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Reach the Sky Breaking Up

Sadly, Boston hardcore band Reach The Sky will be calling it quits next month. Over the past six years, the group has put out several releases, including two full-lengths on Victory Records, and toured several continents. Rumors have been circulating for a few weeks, but as of a month ago, the band hadn't made any final decisions regarding their future. However, as time wore on, the group decided it was time to end things, essentially to move on and focus on real jobs. Here's a portion of the band's official statement:

"Simply, it's time for us to move on, get jobs and reconnect with our lives. Spending the better part of six years on the road and away from the people you love and shoving piles of bills to the side, thinking nothing matters but what moves you, but what's in front of you, capturing that feeling you can't get anywhere else; the reality is that it all catches up to you eventually. Some of us will be going back to 'real world' jobs, some of us are getting married, some of us will resurface in bands, but none of us will forget."

The members remain friends and RTS will play a final set of shows with The Promise and Most Precious Blood in February before playing their final show on February 9th at the Palladium in Worcester, MA with Bane, American "Nothing", Most Precious Blood, The Promise, and Some Kind Of Hate. Here are their final shows: More...

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Dynamo Cancelled

The organizers of the legendary Dutch metal festival Dynamo Open Air have announced the cancellation of this year's festivities — the second time in three years that they've been forced to abandon plans to stage the event.

"Unfortunately there will NOT be a Dynamo Open Air in 2003, although we have actually found a new site!" begins the official statement announcing the cancellation. "We thought we had found our new home, in the town of Nuenen, only five kilometres from Eindhoven, but because of a newly installed European environmental law the town can not give us a permit. In short, this new law forbids events like Dynamo in the breeding season, which is from March 15th until July 15th. Although it is possible to file for an exemption to this law, the whole procedure would take too long for us to be able to organize a proper Dynamo, as we have it in mind. This leaves us with no other option than to cancel this year's Dynamo. Of course we regret this immensely, but we have looked at it from every possible angle and there was no alternative. More...

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Pitchshifter To Split

Pitchshifter have announced that their upcoming UK tour in March will be the bnd’s last. They will split up after this. However, everyone involved has stressed that this decision hasn’t been taken because of any rift within the camp, but because it’s felt that Pitchshifter have reached a natural end. The band will release a live album to coincide with these farewell shows.

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AC/DC's Evans On Hall Of Fame Blunder

Former AC/DC bass player MARK EVANS, who appeared on such classic albums as High Voltage, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, and Let There Be Rock was originally thought to be included in the band's induction ceremony into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in March, based on the initial announcement he would be included. Recently the offer was recinded by the Hall, citing an error. Here is a press release issued by representatives of Mark Evans: More...

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Odin Returns

Odin, the LA metallers who rose to a sort of fame after their rather embarrassing appearance in the movie ‘The Decline Of Western Civilization Part 2: The Metal Years’, have reformed. They originally split up in 1988.

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Nightwish Sued by Composer

Nightwish are being sued by arranger/conductor Riku Niemi, who participated on the group's platinum-selling Century Child release. Niemi claims that the band owes him money for his work on the album. Nightwish keyboardist/mastermind Tuomas Holopainen claims the whole incident is the result of a misunderstanding. According to Holopainen, who wrote the bulk of the material on the album, only a verbal agreement existed between the band and Niemi. "I have nothing against Riku, and I'm greatly disappointed that our co-operation has ended like this. I hope that we will reach the final resolution of this matter soon."

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Eternal Tears of Sorrow Split Up

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow have split up. Here's the official statement: "With mixed feelings we have to announce that Eternal Tears of Sorrow have decided to split up. EToS has been on a break since March 2002. During the break, it has become obvious that it is time to quit. This band started as a free-time activity about ten years ago. As we got more success, we also needed to give more and more of our time to the band. Day by day, we realized the band had become a full-time job for us. Now it's time to move on and do something different. This band achieved much more than we could imagine when we formed this band. However, we won't stop making and playing music. Check out the official EToS website regularly for information about the members and their other projects and bands. The site has been online for almost seven years now and will remain as it is. Only the address has changed to: http://www.etos.tk. We thank all our fans for support! A huge number of nice things happened to us between 1994 and today, thanks to you!"

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Will Haven Officially Disbanding

More information has come to light on Will Haven's impending break-up. The band will officially be playing its final show on January 24th in Sacramento. Apparently frontman Grady Avenall wants to take a break from music - "We have been going at this since 1995 and sometimes you need to get away. As for now we do not see Will Haven getting back together anytime soon but we will leave the door open for Grady." Both the new Will Haven EP and DVD (the band's final show will be filmed for the DVD) will most likely be released in March, in the U.S. and Europe. Otherwise, Will Haven members Jeff Irwin, Mike Martin, and Mitch Wheeler will continue playing under a different name, so look for more information on that project soon.

