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Defiatory Premieres Full New Album

Global extinction is set to arrive sooner than you think courtesy of the devastating Swedish thrash from Defiatory.

The band's relentless steamrolling debut full-length "Extinct" features a non-stop barrage of eight bruising tracks, and we're bringing you the full whiplash-inducing album early!

That's right, today you can hear all of "Extinct" below ahead of tomorrow's (June 3rd) official release date.

"Extinct" was recorded at Garageland Studios in Umeå and produced by Ronnie Björnström (Aeon, Paganizer). Mastering was handled by Thomas Johansson (Scar Symmetry, Watain) at The Panic Room and pre-orders are up here.

Defiatory also had this to say: "The band started in early march 2015 by Ronnie after departing from the band Aeon. A few demo songs where written and put into pro tools. Later on Martin Runnzell joined forces and the boll got rolling. The whole first album is musically written by Ronnie and all lyrics are done by Martin Runnzell.

"Working together with the full lineup now is awesome. Everybody's mindset is the same and we are trying to push it as far as we can. We are really happy with our debut album and are promoting it as hard as we can.

"The recording team for this album is easy, I, Ronnie, recorded everything in my old studio Garageland Studios, besides the drums, those where recorded at Meshuggah's facility. The mixing is also done by me. But we used Thomas Johansson from The Panic Room for our mastering."

The full track listing consists of:

01. The Final Conflict
02. Reaper
03. Aeons End
04. Dogs of War
05. Extinct
06. Destiny
07. The Black Vortex
08. Furor Unleashed More...

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Merycless Premieres "Altered Divination" Single

Kvlt death metal band Merycless, emerging from the rotten bowels of France, released the death metal classics "Abject Offerings" (1992, Vinyl Solution) and "Coloured Funeral" (1993, Century Media) and then relentlessly toured Europe with the likes of Death, Morgoth, Unleashed, and Samael.

In celebration of the band's impending 30th anniversary, a brand new digital single titled "Altered Divination" is set to be unleashed for free on June 3rd via Kaotoxin Records. Now today ahead of that release, we're bringing you the two-track single early! Listen in below.

"Altered Divination" features an alternate edit version of "My Name Is Legion" (with the full-length version to appear on an upcoming album) as well as a 2014 live recording of the classic track "Substance of Purity."

This single is just a foretaste of things to come with an upcoming sixth studio full-length, "Pathetic Divinity," due to be unleashed worldwide through Kaotoxin on October 7th, 2016. More...

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Epic Death Premieres "Karma's A Bitch" Video

Following the release of the "Witchcraft" album in late 2015, we're teaming up with Texas outfit Epic Death once again to exclusively premiere a killer new lyric video.

Created by Tommy D Kat of Grindhouse media, check out the "Karma's A Bitch" video below.

Guitarist / front man Dennis Dorsett comments: "Many times in life things happen that you'd like to handle but you know that Karma has your back and sometimes she will make death seem better than living when she's done with you."

The band was conceived in 2010 by Dorsett – whose previous credits include work with Aggravated Assault, Chaos, Mischief, Majik, Balance and NeverDead – and features a lineup of artists from the metal circles of Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth: keyboardist/vocalist Becky Dorsett; bass guitarist Justin Riddler of Dead Trip and drummer Reece Stanley, alumnus of Dallas metallers Phantom-X.

Epic Death is prominently featured in Derek Norman's 2012 documentary “Heavy in Houston,” and back before the cameras in the sequel "Heavier in Houston." The band's debut full-length "Witchcraft" is also out now and available for full streaming right here. More...

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Sabretooth Premieres "Slack Jaw" Video

NY deathcore outfit Sabretooth has a brand new EP titled "The Great Unknown" now prepped to officially obliterate everything in its path on June 3rd.

Ahead of that new release, we're bringing you an advance audiovisual experience from the EP with an exclusive premiere of the "Slack Jaw" lyric video. Get your skull thoroughly crushed in by the bludgeoning tunes below!

In late February, Sabretooth signed to Manifest Records and set to work recording this impending debut EP with Randy Pasquarella. Sabretooth will also be touring the East Coast in June alongside Comatose in support of "The Great Unknown."

Sabretooth comments on the upcoming release: "The EP was created as outlet of all our anger and frustration that we have experienced throughout our lives."

