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Barren Earth photo

Barren Earth

From: Helsinki, Finland
Status: Active

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Here are a few more quick lists to explore some of the most popular, underground, and newly added metal bands.

Newest Bands

Band Name Country Added
Dead American May 23
Dark Numbers May 23
High Tone Son of a Bitch May 23
Intercourse May 22
Burial Remains May 21
Lauxnos May 20
Saturnus Terrorism May 20
Ferriterium May 20
Fetid May 19
Lux Nigrum May 17
Dipygus May 16
Brand Of Sacrifice May 15
Majestica Sweden May 15
Evil Angel May 15
Cro-Mags JM United States May 14
Sister Shotgun May 13
Botis May 13
Towering May 12
Ian Blurton May 9
Druids May 9
Lifes May 7
Uivo Bastardo May 7
Year Of The Cobra May 7
Domination Inc. Greece May 6
Chernaa May 6

Last Updated

Band Name Country Updated
Majestica Sweden May 15
Cro-Mags JM United States May 14
Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard May 11
Memoriam United Kingdom May 8
Domination Inc. Greece May 6
Michael Schenker Fest Germany Mar 28
Dehumanize France Mar 25
Body Harvest United Kingdom Mar 14
En Minor United States Mar 8
Rage Of Light Switzerland Mar 8
Gaahls Wyrd Norway Feb 19
The Flaying Canada Feb 12
Fifth Angel United States Feb 12
Bloodmoon Ritual United States Feb 9
Sins Of The Damned Chile Feb 7
Cemican Mexico Feb 6
Leeway United States Feb 5
Arrival of Autumn Canada Feb 5
Vltimas Feb 1
Schattenmann Germany Jan 29
Gatekeeper Canada Jan 29
Mynas United States Jan 23
Monument Of Misanthropy Dec 27
Holding Absence United Kingdom Dec 12
The Raven Age United Kingdom Dec 12

Most Underground

Band Name Country
Dehumanize France
En Minor United States
Fifth Angel United States
Cemican Mexico
Schattenmann Germany
Sins Of The Damned Chile
Rage Of Light Switzerland
Body Harvest United Kingdom
Mynas United States
The Flaying Canada
Leeway United States
Michael Schenker Fest Germany
Bloodmoon Ritual United States
After Life Spain
Siege Mentality
Eric Sartana United States
Death Koolaid

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