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Kabbalah Premieres "The Darkest End"

Ready for a little psychedelic occult rock this fine Monday morning?

Twin Earth Records will release "Spectral Ascent" by Spanish psych/doom trio Kabbalah on July 7th, 2017. Ahead of that release, today we're excited to premiere new track "The Darkest End" - check it out below!

The band's mysterious and fascinating vibe contains flashes of occult rock, 70s retro, and classic psychedelic sounds.

The album was rtecorded and mixed by Guillermo F. Mutiloa and bears artwork and design by Helfvete Art. Kabbalah also recently revealed a video for the album's first single "Phantasmal Planetoid,” which can be viewed after the song stream. Pre-orders are online here and the new album's track listing is as follows:

1. Spectral Ascent 01:22
2. Resurrected 03:27
3. Phantasmal Planetoid 04:42
4. The Darkest End 03:29
5. The Reverend 03:01
6. The Darkness of Time 03:36
7. Dark Revelation 05:02
8. The Shadow 03:57
9. Presence 04:20 More...

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SinnerAngel Premieres "Banshee"

Today we summon the mighty SinnerAngel, which as it turns out, is actually a Colombian metal band!

The SinnerAngel will release debut full-length album "Sinister Decálogo" this coming June 25th via GrimmDistribution, and today we're offering up an exclusive advance listen to album track "Banshee."

SinnerAngel was born in 2004 in the city of Medellín with the idea of creating metal that was not boxed from the beginning in a single genre. This principle allowed the predominant sounds of the band members to cover a very wide spectrum ranging from melodic death metal to primitive black metal, generating elaborate and forceful riffs, with guttural voices and melodic atmospheres.

New album "Sinister Decálogo" seeks to express the dark side of humanity, and pre-orders are now available here. More info on the band can be found via the SinnerAngel Facebook page and the upcoming album's track listing is as follows:

01. SinnerAngel
02. Zeon
03. Cerberus
04. Hitos (streaming here)
05. Fuego En Mi Alma
06. Abysmal Visions
07. Banshee
08. Vestidos De Luto
09. Unspekable
10. IX More...

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Laser Flames On The Great Big News Premieres Song

Today we're hitting you fine music loving folks with an exclusive track from Laser Flames On The Great Big News (whew, that's a mouthful, maybe these guys and gal should hook up with Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire).

On June 30th, Wood and Stone Productions will release the new, self-titled album from Laser Flames On The Great Big News as a limited edition CD.

In advance of that release, we're streaming the album's second track, "31 Years." Check it out below, and let us know what you think!

Fronted by the impeccable trade-off vocals of John Judkins (Rwake, Today Is the Day, Scott Kelly) and Stephenie “Stevie” Bailey, this Tennessee-based hard rockin' group drills a maze of hooks and emotion through your ears down into your heart and further, down where the old things live.

1. Intro
2. 31 Years
3. Lashes
4. Open Dead and Doomed (Featuring Steve Austin of Today is the Day)
5. Beloved (Featuring CT of Rwake)
6. Flame High More...

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Mouldered Premieres "Succubus"

Ready for some serious brutal death metal? Today we're bringing you an exclusive premiere of Mouldered's soul destroying "Succubus" below!

This Colombian death metal group will unleash new album "Chronology Of A Rotten Mind" on July 13th. The album is slated to drop as a cooperative release through Satanath Records, More Hate Productions, and Butcher Entertainment.

Check out the new song below, and you can pre-order "Chronology Of A Rotten Mind" over at this location.

The latest on Mouldered can also be found at Facebook while the new album's track listing is as follows:

1. I'm Legion
2. Death
3. Mind Control
4. Succubus
5. Prision
6. Zombiefication
7. Genocide
8. Chronology Of A Rotten Mind More...

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Hogan's Goat Premieres "Pennymade"

We're going full throttle towards southern hard rock today with a premiere from Nashville, TN group Hogan's Goat.

"Pennymade" is the 2nd single off of the band's debut, self-titled album - check it out below. Due out July 18th, "Hogan's Goat" was self-produced, mixed by Alex Gilson and Nathan Zensen at Gold Cassette, and mastered by Tommy Dorsey. If you like what you hear below, pre-orders are online here.

