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Dirk Verbeuren To Perform With Metallica In Europe

In an email sent out to members of the press, Californian thrash metal icons Metallica has announced that drummer and founding member Lars Ulrich will be unable to join them on the upcoming European Tour. No further information was revealed, but the band asked for the press and fans to respect the drummer's privacy.

Taking his place behind the drum kit will be former Soilwork drummer Dirk Verbeuren, now of Megadeth, Bent Sea, Tronos, Brave The Cold and Kill Division. While no quote was given, Verbeuren was said to be very excited about the opportunity to perform with "America's number one thrash band" and claimed it had been a while since he was "part of a show people still wanted to see."

The musician, who has also filled in for Testament, Devin Townsend, At The Gates and Satyricon and is known for his many collaborations, is expected to also be ready to fill in for Pantera should they need him and is excited about the off days in the tour schedule, as it will give him the opportunity to form another five or six bands.

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New Netflix Series About Return Of Satanic Metal

Netflix is releasing a new heavy metal based mini-series this summer, “Satanic Panic, The New Generation.” Satanism in heavy metal and "satanic panic" was all the rage in the late 80’s with bands such as Iron Maiden, Motley Crue and Judas Priest being prime targets for religious groups and the P.M.R.C.

The upcoming Netflix series will feature the new wave of satanic metal bands to include, Behemoth, Abbath, Heilung, and Gutalax. The series contains interviews with organizations (Westboro Baptist Church, AARP, LeBron James among others) fighting the spread of satanic influence in heavy metal and all music in general.

The series release date will be revealed soon.

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Tornado Hits Morbid Angel Show In Illinois

During tonight's Morbid Angel show in Belvidere, Illinois, which also featured Revocation, Skeletal Remains and Crypta, the Apollo Theater received severe structural damage as a result of an ongoing storm, which caused the roof of the venue to collapse. At present, it's been reported by ABC Chicago that one person has died and twenty eight have been injured. In a message posted to the band's Facebook page, Morbid Angel stated:

"Tonights show is canceled due to a Tornado that hit the Venue.

"We ask anyone who is still traveling to the venue to please seek shelter and stay safe. We are currently sheltering in place, and want to extend our support and hope that everyone at the show tonight is safe.

"Right now our focus is on making sure everyone in the venue tonight is OK and gets home."

Skeletal Remains added: "Thank you all for checking in on us. Everyone on the tour package is alive and injury free. Our hearts go out to anybody in the crowd who were injured."

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Scar Symmetry To Release First Album In Nine Years

Nine years since the first installment of "The Singularity Trilogy," virtuosic progressive metallers Scar Symmetry, who recently re-signed to Nuclear Blast Records, have announced "The Singularity (Phase II - Xenotaph)" which will be released on 9th June. To coincide with the announcement, the band have also released the video for the album's first single "Scorched Quadrant."

In the wake of the announcement, band mastermind Per Nilsson comments "It brings us the utmost pleasure and pride to announce the long-awaited and much-teased 'Phase II' to the world along with its first single! It's been a long time coming but I'm glad that we went the extra mile to make everything as perfect as we felt it needed to be.

"The world is a different place in 2023 than it was in 2014 when 'Neohumanity' was released... We see the rise of AI before our very eyes and while we all look in awe at the wonders it can create it is easy to think of some very disturbing scenarios. In our new album, we once again explore these themes of neohumanity, artificial intelligence and the technological singularity from a dystopian point of view.

"The AI-enhanced neohumans are waging war upon the unmodified majority of mankind who don't stand a chance against their technologically superior oppressors, until one day, a glimmer of salvation appears in the night sky. Almost impossible to first take in; as an utterly alien mirage, seemingly out of nowhere mysterious, giant spacecrafts silently emerge from the heavens. Travelers both intergalactic and interdimensional, these ultraterrestrial beings who have been watching mankind for millennia seem to have decided to not sit idle while the technocalyptic cybergeddon is ravaging our planet.

"We recently renewed our vows with Nuclear Blast and we're very thrilled about moving on to this next phase (ahem) of our career with them by our side!

