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Seven Kingdoms photo

Seven Kingdoms

Formed: 2007
From: DeLand, FL, United States
Status: Active

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Here are a few more quick lists to explore some of the most popular, underground, and newly added metal bands.

Newest Bands

Band Name Country Added
Lione/Conti Jan 13
Necropanther Jan 13
Huntsmen Jan 12
Galvanizer Jan 12
Mendacium Jan 11
All Souls Jan 11
Aethere Winter Jan 11
Hanger Theory Jan 10
Jeremy Irons And The Ratgang Malibus Jan 10
Jirm Jan 10
Perpetrator Jan 10
High Command Jan 10
Risk It Jan 10
Red Death Jan 10
Arm's Reach Jan 9
Taphos Jan 9
Ambleside Jan 8
Alpha Wolf Jan 8
Krukh Jan 8
Afvallige Jan 8
Verheerer Jan 8
Zar Stranga Jan 7
Vaelmyst Jan 7
Phendrana Jan 7
Scumpulse Jan 6

Last Updated

Band Name Country Updated
Firewind Greece Jan 19
Ondt Blod Norway Jan 18
Ignis Haereticum Colombia Oct 25
Worm United States Oct 25
Corpse Garden Costa Rica Oct 25
ZOM Ireland Oct 25
Mecalimb Norway Oct 25
Arisen From Nothing Canada Oct 24
Stormhold Sweden Oct 24
Silenmara United States Oct 23
Dead Register United States Oct 23
Catapult The Dead United States Oct 23
FS Projekt Russia Oct 23
Mono Japan Oct 23
Diamond Black United Kingdom Oct 23
The Killerhertz Denmark Oct 20
Thaurorod Finland Oct 19
Dave Kerzner United States Oct 19
Batushka Poland Oct 18
Jupiter Zeus Australia Oct 18
Lloth Greece Oct 18
Mistheria Oct 18
Marginal Belgium Oct 18
Anima Damnata Poland Oct 17
Until The Sky Dies United States Oct 17

Most Underground

Band Name Country
Victories United Kingdom
Rapture Greece
Nova Italy
Asphodelos Germany
Infected Dead United Kingdom
Boson United States
Concordea Russia
The Brew United Kingdom
Circus Veil Greece
Dauthuz Netherlands
Ascendant United Arab Emirates
Mindfeels Italy
Tongues Denmark
Walter Fornication Netherlands
Mork Norway
DSease Italy
From The Void Finland
Parole Perse Switzerland
Maniac Abductor Finland
Cold As Life United States
Aeraco United States
Divisive United States

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