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Hellhammer Leaving The Kovenant

According to an Official Press Release released today by Nuclear Blast Germany, drummer Hellhammer will be leaving The Kovenant.

The release stated: “So another chapter in the bands history has come to and end. It has mutually been decided that Von Blomberg (aka Hellhammer), will be leaving the band. And a new replacement drummer will be taking his place. New members for the band are also being auditioned, and will be revealed shortly. With the imminent release of the 4th album, Seti, things are looking very good for the future of The Kovenant. And being more dedicated and headstrong than ever. I can only predict greater things in store for us. We would like to thank Von Blomberg for the years of mischief and friendship, and wish him well on his future escapades. Wherever that may be. And that he will always remember that together we have made history more than once... Lex Icon, Psy Coma & Angel”

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Great White Subpoenaed

The surviving members of Great White have been subpoenaed to appear before a Grand Jury in Rhode Island as investigations continue into the cause of the fire at The Station club on February 20, Altogether, 97 people were killed, including Great White guitarist Ty Longley. It is possible that criminal charges will be pressed as a result of the investigation.

In related news, the first victim hospitalized after last week's tragic nightclub fire in Rhode Island has died at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, the hospital said this morning. Linda Suffoletto was pronounced dead at 5:17 a.m. Friday (Feb. 28) at Massachusetts General Hospital, according to a hospital spokesperson. The specific cause of death was not released at press time. Mrs. Suffoletto's husband, Benjamin Joseph Suffoletto Jr., 43, was killed in the fire. He was buried yesterday.

Suffoletto's passing brings the death toll back up to 97, after it had been lowered by one on Thursday due to a miscalculation. About 50 people remain hospitalized, 34 in critical condition.

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New Metallica Bassist Announced

That’s right. The search is over. All the rumors and speculation can finally be put to bed. Robert Trujillo is the long-awaited fourth member of Metallica.

Earlier today, on the official Metallica fan club site, the band stated, “We've taken a long time to find the right bass player for us. Obviously being a good player is important (!!), but it was also very important that whomever we found would fit in as a family member, a brother with a huge vibe. We wanted a fourth band member, not just a new bass player.

“We’ve all known, and have been huge fans of Rob since the early '90s when he was a part of the legendary hardcore/metal band Suicidal Tendencies. We got to know him when we played together with 'Suicidal' in Europe in ‘93, and again during the during the '94' "summer shit" tour, when they joined forces with us.” More...

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Medication Split

Medication, the band featuring former Soulfly/Machine Head guitarist Logan Mader and ex-Ugly Kid Joe frontman Whitfield Crane, have split up. The various members will now pursue other projects.

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All Else Failed Disbanding

Due to more impending lineup issues, All Else Failed has decided to stop actively touring and writing. The group will however be recording a final album, and although their "last" show will take place on March 1st in Bensalem, PA, there is a chance that they'll play another show or two once the record is released. The Pennsylvania group originally formed in 1995 and since then, they've released two full-lengths, an EP, and a 10" in addition to having undergone a myriad of lineup changes.

Band members Steve Wiegand, Luke Muir, Pat Shannon, in addition to Dave Davies, will now reportedly be focusing on a new project, so look for more information on that in the near future.

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Dark Moor Call it a Day

Female fronted Spanish power metallers Dark Moor have split up, due to the usual "musical differences" between former frontwoman, Elisa Martin and guitarist Enrik Garcia. Martin claims future projects would NOT use the name Dark Moor, but Garcia says that since he and bassist Anán Kaddouri have worked for 10 years, it's possible he might continue under the moniker, much like Angra did, without Andres Matos. Elisa is now singing for the French symphonic metal band Fairyland, who will soon release their debut album, Of Wars In Osyhria, on NTS Records. Dark Moor's label, Arise Records, still plans to issue a four track EP of new material, in April.

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Great White Inferno - 95+ Killed

At least 95 people were killed and more than 160 others were injured in a nightclub in West Warwick, R.I., late last night when a heavy-metal band's fireworks burned out of control, destroying the wooden building and turning the concert audience into a frantic mob. Great White, which sold 6 million albums after emerging from the Los Angeles metal scene of the 1980s, has had hits that include "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" and "Rock Me." The group was scheduled to perform at a club in Springfield, Va., tonight.

