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Lydia Can't Breathe Premieres New Video

Today we're teaming up with hard rocking quintet Lydia Can't Breathe to premiere a video for "Adventure Out," taken off upcoming album "Tastes New" that is due out October 10th.

The video clip tells the story of a guy that picks up a girl at a bar and what ensues after their encounter. Fans of Killswitch Engage and Atreyu will want to check this one out below. Vocalist Kyle Bolduc comments on the clip:

"We are proud to announce the video release for 'Adventure Out' the first single off our upcoming album 'Tastes New.' The song was written after a night out with my drummer Josh. It is based on a guy meeting an attractive female while out with his friends.

"After pursuing her, the two hook up, however the guy moves on quickly and she is left upset thinking about what they could have had. We wanted to write something relatable from both perspectives. As an example of how love can be cruel and one sided at times. This song is ultimately about the trials of finding love and realizing things are not always what they seem." More...

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Devil's Emissary Premieres "Horizon Temple"

Ahead of the release of a new mini-album, entitled "Demiurge Asceticism," today Devil's Emissary unleashes the advance track "Horizon Temple."

Listen in below and prepare to pummeled to smithereens as you open your consciousness to the void!

Pre-orders are now available right here and the mini-album will be released on September 9th, 2017 via Third Eye Temple.

"Demiurge Asceticism" contains nearly 20 minutes of lunatic incantations, divided into three anthems praising the Harvester of Worlds – the great Swallower of Suns. It is the manifest of heaven's violent death - the will of those below as foretold in the Horizon Temple.

1. Black Hole Meditation (streaming here)
2. Transcendental Rite
3. Horizon Temple More...

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Five Of The Eyes Premieres New Single

Ready for some catchy prog to kick off the day? Today we've got the exclusive premiere of new single "Mirrors" from Portland, Maine group Five of the Eyes -- check it out below and let us know what you think!

"Mirrors" comes off the band's soon to be released LP "The Venus Transit," set to drop on September 29th. The album was tracked at Maine's The Halo studio with producer Jonathan Wyman. Five Of The Eyes will subsequently embark on a month long national tour to support the release alongside In The Presence of Wolves.

Lead singer Darrell Foster comments: "'Mirrors' is a passionate moment of self awareness. It’s the realization that only when I'm fighting for what I love do I feel alive. When my life shatters around me, which version of myself will I reconstruct from the broken pieces?”

Drummer Pete Griffith adds: "'Mirrors' is an expression of that fear and loneliness, the things in life that tear us down and drive us apart, and how they make us feel. It is the return to the dried up garden yet to be watered."

Guitarist Ned Rich caps us off by stating: "Like most of our songs, 'Mirrors' started out with the instrumental arrangement, which started with Tim’s guitar line. Tom and I came up with the chords that went underneath it, and that became the main groove of the song. We recorded an instrumental demo which I think was at least 6 minutes long. When Darrell was writing lyrics and the vocal melody, he trimmed that demo down to like 4:15, which I was initially pretty hesitant about. At the time I think it was the softest tune we had done, and I liked the long meandering path of the tune. Over time and after the vocal part had solidified, I grew to love the arrangement and the arc of the song. We decided to start the song with drums, which is cool because we don’t have a lot of moments like that, and also because it shows off the dope drum sound Wyman crafted for us.” More...

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Syn Ze Sase Tri Premieres New Song

The grandiose pagan black metal warriors from Syn Ze Sase Tri are gearing up to release new album "Zaul Mos" this coming September 29th via Code666 (a sublabel of Aural Music).

Ahead of that release, we've got the exclusive premiere of a video clip for new song "Tarimu de Lumina" - check it out below and let us know what you think of the track and the killer album art!

"Zaul Mos" is strongly inspired by the bloody myth of the ancient Dacian legends of the motherland of Transylvania. The album's full track listing is as follows:

01. Tarimu' De Lumina
02. Din Negru Gind
03. Solu' Zeilor
04. De-a Dreapta Omului
05. Zaul Mos
06. Plecaciune Zaului
07. Urzeala Ceriului
08. Cocosii Negri
09. In Pintecu' Pamintului (Electric Version)

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Woe Unto Me Premieres 360 Lyric Video

Belarusian doom/death metal crew Woe Unto Me will release upcoming double album, "Among The Lightened Skies The Voidness Flashed," on September 29th via Solitude Productions.

