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Akiavel Unleash Video "Lady Of Death"

Akiavel released their second full-length, “Væ Victis” on April 23rd, 2021! Not allowing a global pandemic to slow them down, “Væ Victis” comes only one year after Akiavel’s debut full-length album. This concept album delves into the darkest parts of the human psyche. Further evolving their sound, Akiavel takes a radical approach to their musical assault, consuming the listener with dizzying maelstroms of chaos. “Væ Victis” embodies the word “death,” putting forth an intrusive battery of blistering guitars, pummeling drums, and scathing vocals that culminates in one of the most robust death metal records the genre has seen yet.

Check out the video for "Lady of Death" below! More...

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Endure The Affliction Debut "The Reckoning"

Endure The Affliction is rounding off 2021 with a brand new EP, Evolve, on October 15th. Endure The Affliction embody the hallmarks of melodic metal while embracing their Louisiana roots.

Formed in late 2018, members Tim Keith (Lead Vocals), Deion Lanthier (Co-Lead Vocals/Guitar), Brett Dronet (Guitar), Byron Vollmer (Backup Vocals/Bass), Kyle Roberts (Drums) exploded onto their local Louisiana scene with the powerful, yet subtly emotional riffs and soaring vocals that define their sound. Overcoming hardship being their music's driving message, listeners find themselves relating to these musicians on a range of sensitive, but very real topics that many people struggle with daily.

The band had the following to say about "The Reckoning."

"This song deals with still loving someone that no longer loves you back. Sometimes we don't realize the consequences of our actions when we are in a relationship. It's easy to do damage to a relationship until it's beyond repair. So then the day comes when you realize it's over, and now you have to deal with that reckoning." Get familiar with "The Reckoning" below! More...

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Illyrian Premiere Song On Metalunderground

Founded in 2015 in Calgary, Canada, Illyrian was formed from the remnants of several bands and music projects in their local scene. Seeking to bring together their different backgrounds and strengths, the band quickly set to work on what would become their debut offering, 2016's "Round 2: Fight!"

2019 marked the release of Illyrian's sophomore record, "The Entity, Unknown." The album solidified the band's signature approach to the metal genre, blending elements of death and thrash metal with technical and melodic composition.

Adventuring out from their prototypical thrash metal roots while embracing the energy and drive from the genre, their sound further evolved into a more focused and precise vision, injecting elements of death metal and less conventional textures such as world percussion and traditional folk instruments into their music.

For their album, "The Entity, Unknown", Illyrian was awarded the 2020 YYC Music Award for “Metal Recording of the Year,” punctuating a comparatively quiet year for the unit. Soon after, the band set to work on writing and recording their next production – a concept EP. Intentionally narrowing the scope of it to fully explore and realize its story and musicality, it was written and refined in isolation from one another both due to circumstance and creative choice. More...

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Atra Haeresis Premiere New Song & Lyric Video

International blackened death metal band Atra Haeresis premiere a new song and lyric video “Man Through Epochs”, taken from their upcoming new album "Pretium", which will be out in stores August 28th via Satanath Records (Russia), Kryrart Records (Germany), Death Portal Studio (USA).

Check out now "Man Through Epochs" below.

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Viserion Debut Full-Length Album

From its inception, Viserion has never shied away from the outlands of darkness and despair. Embodying the shadows that skirt our nightmares and steal our joy. Embracing the bleakness, their debut record “Natural Selection” will leave you haunted.

Formed in 2019, members John Magnani (guitarist), Benedetto Marvilli (bassist and vocalist) and Matt Marvilli (drummer) came together to cast their long shadow over the world. Taking inspiration from arguably black metal’s most fertile and explosive period — the early to mid-1990s — the music channels the unrelenting terror and iciness of their forebears: Mayhem, Darkthrone and Behemoth. The foreboding darkness that transcends from each note is a palpable experience.

The collective hopelessness of the past year has been actively channeled into each of the 7 songs featured on “Natural Selection”. Forced into separation and quarantine, the band embraced this melancholy in their composition, juxtaposed by the frenetic drumming of someone forced to create on the spot as the world, again, began to turn.

“Natural Selection” will be released August 13th, 2021. Dark and evasive in both presentation and lyrics, Viserion will lead you into the great undeniable void, dripping with beautiful anguish. More...

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Thoughtcrime Premiere Muse Cover "Uprising"

Thoughtcrime have teamed up with Metalundergound.com to exclusively premiere their take on the Muse track "Uprising". You can ckeck out their version of the song streaming via YouTube for you below.

Tell the band: More...

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Endure The Affliction Debut "Identity"

Endure The Affliction soars into 2021 with their brand new single, “Identity”. Embodying the hallmarks of melodic metal while embracing their Louisiana roots, Endure The Affliction delivers what can only be described as total Southern darkness as they bridge the divide between modern metalcore and classic power metal and American gothic.

