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USC Marching Band Plays A7X's "Almost Easy"

I'm not sure when this took place, but Avenged Sevenfold blogged about and posted a video of USC's marching band playing "Almost Easy" at a halftime show. Here's what the band posted:

"We have gotten some pretty cool shit over the years, but thanks for our fans for sending this to us! Check out the USC Marching Band doing our song 'Almost Easy' during their halftime show!"

You can watch the video below. More...

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"Guitar Praise" Coming Soon!

Christian electronic companies seem as though they're not shy about using the popularity and style of successful video games to create their own, having previously given their own spins on Zelda, Super Mario Brothers and even Doom! Coming soon however is a new game entitled, "Guitar Praise" which looks strangely familiar and features songs from many Christian rock artists. Check out the trailer below. More...

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Antagonist Frontman Wins On "Price Is Right"

Footage has been posted online from yesterdays edition of "The Price Is Right," which featured Antagonist frontman Carlos Garcia as its winning contestant. You can check out the video below.

While on tour in September with Decrepit Birth, friends and fellow Californian bands Antaonist and Animosity decided to spend a day at a filming for the long-running game show and Garcia was lucky enough to get called up for a game as well as a Showcase Showdown with new The Price Is Right host Drew Carey. More...

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Judas Priest Fan Listens To "Nostradamus" Too Much

Friday, November 7th, 2008 will mark the 145th straight day Cleveland, Ohio JUDAS PRIEST fan, Jim Bartek, has listened to Priest's epic, two-disc concept album Nostradamus in its entirety from start to finish since the initial release.

To put his obsession in better perspective, this translates to approximately 249 hours or 1 1/2 weeks of his life listening to the album. There have even been some days when Bartek has listened to the entire album multiple times so the numbers are more higher than reported. He owns all the various configurations released and mixes between listening to the 2CD and 3LP sets. More...

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Ville Valo To Play A Hippo In Madagascar 2

H.I.M. frontman Ville Valo will be in the animated movie sequel "Madagascar Escape 2 Africa." Ville will reportedly be voicing a hippo in the movie alongside Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer and Wicked Wisdom frontwoman Jada Pinkett Smith.

UPDATE: according to commenter Hevonen Lääkäri, Valo will be doing voice in the Finnish-dubbed version of Madagascar 2 for the character of Moto-moto, who - according to the IMDB - in the original English version of the animated movie is voiced by Will.I.Am (Black Eyed Peas). The original article on Metal Hammer made no such distinction, but Valo is also not listed in the credits on the IMDB for the film either.

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Pantera And Sepultura Receive Cover Treatment

Pantera and Sepultura have both been covered in very different ways recently, as British pop group Spiritwo has revealed their own rendition of the Sepultura staple "Inner Self" and violinist Rachel Barton Pine has translated the Pantera classic "Cowboys From Hell" into the world of classical music world. You can check out videos of both covers below.

"Inner Self" comed from Sepultura's breakthrough album "Beneath The Remains" which was released in 1989. The album was the bands first release which allowed them to tour outside of Brazil.

"Cowboys From Hell" comes off Pantera's 1990 album of the same name which also saw them break into the limelight and gain international recognition. More...

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"Hot Lixx" Is First Ever 2-Time Air Guitar Champ

Hot Lixx Hulahan, aka Craig Billmeier was crowned the 2008 and two-time Air Guitar champ last week. The finals were held in Finland and the results were as follows:

