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Delain Premieres New Track "Suckerpunch"

The members of Dutch act Delain seem to be restless spirits: The latest album "The Human Contradiction" was released in 2014 on Napalm Records and gained high praise from both fans and the press alike. The band followed up the release by touring the world with acts such as Sabaton, Within Temptation, and Nightwish, followed by a European headline tour that saw them conquering stages in sold out venues all over! Yet instead of resting on the success, the band hit the studio again to present a brand new epic endeavor: "Lunar Prelude" – set to be released February 19th via Napalm Records!

"Lunar Prelude" was mastered by Grammy Award winning producer Ted Jensen. It offers two brand new songs in the shape of the beyond catchy "Suckerpunch" and the melancholic "Turn The Lights Out." Today, the band teams up with Metal Underground.com to give you that "Suckerpunch," which can be heard in the player below.

In addition to the new tracks, "Lunar Prelude" includes a brand new version of "Don't Let Go" (originally appeared on 2014's "The Human Contradiction") and four incredible live cuts, as well as an orchestral reprise of "Suckerpunch," all of which proves once again how Delain is blatantly known for catchy hooks, bewitching melodies, symphonic bombast, and of course a good solid dose of metal! Delain has concocted a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of emotions and with the EP title featuring the tell-tale word "Prelude," our hunger is left to grow for a next full-length album…(coming later in 2016!)

On "Suckerpunch" the band commented: "Dear Delainers, our latest album 'The Human Contradiction' has taken us on a great ride, performing hundreds of stages around the globe for all of you. We barely managed to catch our breaths from our most recent tours, yet we've already got some new music that we simply can't wait to share. In preparation of our next full length studio album, we'd like to present to you 'Lunar Prelude,' a collection of several brand new tracks, a new version of a familiar one, and live versions of some our favorite The Human Contradiction tracks. Today, we release the first track off 'Lunar Prelude': an upbeat fight song about facing your demons and taking them on. Don't let them weigh you down! We hope you will enjoy 'Suckerpuch'!"

The track listing for "Lunar Prelude" is:

1. Suckerpunch
2. Turn the Lights Out
3. Don't Let Go
4. Lullaby (Live 2015)
5. Stardust (Live 2015)
6. Here Come the Vultures (Live 2015)
7. Army of Dolls (Live 2015)
8. Suckerpunch Orchestra

Metal Underground.com is proud to present "Suckerpunch" here: More...

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Reign Eternal Premieres New Music Video

Exeter-based metalcore squad Reign Eternal released debut EP "Premonitions" last month (which is still streaming here if you hadn't heard it yet).

Freshly formed just in 2014, this young group mixes together melodic choruses with heavy riffs, and isn't slowing down or stopping after their debut musical statement. Today we have the pleasure to premiere a brand new video from the still piping-hot fresh "Premonitions" release.

Check out "The Amendment" below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments or catch up with the band directly at Facebook here.

Vocalist Ellis Jones comments on the clip: "Off the back bone of our first video 'Fighting Blind' feat. Matt Stuart we shot the second music video for another track on our 'Premonitions' EP called 'The Amendment.' Because of the lyrical theme of bullying and discrimination, this is a song which a lot of our fans and new listeners can relate to. For us 'The Amendment' is a stand out track on the EP and we wanted to give it the video it deserves." More...

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Van Canto Premieres Lyric Video For New Track

German inventors of Power A Cappella Van Canto have announced the impending new release "Voices of Fire." The band has signed on with earMUSIC for the album's release, which is set for March 16, 2016 in Europe (North American date TBA). "Voices of Fire" is the follow up to the 2014 album "Dawn of the Brave" (see our review at this location).

As a first taste of the new release, the band has teamed up with Metal Underground.com to bring you the lyric video for the first single "Clashings On Armour Plates," which can be viewed in the player below. The track marks a new chapter in Van Canto’s musical story: Metal Vocal Musical. The first song of the album to see the light of day perfectly demonstrates that the six musicians of Van Canto are not only able to imitate instruments such as guitars, basses and keyboards but instead and first and foremost tell stories.