Vocalist John Salmon comments on the new song: “'Pennymade' is one of the more straightforward tracks from the album. It illustrates our Rock N’ Roll flavor, while keeping pace with some of the heavier songs. That’s just my two cents.”

Named after a tale from Scottish folklore, the band initially formed in late 2014. As the story goes, a farmer (Hogan) owned a goat rumored to have an odor said to travel miles away. The goat's been described as having patchy fur, an eye out of socket, and flies abounding. For the band members, this perfectly symbolized their unorthodox style, that which is anything but unnoticeable. The upcoming album's track listing is as follows:

1. Rat Boy
2. Pennymade
3. Shit Kicker
4. Annie Off The Rails
5. Over The Palisade
6. If I'm Dead
7. John Doe
8. Jack & Jill
9. Elkhorn Mountain
10. Drinkin' With The Priest More...

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Seven Spires Creates "The Paradox"

With new theatrical piece "Solveig," the male-backed American metal band Seven Spires is about to pull off a major coup in the ever-growing symphonic metal scene.

This debut album, which is to be released worldwide on August 4th, 2017 via SAOL, indeed succeeds in establishing the four-piece orchestra as an essential figure of tomorrow’s extreme soundscape. Today, Seven Spires has teamed up with MetalUnderground.com for the world premiere of "The Paradox" music video.

You can pre-order "Solveig" now through iTunes at this location or via Amazon.com over here.

The wide stylistic range embraced by Seven Spires’ art of musical storytelling relentlessly attests of the outstanding abilities of the band’s members. Going astray from melancholic power metal to melodic death metal with fierce forays into black metal, the quartet’s versatility never fails to make a deep impression on the listener. Their signature blend of melody, theatrics and high-caliber musicianship is tastefully bittersweet, chaotic at times and comforting at others.

“Solveig” tells the story of a lost soul and his journey through a Demon’s sunless neo-victorian underworld. Despite small glimmers of hope, it is a grim tale with a heavy focus on escapism, death and decadence. The love for Romantic composers and epic film scores the four young graduates/students of the prestigious Berklee College of Music have shows in their ambitious and emotionally moving dramatic vision.

Frontwoman Adrienne Cowan leads the band with an iron will and a golden voice. She employs a combination of her classical training and self-taught extreme vocal techniques to "deliver every bit of recorded promise live." Therefore, the strict operatic singing that is often found in the symphonic corner of metal is more of a spice than a staple for Seven Spires. More...

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Nula Premieres New Music Video

Belgrade sludge / post-metal band Nula, in cooperation with young Serbian artist Mihajlo Dragaš, is excited to release an animated video for the song "Silazak u Prah" ("Descent into Dust").

The song hails from latest EP "Kenoma" that dropped in February Via Black Bow Records. Today we have the distinct pleasure of exclusively premiering that video online - check it out below and let us know what you think!

If you like what you hear, the full "Kenoma" EP can be picked up digitally or streamed in full at Bandcamp here. The band comments on this freshly crafted clip:

"Mihajlo Dragaš is one of the most promising Serbian artist in the field of animation, drawing and graphics, and a winner of many national and international awards for his works. Currently he's working on his first feature-length animated film 'Death of Mother Jugovic,' which will be premiered at the festival ANIFILM in the Czech Republic.

"The video was created as a synergy of two artistic expressions, blend of sound and image imagination of the two separate creative potential. The director was working independently on the video, skillfully implementing the elements of the visual identity of the band with its own symbolic associations. As a result, the work is rich in archetypal motives that extend deep into the human unconscious. At the same time, the presentation of emotionally charged content gives everyone an opportunity for authentic personal experience." More...

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Ram-Page Premieres "Blood Money"

Everybody loves getting their hands on some "Blood Money," and today you'll get your share! Check out our exclusive premiere of the new Ram-Page track below.

"Blood Money" comes off the Russian brutal death metal band's forthcoming album "The Grave Of Seven Billion," which is due to drop June 30th through GrimmDistribution.

