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From: Italy
Status: Active

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Here are a few more quick lists to explore some of the most popular, underground, and newly added metal bands.

Newest Bands

Band Name Country Added
Autophagy Sep 29
Necromutilator Sep 29
Fall of Seraphs Sep 28
Planning For Burial Sep 28
Scarcity Sep 28
OAKS France Sep 27
Harvest The Lost Sep 27
Eyes Of A Nihilist Sep 27
The Lovecraft Sextet Sep 27
Visceral Sep 27
Temple of the Ancients Sep 26
Lykotonon Sep 26
Mythosphere Sep 22
Tiffany For Breakfast Sep 22
SID Sep 22
S.I.D Sep 22
Ggu:ll Sep 22
Wholly Oracle Sep 21
Power Concept Sep 21
Unhallowed Void Sep 20
Iniquitous Monolith Sep 20
Black Lava Sep 20
Morning Again Sep 20
Eternally Scarred Sep 19
Ashen Australia Sep 19

Last Updated

Band Name Country Updated
ZeTA United States Sep 12
Reincarnated Pakistan Sep 4
Splintered Throne United States Jul 7
Intent United States Jul 7
Grief Ritual United Kingdom Jun 29
Cabal Denmark Jun 24
Nocturnal Sorcery Finland Jun 17
Wampyric Rites Ecuador Jun 17
Hell Fire United States Jun 17
Aronious United States Jun 17
Weregoat United States Jun 17
Red Rot Italy Jun 17
I Prevail United States Jun 17
Belarus Beaver Sweden Jun 15
Antilles Germany Jun 15
Anticreation Greece Jun 15
Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement United States Jun 15
Candy United States Jun 15
Ataraxy Spain Jun 15
To Obey A Tyrant United Kingdom Jun 15
Contemplator Canada Jun 10
Katakomba Sweden Jun 10
Funeral Chic United States Jun 10
Prosper Or Perish United States Jun 10
Castrator United States Jun 10

Most Underground

Band Name Country
Grenadier Canada
Corpse Worship Russia
After Evolution Czech Republic
Booby Trap Portugal
Omerta United Kingdom
Aptera Germany
Invent Animate United States
Hemorage United States
Volturian Italy
Sewer Trench United Kingdom
Torturized Germany
Varnheim Poland
Mutilatred United States
Lord Vigo Germany
Traitor Germany
Seep United States
Coma Hole United States
The Damnnation Brazil
Night Laser Germany
Blasted Pancreas Greece
Steel Mage United Kingdom
Sacral Night France
Orgrel Italy
Seventh Station

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