Formed in late 2018, members Tim Keith (Lead Vocals), Deion Lanthier (Co-Lead Vocals/Guitar), Brett Dronet (Guitar), Byron Vollmer (Backup Vocals/Bass), Kyle Roberts (Drums) exploded onto their local Louisiana scene with the powerful, yet subtly emotional riffs and soaring vocals that define their sound. Overcoming hardship being their music's driving message, listeners find themselves relating to these musicians on a range of sensitive, but very real topics that many people struggle with daily.

Although their resolve has been tested, the band is proud to reveal their latest single, “Identity”, the precursor to their upcoming EP due out later this year. Using downtime during the COVID-19 pandemic to write and record new material, Endure The Affliction, are ready to unleash in 2021 with new music, new videos, a slew of gigs that will demonstrate they’re a force to be reckoned with.

The band had this to say about "Identity."

"Many people will, at some point, look at where they are in life and realize that they could be so much more in one aspect or another. At that point of realization, we assess what got us there; what the factors are both within ourselves and without. We decide what to keep and what to cut out like a cancer. This gives people a new lens to look at themselves through and adjust accordingly. This song 'Identity' is about that journey of self-discovery and change." More...

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Seeking Sirens Releases Single On Metalunderground

High-energy metalcore outfit, Seeking Sirens, release their single, "Splinter" in tandem with a brand new music video. Tastefully blending bone-crunching riffs, southern soul and bouncing rhythm, “Splinter” is a highly engaging and infectious new track.

Check out "Splinter" below!


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Monument Of Misanthropy Premiere New Visualizer

Multinational brutal death metal sickos of Monument Of Misanthropy have teamed up with Metalundergound.com to premiere their new visualizer clip for "Tales From The Vienna Woods", taken from their impending new album "Unterweger". Pre-orders for the album will be up this month on Transcending Obscurity Records.

Says Transcending Obscurity Records: More...

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Crossover Thrash Band Confused Premiere Video

Crossover thrash/hardcore punk band, Confused, return highly powered sounding, louder and angrier than ever with their new album ‘Riot’.

“I’m stoked to get our new album Riot in the hands of the fans. Riot has a mix of old school punk and crossover thrash with grooves that will make you want to jump in the circle pit or take a bad-ass stage dive. We’ve never been shy about expressing what’s on our minds and these songs definitely reflect where we are in 2021 after all the bullshit we’ve all experienced in the last couple years. Confused is excited to get back on the road and destroy stages with these new songs for the fans this fall!” - Al Del Barrio (Vocals)

Originally formed in Texas' Rio Grande Valley in 1988 by front man and songwriter Al Del Barrio, the band draw influences from classic acts such as M.O.D., Agnostic Front and D.R.I. Over their career, expanding more than three decades, the outfit have powered through times of difficulty and continue to push themselves further with each release. ‘Riot’ is no different delivering an onslaught of sounds. From the opening track, ‘Chaos’, with a catchy chorus hook through to the overdrive fueled ‘I Love Hardcore’, this album is constantly throwing punches. The intense energy firing out of each track obliterates anything in its path. The aggressive sound delves into the realms of ludicrous thrash tempos and powerful punk angst.

‘Riot’ leaves no prisoners rushing through the chaos of the past year in blast of thrash and hardcore punk. It’s over the top and Confused’s sense of humor shines through. Heavy, hard hitting and utterly hypnotic, ‘Riot’ is a release jam packed full of high-speed fun. More...

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WaxWorm Stream New Track Off Upcoming Release

WaxWorm, a new industrial-tinged project featuring Arthur Brown (based in Sydney, Australia) and Duncan Evans (former member of A Forest of Stars), will release their debut album, Mea Kulpa, this summer via Trepanation Recordings.

Mea Kulpa is the product of several collaborative sessions between its creators (some in-person and some conducted remotely) which began in 2008. The project was shelved and revisited several times, and was finally completed in 2021.

The album is an expression of and a reaction to the fear, loneliness and dejection that can arise in all of us as we navigate the uncertainties and contradictions of human existence. Accordingly, the record is sometimes unsettling and disturbing, but it also brings catharsis and consolation.

Duncan commented: “I’m really excited that Mea Kulpa, the upcoming WaxWorm album, is going to be released this summer. The project, which is a collaboration between me and my friend Arthur Brown, grew out of just throwing sounds and ideas around and letting the music evolve naturally. We wanted to make something heavy without using guitars, and we also wanted to borrow some ideas from electronic music and industrial. We’re really proud of the way the music turned out. We call dark electro-chaos, and we hope you enjoy the record.”

