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Band Formed City/State Country Status Articles
Q5 1983  Seattle, WA United States Active 5
QAALM   Unknown 1
Qafas   Bahrain Active 4
Qantice 2002  Paris France Active 6
Qeurcus   Unknown 1
QFT 2016  Sweden Active 1
Qhwertt   Argentina Active 0
Qip   Active 2
Qrixkuor   London United Kingdom Active 0
Quadrivium   Norway Active 3
Quadrus   Greece Active 1
Quaere Verum   Unknown 1
Quake The Earth 2012  Oulu Finland Active 1
Quaker City Night Hawks   Unknown 1
Quantum Illusion   Italy Active 1
Quantum Theory   Netherlands Active 1
Quaoar   Spain Active 2
Quarantine   CA United States Active 2
Quarter the Villain   TX United States Active 1
Quarterblind   United Kingdom Active 1
Quartered   Vancouver Canada Active 18
Quartz 1977  Birmingham United Kingdom Active 3
Quasar   Sweden Active 1
Queen   Unknown 28
Queen Elephantine   Active 3
Queens Of The Stone Age   United States Active 72
Queensryche 1980  Seattle, WA United States Active 162
Queensway   Unknown 3
Quemasantos   NY United States Active 3
Quercus   Czech Republic Active 2
Querembas   Bolivia Active 2
Quest For Blood 2003  Japan Active 0
Quest Of Aidance 2011  Sk√∂vde/Tibro Sweden Active 2
Question   Unknown 1
Questions   Unknown 1
Quicksand   NY United States Active 14
Quicksand Dream   Active 1
Quiet Confidence   Germany Active 1
Quiet In The Cave   Unknown 1
Quiet Observer   Ukraine Active 1
Quiet Riot 1975  Los Angeles, CA United States Active 63
Quietus   Great Falls, MT United States Unknown 5
Quietus   Great Falls, MT United States Active 1
Quietus   Great Falls, MT United States Active 0
Quimera   Chile Active 1
Quinta Essentia 2002  Huntsville, AL United States Active 13
Quintessence of Versatility   France Active 1
Quo Vadis   Montreal, Quebec Canada Active 24
Quor   Unknown 4
Quorthon 1993  Stockholm Sweden Disbanded 2
Qwaelen   Unknown 1
The Quiet Room   Unknown 1
The Quill   Sweden Active 14
The Quireboys   Unknown 1

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