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6:33 Reveals New Album Details

Experimental, avant-garde rock outfit 6:33 will release "Deadly Scenes" this coming January 12th (Europe) and January 13th (North American and digital) via Kaotoxin Records.

Today we're bringing you the exclusive premiere of the artwork, track listing, and a teaser trailer, which can all be found below. Kaotoxin Records also comments:

"A cemetery on a cold Halloween night… A tomb opens. A wicked and deformed little corpse rises. Old blood on his decomposed face forms a clown-y red nose… His parents lay dead in the graveyard… Devin Townsend, Mike Patton, Tim Burton… Eating their rotten flesh, the undead little one, mouth full of remains, rise his head to the Moon and screams: 'Cowabunga!' 6:33 rise again!

"After the success of the self-released second full-length, 'The Stench from the Swelling (a true story)' – a collaboration with CinC / Carnival In Coal & We All Die (Laughing) singer Arno Strobl – the band is back with 'Deadly Scenes,' a cinematic masterpiece of titanic proportions featuring nine tracks of totally twisted yet absolutely catchy Rock’n’Roll hymns you won’t be able to stop singing all day long after the very first listen!

"The band’s technical ability is mind-blowing, yet it’s never used to show off, but to explore territories that without their songcrafting magic would never fit together. A Frankenstein-ish nightly creature dressed in a grotesque clowny costume: as funny as scary, as ridiculously wicked as fascinatingly twisted.

"Experiencing a 6:33 album is like being on a bad LSD trip playing a Devin Townsend album while watching Tim Burton’s 'Corpse Bride'… and it’s all legal! Will you dare it?"

1. Hellalujah
2. Ego fandango
3. The walking fed
4. I'm a nerd
5. Modus operandi
6. Black widow
7. Last bullet for a gold rattle
8. Lazy boy
9. Deadly scenes More...

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Cuff Premieres Full New Album

You want brutal? We'll bring you brutal! Today we've got an aural shaky-handed craniotomy to share with you in the form of Cuff's "Transient Suffering Through the Ergosphere" album.

Officially due out November 18th via Gore House Productions, today we're premiering the album in its entirety!

Check out the insane brutality - with off-putting croaked vocals and all - in the player below, and be sure to let us know what you thought (if you can brave the full release)! If you dig it, be sure to also pre-order at this location.

The crazy Canucks from Cuff have been kicking and screaming since 2005, tearing a malignant form of death metal from their collective womb to chuck at the metal masses.

“Transient Suffering Through the Ergosphere” is the band's eighth album, bears a cover created by Mottla Art, and includes guest appearances by Larry Wang (Coprocephalic, Guttural Corpora Cavernosa, Gorepot) Chris Williams (Upon Your Corpse), and Anthony Davis (Swine Overlord, Gutfucked). The track listing is:

1. Spastic Craniotomy
2. Malignant
3. Transfusion of Bodily Fluids
4. Gorging the Sacred Carrion
5. The Transcendence of Mankind
6. Sub-sonic Impacts
7. Through the Ergosphere
8. Breeding Diverse Entities (Re-recorded)
9. Supreme Genital Goddess (Cock And Ball Torture cover) More...

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Black Hate Premieres New Song

Following the 2012 full-length album "Los Tres Mundos," the eclectic Mexican black metal band Black Hate went on hiatus for over a year before returning for a handful of split releases.

Back on track for devastating new material, Black Hate will be releasing a new EP consisting of four tracks in May next year.

You don't have to wait that long to hear new music from Black Hate though, as today we're premiering the new track "Aneetmaa" online.

Take the dark sonic journey below, which goes through several distinct progressions in genre across its run time (take note of the shift in style and tone at the 3:30 mark and again around 5:40).

If you dig what you hear, be sure to also download the track over at the Black Hate SoundCloud page.

You can also find out more about Black Hate and how this track came together by reading our recent interview with the band here.

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Axenstar Premieres New Music Video "Fear"

On November 28th in Europe and December 2nd in North America, Inner Wound Recordings will issue the sixth studio release from Swedish power metal act Axenstar entitled "Where Dreams Are Forgotten." The album was recorded at Studio Underground with producer Pelle Saether. It is the first release in three years ("Aftermath," 2011).

Today, Metal Underground.com brings you the premiere of the music video for the opening track "Fear," which can be seen in the player below.

On the new album, the band previously issued the following statement: "This is an album we're extremely proud of! The whole band have contributed to the songwriting and we have really taken the time to make sure every song has gotten the attention it deserves. We have gone back to the roots of the Axenstar sound and mixed it with all the new influences we got over the years and it has turned into this great and exciting new album."

