusively premiering an advance track!

Plunge into the cavernous hole below, and let us know how much you love what you discover there! The album's full track listing will be:

1. The Big Trollbooth in the Sky
2. Destroy the Dwarves
3. You Must Procreate!
4. Into Their Cavernous Hole We Plunge
5. He Drank Deep From His Mug
6. The Betrayer’s Song
7. The ORCtogenarian
8. Within the Folds of my Fat
9. Killing is Fun
10. Cropduster
11. The Leprechaun Hunt (CD Exclusive Bonus Track)

If you just can't get enough of orc on everything else combat, hear the rest of the project's discography at Bandcamp. More...

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A Sound Of Thunder Enters The "Tower Of Souls"

Unless you've been living under a rock, D.C. area metal act A Sound of Thunder has been a shining beacon of the U.S. metal scene for the past four years (starting with the explosion of the sophomore record "Out of the Darkness" in 2012). Having released successive albums of higher quality material in each year since ("Time's Arrow" in 2013 and "The Lesser Key Of Solomon" in 2014)...it's no wonder the new album "Tales From the Deadside" will continue that trend. The album is set to drop on September 25th via the band's very own fan backed label Mad Neptune Records.

For the new release, the band shattered another crowdfunding campaign goal, this time in less than 21 hours, proving that the greatest record company of all might very well be the fans themselves. The campaign still runs for another 13 days, so get in on all the perks and stacking rewards at this location.

Today, the band has teamed up with Metal Underground.com to unleash the first full track stream from the Valiant Entertainment flagship comic character Shadowman inspired release - the crushing "Tower of Souls."

"Tower of Souls" is the soundtrack to the first major battle between Shadowman, the hero, and Master Darque, the villain. Master Darque is trapped in a hell-like domain known as the Deadside, but is nearing the culmination of his plan to escape and wage war on the Earth. Only Shadowman has the power to stop Darque's scheme, so Darque recruits Baron Samedi, the voodoo lord of the dead, to keep Shadowman occupied. But Samedi's loyalties are not what they seem: he betrays Darque and clears a path for the final confrontation between Darque and Shadowman. The lyric video features panels straight out of Valiant Entertainment's comic book series.

Guitarist Josh Schwartz comments: "When we wrote the song we wanted to capture the sinister nature of Darque's plot and the huge consequences involved, so we used a lot of sinister and dissonant notes and chord changes. An unrelenting triplet beat drives the song forward and gives it an almost militaristic feel. Hopefully the listener feels that he's right in the middle of an epic battle on the Deadside!" More...

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Xandria Takes A "Voyage Of The Fallen"

German symphonic metal act Xandria is one day from issuing the brand new EP "Fire & Ashes" (due out July 31st via Napalm Records), the follow up to the 2014 slab of perfection called "Sacrificium," the first release to feature vocalist Dianne van Giersbergen (see review here).

Today, the band teams up with Metal Unfdergound.com for the exclusive unleashing of the lyric video for the opening track "Voyage of the Fallen." The EP features three new tracks, two re-recorded classics - "Ravenheart" (from the 2004 release of the same name) and "Now & Forever" (from the 2005 release "India") - and two covers: Sonata Arctica's "Don't Say a Word" and Meatloaf's "I Would Do Anything for Love."

The full track listing for "Fire & Ashes" is:

1. Voyage of The Fallen (New Track)
2. Unembraced (New Track)
3. In Remembrance (New Track)
4. Ravenheart (2015 Version)
5. Now & Forever (2015 Version)
6. Don't Say A Word (Sonata Arctica Cover)
7. I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) (Meatloaf Cover)

Check out "Voyage of the Fallen" here: More...

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Raising The Veil Premieres Full New Album

Raising The Veil - featuring Necrophagist drummer Romain Goulon, vocalist George "Misanthrope" Wilfinger (Monument of Misanthropy), guitarist Daniel R. Mclellan and bassist Denis Landry - is gearing up to release new full-length debut "Bosonic Quantvm Phenomena" on August 3rd.

With the release almost here, the band has teamed up with us to premiere the album in full online. Get devastated by some blistering tech death below!

"Bosonic Quantvm Phenomena" was successfully crowd funded and will be available as a digital download and limited physical CD. Pre-orders in various configurations are available right here.

The album was recorded last year by Romain Goulon, Daniel R. Mclellan and Denis Landry in their home studios. Vocals were tracked this spring by Stefan Kaschel (AudioRiot Recordings), who also took care of the entire editing, engineering, and mixing process.

The eleven song CD was mastered by Christoph Brandes at Iguana Studios and will also include a re-mastered version of Raising The Veil's 2012 EP release “Yucatanimvs.” The full track listing is as follows: More...