The disaster came just four days after 21 people were killed and more than 150 injured during a stampede in a Chicago nightclub that followed the use of pepper spray by a security guard.

Read the full article at WashingtonPost.com.

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Kataklysm's Drummer Leaves

Kataklysm parted ways with long time drummer Max Duhamel immediately after the European tour was completed. Max announced to the band that he will be retiring but accepted none the less to do the upcoming North American tour in Feb./March 2003 with Hate Eternal, Dying Fetus & Into Eternity... But to the band's surprise, Max has decided to pull out of that engagement a few days ago, leaving the band stranded to find a drummer, whom the band have now found and hope to be ready for the tour. Band leader Maurizio Iacono has this to say: "Well what can I say... Basically that we're pretty much in shock, especially after the tour we've just done and the upper level Kataklysm has reached with the last record, we weren't expecting this at all. We all knew that Max was starting to get tired of doing this shit but we didn't expect him to quit so suddenly and also to go back on his word about doing the tour in Feb./March, which is something he is not known to do at all!! We've struggled to find a last minute replacement and we found someone who is willing to help us out and make this tour happen, which we are very grateful (although he will not join the band permanently). J-F Richard (Blastfame/Eon Dissonance) is practicing intensively at the moment with guitarist J-F Dagenais and bassist Stephane Barbe in hopes of getting everything done in time for a 35 min. set. I've asked Max for a statement but I haven't received one, if anything I will post it on our website. We will find the right replacement and move on. The song writing will not be affected as Max was never really part of the writing process. We wish Max all the best for the future. We refuse to let down our fans in the States and our touring buddies, therefore we're doing everything possible to be there for the tour."

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Ozzfest 2003 Details Released

Details on this year's Ozzfest have been announced, and it seems Ozzy will be headlining the tour himself (not Black Sabbath as previously reported). Other main-stage headliners will include Korn, Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, and Chevelle. Second stage acts include Cradle of Filth, Trust Company, Shadow’s Fall, Killswitch Engage, Nothingface, Hotwire, Grade 8, Twisted Method, Unloco, and Memento are just a few of the 14 bands that will round out the second stage line-up. (More bands TBA.)

Here's the official press release with tour dates: More...

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Limbonic Art Disbands

Daemon and Morfeus are disbanding Limbonic Art... from their official site:

"Limbonic Art has of February 2003 decided to seize our activities.

We feel that we have reached as far as we could in our collaboration, and do not feel as inspired as we should when it comes to produce new quality music, there is no reason to go on making music we would not be comfortable with, and we fulfilled our contracts with NAP. Everything is set for a new beginning for the both of us, and we desire to explore other aspects of our musical interests, so it is time to stop now. The circle is complete, begin another...

We would like to hail all the ones who have supported us through the years, Nocturnal Art Productions, Hammerheart Records, Evil Horde Records, Mystic Productions, and many others who deserves our respect. Last but not least, we hail YOU, our loyal and dedicated fans, you know who you are..."

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Borknagar Loses Guitarist

Gutarist Jens F. Ryland has left Norway's Borknagar. "[Jens'] decision is based on various personal reasons, but we would like to state that there is no conflict nor bad blood in relations to the break," mainman Oystein G. Brun said in an official statement. "On behalf of Borknagar, I wish him all the best for the future!

"[Ryland's departure] will have no effect on the recording of our new album. We will start recording the album at Toproom Studios in mid-March and we'll record sporadically till the end of July. Expect a late year release!"

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Diabolical Drummer Leaves to join Seethings

Sweden's Diabolical have lost drummer Lars Soderberg to Seethings, featuring ex-Darkane and Andromeda vocalist Lawrence Mackrory.

"Yep, I´ve quit the band due to various problems and I am now playing bass," confirms Soderberg.

Diabolical have yet to annouce a replacement for the drummer, but they're already writing material for the follow-up to last year's A Thousand Deaths. In fact, Diabolical are writing a mini album first and a full-length for 2003.

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Paulsson Departs from Grave

Grave's website reveals that original founding member Jensa Paulsson has officially left the band for work and family related issues. His permanent replacement is Chris Barkensjö (Kaamos). Chris will remain a member of Kaamos.

Says the band: “He is an excellent drummer and has been a friend of ours for a long time so we are very happy to welcome him in the band. He’s played 2 shows with the band already, in Åbo, Finland and Gothenburg, Sweden, filling the chair for Jensa. His first appearance as a member of Grave will be at the March Metal Meltdown in New Jersey.