"The 'Phase II' touring cycle starts today and fittingly, we begin with a tour supporting my former employers Meshuggah! We hope to see you all on the road soon, but until then, here's Scorched Quadrant!" More...

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Drowning Pool Reunites With Singer Ryan McCombs

As first reported by Metal Edge, Soil vocalist Ryan McCombs has rejoined Drowning Pool, with whom he appeared on two studio albums, "Full Circle" and "Drowning Pool," as well as a live album, "Loudest Common Denominator," before leaving in 2011. Fortunately for Soil fans, McCombs will continue to front them too. The quartet will play their reunion show tonight at Club L.A. in Destin, Florida, before headlining the Throwdown At The Campground festival tomorrow.

Said McCombs, "When I stepped away from music back in 2004, I only got back into the mix because it was with [Drowning Pool members] C.J., Stephen and Mike, and because it was also a way for me to be a small part of keeping their music with Dave [late Drowning Pool vocalist Dave Williams] alive. Just being back in the same room together after so many years, gearing up for these shows, was a quick reminder as to why I considered them to be my best friends in the business back in the day. As everyone living life can attest to, sometimes our days can get messy - but in the words of one Dave Williams, ‘Everything happens for reasons, I just don’t know…’ Some of the greatest moments in my career came about as a member of DP and I’m really thankful for the opportunity to perform with them once again."

Added drummer Mike Luce, "I’m very happy that Soil and Drowning Pool are in a spot now where we not only co-exist, but are close enough as friends to move forward together. We support and respect each other enough for us to make sure they can keep doing what they do, and for them to allow us to revisit a bunch of these cool tunes we played a decade-plus ago, with the singer who we viewed as the archetype after Dave passed. We can’t wait to get onstage together again and see where this leads."

"It’s exciting as hell having Ryan McCombs rocking out with us again," said guitarist C.J. Pierce. "It’s been 13 years since the last time we were in a rehearsal room together, and from the second we hit that first note it was like we never skipped a beat. I’ve never felt such a connection as musicians, true friends and family as I do with Mike, Stevie and Ryan. I can’t wait to share the stage together again."

"Never say never," said bassist Stevie Benton. "It’s hard to believe it’s been over 10 years since we shared a stage with Ryan. I think, deep down, we always knew this reunion would happen."

Additionally, McCombs’ band mates in Soil stated: "Ryan has extensive history with both Soil and Drowning Pool, so when the opportunity arose for him to move forward as the singer of both bands, we knew we could make it work together. Both bands aren’t kids anymore, and we’ve all grown as people, mended past hard feelings, and are approaching the 25-year marks. Ryan wants to work. He wants to tour and play as much as possible, and this allows him to do that. As Dave Williams said just days before his passing, ‘Anywhere there is electricity for DP and Soil to play together, let’s do it…’"

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Glass Casket (BTBAM, Etc.) Return After 17 Years

Glass Casket will release their new self-titled EP on June 09th via Silent Pendulum Records. Today the band - featuring Between The Buried And Me‘s guitarist Dustie Waring, drummer Blake Richardson, guitarist Wes Hauch (Alluvial, ex-The Faceless, etc.), vocalist Adam Cody and bassist/vocalist Sid Menon - premiere a first single from it named “Let Them Go”.

Explains Waring: More...

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Avenged Sevenfold Premiere First New Song In 5 Yrs

Progressive metal band Avenged Sevenfold premiere their new single and music video titled “Nobody”, streaming via YouTube and Spotify for you below. The song is the first advance track to arrive from the outfit’s follow-up to their 2016 release “The Stage“, named “Life Is But A Dream...” and due out on June 02nd.

Tell the band: More...

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Paria Premiere First New Song In Fourteen Years

Paria are back with a new single and music video named “Venerate“, which marks the group’s first new output in 14 years. The song is taken from an upcoming new EP Paria will produce with Jim Homan, who also oversaw the mixing duties on this new single streaming via YouTube for you below.

Tells bassist Dustin Treinen: More...

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Jim Durkin, Guitarist Of Dark Angel, Passes Away

According to the band's Facebook page, Jim Durkin (58), a founding member and current guitarist, passed away today. His wife Annie and some close friends were at his side at the time of his passing.