The band consists of:

Lead Vocals - Wesley Robinson
Co-Vocals - Patrick Hughes
Rhythm Guitar - Devon Day
lead Guitar - Ryan Santone
Bass - Nico Mario Petroccitto
Drums - Justin White More...

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Zorormr Premieres "The Aftermath" EP

Following the "Corpus Hermeticum" album released last year, Polish one-man black metal outfit Zorormr is now gearing up to drop "The Aftermath."

This new six track EP melds the blackest of arts with glorious traditional '80s metal and is set to officially arrive June 10th, 2016 through Via Nocturna.

Pre-orders are online here, and today we're giving you a full advance preview of all six songs!

Listen in to "The Aftermath" below and be sure to let us know what you think of the blend of sounds. The track listing is as follows:

1. The Last Judgement
2. The Crawling Chaos
3. The Adversary
4. The Aftermath
5. Arise, Cthulhu, Arise!
6. Zorormr More...

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Jorn Is "Running Up That Hill" In New Video Clip

One of the greatest rock singers of our time, Jorn Lande returns with a unique album of covers of classics from artists and bands that have meant something special to him, and helped forge this talented man's own unique style. "Heavy Rock Radio" is the title of the new release, which drops via Frontiers Music srl on June 3rd. Pre-orders can be made over at Amazon at this location.

Today, Jorn teams up with Metal Underground.com to being you the video for the Kate Bush cover "Running Up That Hill," which can be viewed in the player below.

Through Jorn's extensive career, which includes more than 40 albums of mostly original songs, he has also recorded great versions of several rock classics such as Thin Lizzy's "Are You Ready", UFO's "On and On", Deep Purple's "Perfect Strangers", and many more. Jorn also recorded a successful Ronnie James Dio tribute album, released in 2010. Every song JORN covers is treated with the utmost respect and "Jorn-ized" accordingly. A good example is his heavy sounding version of "I Walk Alone", first released by Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish).

"Heavy Rock Radio" is not an ordinary album of cover songs, it is truly a songbook of hits. Featured – among others - are great versions of the Eagles' "Hotel California" and Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" (check it out below) which gets the Jorn style treatment to become very powerful and epic, without losing its commercial touch. More great classics included are John Farnham's "You're The Voice", Queen's "Killer Queen", and two absolute melodic rock evergreen gems in Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" and Foreigner's "Rev On The Red Line".

The original concept of the album was to create a sort of jukebox of radio hits, but to avoid leaning too much on the pop side of rock, JORN decided to blend the track listing with a few more up tempo rock tracks as well, such as "The Final Frontier" by Iron Maiden ("probably the closest you get to anything commercial with Iron Maiden," says Jorn), "Live to Win" by Paul Stanley (a song which was also featured on the popular television series South Park), and a few hard rock classics show up as well from Deep Purple ("Stormbringer"), Dio ("Rainbow In The Dark") and Black Sabbath ("Die Young") to complete the mix. More...

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Dust Bolt Gives You An "Allergy"

It's only been five years since Southern Germans Dust Bolt won the W:O:A Metal Battle 2011 – five years the band used to transform from hot newcomer into national thrash hero with the debut "Violent Demolition"! The "Bay Area aficionados" are ready to drop the third full length album in shape of "Mass Confusion" now, and relentless touring plus constant fine-tuning of the typical Dust Bolt sound have finally paid off: the old school songwriting is focused and free of ballast weight, yet despite all the rage and aggression there is still plenty of breathing space for melodic guitar work, gang shouts and ten ton grooves.

Today, Dust Bolt partners with Metal Underground.com to bring you the lyric video for the spring appropriate tune "Allergy." "Mass Confusion" drops via Napalm Records on July 8th. Pre-order the physical release at this location and the digital track via iTunes over here.

The track list for "Mass Confusion" is:

1. SickxBrain
2. Mass Confusion
3. Allergy
4. Turned to Grey
5. Blind to Art
6. Mind the Gap
7. Exit
8. Empty Faces
9. Taking Your Last Breath
10. Portraits of Decay
11. Masters of War

Check out "Allergy" here: More...

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Above Aurora Full Album Stream Exclusive Premiere

Polish black / doom metal band Above Aurora will release menacing debut record "Onwards Desolation" through none other than Pagan Records on the 27th of May, 2016.

Ahead of the album's release, we're bringing you all six tracks of atmospheric, suffocating metal early! Listen in to "Onwards Desolation" below.