We also would like to thank Jensa for all the good years and good times and wish him the best of luck in the future. Grave - February 2003.”

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Garm Leaves Arcturus

In an exclusive interview with BW&BK today, Ulver founder Garm (aka Tricky G) has announced that he has left Arcturus. "I no longer sing in Arcturus. We haven't made the decision public yet, it's still somewhat of a secret. I guess you guys will be the first to make it known."

Garm reveals that there are no hard feelings regarding his decision to quit the band, and the move is simply due to time constraints. "I had to choose and down-prioritize a few things. My record label, Jester Records, has 30 CDs in the catalogue and I really want to work with my artists first hand, because I believe in all of them. Arcturus was ok as an offspring project, but the other members have tried to get serious about it now. They want to rehearse three times a week, and I can't commit to that. I'm not happy with this move, but it's something that has to be done."

Garm also reveals that Ulver's next album will be called Utopian Enterprises and will be "filthy. It won't be violent musically, but it will be violent in other ways. We're returning to more conventional song-structures, but we'll still be trying to take the sound of things further."

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No More Vacant Stares

Vacant Stare are the latest British band to split up. Right now the band, who were regarded as one of the most promising in the country, haven’t given any official reason for the decision.

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Simmons Records Revived

Kiss’ Gene Simmons has resurrected his label Simmons Records, which briefly flourished in the late 1980s. The man is actively looking for new bands to sign. If you feel you fit the bill, then send a demo, biog and photo to:

Simmons Records,
PO Box 15097
Beverly Hills, California 90210

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Reach the Sky Breaking Up

Sadly, Boston hardcore band Reach The Sky will be calling it quits next month. Over the past six years, the group has put out several releases, including two full-lengths on Victory Records, and toured several continents. Rumors have been circulating for a few weeks, but as of a month ago, the band hadn't made any final decisions regarding their future. However, as time wore on, the group decided it was time to end things, essentially to move on and focus on real jobs. Here's a portion of the band's official statement:

"Simply, it's time for us to move on, get jobs and reconnect with our lives. Spending the better part of six years on the road and away from the people you love and shoving piles of bills to the side, thinking nothing matters but what moves you, but what's in front of you, capturing that feeling you can't get anywhere else; the reality is that it all catches up to you eventually. Some of us will be going back to 'real world' jobs, some of us are getting married, some of us will resurface in bands, but none of us will forget."

The members remain friends and RTS will play a final set of shows with The Promise and Most Precious Blood in February before playing their final show on February 9th at the Palladium in Worcester, MA with Bane, American "Nothing", Most Precious Blood, The Promise, and Some Kind Of Hate. Here are their final shows: More...

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Dynamo Cancelled

The organizers of the legendary Dutch metal festival Dynamo Open Air have announced the cancellation of this year's festivities — the second time in three years that they've been forced to abandon plans to stage the event.

"Unfortunately there will NOT be a Dynamo Open Air in 2003, although we have actually found a new site!" begins the official statement announcing the cancellation. "We thought we had found our new home, in the town of Nuenen, only five kilometres from Eindhoven, but because of a newly installed European environmental law the town can not give us a permit. In short, this new law forbids events like Dynamo in the breeding season, which is from March 15th until July 15th. Although it is possible to file for an exemption to this law, the whole procedure would take too long for us to be able to organize a proper Dynamo, as we have it in mind. This leaves us with no other option than to cancel this year's Dynamo. Of course we regret this immensely, but we have looked at it from every possible angle and there was no alternative. More...

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Pitchshifter To Split

Pitchshifter have announced that their upcoming UK tour in March will be the bnd’s last. They will split up after this. However, everyone involved has stressed that this decision hasn’t been taken because of any rift within the camp, but because it’s felt that Pitchshifter have reached a natural end. The band will release a live album to coincide with these farewell shows.

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AC/DC's Evans On Hall Of Fame Blunder

Former AC/DC bass player MARK EVANS, who appeared on such classic albums as High Voltage, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, and Let There Be Rock was originally thought to be included in the band's induction ceremony into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in March, based on the initial announcement he would be included. Recently the offer was recinded by the Hall, citing an error. Here is a press release issued by representatives of Mark Evans: More...

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