"Vocal Metal Music further develops what we stand for as Van Canto. Not only can our voices sing and imitate guitars but they are also able to tell stories. It has been six years that we’ve been working on this concept – and now we’re finally able to share it with the world," says founding band member Stefan Schmidt.

The band has teamed up with German bestseller author Christoph Hardebusch ("Die Trolle" – engl. "The Trolls"), who is going to release his new fantasy novel "Feuerstimmen" on March 17th on Piper Verlag.

"We are barely able to tell what came first: the music as part of the novel or the novel as part of our album. Christoph Hardebusch and we worked hand in hand on this. Our compositions did influence the novel and vice versa. Simply put, we created our own world – a world full of competing kingdoms, epic battles, dragons, fire and bards. Not always deadly serious but full of adventures to set your imagination running wild… like Van Canto does," explains lead singer Sly, who developed the plot of the novel together with Christoph Hardebusch. More...

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Illusions Dead Premieres New Song

Over 40 minutes of pummeling Finnish black/death metal is on the way to blow out your speakers, with Illusions Dead prepping debut full-length “Celestial Decadence” for a February 8th, 2016 drop date.

A self-release being handled directly by the band, “Celestial Decadence” will be available digitally via Bandcamp, with a limited run of 200 CDs also slated to drop.

With a little over two weeks left to go before the album's release, today we're giving you an advance listen to raging seventh track off “The Way of the Deceiver.” Check out our exclusive premiere of the song below.

Driven by death and shrouded in darkness, “Celestial Decadence” is shockingly robust for a debut, as the band honors a proud Finnish metal tradition that is marked by passion and power. Featuring cover artwork by Moonrot, the album's full track listing is as follows:

1. Incursion
2. Devoured By Hatred
3. Shadow and Flame
4. Hour of the Raven
5. Revolution (Celestial Spheres)
6. Tormentor of the Weak
7. The Way of the Deceiver
8. Illusions Dead More...

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The Kennedy Veil Premieres New Music Video

The devastating death metal machine that is The Kennedy Veil has consistently impressed in the scant handful of years the California-based band has existed, culminating in a signing with Unique Leader Records and the release of "Trinity Of Falsehood."

Today we're beyond stoked to be premiering a freshly created music video taken off that crushing full-length album. Although the band has done playthrough clips before, this is the debut official music video from The Kennedy Veil!

Check out "King Of Slaves" below and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section. The Kennedy Veil drummer Gabe Seeber comments on the clip:

"We spoke with the guy who just launched Candy Grenade (video production), and he mentioned he was looking to shoot his first music video. We were definitely keen on the idea and decided to work with him to shoot a video for the song 'King of Slaves,' which is the 5th track on our Unique Leader debut album, 'Trinity of Falsehood.'

"We chose this song because it wasn't previously released as a single, and also because it's one of the heavier, more groove-oriented songs and we wanted to try and showcase the slightly sludgier side of TKV. More...

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Suppressive Fire Premieres Full New Album

Devastating death/thrash outfit Suppressive Fire will launch a debut full-length blitzkrieg fittingly titled "Bedlam" just a week from now on January 14th.

Thankfully, you don't have to wait any longer to get a face of high intensity metal, as we're premiering the entire album 7 days early!

Check out all 11 killer tracks mixed by Joel Grind and bearing cover artwork by the inimitable Par Olofsson below.

If the album properly devastates your ear drums, be sure to pre-order a copy straight from the band here. You can also follow the latest on Suppressive Fire and get info on a release show in Raleigh, NC at Facebook. The "Bedlam" track listing is as follows:

1. Ceasefire
2. The Hellwraith
3. Coup d'état
4. Thy Flesh Consumed
5. Bayonet Penetration
6. Nazi Face Melter
7. Pyrophoric Blood
8. Ironsights
9. Crucify the Kings
10. Holy Masochism
11. Bedlam More...

