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Sacrilege Offering Free Download

Sometimes the greatest gems lay undiscovered, like with Birmingham outfit Sacrilege, founded all thew way back in 1984 by guitarist Damian Thompson and vocalist Lynda “Tam” Simpson.

The female-­fronted crust/punk/metal pioneers set a worldwide underground standard for heavy music with a then-unique blend of hardcore punk and metal. Unlike most bands from either camp, Sacrilege’?s compositional approach focused on weaving radical politics (themes such as corruption, inequality, poverty, nuclear war) into metaphorical and intricate lyrical stories, blending the rebellious spirit of punk with the complexity and rich fantastical imagination of metal.

Now that gem is being unearthed by Relapse Records, with a re-issue of 1985 debut album "Behind The Realms Of Madness" set to land on Friday, November 13, 2015. In anticipation of tomorrow's re-issue, today we're streaming and offering a free download of the track "The Closing Irony." Grab your own copy through the SoundCloud player's download button below.

Now fully remastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Hooded Menace, Obituary) with seven previously unreleased bonus tracks and expanded art and liner notes, this edition of "Behind The Realms of Madness" is the first-ever authorized reissue of Sacrilege's landmark debut. Pre-order your copy physically here or digitally at Bandcamp. More...

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Månegarm Premieres "Blodörn" Lyric Video

Swedish viking horde Månegarm is back with a new self-titled release via Napalm Records on November 20th. Today, the band has unleashed a lyric video for the album's crushing opening track: "Blodörn."

Fans of the band have long known that the 20 year viking veterans of Månegarm are not afraid of developing their melodic pagan sound further. With their latest, self-titled album the band keeps true to course: Månegarm remains expressive and varied from the first note to the last. Once again the band around singer Erik Grawsiö shows just how much wicked fun powerful music can be.

From folk ballads reminiscent of campfires to wild and forceful black metal interludes, everything the metal sounds of the north are known for is represented here. Fans looking for the soundtrack to life as a seafaring warrior will get just that.

The track list is as follows:

1. Blodörn
2. Tagen av Daga
3. Odin Owns Ye All (see music video here)
4. Blot
5. Vigverk - Del II
6. Call of the Runes
7. Kraft
8. Bärsärkarna från Svitjod
9. Nattramn
10. Allfader
11. Månljus (Bonus Track)
12. Mother Earth Father Thunder (Bonus Track)

Now witness the lyric video for "Blodörn" here: More...

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W.A.S.P. Takes You To "Golgotha"

It seems controversy has always surrounded Blackie Lawless and W.A.S.P. Since 1982, the band has seen outcry from the nomenclature behind the band's acronym, the infamous buzzsaw codpiece from "Animal" that sparked the P.M.R.C. debates, and the sound departure and image behind the 1997 release "K.F.D." ("Kill Fuck Die"). One thing is certain, W.A.S.P. has brought forth an enormous array of quality material over the years, never wavering from a foundation of brilliant songwriting.

With the new album "Golgotha" (now available via Napalm Records), the band may have just issued an album that tops the landmark release "The Crimson Idol" (1992). A review for the album can be found at this location. The album can be purchased at this location.

Named after the hill where Jesus Christ was crucified, "Golgotha" (which means "place of the skull") continues the exploration of Biblical horror stories that W.A.S.P. employed on "Babylon." "'There are times in any band’s career that somehow all things mesh together," says Lawless. "Their experiences, influences, and personal timing bring them into a common space. This has happened with this record. Four years in the making has provided direction, but even greater reflection."

The lyric video - an insane cacophony of bloodshed and beauty - partially shows the death of Christ from the perspective of the robbers crucified with him that day.

Metal Underground.com is proud to present...."Golgotha": More...

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Blynd Premieres Full New Album "Liber Sum"

Update: our exclusive 48 hour streaming premiere is now over, but you can still hear most of the tracks and pick up your own copy of the album at Bandcamp here.

It all comes full circle - we've been in love with Blynd since discovering the band back in 2012 when the Cyprus group signed with the ever-awesome Pitch Black Records.

Jumping all over that announcement, we got to premiere several tracks (still streaming online) from 2012 album "As Punishment Unfolds" (reviewed here).

Now nearly four years later Blynd is at it again, prepping another disc chock full of thrashy melodic death metal filled to the brim with some serious atmosphere. "Liber Sum" is now officially set to drop tomorrow - November 6, 2015 - once again through Pitch Black Records.