The video was directed and filmed by Magnus Ewald and Mattias Björkbacka.

The track list is as follows:

1. Fear
2. Inside The Maze
3. My Sacrifice
4. Curse Of The Tyrant
5. The Return
6. Demise
7. Annihilation
8. Greed
9. The Reaper
10. This False Imagery
11. Sweet Farewell

Check out "Fear" here: More...

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Sisters Of... Premieres New Single

Missouri's genre-defying outfit Sisters Of... will be releasing a new album in early 2015 titled "The Serpent, The Angel and The Adversary."

Today the band has teamed up with us to premiere an advance track off the album. Check out the metallic blending of heavy and atmospheric in "Annabelle" below, and stay tuned for more details on the forthcoming album release.

Multi-instrumentalist Aaron Coker (ex-Appleseed Cast, Reggie & The Full Effect) reinvents the traditional interpretation of a band, hand-picking a rotating cast of fellow colleagues to collaborate on Sisters of… material. The result is layers of post-rock, metal, and experimental elements building evocative soundscapes that expand beyond the conventional themes of life and death.

The forthcoming contains eight epic tracks that build and expand upon the sound that was introduced in the band's 2013 debut "Follow Me As A Ghost." The upcoming full-length will see Chris Clark joining on to write/record with Aaron Coker on guitars, as well as long time friend Josh Newton (ex Every Time I Die, Shiner, Unsane) on guitars/bass.

Sisters of... mastermind Aaron Coker also comments: "With our new record we really wanted to take more chances in expanding our sound from where we started with our EP. To go even further with our aggressive side, and to explore any ideas we had with melody and beauty. With us having such diverse tastes in what we listen to and write, we came away blown away with what we could come up with if we just gave every idea an honest chance." More...

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Enduring Revery Premieres New Album

Following the "Earth Floods Red" album (reviewed here), the experimental solo metal outfit Enduring Revery is gearing up for a Halloween surprise for fans: a new full-length finally drops tomorrow!

You can still pre-order new album "Through The Keyhole" before it drops tomorrow at Bandcamp here. The digital version will also include instrumental versions of all four tracks, for a total of eight songs.

For fans you feel three years is too long and can't wait another day, today we've teamed up with Enduring Revery to stream the four main songs online! Check it out below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section. The track listing is as follows:

1. Fists of Enlightenment
2. Lovely Day
3. Disintegrate
4. I'm Still Warm More...

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Skálmöld Premieres New Track "Að Vori"

Reykjavík viking metal act Skálmöld is set to release the third studio album "Með Vættum" on November 14th (EU) and December 1st (USA) through Napalm Records. Today, Metal Underground.com brings you the premiere of the opening track "Að Vori," which can be heard in the player below.

On "Með Vættum," Skálmöld dash again with a fiery viking metal style that defies every winter and even brings the thickest ice floes to melt. The album connects seamlessly with previous efforts Baldur (2010) and Börn Loka (2012). With "Með Vættum," the band celebrates and perfects viking metal pulling fans with heroic, mythic text, epic stories more under their spell.

Skálmöld is currently on the road setting Europe ablaze on an extensive tour until mid-December with Russia's Arkona and Switzerland's Eluveitie.

The track listing for the album is:

1. Að Vori
2. Með Fuglum
3. Að Sumri
4. Með Drekum
5. Að Hausti (streaming at this location)
6. Með Jötnum
7. Að Vetri
8. Með Griðungum
9. Sleipnir Live (Bonus Track)
10. Valhöll Live (Bonus Track)

Check out "Að Vori" here: More...

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Putrid Offal Returns After 20 Years

You can't kill what's already dead... even if it's been rotting for 20 years!

French goregrind band Putrid Offal - active in the early '90s - is back and will be releasing both a new full-length and an EP.

The brand new full-length double CD "Mature Necropsy" is limited to 1000 copies and will feature two bonus cover tracks and a compilation of remastered '90s releases with special guest vocals by Stéphane Buriez (Loudblast) and Frédéric Blauwblomme (ex-Krhomadeath, ex-Corruption).

“Mature Necropsy” features a total of 15 tracks for more than 34 minutes of gory art mastered by El Mobo at the Conkrete Studio and marking the band's 25th anniversary. The album will drop February 10th.

“Premature Necrospy,” the bonus discography compilation / separate download, is a completely remastered collection of all of the band’s original material, including the 1991 “Unformed” demo, the 1991 “At the Stench of the Foul Offal” split with Agathocles, and Putrid Offal's part of the 1992 “Obscurum per Obscurius” compilation CD. More...