1. Craig "Hot Lixx Hulahan" Billmeier (United States) 35.5
2. Andel "John Sniffler" Soree (Netherlands) 34.8
3. Cole "Johnny Utah" Manson (Canada) 34.7
4 Francois-Xavier "Master Peace" Phan (France) 34.4
4. Ichikawa the Rock (Japan) 34.4
6. Ochi "Dainoji" Yosuke (Japan) 34.2
7. Christian "Heart Buckboard" Sweep (Denmark) 33.5
8. Clay "Clay Bangers" Connolly (Australia) 33.4
8. Daniel "Midnight Moses" Robertson (United Kingdom) 33.4
10. Simon "Turak" Edwards (United Kingdom) 32.8
11. Ramsey James "Carlos Slazenger" Williamson (Greece) 16.6
11. Maxim "Angel of Death" Andro (Finland) 16.6
13. Daniel "Fahnderstruck" Faranna (Italy)16.5
13. Terje "Lord Fist" Stephansen (Norway) 16.5
15. Aikyu "Super IQ" Kanagawa (Japan) 16.4
16. Dirk "Lord Airness" Lüdi (Switzerland) 16.3
17. Heine "Lord Wolmer" van der Walt (South Africa) 16.1
17. Alexander "Devil Seducer" Gott (Russia) 16.1
19. Oskari "Knucklefinger" Martimo (Finland) 15.4
20. Aivar Meos (Estonia) 15.1

Borrowing a move from "Big Rig" Randy Laymen (regional winner Denver, Aspen, etc.) and "Joseph of Air-imathea" Joe Coleman (Des Moines regional champ), Hot Lixx entered the compulsory round in second place after topping off his act by breaking a bottle over his head.

You can check out some photos from the event here and a video below: More...

Read the full article at US Air Guitar Blog.

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New AC/DC Single "Leaked" To Youtube

The following report is courtesy of Andrew Ramadge from News.com.au:

Perhaps driven insane by an eight-year wait for new material, die-hard AC/DC fans have sunk to a hilarious new low in rock and roll fandom.
In the same week that songs from U2's upcoming album were leaked online, fans of the Australian heavy metal pioneers have given the world a preview of AC/DC's new single 'Rock N Roll Train' – played on air guitar.

Fans who attended a film clip shoot in London last week were among the first in the world to hear the new song and, instead of leaking an unauthorised recording, have set about recreating it themselves on YouTube. More...

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Gym Class Heroes Covers Lamb Of God Live

First Fall Out Boy covers Pantera, now Gym Class Heroes plays some of Lamb of God’s "Laid to Rest" at a recent Warped Tour appearance. The audience reaction is classic. You can watch the video below:


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Cryptopsy Fans Respond To Drummer's Comments

A new video has been posted on YouTube by (former?) fans of Cryptopsy, in response to drummer Flo Mounier's comments that fans who had not been receiving the bands new sound well were closed minded. You can check it out below (warning: unclean language galore.)

The video comes from the acclaimed movie "Downfall" which is based on the last few living days of infamous Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. The same footage has also been used to parody XBox Live and the rivalry between English football teams Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. More...

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Math Metal Covered By IllWillPress.com

Anti-social cartoon rant site IllWillPress.com has a number of funny cartoons up, most relevant (to Metalunderground.com readers) of which would be Math Metal and a rant on CDs.

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Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Guitar Songs

The June 12th 2008 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine features the cover story 'The 100 Greatest Guitar Songs Of All Time'. Explaining the feature is the blurb:

This is what makes a great rock & roll guitar sound: an irresistible riff; a solo or jam that takes you higher every time you hear it; the final power chord that pins you to the wall and makes you hit "play" again and again. Every song here has those thrills. But these are rock's greatest guitar moments because of what's inside the notes: hunger, fury, despair and joy, often all at once. You hear the blues, gospel and rockabilly that came before, transormed by the need to say something new and loud, right away. Rock & roll has been the sound of independence for half a century. The guitar is still its essential, liberating voice. These are the 100 reasons why.

The top 10 guitar songs according to the article are:

1. "Johnny B. Goode" - Chuck Berry
2. "Purple Haze" - Jimi Hendrix
3. "Crossroads" - Cream
4. "You Really Got Me" - The Kinks
5. "Brown Sugar" - The Rolling Stones
6. "Eruption" - Van Halen
7. "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" - The Beatles
8. "Stairway To Heaven" - Led Zeppelin
9. "Statesboro Blues" - The Allman Brothers Band
10. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" - Nirvana

Read the full article at Rolling Stone.

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Tony Danza Mentions Tapdance Extravaganza On TV

Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza was recently mentioned by Tony Danza himself on the Late Late show with Craig Ferguson. You can check out the short clip on YouTube or below.

Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza's latest CD, "Danza II: The Electric Boogaloo," is currently available in stores through Metal Blade Records. More...

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Rock Artists Featured In "Bad Songs By Good Bands"

Right now on Spinner.com, you can check out the list of "20 bad songs by good bands" which features rock legends Guns N' Roses, KISS and Aerosmith. If you fancy a good laugh then head over to this location to read the list.

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Dimmu Borgir To Collaborate w/ Rapper Bushido

Having come to an agreement for using Dimmu Borgir's samples in his music, German rapper Bushido and Dimmu have set aside their differences and plan to collaborate on one or more tracks for a multi-track CD/digital single, tentatively planned to be released on "death-rapper" Necro's label, Psycho-Logical Records, this summer.

According to the rapper, the collaboration will be "as big or bigger than the original rap-metal collaborations of the 80s and early 90s," referring to such efforts such as the Aerosmith/Run DMC and Anthrax/Public Enemy collaborations. Bushido continued, "Merging of these genres - rap and black metal - has never been done before, and we're going to do it in KILLER style." "I've been a fan of Dimmu Borgir for a long time, so this opportunity to work with them rather than just sample some music is insane!"

Dimmu Borgir could not be reached for comment, but word of the collaboration has already sparked intense debate on their official forums, and metal forums around the Internet.

Read the full article at this location.

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Comcast Acquires BitTorrent for $53bn

Comcast acquires BitTorrent for $53bn
'Our cheapest option'
By Cade Metz in San Francisco

Just hours after acquiring BitTorrent Incorporated for $53bn in cash and stock, Comcast has shutdown the tiny San Francisco company, assuring customers and shareholders that its doors will never reopen.

"There were two ways forward," said Comcast executive vice president David Cohen in a canned statement. "We could either reconfigure our network to treat BitTorrent like any other application or buy BitTorrent Inc. and do our best to destroy the entire protocol. At $53bn, destroying the protocol was the cheaper option.

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Megadeth's Dave Mustaine To Wrestle In The WWE

In a move that no-one could have expected, Megadeth frontman and founding member Dave Mustaine has been signed on a short term basis to wrestle for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Word has it that there's some bad blood between Dave Mustaine and WWE Superstar/ Fozzy frontman Chris Jericho. Apparantly it stems back to the friday at the Download Festival back in 2005. Alot of people who attended that day have claimed that Fozzy stole the show. Never one to be outdone, Mustaine apparantly told Jericho his band was "dated" and should watch Megadeth later that day to see how it's done. Sources say that after Megadeth's set, Chris Jericho congratulated the whole band on an enjoyable set which set Mustaine off on a rant about how Megadeth were gods and Jericho didn't even have the right to talk to him. They came close to trading blows but Jericho had to leave quickly to prepare for the ECW reunion show two days later in New York.

Rumours about the rivalry have been flying all over the internet since and now the metal world will have a conclusion. Dave Mustaine has been signed by Vince McMahon and co. to wrestle Chris Jericho for his Intercontinental championship at the upcoming pay per view Backlash at the end of the month.

This will not be the first time a celebrity has wrestled a high profile before. Dennis Rodman, Floyd Mayweather, Kevin Federline have all partaken in angles with major wrestlers and actor David Arquette even won the WCW World Heavyweight title in 2000. Don't be too surprised to see Mustaine walk out of Backlash with championship gold around his waist.

Megadeth have also had some exposure to the wrestling world when for a brief time in WCW, mainstay wrestler Bill Goldberg used their song "Crush 'Em" as his theme song aswell as appearing in the Megadeth video for the same song.

The match may actually go alot better than people expect. Chris Jericho is one of the best workers in WWE both on the mic and in the ring and Dave Mustaine is highly skilled in martial arts. It should make for an interesting confrentation. No word yet on how much Mustaine is being paid for the match but it's expected to be considerably less than Floyd Mayweather was recently paid.

Read the full article at this location.