For 48 hours only we're premiering the entire album online for advance streaming. Bang your head off with the full album stream below! If you like what you hear, be sure to pre-order the album through Pitch Black.

“Liber Sum” ("I Am Free") is a journey through the spiritual and material history of humanity, greatly influenced by the tumultuous history of Cyprus, combined with the alchemical art of psychospiritual growth and transmutation. If you want a deeper look into what went into this album's recording, artwork, and lyrical themes, be sure to read our full interview with Blynd.

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Exquisite Ending Premieres New Psalms Of Hatred

We're about to ruin your whole Thursday, mankind! After our enlightening interview yesterday (in which the band politely asked me to kill myself) today we're streaming the entire new EP from U.K. black metal group Exquisite Ending.

This barrage of hatred and self-destructive loathing will be officially released tomorrow (October 23) through Hibernacula Records, but today you can experience the full assault early through our exclusive stream.

Each track a psalm of the band's misanthropic religion, you can intrude in one the sacred rites of Psalm V ("Accursed Be Thy Kingsmen") through Psalm IX ("Before The Chasmn Of Nullity") below, and if you aren't obliterated by unholy power, you can pick up your own copy of the EP at this location. The track listing is:

1. Psalm V: Accursed Be Thy Kingsmen
2. Psalm VI: Banishment Of Noble Coercion
3. Psalm VII: The Bestowing Of Abhorrence, Universum
4. Psalm VIII: Unbound Bloodletting Of The Orthadox Order
5. Psalm IX: Before The Chasmn Of Nullity More...

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Everthrone Deals With "Loss"

In the second time this month, Metal Underground.com is proud to host the world premiere of South Carolina progressive metal act Everthone's newest music video. Back on October 6th, the band unleashed a stream of "Consciousness". Today, the band deals with "Loss" with the superb ballad from the upcoming sophomore release "The Dawning," which is set to drop via Divebomb Records on October 30, 2015.

For "The Dawning," Everthrone has once again teamed up with producer Don Debiase of Lava Room/Studio D in Cleveland, OH, creating another innovative and bold approach to the band's dark wave-driven metal.

On "Loss," the band deals with the debt all men must pay....death. Just like the song, the video showcases the band's classier side, with the band all spiffed up and keyboardist Chris Carland performing on a 1922 Steinway Grand Piano.

In celebration of the release of "The Dawning," Everthrone will perform the album in it's entirety at Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, NC on November 27th.

The track list for the album is:

1. This Great Expanse
2. Consciousness (see music video here)
3. Children Of A Dying Sun
4. Under A Burning Sky (streaming here)
5. Crimson Gold
6. The Anarchist
7. Loss
8. Masquerade
9. Word Of The Oracle
10. All Things Manifest

Metal Underground.com is proud to premiere the music video for the new track "Loss" here: More...

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Deseized Premieres "Patterns Within Patterns"

Deseized might hail from Oslo, but this ain't no lo-fi black metal band! Formed in 2003, this group brings you an intense and crushing sound tempered by both melody and the swagger of hardcore.

Debut album "The Trophy of our Demise" was issued in 2009, garnering some very pleasing reactions, which was followed three years later by sophomore effort "Architects of our Demise” through Negative Vibe Records.

Now in 2015, the band is ready to unleash a new EP titled "A Thousand Forms of Action" - and we've got an exclusive early listen of a track off that impending release. See if you can fathom the "Patterns Within Patterns" below!

Recorded, mixed and produced by the band at different studios, "A Thousand Forms of Action" is the result of two years of meticulous songwriting and a strong determination to push Deseized's sound to new and higher levels. The band comments:

"This time around we produced the whole thing ourselves, and leaned on everything we have from experience and knowledge to create the coolest release we have so far. The music and the approach to it is more mature and more thorough and well thought through than before, and we have chosen to reach a little further out of our box than we are accustomed to. The process itself is somewhere between gung-ho guerrilla and soberly, calculated method." More...

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Civil War Invokes The Spirit Of "Braveheart"

Sweden's Civil War continue the tradition of historical lyrical compositions with the latest album "Gods & Generals" touching topics like the first ironclad warship commissioned by the Union Army in the U.S. Civil war in 1862 ("USS Monitor"), or the failed CIA sponsored military invasion of Cuba in 1961 ("Bay of Pigs) and post-traumatic stress disorder of soldiers who fought in the Pacific theater of World War II ("Back to Iwo Jima"). You can obtain your own copy of "Gods & Generals" from Napalm Records at this location.