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Obsidian Premieres Full Album

Obsidian (the Canadian/international one, not the Dutch one that broke up back in 2012) has arrived to blow away fans of death metal by injecting in a progressive edge for an eerie experience that's part melody and part destructive power.

The band's album "Time Erodes" officially drops tomorrow (with orders available at Bandcamp here) but today we're streaming all the tracks ahead of time.

Experience all ten songs below, and you can find info on upcoming tour dates at Facebook. The full "Time Erodes" track listing is as follows:

1. Time Erodes
2. Revolution Dead
3. My War
4. Useful Idiot
5. Downfall
6. Rain City (YVR)
7. Broken and Defeated
8. Free Me
9. On Your Feet
10. World Decay More...

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False Flag Premieres New Guitar Playthrough

A few months ago Canadian outfit False Flag came into our radar and immediately grabbed our attention, and we're eagerly awaiting the release of the "Nest Of Vipers" EP due out August 4th.

With that release just under two weeks away, today we're exclusively premiering a new playthrough video for a track off the EP. Check out Russ Gauthier from False Flag palying through the closing title track "Nest Of Vipers" below.

If you like what you hear, be sure to pre-order the release at Bandcamp here, and you can also hear another song titled "Sacrifice of Solitude" at this location, or catch the band live on these dates:

July 24 - Edmonton, AB - Rendezvous Pub w/ Statue of Demur, After Earth, Decrepitation
July 25 - Red Deer, AB - Slumland w/ After Earth, Wives Tail, Decrepitation
July 26 - Calgary, AB - Morgan’s Pub w/ After Earth, Statue of Demur
July 31 - Calgary, AB - Distortion w/ From The Wolves, Lordosis, Oh Shit, The Electric Revival More...

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Tormenter Premieres Full Album

Forget wolves: we've got snakes in this throne room, and they are ready to thrash your face off! The California outfit Tormenter recently inked a deal with Static Tension Recordings, and now the "Prophetic Deceiver" album is seeing the official label release it deserves.

While "Prophetic Deceiver" will be available tomorrow (Friday July 24th) and can still be pre-ordered through Static Tension here, we're giving you a sneak peak of the entire album ahead of time!

Listen in below and be sure to let us know what you think. You can also follow the latest on Tormenter and find details on upcoming live shows at Facebook here. The album's track listing is:

1. Snakes In The Throne Room
2. Hanging From A Noose
3. Prophetic Deceiver
4. Exile From Flesh
5. C.P.R
6. Critical Stasis
7. The Final Form
8. Sacrilege
9. Cosmic Collapse
10. Pulse Of Terror (2014) More...

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Dysentery Premieres Full New Album

Back in the beginning of June you may recall us premiering some slamming brutal death metal with the track "Invocation Of Parallel Bloodlet" from the appetizingly titled Dysentery.

If you wanted more, you're in luck, because now as the official street date for the full "Fragments" album has arrived courtesy of Comatose Music, we're also premiering the entire album online.

Listen in below, or you can order a copy of your own right here.

"Fragments" features a violent fusion of guttural deathgrind and groove laden beat down engineered, mixed, & mastered by Adam Rourke at the RedRoom in Waltham, MA. The band also enlisted Marco Hasmann (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Septycal Gorge) to help bring the visual pummeling to life with the cover art. More...

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Proxy War Premieres New Video

Today we'd like to introduce you to melodic post-hardcore outfit Proxy War, which just released an EP and is now ready to storm the U.S. with a rapidly approaching tour.

The trek kicks off tomorrow, but today we've got the exclusive premiere of a new music video for "Don't Bite The Hand That Leads You." The clip was directed/produced by Anthony DiBiase and can be seen below.

"Don't Bite The Hand That Leads You" opens new EP "The Road to Freedom Is Lined with Rebellion." If you dig what you hear in the video below, be sure to pick up the EP at iTunes here. The full track listing is:

1. Don't Bite the Hand That Leads You
2. Go King Yourself (feat. Nate Morris)
3. Casus Belli
4. Searching for Solace
5. The Vanguard of Generation

Tomorrow Proxy War will be kicking off the Don't Be Basic tour tomorrow alongside Cover One Eye (note that contrary to the poster below, the 18th date has been moved to East Wareham). See the band live on these dates:

7/18 - East Wareham, MA
7/19 - Manchester, NH
7/21 - Poughkeepsie, NY
7/23 - Cordlant Manor, NY
7/25 - Windham, ME More...

