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Kilyakai photo


Formed: 2006
From: Calgary, Canada
Status: Active

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Here are a few more quick lists to explore some of the most popular, underground, and newly added metal bands.

Newest Bands

Band Name Country Added
Florida Man Mar 21
Deathwomb Mar 21
Rotting Grave Mar 20
Evergreen Refuge Mar 19
Niteris Mar 18
Sheol Blanc Mar 17
Grafjammer Mar 16
Left To The Wolves Mar 16
No/Mas Mar 15
Suehnopfer Mar 15
Critical Extravasation Mar 15
Appalling Mar 15
Thoughtcrimes Mar 15
Body Harvest United Kingdom Mar 14
P.O.O.R. Mar 14
Among Vultures Mar 14
Ligfaerd Mar 13
Dispyt Mar 13
Grim Fate Mar 13
Filtheater Mar 12
Thunderclap Mar 12
Three Dead Fingers Mar 12
Calyx Mar 11
Obscuring Veil Mar 11
Heartist Mar 9

Last Updated

Band Name Country Updated
Body Harvest United Kingdom Mar 14
En Minor United States Mar 8
Rage Of Light Switzerland Mar 8
Gaahls Wyrd Norway Feb 19
The Flaying Canada Feb 12
Fifth Angel United States Feb 12
Bloodmoon Ritual United States Feb 9
Sins Of The Damned Chile Feb 7
Cemican Mexico Feb 6
Leeway United States Feb 5
Arrival of Autumn Canada Feb 5
Vltimas Feb 1
Schattenmann Germany Jan 29
Gatekeeper Canada Jan 29
Mynas United States Jan 23
Monument Of Misanthropy Dec 27
Holding Absence United Kingdom Dec 12
The Raven Age United Kingdom Dec 12
Blood Feast United States Nov 27
Sisters Of Suffocation Netherlands Nov 22
Sacrosanct Nov 19
The Three Tremors United States Nov 19
Last Union Italy Nov 16
BillyBio United States Nov 8
Maxxwell Switzerland Oct 24

Most Underground

Band Name Country
Fifth Angel United States
Sins Of The Damned Chile
Cemican Mexico
Leeway United States
Schattenmann Germany
Bloodmoon Ritual United States
The Flaying Canada
Mynas United States
After Life Spain
Maxxwell Switzerland
Raw Indonesia
Dirge India
Age Decay United Kingdom
Vodun United Kingdom
Digital Doomzday
Moribund United States
Heavy Sentence United Kingdom
Down In It United States

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