Pre-orders are up here and fans can join the Ram-Page Facebook group community by heading to this location. Cover artwork for the album was handled by Artur Ryabov from Art Of Gore and the full track listing is as follows:

01. Awakening Of The Ancient (Intro)
02. Betrayer
03. Can Of Beer
04. The Revolution
05. The President (streaming here)
06. Rampage
07. Sanctions
08. Last Defenders
09. The Grave Of Seven Billion
10. Blood Money More...

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Humanity Zero Premieres New Song

Greek doom / death metal band Humanity Zero is gearing up to drop a new album at the end of the month titled "Withered In Isolation."

While the album is prepped for its June 27th release via More Hate Productions and Satanath Records, today we're exclusively bringing you an advance track from the album.

Check out the dirge of "Reveries Of My Stained Mind" below, and be sure to let us know what you think of the track!

More info on Humanity Zero can be found at Facebook and "Withered In Isolation" pre-orders are available at Bandcamp. The album's full track listing is:

1. Withered In Scars
2. Away From The Light
3. Reveries Of My Stained Mind
4. Fading In A Cryptic Obscurity
5. Solitary Confinement
6. Horrendous Growls
7. Blood Redemption
8. The Dungeon
9. Premonition More...

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Granada Premieres New Music Video

Argentina's groove / thrash act Granada is gearing up to release 4th full-length album "Sincronizado" on June 23rd via Symbol Of Domination.

Ahead of that release, today we're exclusively premiering a music video for the title track - check it out below!

The devastating Granada machine was formed in the year 2008 in Buenos Aires, Argentina by Guillermo Estévez (vocals and guitar). New album "Sincronizado" was recorded at El Pie Recording Studio and Chulengo, and produced by Guillermo Estévez.

Granada comments on the title track video: "Taxidermy is the preserving of an animal's body via stuffing or mounting for the purpose of display or study. In the official video, we shot a real Taxidermist working for us, trying to communicate that the process of recording and album or song, or even playing it live is similar to Taxidermy."

01. Poseso
02. Sincronizado
03. Mensaje Oculto
04. Provocación
05. Solve Et Coagula
06. La Cosecha
07. La Serpiente
08. Almas Vendidas
09. Prohibido Por La Luz
10. Mas Allá De La Muerte

Digging what you hear below? Pre-order your own copy of the album at Bandcamp or throw the group a like at Facebook here. More...

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Contra Premieres "Dr. Goldfoot"

This coming July 1st, sludgy stoner doom group Contra will officially drop the screen-clearing bomb of debut album "Deny Everything."

That release is being prepped by Robustfellow Productions / Shifty Records, with pre-orders now online over here. The album was recorded at Bad Back Studios and mastered at Cauliflower Audio.

With just over two weeks to go, today we're premiering an advance track from the album - check out "Dr. Goldfoot" below!

Contra was originally formed as an instrumental 3-piece by former Sofa King Killer guitarist, Chris Chiera, and ex-Rue drummer, Aaron Brittain. After briefly playing together in another local outfit, they sought to start their own band and enlisted the aid of So Long Albatross bassist, Adam Horwatt, to play 4-string baritone guitar.

After recording the "Son of Beast" demo, the band decided to add another layer to this potent mix of metal, blues, rock, and sludge by asking vocalist Larry Brent to join the ranks. Check out Larry's contributions in the track below. More...

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Insatia Premieres New Song

Symphonic power metal group Insatia recently signed to Pitch Black Records for the release of sophomore album "Phoenix Aflame" this coming June 23rd, 2017.

Ahead of that release, today we've got an exclusive premiere of new track "We Are The Grey," which can be heard below. Like what you hear? Pre-orders in digital and physical format are available here.

Vocalist Zoë Federoff comments that the new track "was actually the first song we had written for this album - originally I had constructed it to be a ballad, but as we started working on it, it became more straight up power metal. I don't like discussing my lyrics in too much depth with certain songs, because it's fun to see people apply their own meanings to them. This is definitely one of those songs."

