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Band Formed City/State Country Status Articles
Displaying records 1 - 100 of 114 1 2 Last
The Year Of Our Lord   Unknown 1
The Young Gods   Sweden Active 3
Y&T   Unknown 24
Y.E.M.E.T.   Spain Active 4
Yacatisma   Turkey Active 1
Yacoepsae   Unknown 3
Yaga   Poland Active 1
Yakuza   Chicago, IL United States Active 61
Yami Kurae   Active 1
Yandere Chainsaw Regurgitation Factory   Unknown 1
Yanderechainsawregurgitationfactory   Unknown 1
Yaotl Mictlan   Salt Lake City, UT United States Active 4
Yashira   Jacksonville, FL United States Active 9
Yasru 2009  Istanbul Turkey Active 2
Yata   Belgium Active 1
Yatra   Ocean City, MD United States Active 4
Yattai   Unknown 1
Yattering 1991  Gdansk Poland Disbanded 2
Yautja   Nashville, TN United States Active 17
Yawn   NY United States Active 1
Yawning Man   Unknown 1
Yayla   Turkey Active 4
YDI   PA United States Active 2
Ye Banished Privateers   Active 2
Ye Goat-Herd Gods   Canada Active 1
Year Long Disaster   Unknown 10
Year of Desolation 2001  Indianapolis, IN United States Active 26
Year Of No Light 2001  France Active 8
Year Of The Cobra   Unknown 1
Year of the Goat   Sweden Active 10
Year Of The Knife   Unknown 11
Year of the Rat   Active 1
Year of the Swine   CA United States Active 1
Yearning 1994  Finland Active 2
Years of Exile   United Kingdom Active 2
Years of Fire   Cleveland, OH United States Active 7
Years of Tyrants   France Active 2
Years Spent Cold   NJ United States Active 5
Yeghikian   CA United States Active 1
Yellow Eyes   Unknown 4
Yellowcake   Unknown 1
Yellowtooth   IN Active 4
Yesterday's Saints 2008  Washington, DC United States Active 7
YesWeDo   Romania Active 1
Yeti Ender   Active 3
Yeti On Horseback   Canada Active 6
YGG   Unknown 1
Yggdrasil   Sweden Active 1
Yhdarl   Belgium Active 3
Yidhra   Los Angeles, CA Active 5
Yigael's Wall   San Francisco, CA United States Active 2
Yigga Digga   Active 1
Yildun   Unknown 1
Yith   Active 1
Yliaster   Unknown 1
YLVA   Unknown 1
Ymir 1998  Finland Active 0
Yngwie Malmsteen 1978  Stockholm Sweden Active 51
Ynis Vitrin   Brazil Active 1
YOB 1996  Eugene, OR United States Regrouped 71
Yodok III   Active 1
YOG 2000  Switzerland Active 3
Yogth Sothoth 2002  Medellin Colombia Active 0
Yogth Sothoth   Medellin Colombia Active 1
Yokai   Unknown 1
Yonder Realm   NY United States Active 1
Yorblind   France Active 1
Yosemite Mudflap   NC United States Active 1
Yossi Sassi   Israel Active 6
Yoth Iria   Unknown 8
You Apart   United States Active 1
You Are A Toy   Unknown 1
You Handsome Devil   Active 1
You May Kiss The Bride   Turkey Active 1
You Win Again Gravity   United Kingdom Active 1
Youdash   Poland Active 3
Young And In The Way   Unknown 2
Young and the Way   Unknown 1
Young Widows   Louisville, KY United States Active 18
Your Anguish   Active 2
Your Chance To Die   SC United States Active 8
Your Demise   United Kingdom Active 40
Your God Is Dead 2006  Belgium Disbanded 1
Your Highness   Belgium Active 1
Your Last Wish 2003  Montreal, QC Canada Active 0
Your Memorial   MN United States Active 13
Your Pain is Endearing   United States Active 3
Your Persona   Unknown 1
Your Protected   United Kingdom Active 1
Your Shapeless Beauty 1995  France Active 0
Your Tomorrow Alone 2009  Salerno, Campania Italy Unknown 2
Yourlastbreath   Unknown 1
Yours Truly   Unknown 4
Youth Code   Unknown 5
Youth Forgotten   United States Active 1
Youth Funeral   Active 5
Youth In Revolt   Active 2
Youth of Today   Unknown 1
Youth Will Rise   Active 1
Youthquake   Japan Active 1

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