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Testament Delays New Album Release To 2013

Testament have issued a statement through their label, Nuclear Blast Records, announcing their decision to delay their forthcoming studio album “The Dark Roots Of Earth,” originally due out in May, until early 2013. To put the lengthy wait in context, the band had this to say:

“[2008’s ‘The Formation Of Damnation’] was about as kickass a comeback record as any metal band has been lucky enough to release in the past decade. It shot us back to the top of the metal totem pole and landed us some amazing tours and awesome new fans, and for that reason, we could have just rested on our laurels and released ‘Dark Roots’ when it wasn’t truly ready – just because we could.

“Fortunately for everyone, that’s not how Testament wants to do things in 2012, which is why after a long process of painful but honest decision-making – and quite a bit of arguing – we agreed that an early 2013 release is necessary. The completed mix is just not up to par with what you’ve come to expect from us, and as we debated bringing back [producer Andy Sneap] to remix it, [frontman Chuck Billy and guitarist Eric Peterson] fleshed out some brand new song ideas. They’re much, much stronger than several tracks currently on the record, so it’s back to the drawing board. Unfortunately, finalizing those songs and re-recording our entire album will require several more months of work. That’s the downside to creating great art: you have to wait for it. But the reward is sweeter that way, and rest assured – you’re in for a seriously heavy treat! For the past four years, we’ve been determined to top ourselves, and there’s no excuse for taking the easy way out now.”

No word has yet arrived on whether touring/session drummer Gene Hoglan – who also performed on the band’s “Demonic” [1997] – would carve out time to return for the second round of recording. Nor has Testament confirmed that Chris Adler, [Lamb Of God] who also provided drum tracks, would redo his parts. However, Nuclear Blast has confirmed that Testament is indeed still a member of their roster, and that the label will release “The Dark Roots Of Earth” in North America and Europe early next year – tentatively February.

In the meantime, check out Metalunderground.com's most recent interviews with Chuck Billy and Eric Peterson.

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PR Firm Fired Over AxCx Video

The Seattle Board of Tourism has fired the British firm GPR for making a crass and offensive ad campaign for its city. In the ultimate faux-pas, GPR highlighted the local Lake Union houseboat community by posting up noisecore band AxCx's video "You Live in a Houseboat," which focuses on negative stereotypes of the floating home dwellers. "Lake Union has a very elite enclave of houseboats," says resident Marge Innovera. "I assure you, no white trash lives here. We paid over a million dollars for our floating home. None of our dogs wear bandannas and I don't have a tattoo of an anchor!"

To further add insult to injury, GPR also dedicated a full web page to scenic tourist spots in Tukwila and Renton, where the Green River killer's discarded hooker victims were found. This is not the first gaffe GPR has made. Back in February, they were dropped by the State of Kentucky's Tourist Board for saying that the state's residents play Roadkill Bingo, a game where road trippers count the number of dead carcasses on the side of the highway. Check out a story on that over here. The offensive AxCx video at the center of this firestorm of controversy follows below. Seth Putnam could not be reached for comment.

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Details Of New Bill And Ted Movie Revealed

The answers to the prayers of heavy metal fans baying for another nostalgia bomb have seemingly been answered… twice! Strong rumours are circulating that not only will the duo of Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter finally be reunited as head bangers Bill & Ted, but they will be joined by two other famous heavy metal loving characters, Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar, who will be reprised once more by Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey respectively. Dubbed, "Bill and Ted’s Bodacious Crossover," the film features the title characters being transported back to Illinois in 1994, meeting Wayne and Garth, the only two heavy metal fans who still listened to Cinderella in the nineties. The duo discover that the Wayne’s World television show, broadcasted on public access in Wayne’s parents basement, was central in the role of spreading their "most excellent" philosophy, but due to ripples in the space time continuum caused by their arrival, history has been altered, finding Wayne and Garth no longer on speaking terms and abandoning the show, thus not allowing their message of peace and hard rocking music to be delivered.