Founded in 2009, the band previously released one self-produced album and has opened for multiple international acts, including Sonata Arctica and Dark Tranquility. In 2014 Fabio D'Amore (Serenity) and his partner Ivan Moni Bidin (Pathosray, Last Warning) announced their positions as producers on Insatia's upcoming sophomore release, "Phoenix Aflame." Joined by producer Staffan Karlsson, Fabio and Ivan spent the first part of 2015 recording the album at St. Cecilia Studios in Tucson, Arizona, USA, with engineers Steven Lee Tracy and Robbie Williamson.

The album's production then went to Artesonika Studios, Fabio and Ivan's home base, in Perdenone Italy. In mid 2015 Insatia's lineup was further enhanced by the addition of Dave Ablaze (Blackguard) on bass, as album production continued overseas. Kaelen Sarakinis and Daniel Millan were added on guitars and drums in 2016. More...

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The Summoned Premieres Full Album

Boston's devastating technical metal quartet The Summoned will release sophomore full-length album "Sessions" on June 16th.

You don't have to wait that long to hear it though, as we're exclusively premiering every last destructive second of the album today! Listen in below.

"Sessions" is a concept album about the journey through the mind of a troubled mental patient who is struggling to confront his own personal demons through a series of sessions with a psychiatrist. Each individual song resembles those sessions.

Whether they’re spastic (to give the feeling of panic the patient is feeling), or offering triggering the epiphany that is his own reality, "Sessions" is not just an album… it’s an experience.

The album was produced by The Summoned and Evan Sammons and then engineered, mixed and mastered by Evan Sammons in Belgrade Maine. Pre-orders can be found at this location. The full track listing is as follows:

1. The Pendulum Swing
2. Faradic
3. Fractal Patterns
4. The Grave Mistake
5. Built of Glass
6. Vertiginous
7. Primogenial Birth
8. Recollection
9. Satori More...

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Gloomy Grim Premieres "Asylum"

Following last year's release "The Age of Aquarius" (still streaming here if you hadn't heard it), Gloomy Grim is gearing up to drop a compilation release later this month.

This Finnish black metal group will unleash the fantastically titled "Fuck The World, War Is War!" via a cooperation between Symbol Of Domination (Belarus) with Murdher Records (Italy).

The comp includes songs from old demo recordings: tracks 1-5 are culled from "Fuck The World, Kill The Jehova!" recorded in 1996, while tracks 6-8 come from '97 demo "Friendship Is Friendship, War Is War!"

The album drops June 24th, but today we've got a premiere of fourth track "Asylum," which can be heard below. Pre-orders are online here and you can follow Gloomy Grin at Facebook. The "Fuck The World, War Is War!" track listing will be as follows:

1. Temple Of Agathon
2. Written In Blood
3. Pope Of The Black Arts
4. Asylum
5. Outro
6. War / Ashes
7. Blood
8. Reign More...

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Moribundo Premieres "Vida"

Moribundo (translated to "Dying" from Spanish) is an up and coming death / doom metal band from Spain formed in 2014 and featuring members from Spanish underground acts like Bizarre, Nangilima, Vanagloria, and Elderdawn.

"Raíz Amarga" ("Bitter Root") is the band's first recording, which contains four tracks based around poems of death and despair for more than 35 minutes of music. Today we're stoked to premiere new track "Vida" taken off that album - check it out below.

The band comments: "Expect a sorrowful scenario where harshness meets melody, in a stunning act full of deep growls, heavy riffs and thorough arrangements. 'Vida' - 'Life' in Spanish – is a journey through the human misery and the big lie of life."

The album is due out June 18th, 2017 with pre-orders online here. Additional details on Moribundo can be found at Facebook.

01. Vida
02. Antitesis
03. Suicidio Ilustrado
04. Luz (Ciego Color) More...

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Darkflight Premieres "Giving Up"

Get ready for a gloomy and atmospheric ride this morning, metal fans!

Today we've got an exclusive premiere from Bulgarian band Darkflight's upcoming album "The Hereafter." Check out our stream of "Giving Up" in the player below.

Darkflight started in the year 2000, creating a mix of blackened doom metal with fantasy influenced lyrics. Now, 17 years later, the band's fourth full-length album is here, chronicling a journey through the darkness of the afterlife.