Often abrasive and noisy, but also rich with melody, the music is mostly electronic and largely instrumental. Incorporating brooding ambient soundscapes, skittering beats, dissonant noise and distorted synth patterns, the record draws influence from styles including dark ambient, industrial, metal, and electronic dance music. Occasionally, recordings of household objects and real instruments are twisted and contorted to fit within the makeup of the otherworldly synth textures. Lyrics and vocals were only used where they seemed to be necessary, with layered vocals on a few tracks sung by Evans and Brown.

Mea Kulpa is an immersive electronic sound collage that juxtaposes bleakness and anguish with warmth and redemption. More...

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Drift Into Black Premier Full Album

One-man bands allow for so much freedom, and for those who are blessed with creativity it can lead to prolific output in a shorter space of time than groups. One such solo project is Drift into Black, led by ex-Grey Skies Fallen keyboardist Craig Rossi. With his fourth release Patterns of Light, the New Yorker continues a trend of four releases in four years in synth-driven gloom, inspired by the European vein of melodic doom-death metal.

Patterns of Light is proof that, just because you have a formula to work with, does not mean you are confined to it. While many of the songs here draw from the same quarters as Saturnus, My Dying Bride and Ghost Brigade, they also shy away from copycatting the above-mentioned bands. There are many interesting discoveries to be found, whether the guitar melodies on “The Burial Gown”, the prog-metal synthesizers that recall Amorphis’ finest on “Among the Beast”, the post-punk beats on “Thread of Hope”, or the dual vocal effects alternating between soft cleans and underwater-recorded growls.

It’s not just the music that demands a look-in, though - Rossi has designed another concept album with a dark, dark storyline to follow. The plot tells of loss and grief, religion and revenge; there’s even a twist to a surprisingly happy ending for such melancholic music. No spoilers, though - you have to listen to find out what happens next

If the darker side of metal appeals, and you enjoy being wrapped up in a shroud of gloom, then Patterns of Light will absolutely be of interest. Drift into Black have matured well over the last several years, and 2021 will certainly be Rossi’s year with this quality of output.

Check out the full album below! More...

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Sepultura's Territory By Behind The Horror

Behind The Horror from New Jersey are concentrated metal power with an uncompromising sound. The formation was founded by the two brothers Gabriel (guitar) and Lucas (drums) Alves, they laid the foundation for their uncompromising Death 'N Thrash spectacle in 2013 which later became Behind The Horror. Behind The Horror delivered a direct hit with the extended player Burn This Truth with original and own material most recently with the drum video for Resident Evil and the cover version of Nightwish's Wish I Had An Angel, the final proof of their musical versatility and that they can not only convince with their own material, but also lose nothing of their sovereignty with their own interpretations of legendary metal tracks.

With their reinterpretation of "Territory" by the Brazilian thrash gods Sepultura, Behind The Horror pay tribute to their role models and do it in a sensible and appealing way. More...

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Austin Taft, Prog Metal Artist, Video Exclusive

Colorado Springs resident Austin Taft releases his fourth album, Skeletons. He returns to rock/metal roots after the acoustic The Human Condition, but after a listen, you may realize that ‘rock/metal’ is just the start.

Self-styled as ‘prog-metal-that-sometimes-isn’t’, Skeletons incorporates a bewildering array of sub-genres within the 71-minute behemoth. Some parts of it certainly fit the prog metal bill; “Endless Sky” has a taste of Genesis in the keyboards and an off-the-wall solo that is unique in itself. The highlight of the track lies in its lack of repetition. Once the song has left a musical section, it never looks back, continually pushing forward into unfamiliar, but engaging territory until the final chorus. “The Ladder” and “Just Above Zero” are similarly prog-inclined, the former in its math-like yet melodic riffing and the latter in its atmospheric synth layers alongside the crunchy guitar work.

Equally, though, there’s a lot here that draws from other sources. The opener title track and monster-length “Unraveling” both draw from the same well of contempt and hatred, with thick bassy tones and abrasive lyrics. The latter is a particularly harrowing tale, as it unwinds across 12 minutes of a man lashing out, striking the guitar and punching the drums with every syllable, before spiraling into a noise-driven solo akin to Tom Morello’s best.

Speaking of syllables, Taft’s vocals are as chameleon-like as the music is - drawing in part from Devin Townsend’s wide range of screams and gritty cleans, with some of Frank Zappa’s familiar sing-speak style (see: “The Ladder”), and in other parts wholly his own. After the raging “Unraveling”, you hear him sing the powerful epilogue “The Road To Happiness”, a bitter (mostly) piano-driven number about unattainable illusions. The lyrics reflect a confused and burnt-out individual at the end of their tether, surviving the inevitable pain that comes with life: “There is a chance for learning after every burning/But I don't want to learn anymore”.

If complex, emotion-driven music is of interest, then Skeletons will no doubt be of great appeal. This is a record which has much to dig into, making it worth every spin. And there’s word that Taft has plenty more creativity up his sleeve to come, by himself and with others.