An insider elaborated: "It’s totally classic humour from both series, really funny stuff. One scene sees a brilliant reference to the first Bill and Ted movie, in which Ted is playing an online game of Call Of Duty, using a humorous username, when he is killed by Bill, a message flashes on Bill's screen exclaiming, ‘You killed Ted You Medieval Dickweed!’ Plus Wayne joking about situations that will eventually come true e.g. ‘It might happen… Schyeah! And Van Halen might reunite!’ Also, like with both Wayne’s World movies, there will be a live concert scene from a legendary hard rock band. At the moment the producers are in talks with Motorhead, Steel Panther and Pearl Jam, but nothing has been confirmed on that front yet. Whether or not the producers can score a big name, Wyld Stallyns will be picking up their instruments again, most likely to perform the Wayne’s World theme song. Most importantly though, yes, Rip Taylor will be back!"

No further information has been divulged at this time, but it is rumoured that the soundtrack will consist of music no later than 1994 and that the role of Rufus, previously portrayed by legendary comedian George Carlin, will now be played by Louis C.K.

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Alestorm Kicked Off Paganfest Tour

Scottish pirate act Alestorm was kicked off the current Paganfest America tour for comments made by singer Christopher Bowes during the band's sold out performance at the Gramercy Tavern in New York City Saturday evening.

Just prior to the band's performance of "Back Through Time," Bowes stated the following:

"How many people here like Vikings?" Hearing a mixed crowd reaction, Bowes went on to say: "Well, later tonight you going to meet some from Finland, so we hope you join us in going 'back in time' to keelhaul those red faced bastards and shoot out the one good eye of their fake god Odin!" The band proceeded to rouse the crowd into a chants of "Vikings suck" and "Less war....more whores."

Early this morning, Turisas posted the following on its official website: "Due to personal and safety reasons, Alestorm has pulled out of the current Paganfest tour. We are happy to announce that country mates Ensiferum have agreed to break from the studio work and join us starting with the show this evening in Montreal."

Alestorm responded with a post on the band's Facebook Page which read "Bad news guys :(. Fucking vikings and their bullshit."

The remaining dates of the tour include the following: More...

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KoRn/Morbid Angel Members Form Supergroup

Dub metal is officially the future as Trey Azagthoth and Jonathan Davis have formed a new supergroup with dubstep DJ Excision. In a statement from Davis, “I feel that Morbid Angel were the only other band willing to push metal into the realm of electronica and while “The Path of Totality” was a fun album, it was more of a one-time thing. What’s needed is a supergroup that really pushes boundaries into dubstep since that's really what the future is going to be.”

No news about the rest of the lineup is available but Austrian breakcore DJ/frequent Bephegor collaborator Hecate is rumored to be involved in some capacity. It's unknown what will come of the collaboration but Metal Underground will follow up with news on the supergroup.

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Sodom Frontman Given Suspended Sentence

Legendary Sodom frontman Thomas Such (aka Tom Angelripper) was facing two felony charges when he was convicted of hunting without a license and being in possession of an open container back in December. Gelsenkirchen game wardens confiscated all his high-powered rifles and beer cans, jailing him without incident. Over fifty malt-liquor cans were taken into evidence.

Appearing in court on March 31st, Judge Helmut Pferd gave him a suspended two-year sentence, which includes the mandatory completion of 200 hours community service cleaning a downtown disco up after hours and volunteering for PETA. He must also attend daily AA meetings since flunking a UA back in February. As per the sentence, Tom must adhere to a strict 9:00 p.m. curfew, play no gigs with his band and abstain from recording any beer-themed songs with Onkel Tom.

Tom Angelripper currently chairs the 12-Step meeting in downtown Gelsenkirchen, where he has just received his 30-day "Clean and Sober" keychain. Get a list of meeting times by going here. Below are a few of the photos admitted into evidence from the hunting trip in question.

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Tool to Tour With Dream Theater

The biggest progressive metal tour of all time is coming to North America. Tool and Dream Theater will be co-headlining a trek across the entire continent and will be bringing Gojira and Epica along for the ride. According to Tool drummer Danny Carey, “This is a tour that we've wanted to do for a long, long time but we just never got around to since the money and scheduling were never right for us. Now fans can finally see us with Dream Theater on the same bill. I remember Adam (Jones, Tool Guitarist) first passed the idea along back in 1998 but we had Ozzfest coming up so it just didn't happen and then Maynard got busy with A Perfect Circle so that really limited our touring options from there on out.” More...

