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Here are a few more quick lists to explore some of the most popular, underground, and newly added metal bands.

Newest Bands

Band Name Country Added
Origod Nov 24
Evilosity Nov 24
Domgard Nov 23
Bridge Burner Nov 23
Doomortalis Nov 23
Garhelenth Nov 23
Separated Nov 23
Typecaste Nov 23
Primal Rite Nov 22
Malediction Nov 22
Godthrymm Nov 22
Howling Sycamore Nov 22
Rapture Greece Nov 21
Techne Nov 21
Djinn and Miskatonic Nov 21
Day Of Errors Nov 21
An Evening With Knives Nov 20
Nova Italy Nov 20
Worsis Nov 19
Dawn of Dissolution Nov 18
Swift Nov 18
New Heart Nov 17
Brody's Militia Nov 17
Redemptor Nov 17
Dead Medusa Nov 17

Last Updated

Band Name Country Updated
Ignis Haereticum Colombia Oct 25
Worm United States Oct 25
Corpse Garden Costa Rica Oct 25
ZOM Ireland Oct 25
Mecalimb Norway Oct 25
Arisen From Nothing Canada Oct 24
Stormhold Sweden Oct 24
Silenmara United States Oct 23
Dead Register United States Oct 23
Catapult The Dead United States Oct 23
FS Projekt Russia Oct 23
Mono Japan Oct 23
Diamond Black United Kingdom Oct 23
The Killerhertz Denmark Oct 20
Thaurorod Finland Oct 19
Dave Kerzner United States Oct 19
Batushka Poland Oct 18
Jupiter Zeus Australia Oct 18
Lloth Greece Oct 18
Mistheria Oct 18
Marginal Belgium Oct 18
Anima Damnata Poland Oct 17
Until The Sky Dies United States Oct 17
Pile Of Excrements Greece Oct 17
In-Defilade United States Oct 17

Most Underground

Band Name Country
Hetman Ukraine
Corrosive Germany
The Brew United Kingdom
Circus Veil Greece
Tongues Denmark
Walter Fornication Netherlands
Down 'N' Outz United Kingdom
Supernaughty Italy
Inner Missing Russia
Dirty Thrills United Kingdom
Scars Of Solitude Finland
Eyes Over Sea Canada
Crossbones Albania
Mindfeels Italy
Dropzone Finland
Curse The Fall United States
Butcher Belgium
Infected Dead United Kingdom
Dauthuz Netherlands
Mork Norway
Asphodelos Germany
Mindful Australia
Hard Action Finland
The Complex Dialect United States

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