This time, the power metal group consisting of former members of Sabaton, with the great Nils Patrik Johansson (Wuthering Heights/Astral Doors) on vocals, take on one of Scotland's most legendary historical figures: William Wallace. Check out the world premiere of the music video for the track "Braveheart" in the player below.

Civil War is on tour in Germany in support of Powerwolf, the dates of which are as follows:

22.10.15 DE – Berlin / C-Club
23.10.15 DE – Leipzig / Hellraiser
24.10.15 DE – München / Backstage
29.10.15 DE – Ravensburg / Oberschwabenhalle
30.10.15 DE – Geiselwind / Music Hall
31.10.15 DE – Stuttgart / Lka Longhorn

Metal Underground.com is proud to premiere the new music video "Braveheart" here: More...

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Amberian Dawn Premieres "Fame & Gloria"

Finnish symphonic metal act Amberian Dawn have unleashed the pirate themed music video for the new track "Fame & Gloria" right here on Metal Underground.com. The song is the opening number from the brand new new release "Innuendo," which is set to drop via Napalm Records on October 23rd. The band's seventh full length studio effort can be pre-ordered over at this location.

After their last highly acclaimed 2014 album “Magic Forest," the female fronted sextet return with "Innuendo," the second studio album with gorgeous vocalist Päivi "Capri" Virkkunen. Presented in a catchier and more melodic way than previous efforts, "Innuendo" sounds like a deliberately fresh new start with some of strongest vocal performances in the band’s history. With production work from Mikko Karmilla (Amorphis, Apocalyptica) and Tuomas Seppälä's apparent influences from the likes of Jean Michel Jarre to Vangels, "Innuendo" showcases the epic trademarks of an album that could easily place the band into the forefront of the subgenre! "Innuendo" is a term most famed by Queen and the album titled the same, but as time goes on, some might come to think of Amberian Dawn alongside the British rock heroes.

The track listing for the album is:

1. Fame & Gloria
2. Ladyhawk
3. Innuendo
4. The Court Of Mirror Hall (see lyric video here)
5. Angelique
6. Rise Of The Evil
7. Chamber Of Dreadful Dreams
8. Knock Knock Who’s There
9. Symphony Nr 1, Part 1 – The Witchcraft
10. Your Time – My Time
11. Fame & Gloria (Instrumental Version) (Bonus Track)
12. Sunrise (Re-Recording) (Bonus Track)

Metal Underground.com is proud to present "Fame & Gloria": More...

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Everthrone Seeks "Conciousness"

South Carolina progressive metal act Everthone has returned with the sophomore release "The Dawning," which is set to drop via Divebomb Records on October 30, 2015. The band has granted Metal Underground.com the exclusive premiere of the music video for the new track "Consciousness," which you can check out in the player below.

Looking to capitalize on the acclaim of the debut album "Evil Tongues," Everthrone has teamed up with producer Don Debiase of Lava Room/Studio D in Cleveland, OH, and has sculpting 10 new tracks that beautifully showcase an innovative and bold new approach to the band's dark wave-driven metal.

With "Consciousness," the band does more than symbolically break chains - they step up their already high expectations. With the unique style of vocalist Russell Plyler backed by stellar musicians Nevin McKeown (guitars), Jeremy McKeown (drums), Chris Carland (keyboards) and Daniel Carner (bass), Everthrone will truly turn heads with the break out release "The Dawning." In speaking with Chris Carland, the band feels that this album best represents the true sound of Everthrone - represented in the title "The Dawning" - which they feel is more of a cohesive album, with each song complimenting in styles, as opposed just a collection of songs.

In celebration of the release of "The Dawning," Everthrone will perform the album in it's entirety at Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, NC on November 27th.

The track list for the album is:

1. This Great Expanse
2. Consciousness
3. Children Of A Dying Sun
4. Under A Burning Sky (streaming here)
5. Crimson Gold
6. The Anarchist
7. Loss
8. Masquerade
9. Word Of The Oracle
10. All Things Manifest

Metal Underground.com is proud to premiere the music video for the new track "Consciousness" here: More...