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Harmony Premieres Lyric Video For New Track

On November 28th in Europe and December 2nd in North America, Swedish metal act Harmony will return with the new studio album "Theatre of Redemption." The album is the first in six years ("Chapter II: Aftermath" in 2008) and will be issued through Ulterium Records. Today, Metal Underground.com is pleased to premiere the first single and opening track "The Window of My Soul," which can be heard in the player below.

"Theatre of Redemption" features Daniel Heiman (ex-Lost Horizon, Heed) on vocals for all tracks, who replaces Henrik Båth (featured on the band's 2003 debut "Dreaming Awake," the 2008 EP "End of My Road" and the sophomore full length release "Chapter II: Aftermath" in 2008). It also is the debut appearance by new bassist Raphael Dafras (Almah) and new keyboardist John Svensson.

The album was mixed by Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd at Studio Fredman (At The Gates, In Flames, Hammerfall) and mastered by Thomas "Plec" Johansson (Scar Symmetry, Watain).

"Theatre of Redemption" will be issued in the following formats: Regular CD edition, a Black wooden box edition (Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies, which includes the CD, booklet, a Harmony guitar pick, a sticker, a postcard and an exclusive 'The History of Harmony' 20-page booklet), Vinyl edition (Limited to 500 copies, which includes insert with lyrics) and the digital edition. All physical editions, as well as three different t-shirt designs, are available for preorder at the Ulterium Records Store at this location.

The track listing for the album is:

1. The Window of My Soul
2. Inhale
3. Crown Me King
4. Son of the Morning
5. What If
6. Theatre of Redemption
7. Bloodbound
8. You Are
9. Hands of Time
10. In Search of More...

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Cannabis Corpse Announces U.S. Tour Dates

Richmond, VA based death metal powerhouse Cannabis Corpse today announces a headlining North American tour.

We are proud to be sponsoring this trek (along with New Noise Magazine and JSR Merchandise) that will kick off November 28th in Wilmington, NC and run for a month.

Support on all dates comes from Mammoth Grinder, Inanimate Existence, as well as soon to be announced special regional guests. A full list of confirmed tour dates can be found below.

The New Noise Magazine cover stars from Cannabis Corpse will be touring in support of their new album, "From Wisdom to Baked" (read our review here). You can also stream the entire album over at this location.

Formed by bassist Phil "LandPhil" Hall (of Municipal Waste/Iron Reagan fame) and his brother Josh "Hallhammer" Hall in 2006, Cannabis Corpse has made a name for itself with four full-length albums and relentless touring. See the band live on these dates: More...

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Liv Kristine Premieres New Track "Love Decay"

Liv Kristine, solo artist and vocalist for Leaves Eyes, is on the brink of releasing her new solo album "Vervain" on October 27th (UK), October 31st (EU) and November 4th (North America) via Napalm Records. Today, Metal Underground.com is proud to premiere the new track "Love Decay," which features a guest vocal appearance by Michael Huber a/k/a Michelle Darkness of Germany's End of Green.

Kristine's fifth solo release unfolds as a dark rock masterpiece assembling terrific melodies, enthralling song structures and a world class voice – all captured in an incomparable premium sound. Deliberately, the singer bethinks herself of the musical strengths that made her famous as the epicenter of the legendary Theatre of Tragedy. "Vervain" was produced by husband and Leaves Eyes/Atrocity vocalist Alexander Krull at Mastersound Studio and also features a guest appearance by legendary metal queen Doro Pesch on the track "Stronghold of Angels."

In cooperation with talented musicians, including Thorsten Bauer (Leaves Eyes/Atrocity) on guitar, Alexander Krull (Leaves Eyes/Atrocity) on keyboards, Joris Nijenhuis (Leaves Eyes/Atrocity) on drums and Alessandro Pantò on piano, she now delivers her greatest production ever.

Back in mid-September an interactive preview clip was made available, which features clips from the entire release.

The track listing for "Vervain" is:

1. My Wilderness
2. Love Decay (feat. Michelle Darkness)
3. Vervain
4. Stronghold of Angels (feat. Doro Pesch)
5. Hunters
6. Lotus
7. Elucidation
8. Two and a Heart
9. Creeper
10. Oblivious

Bonus tracks:
11. Unbreakable
12. Love Decay
13. Stronghold of Angels

Check out "Love Decay" here: More...

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Northern Crown Premieres Full New EP

Fall is officially here, and that means it's time for metal to start bringing the gloom! Your first thought might be atmospheric black metal, but that's not the direction we're going today, as Northern Crown shows that music can be gloomy and still have great licks and discernible vocals.