Now a month ahead of that release, we're honored to exclusively present to you the official 360° lyric video for new song "Triptych: Shiver, Shelter, Shatter." Get ready for a 13 minute slow motion ride straight into hell!

The track features special guest vocalists Daniel Neagoe (Clouds, Eye Of Solitude, Shape Of Despair), Patryk Zwolinski (Proghma-C, ex-Blindead, ex-Antigama), and Jón Aldará (Hamferd, Barren Earth).

Here’s what the band had to say about this upcoming release: “Musically, artistically and in general content both CDs will be radically different from each other: the first part plunges the listener into a dark and depressive atmosphere of doom metal in its various shapes, the second one is an acoustic melancholy, which will envelop you with a blanket of autumnal gloom and sad beauty.”

01. Triptych: Shiver, Shelter, Shatter
02. Of Life That Never Showed Its Face
03. I Come To Naught
04. Breath Of A Grief
05. Drawn By Mourning
01. In A Stranglehold
02. Leave Me To My Sorrows
03. Along Came The Imminence
04. Fall-Dyed Lament
05. A Year-Long Waiting
06. My Joy Lies Behind
07. The Snide Sun More...

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Namazu Premieres "Bactine" Video

Metallic rocking hardcore hybrid Namazu will release debut album "Works Cited" this coming September 29th, 2017.

Ahead of that release, we're stoked to premiere a silly mini golfing, fun time music video for the album's opening track "Bactine." Check it out below, and you can pre-order the album right here.

Namazu wants you to know the band absolutely hates your banjo. Made up of Memphis scene veterans from Hosoi Bros and Tanks, Namazu is striving to reach that happy medium of good time riffs and pummeling hardcore. While the group has only been in existence for a short amount of time, Namazu already shared stages with well-known bands such Black Tusk, Wrong, Kylesa, and Whores.

1. Bactine
2. Gunwhale
3. Dragged Fighting From His Tomb
4. The Sportswriter
5. Waterwalkers
6. Bright Boy
7. Kootenai
8. Stockings
9. Hill Clan Cross
10. Pretty Judy More...

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Valence Premieres Ripping New Prog Metal Track

Progressive metal force Valence is pleased to release new single "He Tried To Kill Me With A Forklift" today - August 18th, 2017 - and we're even more pleased to be hosting the track's online premiere!

Check out "He Tried To Kill Me With A Forklift" below, can you can pick up your own copy at the Valance Bandcamp page here.

Frequently cited as "the bee's knees" and "the cat's meow," Valence takes instrumental prog to new heights through flirtations with modern metal and eclectic compositions. The band's a straight up breath of fresh air for anyone tired of music formulated to fit into a box.

Bassist WilHelmus.! joined the band in the spring of 2016, adding new elements as Valence finishes writing and pre-production for a next epic full-length album. In the meantime, "He Tried To Kill Me With a Forklift" will serve as a taste of things to come. Valance currently consists of:

Michael Buonanno (guitar)
Geoffrey Schaefer (guitar)
Chris Romano (drums)
WilHelmus.! (bass) More...

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Cave Bastard Premieres "Hobocide"

Portland, Oregon-based DIY label Accident Prone Records will unveil a brutalizing new split between Austin, Texas’ Blk Ops (with ex-members of Kill The Client), and San Diego, California’s Cave Bastard (with ex-members of Cattle Decapitation and more).

After a song from the Blk Ops side previously came online, today we're stoked to premiere a brand new track from Cave Bastard's contribution to the split.

Check out "Hobocide" below, but maybe don't try to commit any on your own - Rutger Hauer taught us some of them have shotguns and aren't messing around!