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Resurrection Kings Takes The "Path Of Love"

Resurrection Kings - the new band centered around the talents of former Dio and Giuffria guitar player, Craig Goldy - has premiered the new track "Path of Love" from the upcoming self titled debut album, which is set to drop on January 29th via Fronters Music srl. Pre-orders for the album can be made via Amazon at this location.

The idea of Resurrection Kings started with a set of demos Goldy recorded with singer Chas West, a guy with an unbelievable set of pipes, who has worked with such bands as the Jason Bonham Band, Foreigner, Lynch Mob, Tribe Of Gypsies, and 3 Legged Dogg.

"It all started five years ago when Craig Goldy asked me to write together," says Chas. Out of those demo sessions, the song "Livin’ Out Loud" strongly impressed Frontiers' President, Serafino Perugino. He then asked Craig to build up a project/band around that musical concept. He also suggested Sean McNabb for bass (Lynch Mob, Dokken , Quiet Riot ), while Craig brought in later former Dio band mate Vinny Appice on drums. "Serafino wanted to make an album with famous musicians from the 80’s and I was flabbergasted when he asked me to participate," says Craig Goldy. "We’ve all known each other for a long time and it was a pleasure to work with everyone – my God with Chas, Sean and Vinny that’s a killer line-up!"

Frontiers in-house writer and producer and Voodoo Circle/Silent Force keyboardist Alessandro Del Vecchio (Revolution Saints, Hardline, Rated X) offered his services to the band and wrote (or co-wrote with Goldy) a few tracks to round out the material that was available. "He is a great songwriter, producer, musician and singer," says Goldy. "Some of the demo versions already had vocals and everything else, so all we did was learn the songs and then did them our way. When Sean and Vinny got a hold of these songs they really came alive and gave me automatic inspiration to write and perform on top of what was already written."

The resulting album is an impressive example of classic hard rock with a contemporary production and edge. Think Whitesnake "1987" mixed with Dio’s "Dream Evil," with a touch of classic Led Zeppelin and Rainbow and you will not be far from the end result. This truly is an extremely strong record where the musicians were able to stretch their wings and their numerous fans will be incredibly pleased with the results! More...

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Razoreater Premieres New LP

Ready to be nailbombed, blood eagled, and razored to shreds? We're kicking your day into high gear with an exclusive online premiere of the "Vacuum Of Nihil" EP from noisy grind outfit Razoreater this morning.

This 5 track burst of intensity hits like a sudden storm and then passes just as quickly, leaving you a bloody, quivering mess longing for more of the brutality!

Stream all the tracks below, and you can also pre-order your copy of the LP at this location. Due out January 13th, 2016, the track listing for this vinyl release is as follows:

1. Nailbombed
2. I, Dreadnought
3. Bloodeagled
4. Wrath
5. Filth Scheming, Shrill Screaming

If you like what you hear, don't forget to head over to the Razoreater Facebook profile and give 'em a like! More...

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The Unguided Recounts "The Worst Day (Revisited)"

When Richard Sjunnesson, Roger Sjunnesson and Roland Johansson left Sonic Syndicate in 2010, many fans felt disappointed and abandoned. But feareth not!, because these Swedes have since returned and proclaimed themselves The Unguided. The five piece brings back the heaviness and bite that Sonic Syndicate have been considered lacking in for quite some time now.

"Lust And Loathing," their third full length release, boasts melodic and goosebump-inducing powerplay. Once you get past the harsh melodic death metal exterior, epic clean vocals and catchy keyboard tones await! Dynamic and strong songwriting with that special Scandinavian „je ne sais quoi“, massive production, and delicate guitar solos turn "Lust And Loathing" into the best gem The Unguided`s discography has yet to offer!

Today, Metal Underground.com presents the lyric video for the new track "The Worst Day (Revisited)," which you can enjoy in the player below. More...

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Against The Plagues Premieres Full New Album

I guarantee you the first 25 seconds opening the new Against The Plagues album will kickstart your morning and make you wide, wide awake more than any sludgy cup of coffee!