Above Aurora also had this to say about the impending album release:

"Onwards Desolation is our commentary on the hopeless condition of mankind and the world as a whole.

"We wanted to combine the emptiness & void contained in the lyrics, with unpleasant, sometimes sounds curves and rough sound, which in turn creates an atmosphere exactly what we wanted. This record does not open new doors, not carrying relief is even encouragement to indulge in regression."

The complete "Onwards Desolation" track listing is as follows:

1. Vortex
2. Open the Wounds
3. Descending
4. Eradication of Light
5. Sweet Poison
6. Non Salva Me More...

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Infinite Spectrum Premieres New Lovecraftian Song

Today we're bringing you a dose of dark prog that dips into the maddening waters of the Cthulhu mythos!

Check out advance track "Fear" in the SoundCloud player below, and be sure to let us know what you think of the song.

This hard hitting track premiere from the NYC-based progressive metal band hails from upcoming Sensory Records release "Haunter of the Dark."

The impending summer album is due out June 24th and is based on the short story of the samen ame by master of horror H.P. Lovecraft.

Infinite Spectrum comments on the track: "We found that while 'Fear' worked in context of the Haunter story, it was also accessible as a stand alone track because the emotions it captures are universal. This track occurs about halfway through the new disc and it's all about the abject fear that becomes a prison for our main character Robert Harrison Blake. Lyrically and musically 'Fear' moves the story forward and provides a hook to hang on to, but we think it also expresses the common feelings of anxiety and fear that everyone faces at one time or another in their lives.

"There are a lot of influences that the different members of the band bring to the table, so we think listeners will find a plenty of variety on the disc. Whether your a fan of heavier progressive metal, like Dream Theater/Symphony X or more of a classic prog fan of bands like Pink Floyd, you'll find something to like. Of course, if you're also a fan of Lovecraft it's a perfect match." More...

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Trick Or Treat Premieres New Song "United"

Italy's Trick Or Treat - featuring Luca Turilli's Rhapsody frontman Alessandro Conti - will release the new album "Rabbit's Hill Pt. 2" on July 8th via Frontiers Records The album is the long awaited follow up to "Rabbit's Hill Pt. 1" issued in 2012 via Valery Records. The conceptual series of albums are based on Richard Adams' novel "Watership Down."

Today, the band has teamed up with Metal Underground.com to bring you the world premiere of the lyric video for the new track "United." The song features a guest appearance by Sonata Arctica vocalist Tony Kakko.

The recording sessions for "Rabbits Hill Pt. 2" have been the longest the band has ever taken part in and the work with producer Simone Mularoni (DGM) captured all the intricate details of the band's own take on power metal. For the album, the band added huge orchestrations and epic choirs mixed to their usual signature power metal sound, in order to sonically reflect all the epic adventures told through the lyrics. The musical vibes range from acoustic and melodic parts to darker, heavy metal anthems.

Once again, Trick Or Treat had the honor to work with great international guest musicians and friends like Tony Kakko from Sonata Arctica, Sara Squadrani from Ancient Bards and, in the role of the evil general Woundwort, Tim "Ripper" Owen (ex-Judas Priest ex-Yngwie Malmsteen). More...

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Seven Nines And Tens Premieres New Track

Throughout the years we've had the pleasure of premiering new music from Vancouver's Seven Nines And Tens, with today giving us another such opportunity.

This time we're hooking you up with an early listen of the massive 13 1/2 minute single "Metropolis Noir / Rigs," taken from the group's upcoming summer release "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Slums!"

The album will see release via Dullest Records (Hush, Rorcal, Walk Through Fire) on CD and Big Smoke (Altona, Spruce Trap) on cassette. Cover artwork comes courtesy of Nic Brown. For more info on the upcoming album and single, check out our interview with Seven Nines And Tens right here.

Go ahead and hit "play" below, but take a moment to prepare yourself for this audio journey first, because it's quite the ride. When your 13 minute trip comes to a stop, be sure to let us know what you think! More...

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Nervosa Takes "Hostages" With New Track

Brazil's meanest power trio have returned: Nervosa indulge in relentlessly raw all-female thrash metal on the second studio album "Agony" which almost effortlessly merges the energy of the glorious '80's with the refined aggression of this millennium. Played even more on point and precise than the 2014 debut "Victim of Yourself," it definitely enriches the Nervosa sound having transferred the production to the USA: the South American riff tornado is in flawless shape!