Offers Cave Bastard of the brutalizing new single, “The name ‘Hobocide’ was actually created by a friend of mine fifteen years ago with no concept, except that it meant, ‘the killing of hobos/homeless.’ The lyrical inspiration came a couple of years ago when San Diego saw a string of murders among the homeless, many of which were committed by the local police. The song is written from the perspective of the killer, and dares to expose the listener to their own morals. Morbidity in art draws out the best and worst in us: those who are appalled by the lyrics do in fact have moral decency, and those whom agree with the lyrics ought to question their humanity.”


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Void Ritual Premieres "Heretical Wisdom"

You might not typically think of Albuquerque, NM as the place to gain some ancient, horrifying wisdom from a tentacled thing off in the distance. Blue meth sure, but black metal from the darkest depths of the void?

Well, that's exactly what you are getting here with New Mexico-based black metal project Void Ritual. New album "Heretical Wisdom" officially drops tomorrow - August 18th, 2017 - but today we're premiering all eight tracks a day in advance!

Listen in below and let us know what you think. You can also still pre-order your own copy at this location or snag a cassette copy here. The track listing is as follows:

1. The Flood
2. Breathing Ice
3. A Mockery of Flesh & Bone
4. Heretical Wisdom
5. The Frozen Altar
6. Maelstrom
7. Dead in Blackest Night
8. Nachzehrer More...

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Cryptex Perform Savatage’s Classic "Gutter Ballet"

There are songs that last for and influence whole generations. And there are bands that do not only cover them but rather find an outstanding way to make them their own – so that an interpretation like this sometimes becomes so much more than just a cover version.

And there are really impressive examples of this – like the one Cryptex gave with an epic version of Savatge's "Gutter Ballet" at this year’s 70000Tons Of Metal Cruise, where they amazed several metalheads with how much this song seemed to be made for the band around singer Simon Moskon. Cryptex thereby inspire with a progressive passion that to date seemed to be a unique feature of Savatage.

But this must not remain an exclusive experience for selected sailors. And so the band now recorded a live session video of their version of this masterpiece just before the start of their autumn "Anthems of Glory Tour 2017". This first result of the threepart Rain Shelter Sessions can now be watched below:


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Mordatorium Premieres "Overmind"

Chicago death metal trio Mordatorium is exceedingly proud to announce the August 25th release of new album "Obsessed With Death."

Now just over a week before that official release date, today we have an exclusive premiere of the album's seventh track "Overmind" -- check it below and let us know what you think! Like what you hear? Pre-orders are now online.

With main man Andrew Oosterbaan handling guitars, bass, and vocal duties alongside Pearl Kacew on drums, recording for "Obsessed With Death" began over the final months of 2016 and the album was completed in the spring of 2017. The cover artwork and visual design was created by Lauren Gornik Illustration.

Andrew Oosterbaan comments: "We're very excited to present this album, as it has been a long time in the making. A couple of the songs are almost two years old now! It's also a big pleasure to be able to unleash the first full-length Mordatorium release featuring acoustic drums and my longtime partner in crime Pearl.

"'Obsessed With Death' continues the trend begun on 2014's Raw, steering away from the more melodic and experimental material of Mordatorium's early years in favor of some more straight forward and nasty sounding death metal. I absolutely love the old-school looking artwork that Lauren did for us, as I feel it fits the current style of the band nicely."

1. Rampage
2. Obsessed With Death
3. Beheaded
4. The Culling (streaming here)
5. Biting Cold
6. Murder Castle
7. Overmind
8. The Gallows
9. The Butcher More...

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Counterfeit Culture Premieres New Video And EP

New Jersey melodic metal / post hardcore group Counterfeit Culture just dropped the "Deathwish" EP, consisting of three songs that rotate between crushing vocals, soaring melodies, and technical riffage.

Today we're stoked to premiere both a new music video for the "Apothecary" single (featuring Ricky Armellino of This or The Apocalypse), along with a stream of all three songs.

The clip below shows off a bad relationship and the domestic violence that comes with it, which is the overall theme of "Deathwish." Like what you hear below? Grab your own copy of the release over here.

If you missed the band's Pit Story last week about nearly being flattened like a pancake at the front of a mosh pit, you can also check it out right here.

