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Reign Eternal photo

Reign Eternal

From: United Kingdom
Status: Active

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Here are a few more quick lists to explore some of the most popular, underground, and newly added metal bands.

Newest Bands

Band Name Country Added
Behind your Fear Sep 24
Iskandr Sep 24
Caedes Cruenta Sep 24
Baa Sep 24
Any Given Day Sep 23
Deadpressure Sep 23
Pathogenic Virulence Sep 23
Technical Damage Sep 23
Gloves Off Sep 23
Defy the Curse Sep 23
Culled Sep 21
Piah Mater Sep 20
SamadhiSitaram Sep 20
Tableau Mort Sep 20
The Invict Sep 20
1914 Sep 20
The Infernal Sea Sep 20
Glacial Tomb Sep 19
Valafar Sep 19
Devil Master Sep 19
Feels Like Home Sep 19
Northwalk Sep 19
Sycarian Sep 18
Echo Beds Sep 18
Gorycz Sep 17

Last Updated

Band Name Country Updated
Heavy Sentence United Kingdom Sep 6
Sage Croatia Aug 14
Siege Of Power Aug 6
Manilla Road United States Aug 1
Henriette B Switzerland Jun 11
Infrared Canada May 23
The Order Of Elijah United States May 21
Earth's Yellow Sun Canada Apr 20
Skuggsja Norway Apr 20
Follow The Cipher Sweden Apr 19
Demonic Obedience United Kingdom Apr 9
Pánico Al Miedo Spain Apr 8
North Hammer Canada Apr 5
Vomitile Cyprus Apr 3
Excommunicated United States Apr 3
Horrorgraphy Greece Apr 2
Aetranok United States Apr 2
Brahdr'uhz Switzerland Mar 31
Cavus Finland Mar 30
The Sullen Route Russia Mar 29
Fervent Hate Peru Mar 28
Utburd Russia Mar 25
SinnerAngel Colombia Mar 22
Screaming Beast United Kingdom Mar 21
Throneless Sweden Mar 21

Most Underground

Band Name Country
After Life Spain
Sage Croatia
Tyrant Canada
Siege Of Power
Henriette B Switzerland
Womb Portugal
CON Sweden
ScreamKing United States
Conqueror Worm United States
Sloth Herder
Moros United States
Thou Art Lord Greece
Medico Peste
This Curse
Sub-Urban Death Germany
Death In Motion United States
From The Void Finland
Cold As Life United States
Ashbringer United States
Declare Your Funeral
Down In It United States
Human Italy
Shadow Witch

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