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Bruce Dickinson Gets Egged At Ozzfest

I received an interesting email from a reader (Jonny) who attended the San Bernardino Ozzfest:

"I went to OZZFEST 2005 san bernardino last night and things got pretty crazy. Sharon osbourne had people throwing eggs at bruce dickenson and messing with Iron Maiden's equipment during Maiden's set. Bruce said "I'm going to rip your fucking eyes out if I see who's doing that" "This is fuckin' Maiden Fest" Almost every song was plagued by her mischeif, such as Bruce's vocals being cut off and being replaced by an annoying OZZY OZZY OZZY chant. Bruce was livid. He said america stands for "we the people" and the people were the only reason he didn't leave.
There were other subtle signs of the "shit hitting the fan"

Sharon then cut them short and you could hear the sounds of a fight backstage. Sharon then goes on the Big Screen and calls Bruce a "Prick". Next ozzy comes on and gives the worst perfomance ever. Please find some more people who were there to corroborate my account."

This seems to be well corroborated by a lengthy post and more emails Blabbermouth.net received as well as the fact that two photos of IRON MAIDEN frontman Bruce Dickinson have apparently been removed from the official Ozzfest web site, Ozzfest.com — presumably because the Ozzfest organizers believe that Dickinson has "disrespected" the festival (based on comments made by Sharon Osbourne during last night's Ozzfest in San Bernardino, California). View the IRON MAIDEN photo page (containing pictures taken earlier in the tour) at Ozzfest.com. The photos that are believed to have been removed from the page can be seen on the Ozzfest.com server, but are no longer part of the former page: Photo#1, Photo#2 More...

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Transport League Splits Up

Sweden's TRANSPORT LEAGUE have officilally split up. The group's statetement on the mater reads as follows:

"TRANSPORT LEAGUE is no more!! We have decided to bury this ship for good! After several years of hard work and releases of four CDs, we've now decided to move on! The TRANSPORT LEAGUE sound has changed so much since the release of 'Stallion Showcase' 1996 and 'Superevil' 1997, and many member changes has affected the sound so much... etc., a cleansing was needed !.

"Out of the ashes rises the new era, the new band, a new level of art: M.A.N!!! The lead singer, Tony [Jelencovich], has also decided to put away the guitar, and just concentrate on the singing and to front the band better than ever!!!

"M.A.N is yet unsigned, but negotiations are going on."

As previously reported, M.A.N recently recorded 13 songs at Gothenburg, Sweden's Grand Recordings towards their planned debut album, "Obey, Consume, Reject" (originally a TRANSPORT LEAGUE projected album title). A fall release is expected.

"The sound of M.A.N is maybe a bit more brutal than in TRANSPORT LEAGUE, and we just felt that we had make something out of these crushing riffs!" said Jelencovich.

You can check out samples of M.A.N's music at Transport League's Myspace page.

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Former Vader Drummer "Doc" Dies

Former Vader drummer Krzysztof "Docent" Raczkowski (a.k.a. Doc) has passed away at age 35. No further details about his death are currently available.

In a March 2005 statement announcing Doc's departure from the group, Vader frontman Peter said, "Doc pretty hard tried to 'fight' against his weaknesses, which were troubles for all of us. Finaly he had not prevailed over that battle... All in all, he attempted. . . Vader today is not just a friendship anymore — it's our life with armies of man involved in music, releases and — first of all — fans waiting for shows or new albums... This is a high responsibility, not too many know about. If a person, even the most talented one, cannot stand it — [he] has to leave... That was Doc's decision as well."

In an April 2005 interview with AbrasiveRock.com, Vader guitarist Mauser elaborated on Doc's "weaknesses," stating, "He had a problem with alcohol and this is the problem. Maybe in the future, if he will be alright, he may be back in the band. Maybe someday. We will see what happens."

This news has been confirmed by Vader's official website, Vader.pl.

