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Shadowside photo


Formed: 2001
From: Santos, Brazil
Status: Active

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Here are a few more quick lists to explore some of the most popular, underground, and newly added metal bands.

Newest Bands

Band Name Country Added
Oceanis Feb 28
Intolerant Feb 28
Orecus Feb 28
Living Dead Girl Feb 27
Nivatakavachas Feb 26
Shadowspawn Feb 26
The Undertaking! Feb 26
Venomous Feb 25
Anime Torment Feb 25
Noctule Feb 25
The Design Abstract Feb 24
Manifesting Obscenity Feb 24
Becerus Feb 23
Ghostly Aerie Coven Italy Feb 22
Traverse the Abyss Feb 22
Hegeroth Feb 22
Spectral Wound Feb 21
Neorhythm Russia Feb 19
Rivers Like Veins Feb 19
Nixil Feb 19
To the Grave Feb 18
Avaland France Feb 17
Troberoth Costa Rica Feb 16
Spliffripper United States Feb 16
Evilizers Italy Feb 16

Last Updated

Band Name Country Updated
Vexed United Kingdom Feb 23
Ghostly Aerie Coven Italy Feb 22
Neorhythm Finland Feb 19
Sulphurous Denmark Feb 18
Throne United States Feb 17
Siniestro Sweden Feb 17
Avaland France Feb 17
Plaguewielder United States Feb 16
Troberoth Costa Rica Feb 16
Unflesh United States Feb 16
Spliffripper United States Feb 16
Evilizers Italy Feb 16
Paladine Greece Feb 16
Wythersake United States Feb 16
Putrescine United States Feb 16
Celestial Sanctuary United Kingdom Feb 16
Witchseeker Singapore Feb 16
Bloodmores United Kingdom Feb 16
Hatalom Canada Feb 16
Nine Treasures China Feb 16
Olde Canada Feb 16
Crypts Germany Feb 16
Ildaruni Armenia Feb 16
Merzotna Potvora Ukraine Feb 16
Endseeker Germany Feb 16

Most Underground

Band Name Country
Nammoth Netherlands
Terrordome Poland
Szary Wilk Poland
Athanatos United States
Kankar Germany
Conviction France
Splendidula Belgium
Detritus United Kingdom
Coronary Finland
Volniir United Kingdom
Ellende Austria
Bound in Fear United Kingdom
Keys Of Orthanc Canada
Barbarian Hermit United Kingdom
Ildaruni Armenia
Ominous Ruin United States
Tok Yathraa Singapore
Upon The Altar Poland
Saprobiontic Germany
Bleed United States
Slaveknight United States
Feskarn Sweden
Heave Blood And Die Norway
Devotion Spain
Summoning The Lich United States

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