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Face-crushing guitars, head-pounding drums, bass so low it’ll make you vacate your bowels, and vocals so scorching, so extreme, they can’t be human. They’re not. This death metal outfit with a parrot for a singer takes your head off with two stabs to the throat. That’s right, a parrot for a singer, coming at you without mercy, Hatebeak pecks your eyes out and assaults your ears in a flurry of pummeling riffs and grey feathers that leaves you lying in a pool of blood begging for more. The first metal band in history with an avian vocalist!

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Hatebeak Is Back!

After 8 years of molting, Hatebeak is back! The world's first and arguably best parrot-fronted death/grind machine returns with the release of "Number Of The Beak," set to hatch today - June 26th - via Reptilian Records.

Though shrouded in secrecy during the band's initial existence (aside from "Waldo" the African Grey Parrot on vox), it is rumoured that Blake Harrison (Pig Destroyer) and Mark Sloan (Malvador/Triac) are the humans in the group.

This monolithic release, which is beautifully mastered by Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed) can now be streamed below. More...

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Birds Of A Feather Sing Death Metal Together

The following article has been written for SFGate.com:

They are Blake, Mark and Waldo. A couple of years ago, they got together and formed a heavy metal band. This spring, they released their first record, "Beak of Putrefaction."

Blake and Mark play guitar and drums. Waldo provides the ear-bleeding screeches and satanic-sounding growls. A heavy metal prodigy, Waldo is only 15 years old. That's not all. He is also covered with feathers.

Meet Hatebeak, the world's first death metal band whose lead singer is a parrot. More...

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Hatebeak To Do Split CD w/ Caninus, Interview

The Black Table has scored an interview with avian-fronted Hatebeak's BLK (Waldo is the singer), discussing various details about being in an avian fronted band and trends in that vein. Here's a sample:

BT: Not minutes after learning of your band, I was pointed to Caninus, an equally punishing torch-to-the-scalp of hardcore and metal fronted by two pit bull terriers. Firstly, is there any truth to the rumors of a split 7" between your two bands in future days? Secondly, do you have title for it yet? Third, which do you think is the most appropriate color for the vinyl -- blood red or tropical green? Lastly, may I please have eight million copies?

BLK: Yes, there is truth to the rumors. We've talked with the fine people in Caninus, and they seem really excited to do it, as are we. It'll be the Faith/Void split for the "00." I do have a working title for the record, but it will remain secret until the unveiling. Yes, you may have eight million copies, but they will be $3 apiece. I guess we could give you a break on the price though.

BT: Can you say with any level of confidence whether we are on the eve of a revolution in punk in which animals govern the mouthpiece?

BLK: No, not at all, although a whale band called Baleen would be sweet.

Read the full article at The Black Table.

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Download Hatebeak's 'God Of Empty Nest' MP3

A free MP3 from HATEBEAK's new album, "Beak Of Putrifaction" has been posted online for download. Hatebeak's claim to fame is that they are the world's only deathmetal band with an avian vocalist.

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Hatebeak: Death Metal With An Avian Vocalist

I forgot to report this humorous piece sent to me via boingboing.net Friday:

The new album by HATEBEAK -- the world's only deathmetal band with an avian vocalist -- promises music so terrifying it will "make you vacate your bowels." Song titles inlcude Beak of Putrefaction and God of Empty Nest. "Hatebeak pecks your eyes out and assaults your ears in a flurry of pummeling riffs and grey feathers that leaves you lying in a pool of blood begging for more. Buy a clear vinyl 7" for $5 postage paid at this Link."

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