The Chicago-based extreme metal band is absolutely relentless in approach on "Purified Through Devastation," which will officially release tomorrow - December 18th - via Non Serviam Records. But you don't have to wait till then to hear it, because we're premiering the full release right now!

Listen in below, and if you like what you hear, you can order your own copy of the utterly savage album right here. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Man's Modern World
2. All Flesh Had Corrupted
3. Praetorian Icon
4. Theokratia
5. Terrorform
6. Extermination Event
7. Falling Further (Instrumental)
8. Enblightened
9. Enemy Herein More...

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Kult Mogil Premieres Full New Album

An enigma wrapped in a mystery, the faceless Polish cult that is Kult Mogil is on the verge of unleashing new album "Anxiety Never Descending." The album's oozing atmosphere is of a reeking graveyard; a soundtrack to your damnation and slow death.

While you'll have to wait just a bit longer for the official CD version - due out December 24th to unhallow more than a few Christmases via Pagan Records - today we're bringing the entire metal monstrosity out early!

Recommended for fans of Portal, Bölzer, Dead Congregation or Necros Christos, check out our full exclusive advance stream of "Anxiety Never Descending" below! If you like what you hear, pre-orders are available at this location.

According to the band, this is an album that should only be played with the volume knob firmly planted all the way up to 10. For a deeper look at what went into the disc's creation, check out our recent interview with Kult Mogil right here. The full track listing is:

1. Anxiety Never Descending
2. Threnody
3. Serene Ponds
4. Poczatek Wrazen
5. The Width of a Forehead
6. Palliative Messiah More...

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Epic Death Premieres Full "Witchcraft" Album

Everybody wants to experience an epic death worthy of the gods of metal, but only this band can really give it to you! We're kicking the day off with an exclusive premiere of the entire new "Witchcraft" album from Epic Death - listen in below.

While you can hear all of "Witchcraft" in advance today, the album is slated for official release via Bast Records tomorrow (December 11th). Pre-orders are available via the band's website if you dig the combo of black, thrash, and death on display.

If you want more from Epic Death, be sure to also check out the music video for "Hide" over here or experience the band's extreme rendition of "Poison" by Alice Cooper at this location.

The album's track listing is as follows:

1. Hide
2. The Vendetta
3. Dragon’s Blood
4. Stay Away
5. Witchcraft
6. Poison
7. Screams from Valhalla
8. Eye of the Storm
9. Karma’s a Bitch
10. Incantation of Epic Death More...

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The Glorious Rebellion Premieres "Benaquyl"

We've got a real treat for you today if you want something loud and to the damn point already!

The Glorious Rebellion's new album "Euphoric" will drop on April 8th via Magnetic Eye Records, offering up six tracks of stellar, sludgy noise rock with a dose of groove metal.

That feels like an eternity away, but today we're premiering new single "Benaquyl" well in advance of the release to let you know what to expect - check it out below!

Band founder Billy Myers III said the following about the track: "Insomnia is something I deal with pretty regularly. This is a song filled with the things you say to yourself when you're bashing your head at your desk at work after a couple weeks with little to no sleep."

You can find more info on The Glorious Rebellion at Facebook or read the band's recent entry in our Pit Stories series about breaking shit on stage over here. In their own words, the members of The Glorious Rebellion describe themselves like this:

"Loud. Noisy. Get to the fucking Point. We're not here to make friends. We're not here to play nice. We're not here to 'support the scene.' We're not looking for a good time. Crank it up and yell at it until our point is made and then get off the stage."

"Euphoric" has some seriously tongue-in-cheek track titles (personal favorite: "Bitches Hate Misogyny"), with the full track listing as follows:

1. It's a Sucker's Game, Kid
2. Emmett Brown Has Never Met a Scott That Wasn't Great
3. Benaquyl
4. Have I Told You Lately That I Loathe You
5. The Dirtiest Dream Jobs
6. Bitches Hate Misogyny More...

