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Dream Theater photo

Dream Theater

Formed: 1985
From: Long Island, NY, United States
Status: Active

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Here are a few more quick lists to explore some of the most popular, underground, and newly added metal bands.

Newest Bands

Band Name Country Added
Ceremonial Bloodbath Sep 27
Crepuscule d'Hiver Sep 27
Breakdown Of Sanity Sep 27
Montana Sagrada Sep 24
nether Sep 24
pg.lost Sep 24
Hanging Fortress United States Sep 23
Insania Sep 23
High As Hell Australia Sep 23
Act Of Creation Germany Sep 23
Heretical Sect Sep 23
Bosphorus Sep 23
War Cloud Sep 22
Into Oblivion Sep 22
Wretched Tongues Sep 21
Odiosior Sep 21
Devourer Sep 21
Kyrios Sep 21
Arkheron Thodol Sep 20
Uncle Woe Canada Sep 19
Bodom After Midnight Sep 19
Dyatlove Sep 19
Cryptosis Netherlands Sep 18
Growth Australia Sep 18
Exaugurate Sep 17

Last Updated

Band Name Country Updated
Glacier United States Sep 24
Mr. Bungle United States Sep 24
Contracult Collective Sep 24
Eternal Champion United States Sep 23
Hanging Fortress United States Sep 23
High As Hell Australia Sep 23
Act Of Creation Germany Sep 23
Anathema United Kingdom Sep 22
Uncle Woe Canada Sep 19
Cryptosis Netherlands Sep 18
Growth Australia Sep 18
Ancient Thrones Canada Sep 16
Gargoyl United States Sep 15
Tungsten Sweden Sep 15
King Mothership Sep 13
Kraken Duumvirate Finland Sep 13
Adamantis United States Sep 11
Kevel Greece Sep 11
Shardana Italy Sep 11
Invernoir Italy Sep 11
The Myopia Condition Canada Sep 10
Video Nasties Sep 10
Sun Of Grey United States Sep 10
Brave The Cold Sep 9
Netherblade Italy Sep 9

Most Underground

Band Name Country
Tulkas Mexico
Ohm Rune Australia
At The Plates United States
Teeth Of Lamb Germany
Novarupta Sweden
Capra United States
Monolith South Africa
From Hell
Crypt Walk United States
Across The Swarm Italy
Merkfolk Poland
Scardust Israel
Hjelvik Norway
Ominous Scriptures Belarus
Afterpain Argentina
Megaton Sword Switzerland
Anthea United States
Liquid Flesh France
Abated Mass Of Flesh United States
Surma Czech Republic
Lost In Static Canada
Voracious Scourge United States
Demolizer Denmark
Dying Kings Australia
Nightstryke Finland

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