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The Projectionist Premieres Full New Album

The Projectionist is a black metal band from Canada, formed and fronted by Lord Matzikeitus (ex-Idolatry).

The music is centered on themes of hatred and isolation, to evoke new unexplored domains of intellectual fury and bleakness in black metal with a complete despotic will.

Following a previous EP and full-length album, The Projectionist returns with "Exalted Solitude," which is seeing official release today via Appalachian Noise Records & The True Plague Records.

You can stream the entire album below, or pick up your own copy via Bandcamp or through Appalachian Noise here. The album features lavish artwork by Sang Ho Moon and Jan Pysander Whitney, and a guest guitar track by Christopher Hernandez of Xasthur. More...

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Merrimack Premieres "The Falsified Son"

The French black metal heretics forming Merrimack return with "Omegaphilia," their latest salvo of blasphemous brutality. Ahead of the impending June 9th release date, we're stoked to today premiere new advance song “The Falsified Son.”

Five years in the making, and honed over 20 years of devilish devotion to the dark arts, “Omegaphilia” sees these Parisian black metal traditionalists further refine an already formidable attack.

While other black metal bands fall off or grow soft with age, this blistering album sees Merrimack continuing to sharpen the blades. Check out the new song below, and you can pre-order your own copy of the album through Season Of Mist here. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Cauterizing Cosmos
2. The Falsified Son
3. Apophatic Weaponry (streaming here)
4. Gutters of Pain
5. Sights in the Abysmal Lure
6. Cesspool Coronation
7. At the Vanguard of Deception

Merrimack was founded by guitarist Perversifier in 1994 with a clear vision to keep the black metal flame burning as an act of aesthetic terrorism – adamantly based in the underground as opposed to any attempts to co-opt or commercialize. Follow the latest news on the band over here. More...

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Nagaarum Premieres New Song

Despite only having formed less than 10 years ago, Hungarian solo experimental project Nagaarum has been incredibly prolific, coming up on a 14th (!) release already this coming May 3rd.

Today we're bringing you an exclusive advance track from the impending “Homo Maleficus” LP. Check out “Cipelok” in the player provided below. “Homo Maleficus” will see the light of day as a co-release between GrimmDistribution and NGC Prod on May 3rd, 2017.

Nagaarum represents a one-man formation, the predecessor of which started its activity in 2008 under the Pigbaloon moniker. He considers the project as a playground for his musical experiments, spanning from doom and ambient to post-rock with black metal being the notable other extreme. Besides his solo musical excursions, Nagaarum is one of the editors of Fémforgács, a cultic, Hungarian metal webzine with significant history, and he also plays in GuilThee and In Vacuo. You can keep up with him via Facebook.

01. A befalazott
02. Az elvhu
03. Vassal nevelt
04. Cipelok
05. Mens dominium
06. Dolgunk végeztével
07. Kolontár

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Diabulus In Musica Premieres Live Video Clip

Spain's Diabulus In Musica, the biggest symphonic metal act it's homeland has to offer, teamed up with Metal Underground.com for the premiere of the new live performance video of "Lies In Your Eyes." The song originally appeared on the band's 2010 debut full length release "Secrets." The live clip appears on the special edition digipak of the latest album "Dirge for the Archons," which is available now via Napalm Records at this location.

The footage for "Lies In Your Eyes" was captured at the Baluarte Congress Centre and Auditorium of Navarra backed by a symphony orchestra on November 14, 2015. The band commented:

"Here we present to you all one of the songs of the biggest Diabulus in Musica show so far!

"As a symphonic metal band, this concert was a dream come true! We could finally play our songs live as they have been conceived since we started, in no less than the best and biggest concert hall of our hometown Pamplona and with one of the best professionals in the local classical music field. We have to thank CCN (Navarra’s Chamber Choir) and everyone involved for driving such a fantastic initiative and bringing together with great success the metal and the classical audiences!

"'Lies in your Eyes' was one of the first songs we wrote as a band, so it was especially meaningful to us to perform it surrounded by a huge symphonic orchestra and choir. We could have never imagined that it would sound so awesome live!"

MetalUnderground.com is proud to present "Lies In Your Eyes" here: More...

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Disorder Premieres Full New Album

Ready for a little audio chaos this morning? Ahead of the official release date this Friday the 21st, we're now exclusively premiering new album "Fuego Negro" from thrash / black metal crew Disorder.

