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Horned Wolf Premiere Video On Metalunderground

Heavy outfit Horned Wolf combines high energy sections, with slower dramatic instrumentation and more intimate, emotional parts. Accompanied by dark and haunting imagery, the new video offers thrilling visual accompaniment to the music.

The new single lands ahead of their upcoming full length album due for release later in 2022. "Become Like They Are" packs a punch with driving rhythms, powerful harsh vocals and soaring cleans. The band's progressive experimentation and style fusion brings an enthralling sound.

Check out their video below! More...

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Monument Of Misanthropy Premiere Playthrough Video

International brutal death metal band Monument Of Misanthropy have teamed up with Metalundergound.com to exclusively premiere their new playthrough video for "The Mysterious Hollywood Hat-Trick". The track and video features Julien Truchan of Benighted and is taken from their new album "Unterweger", which was released in November 2021 via Transcending Obscurity.

The video was once again created by Austrian bassist Raphael Hendlmayr (Scävenger, Tentoria).

Check out now the clip streaming via YouTube below:

Explains frontman and band founder George "Misanthrope" Wilfinger: More...

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Fullminator Premiere New Video On Metalunderground

Ex-Intergalactic warlords cloned from the evil cosmic conquer Colonel Roach to better fulfill his crusade of universal dominance, have successfully concealed their identity as the crossover thrash metal band, Fullminator. Having escaped through a prototype dimensional portal called the Nexus, they appeared in the streets of Puerto Rico in the year 2016 and have remained ever since.

"We at Fullminator want to present to you our latest single "Cyberpathic" all the way from the year 2078, punch deck and get ahead of the simulation!"

The new single, “Cyberpathic”, was inspired by the cyberpunk aesthetic and themes of William Gibson’s Neuromancer and The Matrix trilogy. A mash-up of fictional and factual political theories is paired up with the melodic fun, along with the style of the streets of Chiba City and the fast pace of a speed-fueled run through cyberspace. “Cyberpathic” explodes into life with energetic instrumentation, delicious distortion and powerful percussion. Fullminator are a powerhouse of hard-hitting metal with a galactic twist. Effects and electronics emerge through the immense thrash sound adding a theatrical punch of personality. If you were born before 2000 you may catch the throwback to the early era of the internet. Intricate guitar leads, aggressive vocals and utter full-throttle enthusiasm makes for a thrilling listening experience.

Fullminator deliver an epic fusion of sci-fi, speed and sheer creativity. The outfit have produced a release that will appeal to thrash lovers and space travelers alike. It’s loud, with a pace close to light speed and utterly fun. More...

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Black Sites Debuts Video On Metalunderground

Progressive metal band, Black Sites, have powered through the previous year creating their new album Untrue with producer Sanford Parker, of Spirit Adrift/Voi-vod/Corrections House fame. With all members recording separately, with exception of one track, the album is a testament to their capabilities.

Originally forming in 2016, Black Sites combine old school metal elements in with their sound and draw inspiration from a wide spectrum of artists such as Voi-vod, Thin Lizzy, and Black Sabbath to name a few. The new release follows their previous albums In Monochrome (2017), and Exile (2019) which made Angry Metal Guy's #3 album of the year. Untrue delivers intricate guitar leads, powerful percussion and soaring vocals. The album explores the variations of Black Sites' sound from the dramatic opening "Sword of Orion", gradually building the anticipation to an intense climax, to the progressive nature of "Echo of a Lie", and the emotional performance of "White Ashes". Exploring sophisticated melodies enhanced through delicious guitar tones and powerful vocals, Untrue is an enticing record.

Effortlessly entwining elements of traditional metal with progressive experimentation and their own distinctive style, Black Sites have produced a release with huge impact. From beginning to end Untrue reveals their creativity on a sojourn not to be missed. More...

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Monument Of Misanthropy Premiere Full-Album Stream

Monument Of Misanthropy have teamed up with Metalundergound.com to exclusively premiere the full-album stream of the band's brand new album "Unterweger", which was released November 12th, 2021 via Transcending Obscurity Records.

You can catch the band live at the below booked shows:

27.11.2021 London - UK / "Beyond The Grave Festival" @ The New Cross Inn
18.12.2021 Brussels - BEL/ with Stillbirth @ Jeugdhuis De Schakel

The album and the brand new killer merch can be purchased HERE.