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Trials Premieres "Truth Defiled"

Tired of the mud slinging and the opinions from elected officials touted as facts? So is Trials! Today we're premiering new track "Truth Defiled," taken off upcoming album "This Ruined World." Give it a listen below.

The new album was recorded by Pete Grossmann at Bricktop Recording and mixed by Quentin Poynter at Gunpoint Recording, with art work courtesy of Eva Bialecki.

Trials guitarist / vocalist Mark Sugar comments on the album's opening track: "'Truth Defiled' is about public figures who engage in smear campaigns and spew their own personal biases as fact, in order to stay in the news and promote themselves. Musically, this track is one of the faster and more aggressive things that we've done. Enjoy!"

“This Ruined World” will be self-released on July 24 and follows a pair of previous independent releases - 2011's “Witness to the Downfall” and 2013's “In the Shadow of Swords” (still available for streaming here). You can pre-order the new album at this location and the track listing is as follows:

1. Truth Defiled
2. Don't Believe The Word
3. Digging My Own Grave
4. Disgraced and Erased
5. Blink Of An Eye
6. Beat The System To Death
7. They Hide Behind the Law
8. Inheritance
9. This Ruined World More...

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Prophets Of Saturn Premieres Full New Album

This coming Friday, July 17th, English psychedelic metal outfit Prophets Of Saturn officially returns with the follow-up to a self-titled debut back in 2013. "Retronauts" will drop at the end of the week via HeviSik Records, but today we're bringing you the full album in advance - listen in below!

Offering up a heady excursion into the dope-smoking, amplifier-worship of Pentagram, Saint Vitus and Electric Wizard, Retronauts is for neither the faint of heart nor mind.

Traversing cosmic lay-lines on an antiquarian journey through the lineage of English proto-metal, a lysergic love of Cream, The Beatles and fellow Midlanders Black Sabbath permeates Prophets of Saturn’s sound.

"Retronauts" is a must-hear for fans of spaced-out, groove-laden metal. If you like what you hear, you can also pre-order the album at this location. To keep up on the latest with the Prophets, head over to the band's Facebook profile here. More...

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Black Hate Premieres New Lyric Video

A few months back we brought the exclusive premiere of new track "Aneetmaa" from Mexican black metal outfit Black Hate (still available here if you haven't heard it yet).

Today we're bringing you another extract from the band's new EP "Through The Darkness," seeing release via Italian label Dusktone as well as Mexico's Negro Records in late summer / early fall.

The track "Kazudijirzu" was recorded at Darkhouse Estudios in Mexico and can be heard below through the outer space lyric video crafted by Blaqk Design.

For more info on Black Hate, be sure to check out the band's Facebook profile over here.

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Dark Hound Premieres Full "Oceans" EP

Man how the time flies... some of our regulars may recall all the way back in 2011 a band called Dark Hound appeared on our Peter Steele tribute album "All For None, None For All" with a cover of "Life Is Killing Me." Since then Dark Hound has released a full-length album, and now returns again with a follow-up EP titled "Oceans."

With "Oceans" set to drop on July 10th, we're bringing you a full stream two days ahead of time. Check out all five tracks in the player below!

"Oceans," the follow-up to last year’s self-titled debut album from Dark Hound, was recorded and engineered by Frank Serafine at Free Man Studio with additional guitars recorded by Evan Hensley at Twilight Cloud Studio.

Vocals were co-produced and recorded by Kaelin Tauxe at Lair de Rocke, while the mixing and mastering was handled by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge. The track listing is:

1. Thread
2. To Know End
3. Just As Blind
4. Rearview Mirror
5. Oceans

With the unlikely home base of Nashville, Tennessee, one might wonder just how Dark Hound managed to achieve a heavy metal sound that seems so distinct and distant from the country music heroes spun off of Music Row.

Vocalist ET Brown comments: "Though we live in the capital of country music, Nashville really is Music City, USA. There is such a rich and diverse musical community in this town, you don't have to go too far off Broadway to escape the honky-tonks filled with tourists in boots and cowboy hats and find amazingly talented musicians from all walks of life playing all sorts of great music. I think where we're from is an important factor as to why we don't sound like your typical modern-day metal group." More...

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Emberville Premieres "Scare City" Video

Metalunderground.com is proud to bring you the exclusive video premiere of Emberville's "Scare City." The video appears off the band's debut album of the same name and is something you shouldn't show "your mum." It is a sinner's delight.

In its near-five-minutes running time you will see the kidnapping of a priest, smoking, profanity, drinking and brandishing of weapons. Musically, the song is heavy and hook-laden. More...

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Archaea Premieres "Silhouette" Track

We've got something to kick the week off this Monday morning that's going to stick in your head all day from Archaea.

