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Band Formed City/State Country Status Articles
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The Wage Of Sin   Unknown 2
The Wake   Unknown 2
The Wakedead Gathering   Unknown 1
The Walking Dead Orchestra   France Active 7
The Walls of this Chamber   Canada Active 1
The Wandering   Unknown 2
The Wandering Ascetic   Unknown 1
The Wandering Midget   Finland Active 1
The Warmth Of Red Blood   Unknown 4
The Warriors   Active 41
The Washingtonians   Unknown 1
The Wasted   Active 2
The Wasteland Massacre   Spain Active 1
The Watchers   United States Active 4
The Way Of Purity   Active 20
The Wayward   Unknown 3
The Weapon   Unknown 3
The Weeping Willow   Lebanon Unknown 1
The Weight Of Silence   Australia Active 1
The Weir   Unknown 2
The Weirding Way   Unknown 1
The Well   TX United States Active 5
The Westfield Massacre   Unknown 1
The Wheel   Oslo Norway Active 0
The White Bear Project   Unknown 1
The White Noise   Unknown 1
The White Swan   Unknown 3
The Whorehouse Massacre   Unknown 2
The Wild!   Canada Active 1
The Will Of A Million   OR United States Active 1
The Winery Dogs   Los Angeles, CA United States Active 8
The Wise Man's Fear   Active 1
The Wizards 2013  Bilbao Spain Active 3
The Wizards of Delight   Wessex United Kingdom Active 1
The Wizards of Gore   Unknown 1
The Wolf Council   United States Active 2
The Wolves Of Avalon   United Kingdom Active 1
The Word Alive   Unknown 50
The Workhorse III   Active 1
The World Alive   Unknown 2
The World is Quiet Here   Active 2
The World We Knew   Long Island, NY United States Active 36
The World Without Us   Unknown 1
The Worshyp   Canada Active 1
The Wounded Kings   United Kingdom Active 15
The Wrath of Vesuvius   CA United States Active 2
The Wrath Project   United States Active 1
The Wretched End 2008  Norway Active 23
The Wrong Side   Unknown 2
W.A.S.P. 1982  Los Angeles, CA United States Active 109
W.E.B. 2002  Athens Greece Active 18
W.E.T. 2009  Sweden Active 4
Wachenfeldt   Sweden Active 2
Waco Jesus   IL Active 5
Wadge   Unknown 1
Wage War   Active 21
Wages Of Fear   Unknown 1
Wailin Storms   NC United States Active 7
Wait   Active 1
Waiting For A Miracle   Unknown 3
Waiting For My End   Active 1
Waiting The Massacre   Mexico Active 1
Wake   Canada Active 16
Wake Me If We Land   Active 1
Wakeless   Canada Active 2
Waken Eyes   Active 4
Waking Judea   Unknown 1
Waking The Cadaver 2006  Shore Points, NJ United States Regrouped 18
Wakrat   Unknown 6
Wald Krypta 2016  United States Active 0
Waldgefluster   Germany Active 2
Waldheim 1999  Bilbao Spain Active 2
Walk A Mile   Active 1
Walk As Chaos   Active 1
Walk The Earth   Unknown 0
Walk The Line   Unknown 4
Walk The Plank   Unknown 2
Walk With Titans   Canada Active 1
Walken   San Francisco, CA United States Active 0
Walking Corpse Syndrome   Missoula, MT United States Active 45
Walking Dead On Broadway   Germany Active 5
Walking Stone Giants   Greece Active 1
Walkyria   Unknown 1
Wall Of Sleep   Hungary Active 1
Wall of the Eyeless   Sweden Active 1
Wall Of Water   Active 1
Wallachia   Norway Active 6
Wallowing   United Kingdom Active 2
Walls Of Jericho   Detroit, MI United States Active 127
Walpyrgus   NC United States Active 2
Waltari   Finland Unknown 1
Walter Fornication 2015  Rotterdam Netherlands Active 1
Wampyric Rites   Ecuador Active 2
Wampyrinacht   Athens Greece Active 0
Wan   Sweden Active 5
Wanderer   Germany Active 1
Wanderer   Portugal Active 1
Waning   Sweden Disbanded 4
War & Peace   Unknown 2
War Agenda   Germany Active 6

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