Says frontman George "Misanthrope" Wilfinger about the album's release: More...

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Joseph Izayea Premieres Track Off Upcoming Album

The track "Reflection" from the upcoming collaboration record "Harder Truths" coming out on Black Friday by solo metalist, Joseph Izayea. The song was written by Josh Gilbert of As I Lay Dying & Wovenwar with Izayea penning the lyrics and vocal production. It's a song that touches on the sobering realization of becoming what you'd never be for the sake of your own survival: In this instance; ruthless, uncaring, vicious and cold.

Izayea states, "Sometimes, you've got to be the villain in someone else's story to stop yourself from being used and abused. This song was a lyrical expression of owning that mantle of the villain, and also having the awareness to know that it's not who you are, but merely who you had to be."

The album "Harder Truths" is a raw expression and exploration of human interactions, relationships and one’s sense of self. Delivering hard hitting tracks, deliciously distorted instruments and guttural vocals, the new album sees Izayea unleash a staggering solo debut accompanied by an epic ensemble of guest musicians. More...

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Sacrilegious Impalement To Reissue 2nd Album

Finnish black metal band Sacrilegious Impalement have teamed up with Metalundergound.com to exclusively premiere "Grand Funeral Convoy", taken from their impending reissue of their second outing "II - Exalted Spectres". The album's reissue will be co-released by Satanath Records (Russia), Desert Of Death (Russia) and MAT Records (Mexico) on November 24, 2021.

Check out now "Grand Funeral Convoy" below.

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Malacoda Release New Track On Metalunderground

Originally a recording project of multi-instrumentalist and music producer Lucas Di Mascio, Malacoda has persevered and grown throughout the years. Now a trio, the band is ready to unleash the conclusion to their trilogy of EP's that was written and recorded before the pandemic.

The Year Walk is the third EP Malacoda will release in 2021. Four more songs which build upon the band's symphonic sound first explored on 2016's Ritualis Aeterna.

Long time collaborator Michael Farina returns to play drums on select tracks, as well as Ryan Claxton (Tulip, Living Dead Girl) and Andrew Suarez (ex-The Slyde). The haunting album cover was made by the extremely talented Stefan Skjoedt.

Featuring Gabriel Guardiola (Immortal Guardian) on the track Beaten Path as well as a stellar mixing and mastering job by Jeramie Kling (The Absence, Inhuman Condition, Venom Inc.), The Year Walk encompasses everything the band sought to achieve with this direction and closes a long, arduous chapter in Malacoda's history.

Check out "The Year Walk" below. More...

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Fear Is Dead Stream Track On Metalunderground

NYC's Fear Is Dead's new single "Disciples of Death" is inspired by old-school metal titles, but the lyrics are very much a reflection of the times we're living in. The song is the follow up to their last single "Assimilation" which was released earlier this year. The band's cross of metal and hardcore will appeal to fans of Biohazard, Sick Of It All and more.

The band was born from and transcends the everyday struggle, exploring the darker, deeper, and sometimes grittier side of the human experience. Five EPs have been released to date - Fear Is Dead, Mourning Ritual, Eleutherophobia, What Remains, and Omnicidal. In 2019, following their last release, the band put together a short but well-received west coast tour. Launching from Vegas to California, then up the western seaboard to Seattle and back, making new fans and friends along the way. More...

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The Vth Circle Premiere Lyric Video

The Vth Circle is a Vancouver, BC based band that describes their music as “Dynamic Death Metal.”

The Vth Circle released its debut full-length album titled “I” in 2019 and since then have been hard at work on their new single, “The Intense Vibrations,” as well as their follow-up EP set for release in 2022.

The band draws influence from many genres, including thrash, melodic death metal, progressive metal, classic rock, and deathcore while seamlessly blending in atmospheric soundscapes, acoustic elements and spoken word passages.

“The Intense Vibrations” tackles themes such as capitalism, ecological destruction, collective dissociation, big pharma, government oppression, hopelessness and states of societal schizophrenia.

The lyric video was created by Alex Canaran McFabe and Waking World Productions in collaboration with The Vth Circle. More...