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All Members of Blood Freak Killed in Car Accident

The following message was posted on the Razorback Records website:

"It is a very, very sad day for Razorback Records and the whole Horror Hive. We received a call today from Jason Grinter's wife, Martha, that Jason and the rest of BLOOD FREAK died in a horrible car accident sometime over the weekend. They had left Anaheim, BLOOD FREAK's hometown, on Friday morning and were driving to Seattle so they could begin recording their long-awaited second album, "Live Fast, Die Young, & Leave a Flesh-Eating Corpse," this week. The album was to have been the second released by Razorback Records. Jason and the boys were about to head into Portland when something went wrong and their rented van veered off the road. Tragically, all three passengers were killed in the crash. Exactly what went "wrong" with BLOOD FREAK's van isn't known yet. We hope to have more details soon. What we do know is that Razorback Records and the Horror Hive mourns the deaths of our fellow gore-hounds in BLOOD FREAK, a band that rose out of the obscurity of the '80s/early '90s death metal/goregrind underground only to be lost before its time ...

BLOOD FREAK: 1988 - 2005

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Hellfest 2005 Is Cancelled

Hellfest was set to happen this weekend in New Jersey and Metal Underground .com was to be there covering the event. However, the official Hellfest site has been updated with a message stating that the event has been cancelled. Here is the statement:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Hellfest has been cancelled. After a full day in court in Burlington County, NJ, Hellfest was unable to meet unreasonable demands brought to Hellfest's attention by the Sovereign Bank Arena on August 16, 2005 at 6:21 PM, and to be met by August 17, 2005 at 7:00 AM. Actions were taken and Hellfest had an injunction filed by noon on August 17, 2005, but was overruled by the judge.

We send our deepest apologies out to the fans and everyone who was involved with the event and want you to be aware that legal action is being taken. For ticket refunds please contact the Sovereign Bank Arena box office.

More information to come.

If you have problems or complaints with the Sovereign Bank Arena or with Mercer County Authority. Please contact the following: More...

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Ozzy Osbourne Retires As Ozzfest Headliner

It's been rumored for months that this summer's Ozzfest would be its namesake's last — and on Friday, Ozzy Osbourne announced that he is retiring as the headliner of the annual heavy metal festival. However, the singer is expected to finish this summer's tour and plans to make occasional appearances at future Ozzfests.

"After 10 years, the Ozzfest's name and reputation have been established," he said in a statement. "It's time for me to move on and do other things." His publicist noted in a statement, "Ozzfest will carry on in 2006, however Ozzy will limit his performances to only a few, select cities."

Ozzy, who's been performing with Black Sabbath this summer as the tour's headliner, has been dogged by throat problems, which have forced the band to drop off of the bill on several recent dates, with Black Sabbath cancelling three Ozzfest appearances so far this year (July 27 in Holmdel, New Jersey, July 31 in Noblesville, Indiana and August 2 in Columbus, Ohio).

No official explanation has been given for Ozzy's throat problems, and it is unknown how severe they may be.

Read the full article at MTV.com.

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First Annual Ride For Dime Info Released

The first annual "Ride for Dime" bike rally will be held on Saturday, August 20 (late PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott's birthday) in Dallas. The event has been organized to raise money for the Dimebag Darrell Memorial Fund, which has been set up to help the victims of the Alrosa Villa shootings in Columbus, Ohio on December 8, 2004, which took the life of legendary heavy metal guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott.

The bike run, which will begin and end at The Clubhouse, will take the participants into Arlington, where Dimebag lived all of his life, with stops of interest including his favorite restaurant, Campo Verde, where the riders will eat dinner. The ride will also pass through Elkins Park, where Dimebag often went to relax, and by his high school. The route will finally pass by Moore Memorial Gardens, Dimebag's final resting place, where the riders will toss flowers near the cemetery gates as they pass by. The ride will then return to the Clubhouse, where a night of Dime-style partying will take place.

Anyone interested in participating in this ride can find registration information at http://www.dallasentertainment.com/rfd.

