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Orange Amplification Posts Spoof TV Shopping Video

Orange Amplification is in on the joke as International Artist Relations Manager, Alex Auxier stars with Troy McLawhorn of Evanescence in a new video that spoofs all their new guitar pedals, parodying a TV shopping channel.

In the new video, Alex overcomes hitches with the film set, sound technical difficulties and the bored, stroppy, foul-mouthed presenter Jeremy to tell viewers about the attributes of each pedal as Troy demonstrates them.

Following an argument about whether he can take calls from potential customers, Alex eventually gets to talk to Ler LaLonde (Primus), Stephen Carpenter (Deftones), Gary Busey (Buddy Holly in The Buddy Holly Story), Jim Root (Slipknot), Joe Trohman (Fall Out Boy) and Matt Pike (Sleep / High On Fire).

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Watch: "Kids React!" To The Music Of Black Sabbath

Fine Brothers Entertainment‘s "Kids React!" series has returned to metal territory with its latest edition. See below to find a bunch of youngsters respond to the music of the recently retired Godfathers of heavy metal, Black Sabbath.

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Watch A Metal Grandma Rock Out Onstage With FFDP

An elderly woman in her 70s was invited onstage during a show of the Five Finger Death Punch's ongoing European tour. A fan shared the following footage of that, which can be seen below:


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Watch: Shirley Temple Going Death Metal

Watch another excellent mash up by Andy Rehfeldt with vocals done by Dori Kreisz from Hungary. The track got mixed by Grant Cornish at Endless Noise. Music played, and recorded by Rehfeldt himself.

Looks like Shirley Temple had some death metal in her. Well her daughter was also a member of The Melvins briefly, so...

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Watch: Hilarious Short Film About Death Metal

Chris McInroy, a filmmaker from Austin, Texas, has created a five-minute short film called "Death Metal". Says McInroy about his video:

"Play It Loud! Death Metal is a practical effects driven horror comedy about a metalhead who inherits a satanic guitar that riffs to shreds."

Watch the trailer and the entire short film after the jump.


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Go Shopping: With Cannibal Corpse Singer At Target

Metal Injection took George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher of Cannibal Corpse to show them one of his favorite pastimes, clearance shopping at Target. Corpsegrinder goes into detail about why he loves Target, how he got started in his love of clearance shopping, some tips for viewers on how to make money at Target, and what he looks for while shopping...

Check it out below:

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See "Jesus" At A Recent Cradle Of Filth Signing

Cradle Of Filth had a signing at the ‘MCM London Comic Con‘ in London, UK and a rather appropriately fan dressed as Jesus approached the band’s vocalist Dani Filth for an autograph. See the picture of that below.

If you’re unfamiliar as to why the image is particularly humorous, look at the pic below: More...

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Iron Maiden’s Eddie Now Appears In "Angry Birds"

Iron Maiden's mascot Eddie has made his way into the video game "Angry Birds Evolution", as part of a seasonal promotion that will run till Halloween, October 31st. Eddie appears as ‘Eddie The Bird‘ in the game with four evolution steps based on the mascot's looks from the band’s albums: “Killers“, “Powerslave“, “Somewhere In Time” and “Book Of Souls“.

Angry Birds' main hub will also take on an Iron Maiden inspired look for the duration of the event. You can stream a trailer of that below:

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Ben Koller Goes "Wayne’s World" In New Video

Drummer Ben Koller of Converge, Mutoid Man, All Pigs Must Die-fame appears as "Garth Algar" from the 1992 comedy "Wayne’s World" in the newly released video from Zildjian streaming below.

States Avedis Zildjian: "To help celebrate the 25th Anniversary of A Custom Cymbals, we went back 25 years to the big screen debut of an epic drum solo, recreated by the one and only Ben “Garth” Koller! "

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Headbanging Insect Video Goes Viral

A headbanging insect has gone viral on Facebook, racking up 11 million views since being uploaded on August 07th. You can watch it appear to headbang to The Juliet Massacre - "Suffocating In A Cage" shared via headphones in the below clip:

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The Nuclear Power Trio Shredding For World Peace

Bassist Nick Schendzielos (Cephalic Carnage/Havok), guitarist Greg Burgess (Allegaeon) and drummer Pete Webber (Havok) took up the identities of U.S. President Donald Trump, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ,and retired boxer Mike Tyson for the below music video to bring about world peace.

Comments the band:

"Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, and Mike Tyson unite to form musical supergroup "The Nuclear Power Trio" to promote world peace! With the tensions at an all time high, and the threat of nuclear war looming in the air, the timing is just right to get together and solve our problems with an epic fusion jam that's sure to incite world peace."

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Watch Kids Reacting To Iron Maiden

Fine Brothers Entertainment filmed a number of kids reacting to songs of heavy metal music legends Iron Maiden. Watch to see their reactions below. Iron Maiden are the latest band to get the "Kids React" treatment, following other clips in which today’s youngsters react to Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Guns N’ Roses and others.

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Watch A Truly Cringe Worthy Festival Set

Get ready to cringe watching a hilarious train wreck of a festival opener as Azazel kicks off the Steelfest Open Air... to less than inspiring results.

In the clip below, filmed by Youtuber kirrneh, the band's guitarist starts in a seated position, the vocalist literally drinks the entire set, and for awhile the group sort of just mills around on stage talking to each other in the middle of a song.

Steelfest took place in Hyvinkää, Finland on May 19th, 2017. The video uploader hilariously notes: "Azazel opened the festival. Apparently the artists had also opened their bottles before that."