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Phantasma Dares You To "Enter Dreamscape"

Phantasma - the new symphonic rock musical featuring Delain's Charlotte Wessels, Serenity's Georg Neuhauser and Everon's Oliver Phillipps - has premiered the lyric video for new track "Enter Dreamscape" right here on Metal Underground.com (check it out below). The song is taken from the upcoming debut "The Deviant Hearts," which will drop on November 20th via Napalm Records.

Phantasma was born from the longstanding ambition to create a story-driven concept record of Georg Neuhauser, vocal force behind symphonic metal outfit Serenity. He found his partner in crime with multi-instrumentalist composer, producer and vocalist Oliver Philipps (Everon) who gladly embarked on this new mission that allowed him to reconnect with being a musician in the first place, as a welcome change from working for other bands, which he has done extensively over the years, providing the rich sound connoisseurs of the genre have come to expect from him.

As Oliver worked with Delain since their debuting record, a request at Charlotte Wessels's address was made to complete the dynamic trio of Phantasma. It is therefore not only surprising, but also gratifying that Charlotte lends not only her voice to Phantasma, but also her debut novella "The Deviant Hearts," which she specifically wrote for the project.

Charlotte commented on "Enter Dreamscape": “We are so happy to share this first track from "The Deviant Hearts" with you! There is much more to come. We hope you like what you hear! You can find pre-order links to the album below!”

Pre-orders can be made at this location.

Giving a face to several characters in the story are noted guest vocalists Tom Englund (Evergrey), who performs on tracks such as "Enter Dreamscape" and "The Deviant Hearts," Cloe Lowery (T.S.O.), who shines on the heart-wrenching ballad "Try" alongside Dennis Schunke (Van Canto), and who can also be heard pn "Carry Me Home." Georg, Oliver, and Charlotte themselves finish the vocal palette while the sound is completed by Jason Gianni (Daredevil Squadron, Neal Morse Band, T.S.O.) on drums, Randy George (Neal Morse Band, Ajalon) on bass and Tom Buchberger (ex-Serenity) guesting two songs on guitar. Milan-based artist Marco Mazzoni provides the haunting cover art (shown below) and illustrations to the story, creating an eerie visual world with his elaborate style. More...

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Varg Premieres New Music Video "Rotkäppchen 2015"

On the 2011 album "Wolfskult," the Bavarian wolf brigade known as Varg set right the rumors Brothers Grimm maliciously spread regarding Little Red Riding Hood. Contrary to the fairy tales, it was actually the wolf who was innocent, seduced by the petite wolf in sheep’s clothing, Little Red Riding Hood, and even pawned off the murder of her grandmother on him, like some poor sacrificial lamb. Its no wonder that in this explosive literary history and anthemic musical piece quickly became one of the band's crowd favorites, compelling the band to lift “Rotkäppchen” onto a podium and pay it the attention it has so long deserved.

The same could be said of the new EP, which should not be overlooked as only a segue to the upcoming full length album “Das Ende aller Lügen." "Rotkäppchen" is a gem on its own. It is a magical interlude, which has some treasures hidden between his precious DIN A5-pages: between the classic version from 2011 and an instrumental karaoke-version you’ll find a version both in English (feat Christopher Bows of Alestorm) and Norwegian (feat Trollfest), as well as a recent re-recording that, like on the original, features Anna Murphy of Eluveitie. The EP includes two brand-new songs “Ein Tag Wie Heute” (featuring Dom R. Crey of Equilibrium) and “Abendrot”, which won’t be found on “Das Ende aller Lügen”.

The EP drops on October 9th via Napalm Records. Metal Underground.com is proud to bring you the premiere of the new music video for "Rotkäppchen 2015" here: More...

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Khaotika Exposes The "Heretik Within"

April 5, 2015....a deadly accident occurred that took the lives of Khaotika drummer Nick Crisostomo (a/k/a Dyret) and Wormreich members Ian A. McKinney (guitarist/keyboardist) and Paul Truesdel (Bass). It was a tragic loss for two young metal acts trying to leave a mark on the scene. The cause of the accident is still under investigation. More information and insight into the accident, injuries and the new album can be read below in our feature with vocalist Lariyah.

On November 11th, Khaotika will release the debut full length release "The Flame Unleashed" - the fruit of the band's victory over the challenges endured and overcome. Pre-orders for the album begin tomorrow, October 2nd, via the band's website at this location.