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Man Dies At Wacken Open Air Festival

A 37-year-old heavy metal fan was killed in a tragic accident at Germany's Wacken Open Air festival early Friday morning (August 5). The accident reportedly occured at about 12:25 a.m. on the Bokelrehmer Weg near the adjoining camping ground. An apparently very drunk festival attendee from Rendsburg was walking in the bushes near the road with a friend. As he emerged, he tumbled and fell backwards. In the fall, he hit the side of an ambulance driving past at slow speed. The Rendsburg man was critically injured, and despite immediate medical attention, was pronounced dead a short time later at Itzehoe medical clinic. The 43-year-old ambulance driver and his partner, as well as the friend of the victim, suffered shock and received psychological counselling.

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Mork Gryning Working On One More Album

Swedish black metal band Mörk Gryning is officially still disbanded, but due to major pressure from fans they have decided to release a final album. This album will be released by Black Lodge Records. Mörk Gryning are in the studio right now, in the mixing stage of the coming album named “Mörk Gryning” set for release later this year.

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The Program Call It Quits At Start Of Tour

Just days into a U.S. tour, The Program have broken up. Here's a statement by the band:

"The Program truly regret to inform all of you that we have broken up. Last night was the cap of a 4 year run of bad breaks and sketchy happenings. We will be taking this time to dial in our lives, return to school, and begin the next step of things to come. Thank you all for your support over the years and we apologies to the 25 people who were psyched to see us on this tour. We will all be starting new projects, the details of which will be named later."

Formed in 2001, the group released an album with Stillborn Records in 2003.

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Dream Evil Part Ways With Singer And Bassist

Dream Evil have parted ways with both vocalist Niklas Isfeldt and bassist Peter Stålfors. The departing members have released the following statement:

"Dear followers,

Because of personal issues and the fact that Niklas has problems with constantly recurring health problems we have taken the painful decision to leave the band.

All our friends are telling us that it's a bad idea to leave the band now when it's starting to get big, but you may come to a point in your life where you have to make a choice. We have now come to this point in our lives and the choice we have made is to put more time into our families and work.

We've known for a long time that the bigger Dream Evil becomes the more time it will take from the other important things in our lives and in time it was inevitable to make a decision. Therefore we have decided to leave Dream Evil.

There are no hard feelings between us and the other guys in Dream Evil, We’re still the best of friends and they totally understand the position we are in.

So it is with the best confidence we now pass over the mantle to the new members Jake E Berg and Tommy Larsson. They have our blessings and we are confident they will fill our shoes just perfectly and leave nothing for the fans to be desired.

We wish to thank all fans for the support through the years and for making the time in Dream Evil a memory for life.

Stay Evil In The Night
Peter and Niklas"

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Palehorse Guitarist Passes Away

Palehorse guitarist John Tamas passed away Monday night. Here's a statement from the band:

"A close personal friend, brother, and band mate passed away yesterday. There are no words to express the shock and despair we are all feeling right now. John Tamas grew up with all of us to the tune of 15+ years. He was a part of the Connecticut Hardcore scene for the past 12 years and has made a lasting impact in all of our lives. We would like to send our utmost gratitude to those who have been there for us in this tragic time. Your words, emails, phone calls, and tears have reopened our eyes to hardcore and what hardcore is all about. We have been surrounded by loved ones all day. Thank you so much."

A benefit show is being planned for September. According to Palehorse, "it will be bands from the time when we began going to shows. Bands that John loved and a show that John would have been proud to play." Additionally, the band is selling a limited edition 7", which will feature the only songs Tamas recorded with the band. Proceeds from both the 7" and benefit show will go to Tamas' mother to help with expenses.

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15 People Arrested Following Deicide Concert

15 people were arrested for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct following DEICIDE's live debut in Chile, which took place Friday (July 15) at Gimnasio Nataniel in Santiago.

According to El Sol de Mexico, police in Santiago, Chile arrested 15 people who tried to enter by force the venue where American death metal band DEICIDE were performing their first-ever concert in the country.

The arrests were reportedly made on Friday (July 15) after the organizers of the event closed the doors of the packed Gymnasium Nataniel, causing nearly two hundred fans to be turned away when they tried to enter the concert.

Many of the fans standing outside, according to an official report, were found to be either drunk or on drugs, and they began to throw empty bottles at the walls of the Gymnasium Nataniel as well as at the vehicles that were parked around the venue.