The Salvadorian band will see "Fuego Negro" co-released via Satanath Records' sub-label Symbol Of Domination with Morbid Skull Records.

Get a full advance listen below, and pre-orders are now online here.

Although originally started in '93 by Jorge Montesino, difficulty finding members who didn't want to play grunge or alternative at the time meant a first demo wasn't recorded and released until '01. The project would then go dormant for another ten years, eventually reactivating with a new lineup that resulted in the "En El Rio Del Olvido" album.

Fast forward to 2017 and now “Fuego Negro” is confirmed to be release on CD format in a limited run of 666 copies. Follow the latest on the band at Facebook here and the album's full track listing is as follows:

1. Carroñeros De Justicia
2. Existencias Paralelas
3. Bajo El Yugo De La Ignorancia
4. 333
5. Tiempos Violentos
6. Misantropica Barbarie
7. Fuego Negro More...

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Ungraved Apparition Premieres New Song

Ungraved Apparition will unleash new full-length album titled "Pulse_0" on April 23rd via GrimmDistribution, a label partner of Satanath Records.

As we near that release date, today we've got an exclusive premiere of the album's seventh track, which translates to "Extreme Phenomenon." Pre-orders for the album are online here.

The track assaults with a combination of several styles at once, telling a whole story from the first person. First we start with a blistering assault of technical death metal as the main character suddenly gets into a car accident. Then we shift to death metal with a slow swaying as demonized workers appear on the stage and take the main character to the local hospital branch. Soon a shift occurs towards metalcore as we see what happens within the walls of the filthy hospital, with sadistic masters watching on during a brutal bacchanalia. Finally we end with atmospheric some death / doom, with the main character eventually reaching the morgue and going through rigor mortis.

Ungraved Apparition hails from Ekaterinburg, Russia, and was founded in late 2014 by three members: Micky Babossa (guitar), Paul Kas (drums), and Leon Kratt (bass guitar). In the process of creating the material, the musicians felt the need for a powerful and heavier sound, thus in August 2015 Bones Taker joined them as the second guitarist, mainly for playing the solos. Accompanying him was Damned for the role of the vocalist.

The band's debut album "Pulse_0" is a concept of how musicians see the inner world of a person and his desperate struggle for every minute of life. For more info on the band, follow the official Ungraved Apparition website or VK page. More...

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Lucifer's Dungeon Premieres New Song

Ready for a trek through "The Forest?" Check out our exclusive premiere of this 11th track taken off "The Dark Army Raises," the impending album from Lucifer's Dungeon.

Lucifer's Dungeon was founded in 2008 by Cain Black in Thailand, where he lived from 2006 to 2010. Originally it was planned to be a one man band called Dark Cellar, and in 2009 a demo was recorded, but sadly was lost.

In 2010, after returning to Russia, Cain Black continued to write music and lyrics and later in 2014, he recruited Cerberus (drums) and Iscariot (concert bass player) from the group First Martyr. Debut album, "The Dark Army Raises," was recorded in February, after which Cerberus left the project due to his health, resulting in a cascade of lineup swaps as Iscariot switched to solo guitar, Goth Ghost switched to bass, and Denis Goncharov (Gromm) became the drummer.

"The Dark Army Raises" consists of both full ambient music and classic black metal tracks, with some songs combining these two genres. Pre-orders are online here. Due out May 7th, the album's track listing is as follows: More...

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Netherbird Premieres Full Rarities Collection

Swedish prominent melodic black / death metal act Netherbird is releasing a compilation album today, which features rarities & covers from the group's 13 year long journey.

You can pick up your copy of "Hymns From Realms Yonder" here, or check out our U.S. exclusive stream of the full album below.

Netherbird sprung into existence in October of 2004 in Stockholm, Sweden when Nephente, Bizmark, and Grim decided to start collaborating.

The goal was to create harsh metal with influences from both black and death metal without any regard or limitation when it comes to style. Since that journey began, the band has released four well-received albums featuring guest appearances from members of At the Gates, Katatonia, Lord Belial, Dissection, among others.

A broad retrospective of all rarities, covers and non-album tracks throughout Netherbird history, "Hymns From Realms Yonder" is a must-have for every collector. Tunes that were once available as digital releases only have now been gathered into one CD summarizing the band’s creative journey through the first decade of its existence. Written and recorded during different session and lineups, these songs present a staggering sonic rollercoaster when it comes to their sound, tone and atmosphere, at the same time remaining recognizable and keeping all the distinctive elements that made Netherbird what it is today.