Today, Nervosa teamed up with Metal Underground.com to take some "Hostages." The new track stream (heard in the player below) is a ruthless thrash assault that will surely call to mind greats like Kreator and Slayer. Its really just the tip of the iceberg and the Brazilian thrash squad continues to drag its fans down into a malicious maelstrom full of old school darkness.

"Agony" drops via Napalm Records on June 4th. Pre-orders can be made at this location.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Arrogance
2. Theory Of Conspiracy
3. Deception
4. Intolerance Means War
5. Guerra Santa
6. Failed System
7. Hostages
8. Surrounded By Serpents
9. CyberWar
10. Hypocrisy
11. Devastation
12. Wayfarer (Bonus Track)

Check out "Hostages" here: More...

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The Order Of Israfel Premieres New Track

Swedish doom metal act The Order Of Israfel has teamed up with Metal Underground.com to premiere the lyric video for the new track "Swords to the Sky." The song will appear on the new album "The Red Robes," which is set for release on May 27th via Napalm Records. The album will be available as 6 page digipack with the bonus DVD, as well as 2LP Gatefold edition, with pre-orders available at this location.

The band's first steps on the debut "Wisdom" might have been heavily influenced by genre icons such as Cathedral, Pentagram and Witchcraft, but the four piece has firmly established its very own brand of slow-motion goodness in 2016: folk and the NWOBHM play a big role in The Order Of Israfel cosmos, but these guys also have a knack for Thin Lizzy-isms. The result is a wondrous, mystical piece of art featuring unforgettable vocals and ten-ton riffing that will haunt you for aeons!

The track listing is:

1. Staff In The Sand
2. The Red Robes
3. In Thrall To The Sorceress
4. Swords To The Sky
5. Von Sturmer (see music video here)
6. Fallen Children
7. A Shadow In The Hills
8. The Thirst

Check out "Swords to the Sky" here: More...

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Vilamoura Premieres New Music Video

Texas metalcore six-piece outfit Vilamoura has teamed up with us at Metalunderground.com today to exclusively premiere a new music video for the "We All Die" single.

"We All Die" comes from the band's latest EP release, "Buried Alive," out now via iTunes right here.

Vilamoura is known for crazy live performance, brutal breakdowns, and vocal melodies that will catch anyone's attention, with that whole package now showcased in the video for "We All Die."

Vocalist Johnathan Sotomayor comments on filming the clip: "It was a one of a kind experience. We were blown away and had a lot of fun and it was a great opportunity getting to work with such a talented director and engineer."

Guitarist Mikah Shipman adds: "It was freezing. We were thrashing and stomping around on piles of broken glass and rubble in the cold for hours. It was a good time."

If you like what you hear, find more info on the band at Facebook here. The "Buried Alive" EP's track listing is as follows:

1. Pull Me from the Grave
2. Name Like an Infection
3. Vindictive
4. We All Die More...

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Pensevor Premieres Full New Sludgy Doom Album

The down-tempo, sludged out doom fest that is Pensevor has a new album slated to arrive this Friday, May 6th, 2016.

With less than 24 hours until the aural apocalypse arrives, we thought we'd just go ahead and bring about the end of all things a little early.

Check out all of "Klothod" in our exclusive stream below ahead of the release date!

Hibernacula records will handle the release of "Klothod," the full-length debut of this U.K. outfit. The album contains eight tracks that combine insane vocals with a back-end straight out of hell.

Pensevor is a four-piece from Farnborough, Hampshire, forming in 2011 to play hypnotic, primitive, regressive drop-C Neanderthal sludge-doom. You can pick up your copy of "Klothod" here and the album's full track listing is:

1. Totem
2. Ritualistic Blood Sacrifice
3. Sewerpuss
4. No Hope For Dying
5. Silvine
6 I Despair
7. Dungeoness
8. Lowest Of The Low More...

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Riotous Indignation Premieres New Single

June 3rd, 2016 will herald the debut EP release from Chicago's thrash / hardcore crossover outfit Riotous Indignation.

This EP, titled "Violentus Musicae," is up for pre-order right here and was recorded, edited and produced by Mike Repel, with mixing handled by Nick Bellmore (Toxic Holocaust, Jasta, Kingdom of Sorrow) at Dexters Labs Milford, Connecticut. "Violentus Misicae" was mastered by none other than Chris "Zeuss" Harris.

