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A Death Metal Christmas With Udo Dirkschneider

U.D.O. frontman Udo Dirkschneider has released his new christmas single, titled "Jingle Balls," performing under the name Evil Disposition. "Jingle Balls" was recorded at DocMaKlang studio in Osnabruck, Germany and was written by various staff members of EMP, a German merchandise company. You can view the "Jingle Balls" music video below:

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Musicians Share Their Top 10 Picks

It's getting towards the end of the year, which means it's "top ten" list time again. Roadrunner Records has thrown its hat into the ring, sharing the top 10 albums various artists bought during the course of 2010. The picks from Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Dommin, Airbourne, Megadeth, Grand Magus, and Machine Head can be found below.

Mikael Akerfeldt Opeth Frontman:

Tears for Fears - Seeds of Love
Toshi Ichiyanagi - Flowers
The Dream - Get Dreamy
Yonin Bayashi - Isshoku Sokuhatsu
Serge Gainsbourg - Historie de Melody Nelson
Pain of Salvation - Road Salt Pt. 1
The Churchills - s/t
Vashti Bunyan - Just Another Diamond Day
Wil Malone - Wil

JB Grand Magus Frontman:

Paul Gilbert - Fuzz Universe
John Norum - Play Yard Blues
Cathedral - The Guessing Game
Darkthrone - Circle The Wagons
Witchery - Witchkrieg
Spiritual Beggars - Return To Zero
Watain - Lawless Darkness
Necronaut - Necronaut
Accept - Blood of the Nations
Unleashed - As Yggdrasil Trembles More...

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GWAR Attacks Christmas

Antarctican space thrashers GWAR have teamed up with Break.com to debut a new Christmas themed video. You can view GWAR's assault on Christmas below:

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Slaughter of the Bluegrass Covers Amon Amarth

Slaughter of the Bluegrass, the band who plays unplugged versions of death metal songs using traditional bluegrass instruments and arrangement ideas and try to keep the essence of each song they cover, has released a cover of Amon Amarth's "Twilight of the Thunder God."

You can listen to it below or download the MP3 for free here.

You can still download their previous two covers of At The Gates' "Blinded By Fear" and Dark Tranquility's "Punish My Heaven" for free as well.

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Corey Taylor Posts Christmas Music Video

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has posted the music video online for his debut solo song and new Christmas single. You can view the video below:

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Amalgama Comments On Thanksgiving

New York's Amalgama has issued the following interesting take on why we celebrate Thanksgiving:

"As an American band we wanted to mark the celebration of Thanksgiving here in the United States with a little bit of sincerity and reverence as we reflect on the history of this holiday. For those who don't know, Thanksgiving is the holiday where we celebrate the victory of the pilgrims and Native Americans over the Terminator army that had moved in to crush the Plymouth Rock settlement back in the 1700's following the Civil War (when Americans fought the American-built Model-T Fords). An epic battle was waged between both sides, but in the end thankfully the settlers and Native Americans were able to fly their X-Wing fighters into the death star like battle-station in the sky and blow up the Terminator control system which allowed the Ewoks to strike the final blow from the jungles with Chewbacca.

"From that point on, we all decided to make a conscious effort to tamp down the development of technology – hence why the internet took so long to be developed world-wide. So every year we gather together and celebrate the alliance of our wise ancestors who had the forethought to protect us from the evils of technology and the internet. It's almost ironic that we now go out the following day and purchase as much high-end technology as we can. The irony.

"Hopefully all of you had a chance to sit down with your family or friends around the dinner table and consume copious amounts of turkey, shared a few laughs, a few drinks and discussed the latest techniques being employed to seek out the robot menace and destroy it before it becomes too strong once again. Ever vigilant, Amalgama."

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Man Syncs Christmas Lights To Slayer Classic

Fans of American thrash metal legends Slayer are well known for dedication to the band and expressing their love for their music in unique ways, but this one may top them all. A man in the United States has been able to successfully sync his Christmas lights with the classic Slayer song, "Raining Blood," with amazing results. You can check out a video of the thrashy festive fun below. The video was made last year but the creator has promised that he will do the same this year with a different Slayer song.

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Kirk Hammet, Baby Kicker

A video of Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett accidently kicking a beach ball into a baby at a recent show has been circulating around the Internet. Metal Injection has taken a few minutes to edit a remix with funny sound effects for your viewing pleasure (seriously, it was hard to even see what was happening in the original):

Click Here To Watch The Video

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Adam Lambert Covers Metallica, Video Available

Pop artists seem to love covering metal's classic tracks. Celine Dion, Shakira and Madonna have done it and now you can add Adam Lambert (American Idol season 8 runner-up) to that list. During an October 17, 2010 tour stop in Auckland, New Zealand Adam Lambert busted out Metallica's biggest hit "Enter Sandman." Surprisingly, the crowd knew the words. You can view the video below:

Here's another video with slightly better sound quality, as tipped by commenter 21stCentury:

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Another "Hardcore Dancing How-To" Video

"Hardcore Dancing How-To" videos - usually mocking the hardcore dancing moves - have become quite common in recent years. But Metal Injection shares one of the best I've seen in recent memory, set to Salt The Wound's "The Conformist."