Original tunes (single b-sides as well as limited EP’s material) are placed alongside several cover versions of renowned classics of metal, including Annihilator, Paradise Lost, and Sentenced. Vika Yermolyeva’s masterpiece piano rendition of "Pillars of the Sky" is definitely a rare gem to crown the album. Check out the full album below, and follow the latest on Netherbird at Facebook here. More...

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Charlatan Streaming Full New Album

Groundbreaking, taboo-shattering scrap metal crew Charlatan is gearing up to drop the "Remarkable" debut LP via Revival Recordings tomorrow - April 7th.

Forget waiting 24 hours to hear it though, because we're bringing you all 10 tracks early!

Check out the album below, produced and engineered by Dan Whittaker of High Vibe Recordings, and if you missed it, a recently launched video for the "China" track is also online right here.

Formed in 2008 in Salina, Utah by lead vocalist Grey and guitarist Austin Heath, it wasn't until 2013, after guitarist Tyler Baker Craig was added, that the zany musicians decided to spread some high-spirited, hard hitting music. Charlatan pokes fun at reality through sarcasm, irony and humor to show taking things too seriously only limits people in expressing their ideas.

Whether through goofy antics or thought-provoking music videos, Charlatan has managed to emphasize a unique brand of humor and respect for dialogue in every possible aspect. Frontman Grey comments:

"We like to think of each of our songs as the start of a conversation, usually conversations built on navigating very real and sensitive issues. The people we want to reach are those who aren’t afraid to express their opinions, whether they love us or hate us, and be part of that conversation.” More...

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Ghost Horizon Premieres "The Erotics Of Disgust"

New post-black metal opus "The Erotics Of Disgust" will surprise you at every turn when it officially drops tomorrow, April 7th.

Ahead of that release date, today we've got the entire EP exclusively streaming in full below! Give it a listen, and if you dig this non-traditional sound, be sure to pre-order a copy over here.

Ghost Horizon consists of founder Dan Stollings (Ex Psychobliss, Severed Receptors) and drummer "Frog" Magus (Norse). Stollings comments that the EP "has been waiting in the darkness for quite a while now--it's been completed for months. It's been hard to let this EP into the world, because in a lot of ways, I'm sharing some pretty deep emotions that I would never talk about otherwise."

He goes on to say, "I've been through a lot of ups and downs in the process of it's creation, and I think that's reflected pretty heavily in the music. The decision to do the vocals myself was also a part of this realization that in order to portray exactly what I'm thinking, I need to use my own voice. Nothing on this album is perfect. I didn't want it to be perfect. At first I went into writing with the mentality that this will be the best produced thing I've ever done, but after finishing the vocals, I realized this thing needs to be raw. And so it was." More...

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Witchapter Premieres New EP "Spellcaster"

This coming New Release Friday is a big one, and amongst the deluge of freshly dropped music will be the "Spellcaster" EP from Witchapter.

Coming via Black Bow Records this Friday, April 7th, "Spellcaster" shows a blend of sludge and doom serving as the debut from the Witchapter trio. Formed by guitarist/vocalist Chris Grenfell in spring 2016 with Bobby Smith (bass) and Louie Spencer (drums), Witchapter’s personnel are by no means new to their trade. You can follow the latest on the band at Facebook here.

Before the official release date we're premiering all three tracks from this aptly-named EP online ahead of time - listen in below! Stylistically raw and stripped down, heavily de-tuned bass and rhythm guitars deliver a solid wall of super overdriven tones while the drums lead a thundering march through the mire of sludge and fog, with vocals adding the final cries of disparity.

The name Witchapter derives from a mutual respect and adoration for nature and the earth, particularly referencing a time when doing so was regarded as a crime. The band comments:

"Prior to the 13th century witchcraft involved a collection of practices and beliefs centered on healing. In practice this utilized ointments and potions prepared using natural ingredients and administered to the patient as a remedy for the particular ailment.

"This created a destabilizing effect on the church and it was not long before the clergy, empowered by a movement passed by the Roman Catholic leadership, began branding these ‘healers’ as witches and heretics, the punishment being for those found guilty: death by burning.

"The accused were forced to confess, even if innocent, via brutal torture and then burnt alive to purify their souls and ‘save them.' The lyrical content leans heavily on the accounting of these times and inspires the aesthetics chosen for the graphical representation of the music." More...