"The Flame Unleashed" was recorded by Scott Prian and Paul Golden, mixed and edited by Scott Prion and mastering at Necromorbus Studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Today, Metal Underground.com is proud to present the exclusive first look at "The Flame Unleashed," with the premiere of the music video for the new track "Heretik Within."

The video was recorded and edited by vocalist Lariyah using both a cell phone and a GoPro camera. You can check it out here:


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Darkest Era Premieres New Music Video

Darkest Era has a wicked cool new animated video for "Songs Of Gods and Men," taken off the 2014 album "Severance" (available through Cruz Del Sur Music) and we're proud to be bringing you the exclusive premiere - check it out below! The clip was created by French/Irish Artist Anaïs Chareyre who describes it by saying:

"The concept of this animation is about choices we make in life. This witch/woman is a representation of the Change, a step to something unknown, good or bad. She is the Fool tarot card, a promise for something definitely different... Sometimes in life we do need a radical change, but we are scared to walk to her. I went to her twice in my life, and twice I was terrified. But so far she is still smiling at me, even though she could change her face anytime, and I am aware of it. This is my first animation and I am really glad I could have such an awesome track as background, I hope you enjoy it!"

If you like what you see in the video, you can find more of Anaïs’ stunning artwork at Facebook or over through DeviantArt.com here.

Furthermore Cruz Del Sur Music and Darkest Era are eager to announce a co-release of the forthcoming “An Dagda Awakens / Elohim” 7’’ due out on November 20, 2015. The cover artwork and an audio teaser will be revealed soon. More...

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Curse Of The North Premieres "Wheel Of Swords"

Haven't heard of Curse Of The North yet? You're about to... This Seattle outfit is prepping the "Curse Of The North: I" album for release via Static Tension Recordings on October 23, 2015.

Pre-orders for the vinyl edition an a CD housed in an LP-like jacket are already up here, and we're now offering a taste of this traditional doom metal outfit's impending release with a stream of the song "Wheel Of Swords." Check it out below.

Curse Of The North features Christiiaan Morris on guitar and vocals, Nick Cates (ex-3 Inches of Blood) on bass, and Burke Thomas (Duff McKagan's Loaded, Vendetta Red) on drums.

Static Tension Recordings comments that the new album is "a love letter to all that is great about classic heavy metal and rock. Fusing the modern sounds of heavy bands like High on Fire and Baroness with the classic takes on Black Sabbath and 70s Scorpions, Curse of the North forge the sound ahead with a focus on memorable songs and heavy riffs."

"Curse of the North: I" was recorded and produced by Christiiaan Morris at Studio Litho, mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge, High on Fire, Toxic Holocaust) at Godcity Studios and mastered by Ed Brooke's and RFI studios. The track listing is as follows:

01. Sleep While You Can
02. Wheel of Swords
03. Into The Trees
04. The Tower
05. The Electric Wall
06. Blessed Burning
07. Oceans Rise
08. Faceless Killers More...

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Bevar Sea Premieres "Bury Me In NOLA"

Following a solid self-titled album released back in 2012 (and still available for streaming here), Bangalore-based stoner/doom metal quintet Bevar Sea is now returning with a follow-up release.

The appropriately titled sophomore album "Invoke the Bizarre" is now primed to land worldwide on October 31, 2015 (September 25 in India). We've got an advance taste of the bizarreness being invoked today - check out our exclusive stream of the track "Bury Me In NOLA," which sounds quite a lot like the name would imply!

In November 2014, after a 10-day whirlwind session at Adarsh Recording Studio in Bevar Sea's hometown, the band completing the challenging task of following such a well-received debut album. "Invoke the Bizarre" sees a musically maturing Bevar Sea in exploration of new sonic territories while remaining rooted in doom. The album was then mixed and mastered by Matt Lynch from LA's Mysterious Mammal Recording between April and August 2015. The full track listing is:

1. Bearded and Bizarre
2. Bury Me In NOLA
3. Sleeping Pool
4. Where There's Smoke There's a Pyre
5. Heathen
6. Grand Alignment More...

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Seven Nines And Tens Premieres New Single

Our studious readers may recall we premiered a track from a Canadian band called Seven Nines and Tens back in early 2013.

Well, that melodic "skygaze" outfit is finally back in action ready to release new music, and we're stoked to be bringing you the exclusive premiere of the atmospheric "I Come From Downtown" single.