Around 80 Special Forces police officers responded to the disturbance and used various means, including tear gas, to disperse the unruly crowd. In the meantime, 3,500 people reportedly enjoyed the presentation of DEICIDE, whose members were said to be unaware of the chaos that was taking place outside the building.

DEICIDE's concert in Chile went ahead despite objections from local church officials, who had asked the authorities to prevent the group from playing in country out of respect for an Italian Catholic priest who was murdered by a DEICIDE fan almost a year ago.

Rodrigo Orias, 26, slit Father Faustino Gazziero's throat, smeared his face with the victim's blood and then stabbed himself several times in the chest and neck with the same knife at the conclusion of a Mass at Santiago's Metropolitan Cathedral on July 24, 2004 while hundreds of churchgoers watched in horror, according to published reports.

Orias, who had a pentagram branded on the left side of his chest (covering his heart) and several other symbols of the occult tattooed on his body, reportedly asked DARK FUNERAL singer Emperor Magus Caligula during the Swedish black metal band's visit to Santiago in 2003 to burn an inverted cross on Rodrigo's arm with a cigar — a "mark" which Orias later planned to make into a tattoo.

Photos of DEICIDE hanging out with their Chilean fans are available at this location. A Chilean TV report on DEICIDE's visit to the country, including live video footage from last night's concert, can be found at Terra.cl (Real Media).

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Original Carnivore Guitarist Killed in Accident

Original Carnivore guitarist Keith Alexander was reportedly killed in a bike accident earlier this week - Monday night (July 11). His wake is being held today (July 14) between 2:00 and 5:30 p.m., and between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. at:

Scarpaci Funeral Home
1401 86th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11228

In addition to playing with Carnivore, Alexander spent a three-year stint with Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, touring extensively throughout North America and Scandinavia, with some audiences numbering over 20,000.

A body piercer since 1991, Keith had performed well over 22,000 piercings and over 150 cuttings and brandings. Formerly a staff piercer for Gauntlet, Inc. in New York City, Keith spent one year as a full-time apprentice to master piercers Dan Kopka and Mark Seitchik. Gauntlet founder Jim Ward issued Keith's certificate on August 2, 1994.

You can find more information on Keith Alexander's life work and accomplishments here.

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The Quiet Room Singer Commits Suicide

Glen "Pete" Jewell, former lead singer for late '90s prog rock band THE QUIET ROOM, passed away Saturday, June 25. Pete recorded "Reconceive" with the band in 2000, right before leaving the band permanently. THE QUIET ROOM was signed to Metal Blade Records and released two albums.

Pete, who reportedly committed suicide at his home, leaves behind a 5-year-old son, Tanner Dez Jewell. A memorial service will be held in Denver, Colorado and will be announced soon. A funeral fund for Pete and his son have been set up. Any donations are appreciated. There will also be a benefit concert held in Denver, Colorado.

Donation info:

The Glen Jewell Funeral Fund (Pete)
US Bank
2990 S Peoria St
Aurora, Co 80014
acct # 103675494076

Tanner Dez Jewell Fund
US Bank
2990 S Peoria St
Aurora, Co 80014
acct # 203682559612

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Supreme Court: File-Sharing Services May Be Sued

The Washington Post reports (via Hope Yen of the Associated Peess) that Internet file-sharing services will be held responsible if they intend for their customers to use software primarily to swap songs and movies illegally according to Monday's Supreme Court ruling, rejecting warnings that the lawsuits will stunt growth of cool tech gadgets such as the next iPod.

The unanimous decision sends the case back to lower court, which had ruled in favor of file-sharing services Grokster Ltd. and StreamCast Networks Inc. on the grounds that the companies couldn't be sued. The justices said there was enough evidence of unlawful intent for the case to go to trial.

File-sharing services shouldn't get a free pass on bad behavior, justices said.

"We hold that one who distributes a device with the object of promoting its use to infringe copyright, as shown by the clear expression or other affirmative steps taken to foster infringement, is liable for the resulting acts of infringement by third parties," Justice David H. Souter wrote for the court.