The newly formed doom outfit pays homage to those who have come before in approach to riffs, organ use, and pacing, but doesn't let the old school ways of doom define it.

“...Doom, specifically, is about alienation,” main songwriter and guitarist Zachary Randall explains. If other acts can be said to be the trees of the forest, Northern Crown is the velvet fog unfurling through them.

Today you can experience that sense of alienation, as we have teamed up with the band to stream all the tracks from new EP "In The Hands Of The Betrayer." The EP is officially due out October 14th, but you can now check out all the songs below - including the band's cover of the Candlemass track "Crystal Ball."

Randall notes that, “this is easily the most personal art I've ever created...both musically
and lyrically.” Listen in below and let us know what you think of the release! For more information on the band, head over to the Northern Crown website here. More...

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Between The Rows Premieres New Track

Maryland metal band Between The Rows was formed in 2009 in the Baltimore area by Matt Gossman (Bass, Vocals), Jason Valis (Guitar, Vocals), and Alex Russo (Drums).

Between the Rows has recorded one album to date, the self-titled "Between the Rows," and today we have teamed up with the band to premiere a track from the release. Check out the song "Castles Of Dust" in the player below.

You can hear more from Between The Rows at Facebook here. The band also comments on the new album:

"This is pure, undiluted, metal! Between The Rows' musical style is a relentless mix of crushing grooves, blistering speed, hellish vocals, and a brooding, atmospheric intensity that comes right from the dark heart of metal!"

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Deep In Hate Premieres New Video

French outfit Deep In Hate released the "Chronicles of Oblivion" album earlier this Summer via Kaotoxin Records, but you haven't heard the last of the album yet!

Today the unrelentingly aggressive metal band has teamed up with us here at Metalunderground.com to exclusively premiere a new lyric video taken off the release for the track "The Cattle Procession."

Get imprinted with your bar code, shuffle into the death queue, and plug into your own personal apocalypse through the YouTube player below.

If you like what you hear, you can stream the full album and find ordering options at the Kaotoxin Records Bandcamp page here. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Introduction 00:56
2. Genesis of Void 03:54
3. The Cattle Procession 04:01
4. Altars of Lies 04:06
5. New Republic 03:47
6. The Unheard Prayers 04:31
7. The Divide 03:22
8. Wingless Gods 03:28
9. Beyond 06:44 More...

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As Light Dies Premieres Full New Album

Iberian black metal outfit As Light Dies knows one simple, inescapable truth: all of us are destined for grief, and finding love won't change that one bit.

In fact, opening oneself up to love can make that grief come all the quicker, which is a concept explored by the upcoming full-length "The Love Album – Volume 1," due out in just five days.

With the October 1st release date looming close, today the band has teamed up with us to premiere the album online in full!

Check out the stream below to hear the entire record dealing with all the grief and tragedy that surrounds love stories and lyrically represents the band's darkest and most emotionally affecting release to date.

After hearing all nine tracks via the SoundCloud player below, if these depressive tunes resonate with you, be sure to pre-order your own copy of the album at this location. The full track listing is as follows:

1. We Are All Destined For Grief
2. Orpheus Mourning
3. Blow Of Loss
4. Together As One
5. When Distance Becomes Real
6. Your Wake
7. No Pain At Sleep
8. Nemesis
9. Acceptance
10. Farewell From Distant Shores More...

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War Rages Within "Ignites" A New Premiere

After previously releasing the song "Time Machine" online for streaming, Australia's War Rages Within has now teamed up with us to exclusively premiere a track off the band's impending "Vitriol" EP.

Hear the online debut of "Ignite" in the player below, and be sure to let us know what you think of it in the comments!

"Vitriol" is officially due out September 26th, 2014 and you can pre-order the beast of an EP over at Bandcamp here.

This coming release was recorded at Studio Yap Yap and mixed by Simon Cohen. The full track listing is as follows:

2. Ignite
3. Cycle Ov Fear
4. Time Machine
5. Against All Odds More...

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Siftercide Premieres New "Self Titled" Album

While it may not be officially coming out until September 16th, today chaos has been unleashed prematurely to reign over the metal scene!

Siftercide will drop "Self Titled" (yeah, it's not self-titled, it's called "Self Titled") next week, and today we proudly bring you the premiere of the full grinding assault of all 19 tracks. Listen in below, and if you can still utilize motor skills to reach the keyboard afterword, let us know what you think!