1. Apothecary
2. Second Soul
3. X


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Eshtadur Premieres Full New Album

Colombian melodic death metal powerhouse Eshtadur is very pleased to announce that new album "Mother Gray" will be released on August 8th via Bleeding Music Records.

Today we're equally pleased to premiere that full album a day ahead of time! Check out all 10 punishing tracks below and let us know what you think.

Eshtadur originally launched in the fall of 2005 with the blazing demo "Timo Be Timo" featguring a sound in the vein of At The Gates, Soilwork and Septicflesh. Sadly we only got on the Eshtadur train much later around 2013, and boy were we missing out!

As "Mother Gray" is prepped for release upon the world, the band is also gearing up for some first-ever U.S. dates and many more festival appearances. Like what you hear below? Find Eshtadur on Facebook or stream more music at Bandcamp here.

1. Belong To Nowhere
2. Plaguemaker
3. Cornered At The Earth
4. Desolation
5. Time Hole To Paris
6. March Of The Fallen
7. The Day After I Die
8. Heavens To The Ground (Bonus)
9. Last Day Of The Condor (Bonus)
10. Burning Heart (Bonus) More...

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Seven Spires Pre-Release Full-Album Streaming

U.S. theatrical metal outfit Seven Spires premieres the pre-release full-album stream of the band's upcoming new full-length concept album "Solveig", which will be out in stores August 4th. With distinct attention to melancholic power metal, melodic death, and black metal, Seven Spires fuse sounds from across the spectrum of metal with their great love for Romantic composers, and the atmospheric and storytelling capabilities of film scores.

"The human soul is a complex, multifaceted nebula of memories, intentions, and dreams,” says vocalist Adrienne Cowan, "And in order to fully express this in a story-driven album, I think it is so important to use every musical tool available to us. You can expect everything from regal black metal, bittersweet power metal during brighter moments in the story, and even a little doom metal in the darkest depths."

Check out now "Solveig" in its entirety below (it's online for free only from July 31st until the album release on August 4th).

The "Solveig" track listing reads as follows: More...

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Discrepancies Premieres "Art Of War"

Think nu metal is dead? Think again! Today we're premiering a new video from St. Louis rapping metal crew Discrepencies for the track "Art Of War" - check it out below and let us know what you think.

Comprised of Garrett Weakley (Bass), Addison Bracher (Guitar/vocals), Phatbeatz (Drums), and ATG (Vocals), Discrepencies has formed an undeniably powerful persona blending together different genres for an innovative soundscape.

"Art Of War" is taken off the group's latest album "The Awakening," which can be streamed in full or picked at Bandcamp. Vocalist ATG Metcalf comments on the track:

"'Art of War' is metaphor comparing love and war. It's a story of betrayal. Being in a relationship is a war that you and your significant other fight together side by side as soldiers. Inevitably, an obstacle is thrown at you, leaving you injured. Your partner can either stick it out with you or leave you behind. In the absolute worst case, your partner joins the other side. This song is my interpretation of your soldier joining the other side."

The clip below was filmed by Matthew Goodman and produced by The Film Legends. Like what you hear in the track? Be sure to follow Discrepancies over at Facebook. More...

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Hostile Array Premieres "Devoid" Video

Hostile Array (formerly known as My Ransomed Soul) is gearing up to release a debut album under the new name later this year.

Today we're stoked to premiere the first official Hostile Array single - check out "Devoid" below! "Devoid" focuses specifically on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

"We have exacerbated issues due to a long history of foreign intervention," explains vocalist Brendan Frey. "We have been waging endless wars for years. The majority doesn’t seem to understand the concept of blowback. We dehumanize others by adopting an us vs. them mentality. We excuse countless civilian casualties, referring to them as ‘collateral damage.' The blame is on both sides of the political spectrum."

Politics and art have a long history together. Music, in particular, has been used to protest, educate, and even to propagandize. Hailing from Frederick, Maryland, Hostile Array aims to bring the band's own unapologetic perspective to an increasingly divisive culture. Like what you hear below? Be sure to follow the group at Facebook here.