The band offers up Swedish melodic death metal with a twist - it's not just copy/paste Gothenburg sound worship. These Swedes roll out a thrashy style of melodeath, with orchestral strains to counterbalance the harsh ’n’ heavy.

Arcahaea's "Catalyst" will see an official physical release on August 28th, and today we're bringing you the premiere of second track "Silhouette." Give it a listen below and be sure to let us know if you dig it! The full album's track listing is:

01. Omnicide
02. Silhouette
03. Vacuum
04. Cryosphere
05. Pyrochrysalis
06. Salt
07. Quad Damage
08. His Wanted Position
09. Helios Ascend
10. Sol More...

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Shardborne Premieres Full New Album

Ahead of the July 10th release date for "Living Bridges" we're bringing you an exclusive premiere of Irish instrumental / prog metal band Shardborne's new album in full - listen in below.

"Living Bridges" follows the 2011 EP “Aeonian Sequence” (available at Bandcamp here) and was mastered by producer Jamie King (known for his work with Between The Buried and Me). Artwork for "Living Bridges" was designed by Skyclad and Scale the Summit artist Duncan Storr.

Each track stands unique on its own or can be listened as part of a 51 minute sonic journey which has often more similarities towards classical composition than the modern day verse, chorus, verse repeat set-up.

Comments drummer Ben Wanders on the album: “'Living Bridges' is a culmination of our interests and pretty accurately represents the type of music we like to create. Everyone has their own preferences and tastes, and that results in having many varied influences on the music.”

As for inspiration, adds bassist Cormac O’Farrell, “We focused mainly on creating as interesting an album as possible for us musically. We try to keep it interesting, using things like phone numbers to make up riffs or time signatures! Also, with many interesting pedals lying around you’re never short of inspiration or entertainment!

The album was recorded entirely by the band’s Ciaran Culhane [guitars] and Ben Wanders, before going on to be mixed and mastered by Jamie King at Basement Recording. Ciaran comments on the recording process: “The biggest challenge for us really was the amount of time it took. We wanted to be thorough and make sure every part of each song was as good as we could make it…. I don't think we would have achieved a finished product that we were as happy with if we had gone to someone else's studio…” More...

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Nervosa Premieres "Into Moshpit" Music Video

All female Brazilian thrashers Nervosa are about ready to hit the road on a massive tour of Europe all this summer with the likes of U.S. thrash legends Hirax and a run with Crisix and Desolator, culminating in the band's first headline tour of the U.K.

Appropriately, in celebration of the upcoming tour, the band has premiered its new music video for the track "Into Moshpit," which appears on the 2014 debut album "Victim of Yourself," which is available now via Napalm Records at this location.

Metal Underground is proud to present the premiere of the video here:

All the upcoming tour dates can be found below: More...

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Obscene Entity Premieres "Hymns Of The Faithless"

Today we're going to get absolutely obscene with a new premiere from an up-and-coming extreme metal outfit from the U.K.

You can get a first impression of Obscene Entity through our exclusive premiere of the "Hymns of the Faithless" below.

From the East Anglian region of the United Kingdom, Obscene Entity forges together elements of grind, death and black metal to create a multifarious manifestation of heavy music greater than the sum of its parts.

"Hymns Of The Faithless" will appear on the upcoming "Lamentia" album that was mixed and mastered by Dan Abela and still has a release date TBA, so keep your eyes on this spot. The band also comments:

"Loosely based upon the fragility of the human mind, and losing one's sanity through grievance, this album features 9 tracks which we think, show a big step up from what we have delivered in the past."

For the latest developments on this Obscene Entity of metallic carnage, be sure to check out the group's Facebook profile. More...

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The Blood Royale Premieres Video Double Feature

The Blood Royale released a double feature video to promote the band's skate deck designed by Born Loco Skate Co.

The video was created in the style of a drive-in theater double feature. While it’s titled as a double feature, the film actually contains three videos for the songs “Let There Be Blood,” “Blackout the Sun” and “Alphabitch.”

Born Loco’s Sonny Malvolio organized, coordinated, produced, and wrote the story lines. Malvolio is also known for his work with D.R.I., Deadhorse and Pasadena Napalm Division, Eagle Claw and Daikaiju. Future artists include Venomous Maximus and Castle. Nathan Daughdrill of Neightmedia meanwhile shot and edited the videos.

The video for “Let There Be Blood” is from an actual photo shoot to create the skate deck and features a bloody Hannah Santibanez. Shawn Smith is the photographer the second video, which is a live performance, and third bonus video took place during drummer John Petri’s birthday. The videos are dedicated to Kenneth Johnson. More...

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