At issue was whether the file-sharing services should be held liable even if they have no direct control over what millions of online users are doing with the software they provide for free. As much as 90 percent of songs and movies copied on the file-sharing networks are downloaded illegally, according to music industry filings.

About 20 independent recording artists, including musician and producer Brian Eno, rockers Heart and rapper-activist Chuck D, supported the file-sharing technology to allow for greater distribution of their works.

Industry observers have said a ruling against Grokster could also prompt stiffer enforcement from European regulators, who were watching the case for guidance on tackling copyright questions in their countries.

Read the full article at WashingtonPost.com.

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Man Arrested in COC Concert Stabbing

The arrest and booking information of the suspect arrested Saturday morning (June 25) in connection with the stabbings at CORROSION OF CONFORMITY concert in Ybor City Thursday night (June 23) has been posted online at the web site of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. You can check it out at this location.

Michael John Pyne (photo), 39, of Pinellas Park, turned himself in early Saturday morning, Tampa Police spokesman Joe Durkin said in a press release. Pyne is charged with murder, attempted murder, aggravated battery, and aggravated assault, according to TBO.com.

Four people were stabbed during a fight Thursday night during a concert inside The Masquerade. Thomas Laskas, 29, died of his injuries early Friday morning at Tampa General Hospital. Witnesses said Laskas was trying to break up the fight.

Police said Pyne admitted to being at the club and having a knife but told detectives that he does not remember anything after seeing his girlfriend in a fight.

Pyne is being held without bond at the Hillsborough County Jail.

Michael Dunn of the Tampa Tribune has issued the following report: More...

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Fatal Stabbing At Corrosion of Conformity Concert

It is being reported that at last night's CORROSION OF CONFORMITY show at The Masquerade in Tampa, FL four people were stabbed with one being fatally wounded. The band has released the following statement on their web site:

"We are stunned deeply saddened by the brutal stabbings of three people at the Tampa show last night. We don't have much information at this time. Unofficially we have heard that one victim didn't make it. In twenty plus years of gigging we've never seen anything like this. It's sad that people can't come together for a good time listening to music without something tragic happening. We feel for the families of those attacked and wish success to Tampa law enforcement in their quest to solve this pointless crime. Take care of each other and go in peace.

Anyone who has any information or saw anything should contact the Tampa Police at 813-276-3200."

Ben Montgomery of The Tampa Tribune has issued the following report on the incident: More...

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Morbid Angel Member Is "Missing"

The following message was sent out by GENITORTURERS frontwoman Gen and MORBID ANGEL bassist/vocalist David Vincent regarding missing MORBID ANGEL guitarist Tony Norman:

"MORBID ANGEL are scheduled to fly to Portugal this Wednesday for a huge festival. As of today, no one has seen or heard from Tony Norman, MORBID ANGEL's rhythm guitarist, who also used to play in the band MONSTROSITY.

He was last seen by us at our friends wedding when him and his girlfriend were seated at our table. This was well over a month ago and no one has had contact with him since that we can determine.

We have contacted many of his friends, parents etc... no one has heard from him We think that he has recently moved within Tampa to a new place… No one seems to know where and none of his phone numbers are working…. so no one at this point is able to reach him.

At this point David and the rest of the MORBID ANGEL crew are really worried about him as it is not like him to be out of touch. A missing person's report has been filed.

If you know him or anyone that has contact with him… please help us contact anyone you know who might also know him or his girlfriend."

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Lostprophets Drummer And Founding Member Quits

According to Xfm Online, Mike Chiplin, drummer and founding member of LOSTPROPHETS, has quit the band.

An announcement containing the surprise news was issued from the band today (June 20) explaining that Chiplin is no longer with the band. No specific reason is given, but there is no mention of the phrase “musical differences”.

"LOSTPROPHETS regret to announce the departure of drummer and founding member Mike Chiplin." It reads, "The departure is an amicable one with Mike leaving to pursue other musical opportunities and the rest of LOSTPROPHETS wish him well with all future endeavours.

"The band are currently writing the follow-up to their platinum-plus album, 'Start Something' and begin recording their new album later this year. The album has a planned release in early 2006."

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