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Jordison To Replace Bill Ward in Sabbath Reunion

Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison has reportedly been tapped to record drums on the new Black Sabbath album and has been spotted arriving in England just yesterday.

When contacted, Tony Iommi’s management had no comment. But Ozzy himself was reached and stated:

“It’s supposed to be a secret. But Joey is a world class drummer, so sure, we’re glad to have him working on the new album with us.”

There’s no word as yet if Jordison will be touring with the band on the upcoming “Ozzy and Friends” dates or future Black Sabbath dates.

This development comes after no agreement could be reached with original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward and rumors abound that the gap is one of money.

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Behemoth Drops Off Decibel Tour

Please note that this was an April fools story and Behemoth has not dropped off of the Decibel tour.

According to a press release issued by Decibel Magazine, sponsors of the highly anticipated first annual Decibel Magazine Tour, Polish heavyweights Behemoth have dropped off the trek, vacating their headlining slot.

The press release states, “With great frustration, regret, and heavy hearts, we are forced to announce that Behemoth will not be participating in the upcoming Decibel tour. For these guys to hit the open road again in North America after such a long absence, nobody was more stoked than we – except you, the patient fans. Alas, uncontrollable circumstances have reared their heads. Perhaps one day, if we’re lucky, we will see this terrific band perform once again, and we still have our fingers crossed for a new album later this year.”

The release goes on to state that unless a replacement act is found in time to fill Behemoth’s slot, direct supporters Watain will be bumped into the headlining position, followed by The Devil’s Blood and In Solitude. A tentative search for a potential new first opener has already begun.

As for the somewhat cryptic “if we’re lucky” remark, Decibel and the band's label Metal Blade Records were unable to provide further clarification. Metalunderground.com then contacted Behemoth’s North American booking agent Nick Storch (of The Agency Group). While overwhelmed with the magnitude of these cancellations, Storch admitted that an alleged “spiritual conflict” on the part of bandleader Adam “Nergal” Darski had forced the band off the road. According to Storch and other close sources, Nergal had been expressing doubts about his ability to continue Behemoth “as is,” now that he was “starting to see things a little differently.” All sources declined to comment further.

As most might recall, Nergal was hospitalized and treated for leukemia in late 2010, and has been convalescing for much of the past year. The Decibel trek was to be Behemoth's first U.S. tour since his diagnosis. In summer 2011, he fought off blasphemy charges in Poland for tearing apart a Bible onstage. Originally raised Catholic, Nergal has used Behemoth as a musical platform for a consistently anti-religious stance, expressed through dark and rebellious lyrics. His vaguely cited "spiritual conflict" has not been further defined or explained.

Nergal formed Behemoth in 1991 and went on to become one of the founders and primary proponents of the Polish extreme metal underground. The band has released nine studio albums, most recently "Evangelion." [2009] It is unknown whether or not Behemoth's promised next album will arrive this year, or if it will indeed be their last.

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Steel Panther Roasts Zakk Wylde

While they couldn't make it in person, the big haired lads from Steel Panther couldn't turn down the opportunity to let Zakk Wylde have it at the first-ever Guitar World Rock & Roll Roast back in January.

The boys in Steel Panther sent in a video roast for Zakk, which is NSFW, to say the least. Check it out below.

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"You've Got Another Thing Coming" Bossa Nova Cover

The latest cover/parody created by Andy Rehfeldt, well known for his metal and pop mashups as well as "Radio Disney," Bossa Nova and smooth Jazz version of metal songs, is a Bossa Nova cover of Judas Priest's "You've Got Another Thing Coming." Check it out below, and visit his YouTube channel for hours of entertainment.

