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Band Formed City/State Country Status Articles
X Japan   Unknown 10
X Your Eyes   Unknown 1
X3N0X 2015  Active 1
Xanadoo   Singapore Active 5
Xander Demos   Active 3
Xandria 1997  Bielefeld Germany Active 67
xArmed For Battlex   Unknown 2
Xasthur 1995  Alhambra, CA United States Active 10
xBishopx   Unknown 10
xBound In Bloodx   Unknown 1
XCIII   France Active 3
xDeathstarx   Redland, CA United States Active 24
xDisciplex AD   Unknown 1
Xector   Bangalore India Active 1
X-ecutioners   Unknown 1
Xehanort   United States Active 1
X-Empire 2012  São Paulo Brazil Active 4
Xendra   Colombia Active 1
Xenesthis   Austria Active 0
Xenobiotic   Australia Active 1
Xenocide   Canada Active 2
Xenomorph 1994  SB Leiden Netherlands Active 1
Xenomorphic Contamination   Active 1
Xe-None 2006  Kirov/Vyatka Russia Active 2
Xenos   Australia Active 2
Xenosis   CT United States Active 3
Xentrix 1985  Preston United Kingdom Regrouped 32
Xeper   Baltimore, MD United States Active 0
Xerath   United Kingdom Active 30
Xero Sum   Unknown 4
Xerosun   Ireland Active 8
Xerxes   KY United States Active 7
XFilesX   Unknown 2
Xi Element   Ukraine Active 1
Xibalba   CA United States Active 27
XII Boar   United Kingdom Active 15
Xipe Totek Kalpul 2006  Mexico City Mexico Active 1
XIV Dark Centuries   Unknown 1
XKrude   Active 2
xLooking Forwardx   Unknown 10
xLookingForwardx   Unknown 1
XNemesisX   Unknown 1
xNever Againx   Dayton, OH United States Active 1
Xozo   United States Active 1
X-Piral   Athens Greece Active 2
X-Pistols   Unknown 2
xReignOfTerrorx   Unknown 2
Xstrophy   United States Active 1
xTimetoDiex   Unknown 1
xTyrantx   Detroit, MI United States Active 7
Xul   Canada Active 13
Xulub Mitnal   Merida Mexico Active 1
Xvart   Binghamton, NY United States Active 1
X-Vivo   Germany Active 1
XXX Maniak 2003  Philadelphia, PA United States Active 5
Xyphos   Toronto Canada Active 2
Xystus 1999  Netherlands Active 2

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