Featuring artwork by Nic Brown and a new band photo courtesy of Asia Fairbanks, check out the track below and get info on upcoming live activity from Seven Nines And Tens at Facebook here.

For those wondering if this means more material is on the horizon, you'll be pleased to know "I Come From Downtown" is only the first single from the second Seven Nines & Tens record “Set the Control for the Heart of the Slums.”

The album was conceived after principle songwriter David Cotton spent 500 consecutive days writing the music, and the album's mission statement is simple: defy any new/haphazard music industry model with timeless songwriting. “Set the Control for the Heart of the Slums” exhibits a dramatic leap in compositional refinement amid Everest sized melodic motifs.

After the album’s release, Seven Nines & Tens will support the record with extensive touring throughout 2016 and 2017, so stay tuned for more news. More...

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Pathologic Noise Premieres New Death Metal Track

...and now for something more on the brutal and extreme side to wake you up this morning! You Brazilian death metal fanatics might recall the name Pathologic Noise and the erotically disturbing cover art for first album "Sodomy and Delight on Flesh" way back in 2003.

Now Pathologic Noise is officially back with a new release as "Gore Aberration" is prepped to drop through Greyhaze Records on November 2, 2015.

To get the world ready for this monstrous gore metal release, today we're officially premiering what will be the seventh out of eight tracks on the album - check out "Calling With The Dead's" below.

Pathologic Noise started off in the mid-90's in Belo Horizonte and released a handful of demo tapes that were capped by a first official studio full-length in 2003. Blood and brutality permeate the band’s music and new album, "Gore Aberration," goes deeper into brutal death metal territory.

The album cover was created by visual artist Kelson Frost, who had also created artwork for bands such as Sarcofago, Headhunter DC, and The Mist. The "Gore Aberration" track listing is as follows:

1. Never Ending Blood'n Hate
2. Sexual Murder
3. Pathologic Metal Vision
4. Master Of Suffering
5. Bloody Deliriums
6. Lights On The Dark Sky
7. Calling With The Dead's
8. War Lust (Queen Of Carnal Pleasure) More...

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Every Hour Kills Premieres Full New EP

The time is nearly at hand: tomorrow (September 18) modern melodic metal four piece Every Hour Kills will finally release the band's new self-titled EP.

We want you to hear it as soon as possible though, so we're stoked to be premiering the entire release a day ahead of time. Listen in to all of "Every Hour Kills" below, and if you like what you hear, pre-orders are up for both physical and digital formats.

The EP features several guest vocalists, including Kyle Rilkoff and Chris T (Shark Infested Daughters) on "Chosen," Kyle Rilkoff on "Deliver Us," and Laura-Anne Hickli on "One Reason."

Artwork for the release comes courtesy of Tyler Reitan Design, and the full track listing is as follows:

1. Chosen
2. Deliver Us
3. SaviourS
4. One Reason
5. Almost Human (watch the music video here) More...

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Amberian Dawn Premieres "The Court Of Mirror Hall"

Finnish symphonic metal act Amberian Dawn will release the new album "Innuendo" on October 23rd via Napalm Records. Metal Underground.com is proud to bring you the new track "The Court Of Mirror Hall," which can be viewed via the new lyric video in the player below. "Innuendo" is the band's seventh full length studio effort and can be pre-ordered at this location.

On the track, keyboardis Tuomas Seppälä commented: "The Court of Mirror Hall” represents a different side of my musical visions compared with many of my earlier compositions for AD. The song is very keyboard & vocal driven. I wanted that song to have a certain groove and most of that feeling is coming from vivid bass guitar line and rhytmic keyboard riff. The arrangement of that song is quite light and clear. There's no orchestrations, instead of that I wanted that song to be very airy, fresh and packed with a lot of vocal stems."

The track listing for the album is:

1. Fame & Gloria
2. Ladyhawk
3. Innuendo
4. The Court Of Mirror Hall
5. Angelique
6. Rise Of The Evil
7. Chamber Of Dreadful Dreams
8. Knock Knock Who’s There
9. Symphony Nr 1, Part 1 – The Witchcraft
10. Your Time – My Time
11. Fame & Gloria (Instrumental Version) (Bonus Track)
12. Sunrise (Re-Recording) (Bonus Track)

Check out "The Court Of Mirror Hall" here: More...

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