Durkin played on the band's first three albums and was touring intermittently with the band after their second reunion in 2013. "Darkest Descends," considered by many to be the band's seminal release, is still considered to be one of the most influential death/thrash crossover albums by many current musicians to this day. More...

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Artillery Drummer Killed In Bus Accident

“Sleep well, father. It has been a good 14 years with you.”

So said the son of 45-year-old Josua Henrik Lander Madsen, who is known from the Danish metal band Artillery. Josua died after being hit by a bus early on Thursday morning (March 9, 2023) on the dark country road Snubbekorsvej, between Copenhagen and Roskilde, Denmark. He was walking home after rehearsing with a new band.

Josua was the drummer for Artillery for the past 12 years, and is featured on the four most recent Artillery albums.

Josua Lander Madsen artillery-DeNoiseAI-severe-noise
Josua Henrik Lander Madsen on drums for Artillery (June 2021)

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Therapy? To Release First Album In Five Years

Northern Irish rock outfit, Therapy? announce their colossal new studio album "Hard Cold Fire," a spiralling, hypnotic melange of grunge-rock and towering melody that sees the trio steadfast and reinvigorated. ‘Hard Cold Fire’ is set for release 5th May 2023 via Marshall Records.

Accompanying the announcement, the band also shares their first offering in the form the riotous new single "Joy," and details on a run of intimate UK in-store dates coinciding with the album’s release. Fans can find more information for in-store tickets here pre-order limited edition bundles of "Hard Cold Fire" and pre-save here.

Resilience and survival have become vital watchwords for Therapy?. Enduring over three decades as the musical, cultural and social landscapes have shifted around them, the trio have forged and retained a powerful and lasting connection with a dedicated fan base around the world, doing so by putting their emphasis on the music, solidifying a hard-won reputation as forward-thinking writers and a fierce live proposition in the process.

As Therapy?’s fourth decade finally gets underway in earnest, sixteenth album "Hard Cold Fire," written and pre-produced during an unprecedented time for music, is hefty, compact, and accessible, a distillation of everything that has made them what they are - hewn from County Antrim basalt, still possessed of their stoicism, but casting a renewed focus on catharsis and healing. More...

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Abyss Above Sign w/ Seek And Strike

Slovakian deathcore outfit Abyss Above have signed with Seek And Strike. Today the band premiere their first new single and music video “Vain” for their new label home, streaming via YouTube and Spotify for you below.

Tell Abyss Above: More...

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Veil Of Maya Announce First New Album In 5 Yrs.

Chicago-based progressive metalcore outfit Veil Of Maya premiere their brand new single and accompanying music video “Red Fur“. That song will be part of the group’s just announced seventh studio full-length “[m]other“, due out on May 12th via Sumerian Records.

Comments frontman Lukas Magyar : More...

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Born Through Fire Signed By Seek And Strike

Born Through Fire - led by As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis and Wolves At The Gate guitarist Joey Alarcon - have singed a new worldwide deal with Seek And Strike. Today they premiere their new single and music video “The Reckoning”, streaming via YouTube and Spotify for you now below.

Born Through Fire’s debut studio full-length “Purify And Refine” will be released on April 07th, 2023.

Explains Lambesis: More...

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Attila Premiere First New Single Since 2021

Attila premiere the first new output from the group since 2021. The new single is titled “Handshakes With Snakes“ and is streaming via YouTube and Spotify for you now below.

In other news Attila will kickoff their European/UK headlining run with Dropout Kings, Ghost Iris and Stain The Canvas, today. See for all dates below: More...

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Dååth Premiere First New Single In Twelve Years

Groove metal outfit Dååth inked a record deal with Metal Blade Records. Today they premiere their first single in twelve years titled “No Rest No End“, featuring guest guitar solos from Rafael Trujillo (Obsidious, ex-Obscura) and Spiro Dussias.

Dååth's current incarnation finds frontman Sean Zatorsky & guitarist Eyal Levi returning with Septicflesh drummer Kerim “Krimh” Lechner handling the drums. Jesse Zuretti contributes to the orchestration, synth and guitar.