Skeletons will be released on CD on May 28th 2021. The album was previously released digital. More...

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Malacoda Premieres Lyric Video "The Harsh Law"

Crawling Chaos is Malacoda’s first new release since 2018’s Restless Dreams and "The Harsh Law" is the last track off of it showcasing the band's groove.

Check out "The Harsh Law" below:


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Kitchener-Waterloo Metal Cover Comp Exclusive

Canadian rockers Invicta, Æpoch, Cathartic Demise, Raider, Rippr'd and Stolos have teamed up for a blast of a covers album of such classic bands as: Judas Priest, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Exodus, Death and Venom.

On May 7th, 2021, the bands will release The Kitchener-Waterloo Metal Cover Compilation, featuring metal artists from all around the Kitchener/Ontario, Canada area. By combining their own respective genres, from black to thrash and everything in between, with the original tracks, the bands have created a unique and intricate sound that incorporates both the core elements of each track and their own creativity. For the album, each band chose songs to cover that held particular meaning to them.

Kyle Edissi of Invicta says of the album: “We decided to do the covers because we are all friends and wanted to collaborate on a fun project that is also sick. We all rehearse in the same building and a lot of us have played in each other's bands. We thought it would be a good showcase of the local talent we have in the area.

We wanted to pick old school metal songs we all liked that were also suitable in style for each band. It's our best effort to pay tribute to the 80's and early 90's metal that influenced each of our bands." More...

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Vokonis Debut Single Off New Album, "Odyssey"

Vokonis will release their fourth studio album ”Odyssey” On May 7th. More dynamically diverse than ever, the 6 new tracks feature guest musician Per Wiberg (Opeth, Spiritual Beggars, Kamchatka) on Keyboard. Odyssey is Vokonis' first true prog-record.

The heavy prog-metal-trio, Vokonis, is here to daze you with their furious sludge-vibe and
melodic passages. Drenched in blasting distortion, melody, and menace, Vokonis is ready to fully blossom as the progressive beast they’ve held within since 2015. With a style that ranges from heavy riffage, face-melting layers of fuzz, and gritty, howling vocals to utterly clean, dreamlike soundscapes, they aim to completely immerse you in their songwriting. As you share a psychedelic and thrilling journey Vokonis will have shown their range from full-
blown doom to melodically blissful passages.

Listen to "Through The Depths" below! More...

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Chicago's Misfire Debuts Full-Length Album

Chicago's newest thrash tyrants, Misfire, comprised of members from Diamond Plate and Vitrial, release a searing thrash collaboration entitled, "Sympathy For The Ignorant."

In 2004 at the age of 13 and 14 drummer James Nicademus and Guitarist/Vocalist Jay Johnson formed what ended up becoming the thrash metal band Diamond Plate. In 2007 Jay left that band and has since released multiple solo projects. Diamond Plate went on to be signed to Earache Records for 2 albums and played multiple tours and shows with Overkill, Death Angel, Testament, Megadeth, D.R.I. and many more.

Fast forward to 2018. James Nicademus, Tommy Denniger of End of Sanity, and Sean Coogan of Vitrial formed Misfire. Shortly after Tommy decided to follow a different path so James called the only man for the job. His old friend Jay Johnson. A decision that would ultimately solidify Misfires line up. Misfire have since been active and have opened for Iron Regan, Sacred Reich, and more.

Their debut album “Sympathy for the Ignorant” releases May 1st 2021 in partnership with Fracture Studios and can be purchased on all distrokid platforms.

Stream the album below! More...

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Mordred Unleashes New Lyric Video

The influential San Francisco alternative thrash metal act Mordred have unleashed the music video for their new song “Demonic #7.” The clip, which was produced by graphic artist Andy Pilkington (Flotsam and Jetsam, Skindred), can be viewed below.

"Demonic #7" is the first taste of "The Dark Parade," Mordred’s first full-length album in over 25 years. Set to be released by M-Theory Audio on July 23, the record – which will be offered on CD, digital, cassette, blue vinyl with orange splatter and a limited-edition, mail-order exclusive white vinyl variant – can be pre-ordered now at smarturl.com/mordred

"Timing on the release of ‘Demonic #7’ comes at a point when the USA and many countries around the world seem more divided than they've ever been in our lifetime," explains guitarist Danny White. "As we begin to hopefully and tentatively emerge from the self-imposed cocoon of covid, we ask ourselves if things will start to get better, or will it be a case of just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, ’There are realms even lower than hell.’" More...

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Orbstruct Premiere New Song & Lyric Video

Orbstruct have teamed up with Metalundergound.com to exclusively premiere their new song and lyric video "Mercury Turn", taken from their impending new album , which is currently in the works.

Tell the band: More...

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