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Benighted, MoM Etc. Members Cover Nile Track

Drummer Kevin Paradis (Benighted, Mithridatic), vocalist George Wilfinger (Monument Of Misanthropy, Raising The Veil, etc.), guitarist Shoi Sen (De Profundis, Monument Of Misanthropy) and bassist Jean Jacques Moreac (Misanthrope) teamed up for the below remotely recorded cover of Nile‘s “The Eye Of Ra“. Norbert Leitner (Vienna, Austria) recorded all vocal tracks, Kevin Paradis himself mixed and mastered the song, while Shoi Sen took over all video editing duties.

Explains George Wilfinger: More...

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In Crucem Agere Debut Single On Metalunderground

Delving into the demonic underworld, Austrian black metal outfit In Crucem Agere are not afraid to dig deep into the dark elements of the human condition. Originally formed in 2010, the project encompasses a narrative exploring the darkness inside man for whom there is no hope of salvation.

In Crucem Agere had this to say, "Humanity has been clinging to religions since the beginnings of time, yet every single prayer has been futile, unanswered. What is it that people see in invented gods and fairy tales, that makes them sacrifice everything, even their own lives?"

Check out the track below... More...

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Ember Sun Premiere Track On Metalunderground

Ember Sun is the new solo project born in 2021 of Lorthar (founder/ex-member of black metal band Order Of The Ebon Hand) from Greece, playing atmospheric funeral doom death with influences of gothic scene. Lorthar has been and still is a member of several bands in the metal music scene and also on ambient style bands. Ember Sun is a mix of all the music styles haunting Lorthar's temperament.

Lorthar of Ember Sun comments: "My essence fades in time; a very emotional song. What is left of us? Only memories. Existence is here for as long as we have memories. Memories are strictly related to time, since time tends to make people forget; and when we forget our memories, the essence of our beloved persons fades away. So our essence is something related to time. Thus, slowly, as the years pass, our essence fades away. It’s not a pessimistic view of reality, the opposite I would say. Make things that people will remember you by forever - Immortality."

The band is releasing their new album, titled On Earth and Heaven, on October 22 via code666, the cult sub label of Aural Music.

On Earth And Heaven is a hymn of solitude and sorrow. It expresses the fear of reaching our end; the despair of not seeing again all those we loved or hated; the incomprehensibility of being devoid consciousness; the sorrow of never seeing the dawn again. More...

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Siren's Rain Premier New Album On Metalunderground

A dark fantastical air and exploration of folklore emanates from Rise Forth, the new album by Sirens Rain. Founded in 2014 by William Beritich and Rena Hellzinger, Sirens Rain deliver heavy riffs, haunting vocals and ethereal melodies using a vast array of traditional folk instruments. The new record follows the EPs Nightmares from the Abyss (2019) and Beneath the Narrors (2016, re-released 2018).

Rise Forth is the first full-length album from folk metalers Siren's Rain, a follow up To Beneath the Narrows (2018) and Nightmares from the Abyss (2019). Rising from the chaos of the pandemic, Rise Forth is a culmination of three year's worth of songs. This work revisits the harp and mandolin from the first EP and introduces the nyckelharpa to the band's instrumentation. This album delves into the themes of abandonment, betrayal, hope, despair and resilience. Heavier, faster and galloping, Rise Forth showcases the band's musical growth and exploration of the barriers of aggression. More...

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Monument Of Misanthropy Premiere New Track

Aborted frontman Sven de Caluwé guests on Monument Of Misanthropy’s new single “Miami Vice - Miami Gold”. You can check out the track and a new visualizer clip for it streaming via YouTube for you below:

The song is taken from Monument Of Misanthropy’s impending new album "Unterweger", which will be released by Transcending Obscurity Records November 12th, 2021.

Pre-orders for the album and the brand new killer merch can be purchased HERE.

Says frontman George "Misanthrope" Wilfinger about the track: More...

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Scattered Hamlet Release New Video

Scattered Hamlet was formed in 2010 by lead vocalist Adam Joad and has relentlessly toured all over the states with widespread appeal from their down to earth accessibility, blue collar work ethic and outlaw vibe. Making an impact from the outset, the title track opens with a burst of energy, distorted guitars, and dynamic vocals. Launching riff after riff the distorted guitars are a fierce force across their tracks, Scattered Hamlet creates a compelling sound with intricate guitar leads and mighty rhythms. From the aggressive mood of “Death or Dishonor” befitting a barroom brawl, through to the bluesy rocking “Low Class Blues”, Stereo Overthrow isn’t afraid to explore a variety of styles.