Check out now "No Rest No End" streaming via YouTube and Spotify for you now below.

Comment the band: More...

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Karybdis Sign w/ U.S. Agency EMG

EMG Senior Artist Manager and Talent Scout Greg Shaw is excited to announce and welcome London based death metal act Karybdis to his roster.

Described by Metal Hammer as an ‘eclectic blend of melodic death metal, 21st-century metalcore and prog-tinged technicality’ the UK act have worked alongside some of the leaders in the industry since the band’s inception. With recordings produced by Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Lock Up) and Mark Lewis (Whitechapel, Devildriver, Unearth) through to performing on renowned festivals such as Bloodstock and UK Tech Fest where the band shared the stage with iconic acts such as Parkway Drive, Anthrax, Dimmu Borgir, Soulfly, Dying Fetus, Psycroptic, Archspire and many, many more, KARYBDIS have had an impressively successful career.

The partnership with EMG will see the band take their ascendance to a new level, reaching markets and stages across the world and joining an agency that has represented some of the leaders in the genre, such as Suffocation, Cryptopsy, Cattle Decapitation and Misery Index to name but a few.

Commenting on signing with EMG, drummer Mitch McGugan offers: More...

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Fury of Five Return After 23 Years Hiatus

New Jersey hardcore band Fury of Five are back on the scene after a break of 23 years. Today they premiere a new song and music video by the name of “Feel the Reign”, taken from their forthcoming EP, "Half Past Revenge", due out on March 3rd, 2023 via Upstate Records.

Fury of Five were originally formed in 1994 and previously released three albums, "No Reason to Smile", "At War With The World", and "This Time It’s Personal". They called it quits in 1998, and are excited to pick up where they left off with their new effort, which they recorded at Landmine Studios with engineer/producer Len Carmichael.

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The Ongoing Concept To Release 1st Album In 6 Yrs.

The Ongoing Concept premiere their new single and music video “Prisoner Again” taken from their first album since 2017, due out on March 31st. The new outing has been titled “Again“, and finds the band’s original lineup - featuring vocalist/guitarist Dawson Scholz, vocals/keys/percussionist Kyle Scholz, drummer Parker Scholz, bassist TJ Nichols and vocalist/guitarist Andy Crateau - returning.

Comment The Ongoing Concept: More...

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Pete Sandoval Disbands Terrorizer

Terrorizer drummer Pete Sandoval, (also of I Am Morbid and formerly Morbid Angel,) has announced that he has decided to call time on the band. This is because his time is currently occupied by his work in I Am Morbid, with fellow Morbid Angel and Terrorizer alumni David Vincent. A message posted on Sandoval's Instagram account reads as follows:

"Important announcement to those who are asking about any news from Terrorizer. Guys, due to the lack of time, my busy schedule with my personal life and I Am Morbid, I have no time to work with Terrorizer anymore which means there will be no Terrorizer material, it's over. With that being said I can tell you that the new I Am Morbid stuff will be AWSOME, WE'LL KILL ASSES. See you in the upcoming I Am Morbid festivals, shows, and such. Thank you so much for your long and endless support."

Terrorizer began in 1987 and would release the landmark grindcore album, "World Downfall" two years later, by which time the band had already broken up due to Sandoval joining Morbid Angel and guitarist Jesse Pintado being recruited by Napalm Death. In the mid 2000s, Pintado resurrected the band, but sadly passed away five days after the release of their sophomore album, "Darker Days Ahead" in 2006.

Sandoval would then bring back Terrorizer himself, along with David Vincent (who performed bass on "World Downfall") and Resistant Culture members Anthony Rezhawk and Katina Culture (the former having also handled vocals on "Darker Days Ahead,) eventually releasing a third album, "Hordes Of Zombies" in 2012. The band's last album, "Caustic Attack," was released in 2018 and featured Sandoval as the only returning member, with Monstrosity drummer Lee Harrison handling guitar duties and Sam Molina on vocals and bass.

In 2014, original Terrorizer vocalist Oscar Garcia put together a new lineup of the band, at the behest of the late Jesse Pintado's sister. This lineup, known as Terrorizer L.A., continues to perform live.

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