With the mini-album set to drop later this summer, today we're bringing you an advance listen with the exclusive stream of new single "This World." Listen to the pulse-pounding dystopian anthem below and let us know what you think!

Riotous Indignation was formed in 2015 by Mike Repel and Bob Clayton, who were previous band mates in a metal project called Instant Decay circa 2006-2008. This new project spent a majority of its first year writing and refining several songs, four of which have been made available on the "Violentus Musicae" EP. Expect big things from this band in the future! More...

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Demonic Obedience Premieres New Single

We're going back to some old school blasting death metal today with an exclusive premiere from U.K. one-man wrecking ball Demonic Obedience!

Forged primarily by vocalist, guitarist, and bassist George Ntavelas, the project's second album "Nocturnal Hymns To The Fallen" is coming on May 18th via Satanath Records.

With the album now due out in just a little over two weeks, we've got the exclusive premiere of advance track "Portal Of The Sacred Kan" - check it out below and let us know what you think!

If you like what you hear, the full previous album "Morbid Supremacy of Evil" is also up for streaming and digital purchase at Bandcamp here.

Band mastermind George also comments:

"Demonic Obedience is a one man band which started four years ago when I was still in Greece. So far I managed to release two full-length albums ('Morbid Supremacy of Evil' and 'Nocturnal Hymns to the Fallen') with the help of support of Achilleas who is the man behind the production and Alex who is responsible for the lyrics.

"'Nocturnal Hymns' was recorded at Deception studio, my personal studio and mixed and mastered on Achillman studios in Greece. The lyrics were written by Alex for once more and the layout was created by Incense Art. The album was meant to be released last year but due to some problems with the label, it will be released by Satanath and Sevared Records on the 18th of May. The idea behind the album is a trip in the darkest places of the human mind and soul and musically I’m mainly influenced by old school death metal bands such as Incantation and Immolation.

"The new album is more brutal than 'Morbid Supremacy.' In my opinion is more straight to the point with less atmospheric parts and more aggressive guitars. Achilleas worked a lot on the sound and he impressed me once again. In general I think that I couldn't be happier with the final product and I can't wait to hear some feedback from the fans. I am already working on the third album and I believe that it will be one more step forward for Demonic Obedience. I cannot promise anything for live shows once I am the only member of the project but you never know. Time will tell." More...

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Engraved Darkness Premieres Full Album

We've got an absolute rager of an album premiere for you today, metal maniacs!

The Ohio-based death metal four pack that is Engraved Darkness had previously dropped the "Diabolical Scriptures" album as a limited digital self-release, but now the tunes are getting a proper disc pressing and coming out on CD this Friday, April 29th.

Two days ahead of that release, we're bringing you all nine tracks of death metal darkness! Experience the "Diabolical Scriptures" below.

Fans of older Morbid Angel or Sepultura in particular will want to give this one a shot, as the album is filled to the brim with dark harmonies, dual-layered vocals, blistering picking with intense beats, and mind infesting riffs that will continuously echo through your skull. More...

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Devilz By Definition Premieres Full New Album

After we launched a video for "Dehumanizer" back at the beginning of the month (still available here), today we've got another exclusive premiere with none other than Devilz Be Definition.

Now that we've all come down from 4/20, we're now bringing you entire new full-length album "The Devilution" a full day before the official release date.

This new album from the Canadian metal group is slated to drop tomorrow (April 22nd) via CDN Records, but today you can hear it in advance below. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

The 10 tracks composing "The Devilution" consist of:

1. A Blissfull Insanity
2. The Pledge Project
3. Devilations
4. Dehumanizer
5. View From Up Here
6. Rise And Fall
7. The Devilution
8. System Is Flawed
9. Know Thyne Enemy
10. United We Stand, Divided We Mosh More...

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Shredhead Premieres "Devil's Race" Video

The Israeli thrash maniacs from Shredhead have teamed up with us at Metalunderground.com for the U.S. premiere of a killer new music video off the "Death Is Righteous" album.

This new video clip is for the track "Devil's Race" and can be seen below, offering the experience of a Shredhead show from the comfort of your computer! "Devil's Race" is the second video taken off "Death Is Righteous," which was mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (Suicide Silence, Aborted, The Haunted, Sick Of It All).

If you missed it, the previously posted video for "Walk With The Dead" is still online at this location. "Death Is Righteous" can also be picked up here. More...

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