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South African Metal Bands

We've covered 45 South African metal bands, which you can browse below. We're always expanding our database so check back often. If you are in a metal band from South Africa, please see our F.A.Q. for tips on how to get your band listed on Metal Underground.com.

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Band Formed City/State Status Articles
Adorned In Ash   Pretoria Active 1
Agro 1994  Johannesburg, Gauteng Active 1
All This For Nothing   Disbanded 1
Architecture of Aggression   Pretoria Active 1
Azraellas Sorrow   Disbanded 0
Balyios   Active 4
Bile Of Man   Pretoria Active 1
Bloodbeast   Pretoria Active 1
Bringing A Shark To A Gunfight   Johannesburg Active 1
Carnage Carnival   Active 2
Christ Grinder 2006  Johannesburg Active 1
Chromium 2005  Port Elizabeth Active 4
Contrast The Water   Durban Active 1
Crow Black Sky   Active 5
Decimation Age 2004  Cape Town Disbanded 1
Displeased Disfigurement   Mpumalanga Active 3
Empery 2007  Johannesburg Active 1
Enmity   Active 3
Forever Will Burn   Cape Town Active 2
Forgive Us Not   Active 1
Gates of Aaru   Active 1
In Dreams   Active 2
Iraqi Death Police   Durban Active 1
Juggernaught   Active 1
Killatoria   Pretoria Active 0
Messiah Complex   Active 2
Mind Assault   Active 1
Monolith   Active 1
Poverty of Ideals   Active 1
Riddare av Koden 2006  Secunda Active 3
Sacrifist 1993  Pretoria, Gauteng Active 1
Seether 1999  Active 92
Spectral Realm   Active 3
Stonecollar   Cape Town Active 0
Strident   Active 3
Terminatryx   Active 3
The Frail   Secunda, Mpumalanga Active 2
The Lurking Fear   Active 10
The Overmind   Active 1
Truth And Its Burden   Active 9
Verkrag   Active 3
Vulvodynia   Active 7
Warthane 2004  Johannesburg, Gauteng Active 1
Wildernessking   Active 2
Wrust   Botswana Active 7

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