Driving a full-throttle sound brewed from the essence of Americana, Motorhead and a punk rock attitude, Scattered Hamlet delivers a high impact wherever they go. The new album Stereo Overthrow follows an already comprehensive discography from the four-piece straight out of the hills of Appalachia.

This is what the band had to say about "Stereo Overthrow."

"We were really inspired by Rudy Ray More and his journey as “Dolemite.” Here’s a guy that every film distributor laughed at but he knew his audience and had faith in his product. He’s a legend. When we started talking to record labels, they were talking to us because what we were doing worked, but then they wanted to change everything because they didn’t understand what we were doing or our audience. It made me think of Rudy and “Dolemite” so we made a video that was a nod to sticking to your guns and doing things your own way when everyone wants you to be something else." More...

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Akiavel Unleash Video "Lady Of Death"

Akiavel released their second full-length, “Væ Victis” on April 23rd, 2021! Not allowing a global pandemic to slow them down, “Væ Victis” comes only one year after Akiavel’s debut full-length album. This concept album delves into the darkest parts of the human psyche. Further evolving their sound, Akiavel takes a radical approach to their musical assault, consuming the listener with dizzying maelstroms of chaos. “Væ Victis” embodies the word “death,” putting forth an intrusive battery of blistering guitars, pummeling drums, and scathing vocals that culminates in one of the most robust death metal records the genre has seen yet.

Check out the video for "Lady of Death" below! More...

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Endure The Affliction Debut "The Reckoning"

Endure The Affliction is rounding off 2021 with a brand new EP, Evolve, on October 15th. Endure The Affliction embody the hallmarks of melodic metal while embracing their Louisiana roots.

Formed in late 2018, members Tim Keith (Lead Vocals), Deion Lanthier (Co-Lead Vocals/Guitar), Brett Dronet (Guitar), Byron Vollmer (Backup Vocals/Bass), Kyle Roberts (Drums) exploded onto their local Louisiana scene with the powerful, yet subtly emotional riffs and soaring vocals that define their sound. Overcoming hardship being their music's driving message, listeners find themselves relating to these musicians on a range of sensitive, but very real topics that many people struggle with daily.

The band had the following to say about "The Reckoning."

"This song deals with still loving someone that no longer loves you back. Sometimes we don't realize the consequences of our actions when we are in a relationship. It's easy to do damage to a relationship until it's beyond repair. So then the day comes when you realize it's over, and now you have to deal with that reckoning." Get familiar with "The Reckoning" below! More...

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Illyrian Premiere Song On Metalunderground

Founded in 2015 in Calgary, Canada, Illyrian was formed from the remnants of several bands and music projects in their local scene. Seeking to bring together their different backgrounds and strengths, the band quickly set to work on what would become their debut offering, 2016's "Round 2: Fight!"

2019 marked the release of Illyrian's sophomore record, "The Entity, Unknown." The album solidified the band's signature approach to the metal genre, blending elements of death and thrash metal with technical and melodic composition.

Adventuring out from their prototypical thrash metal roots while embracing the energy and drive from the genre, their sound further evolved into a more focused and precise vision, injecting elements of death metal and less conventional textures such as world percussion and traditional folk instruments into their music.

For their album, "The Entity, Unknown", Illyrian was awarded the 2020 YYC Music Award for “Metal Recording of the Year,” punctuating a comparatively quiet year for the unit. Soon after, the band set to work on writing and recording their next production – a concept EP. Intentionally narrowing the scope of it to fully explore and realize its story and musicality, it was written and refined in isolation from one another both due to circumstance and creative choice. More...

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Atra Haeresis Premiere New Song & Lyric Video

International blackened death metal band Atra Haeresis premiere a new song and lyric video “Man Through Epochs”, taken from their upcoming new album "Pretium", which will be out in stores August 28th via Satanath Records (Russia), Kryrart Records (Germany), Death Portal Studio (USA).

Check out now "Man Through Epochs" below.

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