Due out June 22nd via Symbol Of Domination with Metallic Media and Black Plague Records, "The Hereafter" features guest appearances from members of Ars Moriendi, ex-Hallows Eve, and Eleven Drops To Sink Into. Pre-orders are available here and the full track listing is as follows:

01. Crushed
02. Expiring Soul
03. Giving Up
04. The Outpost
05. Sans Âme
06. Threshold Of Death

For more info on Darkflight, head over to the group's official Facebook profile here. More...

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Kashgar Premieres "Tyan-Shan / Batyr"

Originally self-released on a limited scale last year, Kyrgyzstan-based group Kashgar is gearing up for an official label re-release of the band's self-titled debut.

With that underground progressive black / death metal opus due to drop June 21st, today we're premiering the 11 minute monster "Tyan-Shan / Batyr" - check it out below!

"Kashgar" will see co-release between Satanath Records' sub-label Symbol Of Domination (Belarus) with Murdher Records (Italy).

The album was recorded and mixed by guitarist Ars, while mastering was completed by Greek musician and sound engineer Achilleas Kalantzis (Crown Audio Conspiracies).

Lyrics are based on folklore, shamanism, Tengrism, and the history of the Central Asian region. The track listing is as follows:

01. Half A Devil
02. Tyan-Shan / Batyr
03. Scent Of Your Blood
04. Erlik
05. Albarsty
06. Come Down More...

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Agonia Black Vomit Premieres New Song

Today we'd like to introduce you to Agonia Black Vomit, which has a surprisingly more refined sound than you'd expect based on the name.

The Italian black metal band will drop new album "Cosmosatanic Wisdom" as a joint venture between Symbol Of Domination with Murdher Records on June 20th, 2017.

Check out our exclusive premiere of "The Acid Soil" below.

"Cosmosatanic Wisdom" is based on the darkness between the universe and life on the earth. The power of this work is in the experimental dynamism of the negative melodies created with electronic instruments and other strange elements.

Pre-order your copy right here or follow the latest on the band at Facebook.

01. Departure From Degrade
02. Engines Of Hate
03. The Acid Soil
04. Parallel Descanting Visions
05. The Peaceful Solitude
06. Alone
07. Symphony Of Suffering More...

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Astarium Premieres "Pernicious Elixir"

We're going super underground this fine Monday morning with an exclusive premiere from a Russian solo outfit channeling that grim, old school symphonic black metal.

Astarium, composed of sole member SiN, will release new album "Drum-Ghoul" this coming June 17th, 2017 via Symbol Of Domination and More Hate Productions.

Pre-orders are available here and today we're premiering advance track "Pernicious Elixir" - check it out below.

SiN comments on this new album: "Lightning lit up the sky, covered with low clouds, the rain did not cease for a minute. I drove the horses drowning in the mud to the hill that was visible in the distance. Suddenly, a new bright flash lit up the bulk, which grew right in front of me from the darkness. It was the castle 'Drum-Ghoul!' More...

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The Father Of Serpents Premieres New Song

The Father Of Serpents is an entity consisting of six souls from the Serbian scene, entwined by an admiration for doom metal.

The band's first album "Age Of Damnation" is set for a June 19th release and contains nearly an hour of apocalyptic atmosphere, presented through the gentlest of acoustic passages to the most brutal and vicious heaviness.

Pre-orders are online here, and today we're exclusively premiering advance track "The Grave For The Universe," which can be heard below. You can also follow the latest on The Father Of Serpents at Facebook here.

The band comments: "'The Grave for the Universe' is a song with the most riffs and parts on the album. Musically it sums up the whole album, there are slow parts, fast double bass drumming, acoustic passages, modern riffing, 80s heavy metal solo in the end and very dark lyrics. Somehow it all makes sense here!"

01. The Walls Of No Salvation
02. The Flesh Altar
03. Tale Of Prophet
04. The Grave For Universe
05. Tainted Blood
06. The Afterlife Symphony
07. The Quiet Ones
08. The God Will Weep For You
09. The Last Encore
10. Viral More...

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