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Reflection Premieres Full Pre-Release Album Stream

Back in February, Greek five-piece outfit Reflection inked a deal with the metal champions from Pitch Black Records.

Through this deal, new album "Bleed Babylon Bleed" arrives a full eight years after the band's last release and celebrates 25 years of Reflection with a rabid fan base that's been waiting a long time for new music.

Those fans only have a mere two days left to wait before the album sees official release, but today we're lucky enough to host a full advance stream - listen in below while you still can, as the album will only be up for 48 hours!

If you love your metal epic and melodic, you won't be disappointed. with these nine killer songs. Pre-orders are online right here, and the full track listing is as follows:

1. Marching to Glory
2. Glorious Victory
3. The Iron Tower
4. Fallen Shadow
5. Takla Makan
6. Time Traveller
7. Stormbringer
8. Ruler of My Own Land (check out the lyric video below)
9. Bleed Babylon Bleed More...

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Mammoth Mammoth Premieres "Sleepwalker" Video

Mammoth Mammoth - our favorite dirt rockers from Australia, delivers another powerful addition to a long list of prior convictions with the new album "Mount The Mountain."

It's cover features a barely clad desert siren peering over her terrain to either seduce or render a hellish curse upon those poor souls she lures. Aptly, the album echoes the same ‘one-two’ combo, with eleven power-fisted tracks that threaten to blow your mind - and smack you in the ear hole! "Mount the Mountain" drops on April 28th via Napalm Records.

Today the band teams up with MetalUnderground.com for the premiere of a new video clip for the song "Sleepwalker."

Stompers like "Sleepwalker," "Spellbound," "Hole In The Head" and "Kickin’ My Dog," gate crash there way into a sweaty, raucous, out-of-control, house party that’s been thrown by bunch of zombie bikers - and Mikey Tucker has just taken over as DJ. Then there’s the unsettling menace of songs like "Epitome," "Wild and Dead" and title track, "Mount the Mountain" - that lead us blindfolded into a hellish inferno of psyched-out riffs, and debauched, fist-pumping anthems. Here you realize that danger is your savior, and that fear is the party starter. More...

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Disharmony Premieres "The Abyss Noir"

Greek band Disharmony - not to be confused with another Athens band of the exact same name that released latest album "Goddamn The Sun" last month - is due to drop second full-length album "The Abyss Noir" via GrimmDistribution on April 20th.

Ahead of that release, today we're exclusively premiering a lyric video for the title track off the album. Check it out below and let us know what you think!

Pre-orders for the album are online now right here. You can follow the latest info on Disharmony over at the band's Facebook profile.

Formed over two decades ago, Disharmony loves to combine various music influences ranging across heavy, doom, power, and progressive metal. After three demo releases, the band released debut full length titled "Shades Of Insanity" in 2014 via Noisehead Records, leading the band to open for legendary bands like Sanctuary and Arch Enemy in Greece and Cyprus.

A canvas of emotions, art, power, and melody comprise follow-up album "The Abyss Noir," with the title track featuring a dissonant riff progression together with sensational vocal deliveries.

01. The Abyss Noir
02. Vain Messiah
03. Delirium
04. This Caravan
05. Disposable Heroes (Metallica cover)
06. A Song For A Friend More...

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TreyHarsh Premieres New Song

Dark, harsh, and downright heavy, burgeoning French band TreyHarsh offers a sound drawing from sub-genres as diverse as thrash and sludge.

With a new album on the horizon, today we're premiering an advance stream of new track "Farewell" to give a taste of what's to come - check it out below and let us know what you think!

The band’s first full length album “Reverse” was released in 2013 and was the result of two years full of intense work and perseverance. Featuring eleven songs, the album garnered enthusiastic reactions in the French metal scene and allowed TreyHarsh to play multiple shows across France, opening up for well-known groups such as Supuration and The Ocean.

Now four years later, the quartet is ready to release sophomore album “When The Sun Sets In The East." Mixed and mastered by R3myBoy, the new album is set for release on April 5th via THRecords. Like what you hear below? Be sure to follow the band over at Facebook here. More...

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Funeral Tears Releases "Beyond The Horizon" Video

Russian funeral doom act Funeral Tears is set to release 3rd full-length album "Beyond the Horizon" via Satanath Records (Rus) & Cimmerian Shade Recordings (USA). You can follow the latest on the band at Facebook.

Ahead of the April 13th release date, today we're officially premiering a lyric video for the title track, which can be found below and is highly recommended to fans of Ea, Worship, Evoken, Mournful Congregation & Frowning.