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T.Rex Star Dies At 55

Mickey Finn, who made his name in the early ’70s with T. Rex, has died at the age of 55, from kidney and liver problems.

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Bury Your Dead Calls it Quits

Ok, after a few days of fuzziness, it seems that New England hardcore band Bury Your Dead has indeed broken up. Here's the latest statement from the band:

"Bury Your Dead is offically done. We just dont feel its going to work out in the future. There's too much in our way, so we will be doing our own things... some different bands, some new jobs. All in all we had fun and we hope everyone else did too. Thanks for the support everyone."

The news comes just weeks before the release of their debut, You Had Me At Hello, which is slated to hit stores in February via Alveran Records/Eulogy Recordings.

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Gravity Kills Split

US band Gravity Kills have split up, although they’ve yet to give a reason for this decision. The band last album, their third was 2002’s ‘Superstarved’.

Here's the "official" statement on Noise Records' site: More...

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Lacuna Coil off Opeth/Paradise Lost Tour

Italian gothic metal combo Lacuna Coil are reportedly on the verge of dropping off the upcoming Opeth/Paradise Lost North American tour.

"I don't know if they are off the whole tour or not," a spokesperson for the group's label, Century Media Records, told Blabbermouth Monday night. "I do know that there was a major immigration problem. Century Media stepped in on Friday to try and fix it. We got Immigration everything they needed and had them put a rush on things to try and make it happen. We're hoping it can get done in time so the band can either do the whole tour or at least some of it, but this late in the game, I will say it doesn't look good."

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Halford Postpones West Coast Shows

the band was recently forced to postpone a series of West Coast dates when Rob Halford was denied entry into the United States because his work visa was not thoroughly processed by The United States Immigration and Naturalization Service. Tempering the bad news, the Metal God has announced that an extensive tour is being planned that will see as many as six bands from various metal genres supporting Halford on a full-scale US tour to begin in March.

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Primer 55 Split

PRIMER 55 have announced their decision to disband "due to creative and personal issues." The band, who recently completed the Jagermeister $12 Riot U.S. tour with DOPE, had previously issued two full-length albums through the Island/Def Jam label.

The following is guitarist Bobby Burns' statement on the split: More...

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Doro In Crash, Cancels German Dates

Doro Pesch was forced to cancel three German dates in late December after being involved in a road accident. Fortunately, she escaped serious injury.

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Pyrexia Reformed And Writing New Material

Long Island, New York-based death metallers PYREXIA have reformed and are in the process of writing new material for a tentative late 2003 release.

The band, several members of which were most recently in CATASTROPHIC with ex-OBITUARY guitarist Trevor Peres, are said to be planning on re-releasing their old albums (1993's "Sermon Of Mockery", 1995's "Hatredangeranddigust", and 1997's "System Of The Animal") through an as-yet-undetermined label.

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End of the Triads

Revenge Of The Triads, the band featuring Snake River Conspiracy’s Jason Slater, A Perfect Circle’s Troy Van Leeuwen and Charlie Clouser of Nine Inch Nails, have split up. This is apparently due to problems with their record company, LMC.

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Stuck Mojo Reform For New Year's Show

Stuck Mojo have reformed for a one-night show. The band will play a special New Year’s Eve show in Atlanta. The line-up will be vocalist Bonz, guitarist Rich Ward, bassist Keith Watson and drummer Bud Fontsere.

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Emperor's Final Release

Defunct yet influential black metallers Emperor are to release what they term their final album through Candlelight on March 10, called ‘Scattered Ashes – A Decade Of Emperial Wrath’ and is a double CD compilation that will include both rare and previously unreleased material. The full track listing is: More...

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Guns N' Roses Pull Out of American Tour?

Guns N’ Roses have apparently pulled their American tour. This follows fans rioting at the First Union Center in Philadelphia after a show by the band was cancelled at 11.15pm, more than two hours after GNR should have been onstage. The reason given was that one of the band had been taken ill.

I am practically of the opinion that these guys should not be ALLOWED to tour, because they are simply unable to fulfill their obligations. Even when I saw them years ago with Metallica, they kept the fans waiting for over an hour and a half, nearly causing a riot. Maybe they wouldn't have so many problems if they weren't getting so fucked up and drinking themselves "ill" before every show...

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