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MetalUnderground.com User Buys Century Media

Infamous MetalUnderground.com user (and self proclaimed richest man in the universe) Lord Cashington announced yesterday that he had purchased Century Media records and was planning to promote the bands he enjoyed more and fire those he didn't like as much.

"Pip pip ladies and gentlemen! Yes it's true, I, the good Lord Cashington have indeed purchased one Century Media records. I fully intend to help promote the careers of those delightful fellows Napalm Death. I shall award a million pounds to an animal charity for every album they release so I do hope that the world will be seeing alot more them.

"I do however plan to have a jolly good sort out of our roster. I no longer intend for Century Media to be associated with those wretched little trolls In This Moment! I shall announce more changes as I see fit.

"Well I shall bid you all adieu. I have a few more plans to come to fruition including my travelling festival CashScam and the merger of Century Media with Roadrunner. Tatty bye!" More...

Read the full article at this location.

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Sci-Fi Metal Fest 2008 Announced

The first annual Sci-Fi Metal Fest has been announced for this Memorial Day weekend in Hollywood, CA. The fesitval will feature a sci-fi theme and is expected to draw crowds up to 50,000, many dressed in costume of their favorite sci-fi characters. The festival will feature three stages of appropriately sci-fi and fantasy (a subgenre of sci-fi) themed bands.

The first stage, dubbed the Harry Potter Stage, will feature performances by Voldemort, Harry and the Potters, and The Cruciatus Curse. A more recent phenomenon, there are expected to be more Harry Potter-inspired bands in future editions of the festival.

On the Star Wars Stage, extreme metal beasts Vader, Zuckass, and Dagoba will perform, with special guests Jedi Mind Tricks and Anchorhead as well. Blackened death-thrash metal band Skeletonwitch has also been approached to open the Star Wars stage since announcing their upcoming Star Wars concept album.

The Lord Of The Rings Stage will, of course, be the main stage (one stage to rule them all). Headlining the stage will be none other than Blind Guardian, who are well known for their Tolkien-inspired songs. In direct support will be Battlelore and Cruachan. Sci-fi fans will also witness the likes of Aglarond (Mexico), Akallabêth (Sweden), Amon Amarth (Sweden), Almáriel (Russia), Amon Din (Serbia), Anarion (Australia), Arda (Austria), Avatar (Belgium), Azaghal (Finland), Azrael (Spain), Bal-Sagoth, Cirith Gorgor (Netherlands), Cirith Ungol (US), Dol Amroth (Greece), Gandalf, Izengard (India), Fangorn (Germany), Lórien, Mithril (Dominican Republic), Moria, Morgul, Sauron, and Shadowfax. Special guests Burzum will reprise their former name of Uruk-Hai to perform as well.

Gorgoroth were approached to co-headline the Lord of the Rings stage, but were not expected to be allowed into the country.

More details including ticketing information, venue, final lineup along with set times is expected to be released in the coming weeks.

On a side note, Trekkies were polled and revealed that they did not like metal music, but rather gravitate toward pop music or - in a large minority - porn music that they could imagine Captain Kirk "doing" his many mistresses to.

Read the full article at this location.

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New Bard Class Announced For World of Warcraft

Combining the best of Guitar Hero and World of Warcraft, a new class has been announced for WoW: The Bard. Here's an excerpt:

Armed with a trusty axe, killer riffs, and a ton of attitude, the guitar-wielding bard is the second hero class to be introduced in the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion for World of Warcraft. The bard excels both as a solo performer and as part of a solid group lineup, able to front in a number of roles as varied as his musical repertoire. The bard’s extensive Metal skill line grants the potent transformational ability "I Am Murloc," as well as direct damage effects like "Epic Solo" that will rock foes into oblivion while powerful Indie debuffs such as "Tape Jam" and "Shoegazer" keep them in check. If things heat up, the bard’s Punk tree can support the party with a wide range of abilities, such as "Nonconformity," which dispels fear, mind control, and similar effects, or "Mosh Pit," which briefly boosts the group’s movement speed while its members stay within range.

You can get more information about the new Bard class here.

Read the full article at this location.

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