This title track exhibits despondent melodies, slow yet heavy riffs, and a wide range of vocal craftsmanship across a 9 minute duration. Thematically, the track is about the limitation of ours in terms of finding the truth; we can't get beyond the horizon and and can't find the truth from within. The only thing left for us is to live, and we will only be free when we will die.

Founded in Tomsk, Russia during December of 2007, Funeral Tears is the solo project of Nikolay Seredov and darkly conveys the inner state of Nikolay at different periods of life, the struggle for spiritual balance while at war with himself for only purpose - to find his own eternal peace.

"Beyond The Horizon," clocking in at near an hour across six tracks, creates an aura of being buried into the grave of intense depression. Prepare to be crushed amongst the gloomy passages of unadulterated funeral doom. Pre-orders are online here and the track listing is as follows:

01. Close My Eyes
02. Breathe
03. Dehiscing Emptiness
04. I Suffocate
05. Beyond The Horizon
06. Eternal Tranquility More...

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The Riven Premieres "Killer On The Loose"

Do you got the blues real bad because you went and sawed your brother in half, but at the same time you need to stay kinda metal? Fans of Graveyard and other souful heavy rock acts rejoice - today we're introducing you to killer new outfit The Riven!

This London-based group will drop debut EP "Blackbird" on April 14th, with five tracks bringing to mind the glory of the '70s. We're giving you a taste of what's to come with an early stream today of fourth track "Killer On The Loose." Check it out below and tell us what you think!

If you dig the hot sauce and cheap beer-fueled track, be sure to give a listen to previously released song "One Last Time," also available after the jump.

Formed in West London after an alcohol-fueled songwriting session between guitarist Arnau Diaz and bass player Max Ternebring, The Riven was soon to be accompanied by Charlotta Ekebergh on vocals and Olof Axegard on drums.

With a love for bands like Rush, Grand Funk Railroad, and Deep Purple in common they started writing and recording songs together. Recording and mixing was done by JB Pilon at his studio Buffalo Studios in East London in November 2016. More...

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Vangough Premieres "Making Warpaint" Video

A few weeks back, Oklahoma progressive metal act Vangough released the stellar new opus "Warpaint." The album has been receiving critical praise around the world, including our very own xFiruath! Check out our review of "Warpaint" at this location.

You don't have to believe us, judge for yourselves as the full album stream of "Warpaint" is still available at this location. You can purchase the album at over here.

Today, Vangough teamed up with Metal Underground.com to give you a behind the scenes look at the making of "Warpaint" with the first part of the video series "Making Warpaint." The series chronicles the making of the landmark release, beginning with the drum recordings.

Check out the clip here: More...

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The Sarcophagus Premieres New Song

Satanath Records (Rus) in association with Death Portal Studio (USA), Fila Sophiae (Sweden) & Sphera Noctis Records (Brazil) is gearing up to release the 2nd full-length album from The Sarcophagus.

Formerly featuring Niklas Kvarforth and now sporting new vocalist Morkbeast, this Turkey-based black metal behemoth will drop "Beyond This World's Illusion" on April 4th, 2017, bearing the instantly-recognizable artwork of Paolo Girardi.

Today we're ready to expose the light for the lie that it is with an exclusive premiere of new track "Triumphant Divine Terror" - check it out below. The band comments on today's song reveal:

"'Triumphant Divine Terror' is a track about religions which is the cause of wars for many centuries. This terror was created by human beings and they all failed miserably in the name of the light... The Sarcophagus is against all the thoughts that make people fools, blind and slaves..."

If you dig the sound below, pre-orders for the album are now online here and you can follow further developments via the group's official Facebook profle. The full track listing for "Beyond This World's Illusion" is as follows:

01. Reign Of Chaos (streaming here)
02. Ain Sof
03. Dymadiel
04. The Profanity Rites
05. Sapremia Of Earthly Creatures
06. Triumphant Divine Terror
07. Armoured Death
08. Flaming Key To Divine Wisdom
09. Apocalyptic Beast More...

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Lava Invocator Premieres "Mork" Album

Lave Invocator is a mystical black metal formation from Ukraine, the idea of which originated in the small Swedish town of Lund, near Malmö... Dark storm clouds over the Öresund strait, black rocks, high forests and whispers of mysticism mixed in an infernal whirlwind of emotions - so originated the concept of the band. More...

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