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Richard Christy In "Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2"

So who has seen "Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2" yet? These superhero movies are always packed with tons of in-jokes and cameos, and this time there's been a metal connection.

Turns out none other than Richard Christy (Charred Walls Of The Damned) appeared in the movie as a ravager. Christy revealed his role in a series of messages via his Twitter account, which can be seen below. Did you catch his appearance on the first viewing?

This is just the latest in a long string of musicians appears in movies and television shows, with the members of Mastodon also appearing on "Game Of Thrones" not too long back.


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Scandroid Covers "The Force Theme"

Scandroid has taken a Star Wars classic, “The Force Theme,” and turned the synths up to 11 in an epic cover to inspire the Jedi within us all.

When asked about his inspiration for the cover, Klayton, the sole member of Scandroid replied, “I was inspired by artists like Tomita who re-imagined iconic Star Wars themes with synthesizers. I was excited to cover the 'The Force Theme' because I wanted to blend classic analog synthesizers with a re-orchestration of the original song. Not only was I influenced by the classic Star Wars films, but I am inspired by the possibilities of the new films.”

This is the Star Wars cover you’re looking for, and May the Fourth be with you! More...

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"For Whom The Bell Tolls" Covered Only With Bells

For metal Youtuber Rob Scallon's latest cover, a rendition of Metallica's "For Whom The Bell Tolls", he was using only bells. A pretty ambitious undertaking...

Check it out below.

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Ozzy Man Comments Circle Pit Of A Hardcore Show

Popular blogger Ozzy Man has achieved already 233 million views on his YouTube-channel with his viral commentary videos since 2014. One of his latest uploads finds him commenting the moves of the participants of a hardcore circle pit. The footage was captured during a secret hardcore show played by Drawn Out and more at a Cluck-U Chicken restaurant in Toms River, NJ.

Check it out below:

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"The Void" Coming Digitally April 7th

After "The Devil's Candy" last month, another horror movie is about to arrive via Video On Demand streaming services this Friday that will be of particular interest to metal fans.

Featuring Amy Groening from the exceedingly metal TV show "Todd and the Book of Pure Evil" and Ellen Wong ("Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World"), new 80s inspired horror flick "The Void" has left the festival circuit and will be available digitally on April 7th.

Drawing heavily on Lovecraftian lore and with clear nods to "The Thing," "In The Mouth Of Madness," and other classic creature feature flicks, "The Void" focuses on practical effects over CGI and will no doubt inspire a horde of technical death metal albums in the not-too-distant future.

Showcasing the power of fan choice through crowd funding, the movie was funded via IndieGoGo on the strength of a proof-of-concept trailer highlighting practical effects sadly missing from most modern horror flicks.

Check out the latest trailer below and get ready to go mad in just four more days! More...

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Brujeria To Star In Animated Show

Brujeria, the self-styled Mexican cartel, deathgrind supergroup featuring members of Napalm Death, Carcass and Pentagram Chile, has been confirmed to be starring in their own late night cartoon show, "Brujeria... IN SPACE!" which will be airing on Cartoon Network's late night animated block, Adult Swim this July. The series is a collaboration between Metalocalypse creators Brendom Small & Tommy Blacha with Aqua Teen Hunger Force creators Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro and was put forward as a project to continue and develop the style of their beloved shows.

The first series will feature ten episodes, each roughly ten minutes in length and will centre on the band running a store which sells medical Marijuana and accessories in El Paso, Texas, while getting into surreal adventures involving the supernatural, the law and their landlord, who will be voiced by professional wrestler, Stone Cold Steve Austin. As expected, there will be guest appearances from other metal musicians, carrying on the tradition of Metalocalypse, with Napalm Death frontman Barney Greenway, Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton and Melechesh leader, Ashmedi all confirmed, as well as Babymetal, who will appear in the anime themed episode, "Brujeria Super Fun Smoking Time," while rapper and death metal fan, Necro will have a regular role voicing the band's dog, Coño.

As of yet, no trailers have been posted online, though one is expected to premier on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel by the end of the week. The band themselves will be promoting the show and their new album, "Pocho Aztlan" on an upcoming tour of Europe with Napalm Death, Lock Up and Power Trip, where guitarist Shane Embury will be pulling a triple shift.

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Mayhem To Use Euronymous Hologram

In recent years, it's becoming increasingly (and frighteningly) common for dead musicians to be brought back to the stage using holographic technology, with the likes of Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Elvis Presley and even Ronnie James Dio all being seen by live audiences again. While the use of these projections a great deal of debate and controversy, mostly owing to the ethics of using the likenesses of musicians who died before they could give any consent to such use of their image and the argument that the holograms cheapen both the memories of the musicians and the live experience overall, it is nevertheless becoming a more common sight. It has now been revealed that the latest band to use the technology will be Norwegian black metal legends, Mayhem, who will use it to recreate the image of deceased guitarist Øystein "Euronymous" Aarseth.

Mayhem will be hitting the road this year to perform their classic debut full length, "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" in full and to mark the occassion, the group has teamed up with Eyellusion, who worked on the Ronnie James Dio hologram to bring back Euronymous and give fans who never got the chance to see him in person the opportunity to do so. No word has been given yet on whether his image will be used for one song or for the whole performance, but it's sure to be a decision which is divisive among fans.

Aarseth was infamously killed in 1993 at the hands of Burzum mastermind and former bandmate, Varg Vikernes, who performed bass on the "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" record. He was given the maximum Norwegian prison sentence of 21 years, but released in 2009. More...

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