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Band Formed City/State Country Status Articles
Displaying records 1 - 100 of 1,009 1 2 3 ... 10 11 Last
I   Unknown 14
I Against I   Unknown 1
I Am   TX United States Active 11
I Am Abomination   United States Active 16
I Am Become Death   Unknown 2
I Am Destruction   Unknown 1
I Am Heresy   United States Active 13
I Am I 2011  Active 3
I Am King   PA United States Active 1
I Am Lucy   Germany Active 1
I Am Morbid   Unknown 8
I Am Noah   Active 2
I Am Novelist   Germany Active 3
I Am The Finisher   FL United States Active 2
I Am The Night   Finland Active 3
I Am The Ocean   Unknown 1
I Am The Trireme 2008  Philadelphia, PA United States Active 4
I Am The Unicorn   Jacksonville, FL United States Active 1
I Built The Cross 2008  NV United States Active 6
I Cherish My Loss   Chile Active 1
I Created A Lie   VA United States Active 1
I Declar War   Unknown 0
I Declare War 2005  Seattle, WA United States Active 19
I Defy   Germany Active 3
I Died Trying   Unknown 1
I Divine   Hungary Active 2
I Exalt   Australia Active 2
I Exist   Australia Active 8
I Giardini di Chernobyl   Unknown 1
I Hate Heroes   PA United States Active 1
I Invent   MA United States Active 2
I Killed Everyone   Chicago, IL Active 3
I Killed The Prom Queen   Australia Active 42
I Klatus 2001  Chicago, IL United States Active 6
I Maiali   Unknown 1
I May Profess   Canada Active 1
I Miti Eterni 2004  Naples Italy Active 2
I Mother Earth   Unknown 1
I Of Tongues   United States Active 1
I Prevail   Unknown 20
I Promised Once   Japan Active 3
I Rise   Worcester, MA United States Active 6
I Saw Red   Finland Active 2
I See Stars 2006  Warren, MI United States Active 23
I Set My Friends On Fire 2007  United States Active 9
I Shall Devour   Australia Active 2
I Shit On Your Face 2002  Vila Velha Brazil Active 3
I Spit Ashes   Germany Active 16
I Stared Into the Forest   Unknown 1
I The Breather   Baltimore, MD United States Active 48
I The Burden   Unknown 1
I Will Break Thee   Orlando, FL United States Active 2
I, Apollo   Unknown 1
I, Assassin   Unknown 1
I, Atrocity   Active 1
I, Ohms   Active 1
I, Omega   CA United States Active 3
I, Sleepwalker   KY United States Active 3
I, Valiance   Australia Active 2
I.C.E.   Unknown 1
I.C.O.N   United Kingdom Active 1
I.C.O.N.   Burnley United Kingdom Active 1
I.D.S.F.A.   Las Vegas, NV United States Active 1
I.R.A.T.E.   Los Angeles, CA United States Active 4
IAmFire   Active 1
IAmTheThorn   Unknown 1
Ian Blurton   Unknown 1
Ianoda   Romania Active 4
IATO   Unknown 2
IATT   Unknown 2
Ibaraki   Unknown 2
Iberia   Portugal Active 2
Ibex Angel Order   Active 2
Ibridoma 2001  Morrovalle Italy Active 1
Ibyss   Düsseldorf Germany Active 1
IC Rex   Finland Disbanded 1
Icare   Unknown 1
Icaria   United States Active 2
Icarus The Owl   Unknown 1
Icarus Witch   Pittsburgh, PA United States Active 24
Ice Dragon   Boston, MA Active 4
Ice Nine Kills   Unknown 19
Ice Pick   Unknown 1
Ice Vinland   Canada Active 1
Ice War   United States Active 1
Iced Earth 1985  Tampa, FL United States Active 324
icepick   Unknown 11
Icethurs   Russia Active 1
Icewind   Quebec Canada Active 2
Ichabod 1999  Boston, MA United States Active 5
Ichabod Krane   Detroit, MI United States Active 4
Ichor 2008  Germany Active 7
Icon & The Black Roses 2000  Lisbon Portugal Active 2
Icon In Me   Russia Active 8
Icon of Destruction   Unknown 1
Icon Of Evil   Poland Active 1
Icon of Phobos   Unknown 1
Iconoclasm   Belgium Unknown 2
Iconoclast   Australia Active 2
Iconoclast   Santiago Chile Active 1

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