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Oderus Offers Survival Guide to Live Gwar Show

Frontman Oderus Urungus has offered advice on how to survive a Gwar show, according to Calgary's Metro. Here are a few excerpts from the article:

“The best way to survive one of our shows is probably to just not go,” warns Oderus Urungus, front-thing for heavy metal space mutants Gwar, the self-proclaimed, “most titanic, apocalyptic, loudest, smelliest and disgusting rock 'n' roll band in history.”

What To Wear:
It all depends on your desired outcome. Want to be a target for mayhem? Stuck for a last-minute Halloween costume? Wear something crisply white and head for centre stage. With their endless dousing of carnage, you're sure to come out making Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist look like the “After” side of a detergent commercial.

What To Bring:
A healthy sense of humour (political incorrectness is a plus for reasons we can't divulge), a strong stomach and a change of clothes. And earplugs.

What Not To Say:
How many times you've seen them. At least not to the band, as Urungus takes it as an affront, thinking the band kills the entire crowd nightly. When fans claim attending multiple shows he cries, “How the hell did that happen? I thought we killed everybody.” Alternately, avoid comparing Gwar to other costumed rock bands (Lordi, Mushroomhead or even KISS) to fans. That might get you impaled for real.

What To Do:
Again, it hinges on your intended experience. Step up front for an interactive encounter including stage diving, moshing, curse-laden taunting from Urungus and refreshing gore sprayed constantly. For the voyeur, stay well back and enjoy the massacre of various puppets/papier-mâché creations.

Read the full article at Metro.

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Gilbert Gottfried Talks About Piracy

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried has joined forces with Victory Records and VicTorV to lead the label's current anti-piracy campaign. The first initiative in this partnership comes in the form of this video:

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Fan Auditions For Portugal Idol With Trivium Song

Here is an interesting audition video for the Portuguese version of American Idol, known as "Ídolos." The video features a Trvium fan who gives the band's "Ember To Inferno" song a try after his first attempt at a pop song doesn't go to well. "Ember To Inferno" begins at around the 30 second mark.

You can view the audition clip below:

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Death Metal Rooster

When the "death metal rooster" video started making its way around the internet, I wasn't that impressed. But the original version was not set to any music. I just recently ran into this version, which does the rooster more justice (music by Talanas):

Here's the original just for the hell of it:

Facebook reader Victoria Willis also tipped us off to "Death Metal Rooster Redux" and "Death Metal Rooster Berserk," which are both full of win and viewable below: More...

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Ozzy Osbourne Spoofs Jersey Shore

Ozzy Osbourne has posted a sneak peek of one of the TV and movie spoofs from his new live concert intro film in support of his new album, "Scream." Check out Ozzy's spoof of Jersey Shore below:

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Drunk Chick Faceplants To Metallica Cover Band

Epic faceplants make great stories, but seeing one captured on video is priceless. This faceplant might be a little short of epic, but if funny nonetheless:

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Dancing for Slayer

Someone has decided to mash up dancing for Jesus with Slayer's "Angel of Death" to fantastic results. Check out the video below.

And here's a bonus video of "Jesus Saves"

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Cannibal Corpse Gets Lounge Music Treatment

While this skit has been online for a few years, it's too good to pass up sharing with you all. Check out the video below for a lounge music arrangement using the actual words of the Cannibal Corpse song "Rancid Amputation."

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Top Ten Reasons Why Metal Is Bad

A video that clocks in at just over one minute in length was recently posted online that gives everyone ten really good reasons why metal is a bad thing. Of course, as soon as this video was unearthed, thousands upon thousands of metal fans immediately renounced their love of the genre... but enough of the sarcasm, if you can withstand horrible music, bad spelling and grammar, a bright pink background, an almost self-parodying username and awful "logic," then check out the video below to understand what's so bad about metal. More...

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Ozzy Scares People At A Wax Museum

In light of Ozzy's new album "Scream" out June 22nd, Ozzy decided to have some fun and make people scream by scaring unsuspecting tourists at the wax museum, Madame Tussauds New York in Times Square. Check it out below.

You can preorder "Scream" now at ozzy.com and check out an Ozzy Osbourne photohunt here.

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