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Job For A Cowboy

From: AZ, United States
Status: Active

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Here are a few more quick lists to explore some of the most popular, underground, and newly added metal bands.

Newest Bands

Band Name Country Added
Grisly Jul 17
Sexton Jul 17
Pyreficativm Jul 17
Baest Jul 17
Crows Over Bravellir Jul 16
Lykaionas Jul 16
Daubuz Jul 16
Descent Jul 16
Isdal Jul 13
Axegrinder Jul 13
Askesis Jul 13
Nachash Jul 13
Event Relentless Jul 12
Nocratai Jul 12
Saltas Jul 12
Bent Knee Jul 12
Future Corpse Jul 11
Witchkiss Jul 11
Tuscoma Jul 11
Idle Lives Jul 11
Destroyer Attack Jul 11
Mothersound Jul 11
Poolside at the Flamingo Jul 10
Good Charlotte Jul 10
Foxbat Jul 10

Last Updated

Band Name Country Updated
Henriette B Switzerland Jun 11
Infrared Canada May 23
The Order Of Elijah United States May 21
Earth's Yellow Sun Canada Apr 20
Skuggsja Norway Apr 20
Follow The Cipher Sweden Apr 19
Demonic Obedience United Kingdom Apr 9
Pánico Al Miedo Spain Apr 8
North Hammer Canada Apr 5
Vomitile Cyprus Apr 3
Excommunicated United States Apr 3
Horrorgraphy Greece Apr 2
Aetranok United States Apr 2
Brahdr'uhz Switzerland Mar 31
Cavus Finland Mar 30
The Sullen Route Russia Mar 29
Fervent Hate Peru Mar 28
Utburd Russia Mar 25
SinnerAngel Colombia Mar 22
Screaming Beast United Kingdom Mar 21
Throneless Sweden Mar 21
Lesser Glow United States Mar 21
Thy Antichrist Colombia Mar 19
Alien Weaponry New Zealand Mar 15
Visions Of Atlantis Austria Feb 15

Most Underground

Band Name Country
Tyrant Canada
Henriette B Switzerland
Womb Portugal
CON Sweden
Infrared Canada
Follow The Cipher Sweden
Mindfeels Italy
Black Urn United States
Three Sixes United States
Selva Rossa Italy
Death Koolaid
Moribund United States
Colour Of Noise United Kingdom
Pokerface Russia
Arkos Canada
This Curse
Hidden Lapse Italy
Defy The Tide United States
Cold As Life United States
Sifting United States
Blade Killer United States
Til Death United States

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