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Striker Premieres New Music Video "Too Late"

"Full Speed or No Speed": prophetic words to live by from Striker’s debut full length release "Eyes in the Night." Since forming nearly 8 years ago, not a day goes by without the pedal to the metal attitude that smashes through the traffic jam of modern metal. "Stand in the Fire," Striker’s 4th studio album, prepares to shift the band into high gear and leave the competition in the dust. Guest performances from some of metal’s premiere players as well as other unprecedented collaborations prepare a high octane mix that is ready for ignition. This will be Striker’s strongest album to date, living a life set by one rule: no limits!

The Edmonton metal act will release "Stand in the Fire" on February 5, 2016. A pre-orders crowd-funding campaign was launched over at the band's website over at www.striker-metal.com. The campaign, with a massive set of perks (including an exclusive keg party and show in your basement), runs from through December 10, 2015.

For "Stand in the Fire," the band has enlisted the help of ex-Primal Fear drummer Randy Black for the drums and HammerFall's Fredrik Nordström for the production.

As a special treat, Striker has partnered with Metal Underground.com to present you the album's first music video - "Too Late."

On the video clip, the band commented: "For this video we wanted to channel the essence of Bon Jovi, but with less hairspray and more metal. It's hard to go wrong with a well done performance video, and we decided to put a modern twist on it with all the slow motion, colour, and moving lights in the background. We like to bounce back and forth between the high concept videos like our Keg Monster videos and simpler things like this; we need to show people what it's like at a Striker show! More pyro next time I swear!"

Check out the clip here: More...

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Dissona Premieres New Track "Odium"

Chicago’s progressive metal masterminds Dissona has partnered with Metal Underground.com to bring you the first taste from the new album "Paleopneumatic." Check out "Odium" in the player below.

Dissona melds a dynamic range of musical styles, developing an incredibly moving, diverse sound. The band consistently captivates fans with mesmerizing songs, powerful live performances and poignant lyrical themes, including sentience, emotion, sexuality, and much more.

With the band's most most ambitious release yet, "Paleopneumatic" epitomizes Dissona’s endeavors to date and brings the listener on an existential, cohesive journey with gripping melodies, expertly-crafted arrangements, and impassioned vocals.

"Paleopneumatic" will be self released on January 15th. Its track listing is as follows:

1. Another Sky
2. Fire-Bellied
3. Outside the Skin
4. Breach
5. Totality
6. Odium
7. Anastomosis
8. Lysis
9. The Last Resistance
10. Sunderance More...

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Varg Premieres New Music Video

German blackened death metal warriors Varg have premiered the music video title track from the forthcoming new release "Das Ende aller Lügen," which drops on January 15th via Napalm Records. Pre-order the album at this location.

Already the opener, which will be an established monument of the German’s live set within a very short time, presents Varg’s new direction: The political leaders of the world exposed as false prophets and seducers, Varg invokes the united resistance. Uncompromisingly, the herd chants together as a solid, massive structure to conjure up the “Revolution” – a track that not only pushes forward with both anthemic and martial character, but also encourages revelry, a sound that carries throughout the entire album.

Although Varg are more monstrous than ever, “Das Ende aller Lügen” is perhaps one of the best examples that the calm always comes before the storm, how the calming moments that tend to emphasize the coming thunder and accentuate it. This concept is perfectly executed in “Achtung” and “Dunkelheit”, which are rumbling monsterous epics that somehow surprise you with their very menacing and grim undertones. “Streyfzug” is solemn, and even tenuto in some places, with an almost hymn-like melancholy, while “Totentanz” with its seductive two-part vocal harmonies are reminiscent of the mating calls of the “Erlkönig” – and inevitably lead down to everything that creeps, deep down into the musty earth. The proud “Einherjer”, who had to fight his way through clinking-harsh “Wintersturm” and acrid “Ascheregen” knows what he is talking about …

With their fifth album, Varg prove that offense is often the best defense – and how impulsivity and unpredictability always makes the best generals. In this battle you will need the best and only the best, those who surreptitiously allure one into the trap, but are also open minded for the frontal attack. In this battle you need the brute force that is called Varg, and this force alone.