"We have allowed fear and ignorance to influence our culture for far too long" comments Frey. "We go to war based on false narratives. We give up our rights in the name of security. We place our faith in the government, which by nature uses its power to oppress. In order to bring about any real change, our society will need to drastically shift its perception." More...

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Becomes Astral Premieres "Paleblood Sky"

Ontario technical death metal crew Becomes Astral is gearing up to officially release new album "Paleblood Sky" this coming August 18th, 2017.

Ahead of that release, today we are immensely pleased to exclusively premiere the title track - check it out below and let us know what you think! If you dig it, pre-orders are online here.

This song was written as an introduction track to next song, "Praise the Sun," and if you couldn't tell by the song titles, the lyrics are loosely framed around a Dark Souls / Bloodborne theme, games that both visually and conceptually inspired the band to write two very lengthy full songs.

"Paleblood Sky" will include six pulverizing tracks and was recorded and mixed by Christian Donaldson and Marco Frechette at The Grid. Upon the release of the album, the band will set out on tour throughout Canada, starting on the eastern leg with Eye of Horus and later adding Into Eternity for the western leg of the tour.

Become Astral's Layne comments: "This is our breakthrough into the minds of the creators, early development in our quest of outcasting ourselves. Dark souls will manifest themselves in these hymns of insanity."

1. The Glass Lake
2. Death Mountain
3. Shapeshift
4. Beneath the Sea of Blood
5. Paleblood Sky
6. Praise the Sun More...

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Divinity Compromised Premieres Full New Album

On July 28th, progressive metal band Divinity Compromised - featuring Lothar Keller of The Skull - will release sophomore album "Terminal." Now a day ahead of official release, we're stoked to premiere all nine tracks online a full 24 hours early.

Besides the band's five member core lineup, "Terminal" features guests spots by Kayla Dixon (Witch Mountain, Helion Prime) on the title track, Paul Kuhr (Novembers Doom) on "The Last Refugee" and The Sinful Dwarfs on "Shelter in Place."

"Terminal" is the culmination of the band's journey so far, seeing the group expanding musical horizons in all directions, with topics both intensely personal and socially relevant, and songs featuring some of the heaviest and most somber moods Divinity Compromised has yet recorded.

1. Terminal
2. Shelter in Place
3. My Escape
4. The Definition of Insanity
5. The Last Refugee
6. Free to Speak
7. Legacy
8. The Fall of Æstoria
9. Saving Grace

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Moretta Premieres Full New Album

It may be Wednesday, but I just got back from an exhausting outdoors vacation, so its a bit like Monday for me, and I'm kicking my Monday off with some killer melodic modern metalcore!

This coming Friday, July 28th, Moretta will officially unveil sophomore album "What's Left Means Nothing," but today we're hosting an exclusive premiere of the entire album ahead of time!

Fans of August Burns Red and Killswitch Engage in particular are going to dig this release. Check out all 11 tracks via the YouTube playlist below and let us know what you think! Like what you hear? You can follow the latest on the band at Facebook here or hear more tunes via the Moretta Bandcamp page.

1. This Feeling
2. At One Point
3. Death Wish
4. Watch Me Suffer
5. Headstone Remorse
6. Modern Day Coward
7. Hurricane
8. Cue the Silence
9. Codependent on Heartbreak
10. Revive the Broken
11. The Unknown More...

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Casket Robbery Premieres "Lilith" Video

Wisconsin death metal crew Casket Robbery brought on board some new members to unleash the band's heaviest material to date on new EP "The Ascension."

With a little less than a month to go until release, today we're officially premiering a new lyric video for the EP's third track "Lilith." Check it out below, but take a deep breath first -- your unrelenting nightmare has just begun!

Pulse pounding, unrelenting, and brutally catchy, "The Ascension" was produced and engineered by Cory Scheider and Troy Powell at Old Dark Horse Studio and Unintended Studios. The EP was mixed and mastered by Gabe Fry at Kimura Recordings and will drop August 18th. Cover art comes courtesy of Travis Anthony Soumis. Pre-orders are now online here and the track listing is as follows:

1. Pockets Lined with Flowers
2. The Ascension
3. Lilith More...

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