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Las Vegas Grindcore Band Interrupts Newt Gingrich

A rally for Republican Party nominee Newt Gingrich in Las Vegas on Thursday morning was interrupted by local Nevada grindcore band Traumatic Anal Devastation. Apparently the band members showed up outside the rally, plugged their instruments in, and generated what Gingrich staffer Terry ‘The Stick’ Foley called “the sound of a tank driving through a minefield.”

Police showed up and pulled the plug on the band after about five minutes (twenty songs). Singer for the group Chip “Gravelthroat” Corbin said the impromptu performance was a political statement based on the band’s agenda for equal rights, animal rights, and support of anti-war movements across the world. When asked how his band’s name reflected its political beliefs, Corbin stated “Traumatic Anal Devastation is obviously metaphorical for the way the government and capitalism has continually raped the public at-large.”

When asked how people were supposed to understand the political nature of the lyrics given the undecipherable delivery of them, Corbin responded “Huh? What do you mean?” No reports of hearing loss or more than usual psychological damage from the Gingrich supporters who were present.

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Machine Head Performs With 13 Year Old

Fan-filmed footage has made its way online featuring Machine Head performing its single "Aesthetics of Hate" with a 13 year old boy on lead guitar. The footage was captured during the band's January 29th appearance in Buffalo, New York when frontman Robb Flynn invited the kid on-stage after seeing the boy's sign which read "Machine Head, Let this 13 year old play Aesthetics of Hate with you." The video has been posted for viewing below.

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8 Year Old Juliet Posts "My First Hardcore Song"

The latest viral video is a song by eight year old Juliet, who teamed up with producer Rob Sharpe to record this song and video. In "My First Hardcore Song," Juliet takes you on a journey of her love for her dog, Robert and how her pet fish stink. Check the video out below.

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Kittie Plays Acoustic "Dexter" Theme Song

Footage has been posted online of Tara McLeod from Kittie playing an acoustic guitar version of the intro theme to the "Dexter" T.V. show. Check out the clip in the player below.

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Mike Portnoy Performs With Candido Camero

Latin Percussion has posted footage online of ex-Dream Theater member Mike Portnoy performing with the 90 year old Candido Camero. Check out the footage in the player available below.

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The Browning Has Fun With Fireworks

Texas electronic metal band The Browning has posted a video clip online of the band performing firework shenanigans with cigarettes. Check out the tobacco explosion mayhem below.

You can also check out The Browning's previously posted music video for the track "Bloodlust" by heading over to this location.

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Kiss Opening Mini Golf Course In Las Vegas

Kiss has announced it's foray into the outdoor entertainment business by planning to open a mini golf course across the street from the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. The scheduled opening date will be March 15th, 2012, which will correspond with the anniversary of the "Destroyer" album release. Kiss By Monster Mini Golf will feature an indoor glow-in-the-dark miniature golf course, an arcade, the largest Kiss gift shop in the world, a Kiss gallery, “Hotter than Hell” wedding chapel, a private VIP room and Kiss themed event rooms, and “Rock ‘n Roll All Nite” Cafe. In a joint statement delivered by Kiss’ Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, both spoke of their reasons for undertaking this project:

“When the idea of a Kiss mini golf course was presented to us, we immediately knew that everyone would want to go to a Kiss-themed amusement attraction,” they said. “There is nothing like Kiss mini golf anywhere… It has everything you could ask for: great Kiss music, fun games, affordable entertainment in one of the greatest cities in the world, and of course, Kiss. A hole in one? One can only dream. Try your luck at the Kiss By Monster Mini Golf.”

Go to this location for more updates on this venture. More...

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Britney Spears In Manson "Sweet Dreams" Video

The video that was reportedly used by Britney Spears during costume changes on her 2009 "Circus" tour has been posted online at fans' requests. The video in question feature Spears writhing around at a orgy masquerade party set to Marilyn Manson's 1995 cover of "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)."

Here's Britney's version:

Here's Manson's original cover music video:

Which do you prefer?

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Babymetal Posts First Music Video Online

Featuring 12-13 year old members of Japanese Pop Idol group Sakura Gakuin, Babymetal has released their first music video, for the song "Doki Doki Morning." The band's sound combines deathcore with J-pop along with the vocals of the three girls for an "interesting" experience.

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