The track list for "Das Ende aller Lügen" is:

1. Der große Diktator
2. Das Ende aller Lügen
3. Revolution
4. Streyfzug
5. Achtung
6. Dunkelheit
7. Totentanz
8. Einherjer
9. Wintersturm
10. Ascheregen

Metal Underground.com is proud to present "Das Ende aller Lügen" here: More...

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Ectovoid Premieres New 4-Way Split Track

Following the "Dark Abstraction" album earlier this year, Alabama death metal outfit Ectovoid's next official release comes in the form of a stunning four-way split release. While splits are part and parcel to the metal underground, this one's a rarity in that it's also a full-length album composed of 10 separate tracks.

"4 Doors To Death" isn't officially dropping until January, but we're now bringing you some dark and dirty death metal ahead of time with an exclusive stream of "Possessed By Ancient Dread," the second of two offerings from Ectovoid and fifth track overall on the split release.

Each band on "4 Doors To Death" has their own individual cover image, with the full Ectovoid cover art also revealed in the player below along with the song stream (check out the overall cover artwork here).

Ectovoid was initially formed in 2010, recording a first demo titled "Breathing Blackness" in January of 2011 and releasing it later that March. It wasn't until later in 2012 that debut full-length album "Fractured In the Timeless Abyss" was unleashed through Hellthrasher Productions, followed by second album "Dark Abstraction" earlier this summer. If you like what you hear below and want more Ectovoid, be sure to check out a track from that previous album at this location. More...

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Skálmöld Premieres New Lyric Video "Að Vetri"

Iceland may be known for volcanoes, waterfalls and an uncanny respect for trolls.... but the music scene is rich with all kinds of acts from all walks of life. One of the country's greatest exports is unquestionably viking metal act Skálmöld.

Just over a year ago Skálmöld released "Með Vættum" to the world (reviewed here). Today the band celebrates that release with the premiere of the new lyric video "Að Vetri" ("Winter") as fall brings the death and cold slumber of the winter season.

Metal Underground.com is proud to premiere the lyric video "Að Vetri," which you can check out here: More...

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Slomatics Premieres Debut Album's Re-Issue

Now signed to Black Bow Records, Slomatics has a new disc of epic sludgy doom coming your way in the spring of 2016. Before that upcoming album lands, the Irish group is re-releasing earlier material to the metal masses who may have missed those smaller scale releases when they first dropped.

Before the band had recruited current drummer / vocalist Marty, Slomatics focused more on the instrumental aspects with debut full-length "Flooding the Weir" all the way back in 2005. The re-issue version of that album is slated to land this Friday, November 20 via Black Bow, but today we're hosting a stream of the release in full!

Label owner Jon Davis (also of doom band Conan) comments on the group's first full-length: "This is the album that started my obsession with Slomatics back in 2005. I listen to this album at least once a day."

Check out the stream below, and you can also read our recent in-depth interview with the band about previous and upcoming music right here. More...

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Månegarm Streams New Album In Full

This Friday - November 20th - the Swedish viking metal act Månegarm will release the new self-titled release via Napalm Records. However, the band has graciously allowed us to bring you the entire album stream a full four days before it drops.

Fans of the band have long known that the 20 year viking veterans are not afraid of developing the distinctive melodic pagan sound further. With the eighth full length studio release, the band keeps true to the course: expressive and varied from the first note to the last. Once again, Månegarm shows just how much wicked fun powerful music can be.

From folk ballads reminiscent of campfires to wild and forceful black metal interludes, everything the metal sounds of the north are known for is represented here. Fans looking for the soundtrack to life as a seafaring warrior will get just that. Today, you get to hear it all yourself.

The track list is as follows:

1. Blodörn (see lyric video here)
2. Tagen av Daga
3. Odin Owns Ye All (see music video here)
4. Blot
5. Vigverk - Del II
6. Call of the Runes
7. Kraft
8. Bärsärkarna från Svitjod
9. Nattramn
10. Allfader
11. Månljus (Bonus Track)
12. Mother Earth Father Thunder (Bonus Track)

Now witness the entirety of "Månegarm" here: More...

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