Nailjar Records also issued the following press release about the group:

"While many bands play death metal and grind, few (if any) add trumpets, trombones and saxophones into the mix! Consisting of 19 tracks of insane bursts of speed, Self Titled is a definite must listen to!

"The band originally started in 2000 as a ‘shock rock’ goregrind project. However, after a handful of shows, demos, and CD-R releases went on hiatus. Eventually, the band picked up again and an album was recorded but never released. In 2012, the band dropped all old songs and started working on new material, this time incorporating a horn section.

"The new incarnation of Siftercide has been busy playing locally and regionally from basements to established venues. This line-up, despite having a solid core, has a fleeting horn section, often playing shows without the brass. Current members allow Siftercide to be Siftercide, and there is no official line up as far as individuals are concerned."

The album's track listing is as follows: More...

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Subterranean Masquerade Premieres New Lyric Video

After posting a lyric video for the track "Tour Diary" (still available here), today the prog machine that is Subterranean Masquerade is offering another taste of forthcoming album "The Great Bazaar."

We're very pleased to bring you the premiere of new track "Reliving the Feeling." This track features both new vocalist Kjetil Nordhus of Green Carnation / Tristania and Paul Kuhr of November's Doom. Check it out below.

Subterranean Masquerade's Tomer Pink also comments:

"'Reliving the Feeling' is the second track from 'The Great Bazaar,' a concept album telling the story of a man who is fed up of living the daily routine life and goes on a travel, both spiritual and physical. I wrote all the text for the album during travel in India, a place I go back to once every couple years for a marathon of writing music and text.

"'Reliving the Feeling' is probably the most prog rock – metal track on the album, it has definite roots in traditional 70's inspired prog rock with heavy 'modern' prog metal edge. A mixture of classic clean vocals by Kjetil Nordhus and the furious death metal growls by Paul Kuhr, all wrapped with rich instrumentation and arrangements.

"Story wise, The Great Bazaar is really the Bazaar of life, with many vendors to choose from and merchant that is so fascinating that is hard to say no to. 'Reliving the Feeling' is there at the crossroads where you can choose to pay the price, lose your identity and ideals to become one with the stream or keep on struggling for the things you believe in. It’s kind of a song that ends with a question mark because I couldn’t find the answer at all."

For more updates and to keep track of the album release, visit Subterranean Masquerade's Facebook profile or the band's official website here.

The album's track listing will be as follows: More...

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Sloths Premieres New Song "Elegy"

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Sloths releases a dark and noisy sound that is all-encompassing. Following the "Knives" EP from 2013, the band is now gearing up to drop a new three-track release titled "Twenty Years."

We're stoked to be bringing you the exclusive premiere of the "Twenty Years" opening track. Check out "Elegy" below and be sure to let us know what you think of the song.

"Twenty Years" is due out digitally on August 29th (with a physical edition coming in October) and consists of a trio of songs recorded with Fester at Haywire Studios (Nux Vomica, Honduran) and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Baptists, Sleep, Oathbreaker, Tragedy).

This will be a split release between The Ghost Is Clear Records, Don’t Live Like Me Records, and Illuminasty Records. The songs are connected musically and thematically with recurring melodies that are altered by their sonic surroundings and lyrics that examine what it means to die young, a theme influenced by the recent death of a friend and the perspective gained by seeing the aftermath of such a tragedy.

Sloths will also be bringing this material on the road during a West Coast/Midwest tour in September. Find dates and get more info on the band at Facebook here. The new EP's track listing is:

1. Elegy
2. Void
3. Passing More...

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Sidious Unveils New Album Artwork

Blackened death metal outfit Sidious - which just revealed the identity of it's previously secret drummer - is gearing up to release a new album on November 3rd via Kaotoxin Records.

Today we're proud to bring you the first official unveiling of the album artwork and track listing for "Revealed In Profane Splendour!" Check out the cover below and let us know what you think of it in the comments section.

This new full-length album was produced by none other than Russ Russell at the Parlour Studios (Dimmu Borgir, Napalm Death, Lock Up) and the artwork was handled by by Giannis Nakos of Remedy Arts, who previously created the cover art for Eye Of Solitude's "Canto III" and "Sui Caedere."

You can check out a teaser trailer for the album over here and the track listing will be as follows:

1. Sacrilegious Majesty - 4:59
2. Inexorable Revelation - 3:59
3. Revealed In Profane Splendour - 6:27
4. Annihilation Ov Abhorrent Credence - 5:42
5. Obscenity Ov Old - 3:11
6. Infernal Reign - 5:54
7. O Paragon, Bringer Ov Light - 5:50 More...

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