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Here are a few more quick lists to explore some of the most popular, underground, and newly added metal bands.

Newest Bands

Band Name Country Added
Resin Tomb Jul 9
Kommand Jul 9
Ildskaer Jul 6
Deathstorm Jul 4
Curses Jul 4
Gorgatron Jul 3
Sensory Amusia Jul 3
Bain de Sang Jul 3
Maxime Solemn Jul 3
Shroud of Vulture Jul 2
Runa Jul 2
Goliathan Jul 1
Verval Jul 1
Blood Stronghold Jul 1
Petbrick Jul 1
Devil's Witches Jun 30
Kizin Jun 29
Angel Morgue Jun 28
Chaos For The Masses Jun 28
Draemora Jun 26
Dkharmakhaoz Jun 26
Places Around The Sun Jun 25
Kevlar Bikini Jun 25
From Hell Jun 24
Dead Sun Jun 24

Last Updated

Band Name Country Updated
In Hearts Wake Jun 26
Judicator United States Jun 26
Volcanova Iceland May 22
Behold... The Arctopus United States May 21
Hagbard Brazil May 20
Crypta Brazil May 20
BlackLab Japan May 19
Paradise Lost United Kingdom May 1
Askvader Sweden Apr 28
Blaze Of Perdition Poland Apr 27
Old Man Gloom United States Apr 17
Cro-Mags United States Apr 17
Beyond The Black Germany Apr 17
Cadaver Norway Apr 17
BPMD United States Apr 17
Konvent Denmark Apr 9
Evil Scarecrow United Kingdom Apr 9
Zero Fire Canada Mar 26
Irist United States Mar 20
Two Face Sinner Peru Mar 20
Lost Legacy United States Mar 20
Wvrm United States Mar 17
Paralydium Sweden Mar 17
Omega Infinity Mar 13
Lutharo Canada Mar 13

Most Underground

Band Name Country
Hagbard Brazil
Crypta Brazil
Exulansis United States
Askvader Sweden
Omega Infinity
NyreDolk Denmark
Volcanova Iceland
Zero Fire Canada
Cam Bird Australia
BlackLab Japan
Lost Legacy United States
Irist United States
BPMD United States
Lutharo Canada
Two Face Sinner Peru
Paralydium Sweden
Thy Despair Ukraine
Vvilderness Hungary
Fecality Ukraine
Archon Angel United Kingdom
Mosara United States
Remission Australia
Beggar United Kingdom

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