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From: NY, United States
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Here are a few more quick lists to explore some of the most popular, underground, and newly added metal bands.

Newest Bands

Band Name Country Added
Superdeathflame Jan 22
Besta Jan 22
Sadisme Jan 22
Perverticon Jan 22
Obzerv Jan 22
Apes of God Jan 22
LifeLust Jan 21
Raat Jan 21
Vananidr Jan 21
Aera Jan 21
Lek Jan 21
Defying Decay Jan 19
Morild Jan 18
Tanith Jan 17
Tribe Of Pazuzu Jan 17
Crypteria Jan 17
Die Krupps Jan 17
Une Misere Jan 17
Une Mis�re Jan 17
Horrisonous Jan 16
Woorms Jan 15
Of Hatred Spawn Jan 15
Hollow Cry Jan 14
Fragmentum Jan 14
Hexenbrett Jan 14

Last Updated

Band Name Country Updated
Monument Of Misanthropy Dec 27
Holding Absence United Kingdom Dec 12
The Raven Age United Kingdom Dec 12
Blood Feast United States Nov 27
Sisters Of Suffocation Netherlands Nov 22
Sacrosanct Nov 19
The Three Tremors United States Nov 19
Last Union Italy Nov 16
BillyBio United States Nov 8
Maxxwell Switzerland Oct 24
Vodun United Kingdom Oct 9
Age Decay United Kingdom Oct 9
Cancer United Kingdom Oct 4
Heavy Sentence United Kingdom Sep 6
Sage Croatia Aug 14
Siege Of Power Aug 6
Manilla Road United States Aug 1
Henriette B Switzerland Jun 11
Infrared Canada May 23
The Order Of Elijah United States May 21
Earth's Yellow Sun Canada Apr 20
Skuggsja Norway Apr 20
Follow The Cipher Sweden Apr 19
Demonic Obedience United Kingdom Apr 9
Pánico Al Miedo Spain Apr 8

Most Underground

Band Name Country
After Life Spain
Maxxwell Switzerland
Age Decay United Kingdom
Dirge India
Raw Indonesia
Heavy Sentence United Kingdom
Vodun United Kingdom
BillyBio United States
Last Union Italy
Black Urn United States
Time Walk United States
Declare Your Funeral
Doom Snake Cult
The Tumor Called Marla
Thundering Herd
Corrective Measure
Solar Mass
Tilted Axes

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