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Immortal Finished For Good

Norwegian black metallers Immortal have reaffirmed their decision to break up, despite a statement from the band's record company yesterday indicating that the group were merely taking a long break.

The following is the latest update from the Nuclear Blast Records web site:

"Well, sad news… Although stated differently earlier as it seemed as if the band only wanted to take a long break, here's the 100% official news, directly from the band and management:

" 'After 13 years and 7 albums we have decided to stop working with Immortal due to personal reasons. A great thanks to all our fans worldwide who helped us making Immortal superb through all this time. Abbath, Demonaz, Horgh' "

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Windir Singer Breaks Jaw

Windir, who will be one of the bands headlining this years Milwuakee metalfest, will be one short, as their vocalist broke his jaw only 1 week before the show. Someone else in the band(not sure yet) will be replacing him doing vocals.

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Immortal Discover Mortality, Break Up

After 13 years, the Norweigan black metal band Immortal have broken up. Here's the official statement:

"After 13 years and 7 albums we have decided to stop working with Immortal due to personal reasons. A great thanks to all our fans worldwide who helped us making Immortal superb through all this time.

Abbath, Demonaz, Horgh."

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Pressure 4-5 Break Under Pressure

Ozzfest 2001 alumni PRESSURE 4-5 have decided to call it quits. Guitarist Mark Berry has posted on the recently confirmed rumors on the band's official message board: "I know there have been a lot of rumors flying around this message board for the last few months. Unfortunately about 90% of them are true, and Pressure4-5 is no more. After our last show here in SB, Adam decided to call it quits to pursue other goals, and the rest of us have decided to do the same. I personally want everyone to know how much I appreciate all the support over the last five years. Thanks for coming out and rocking at our shows, for helping us spread the word about P:4-5 (especially the street team members) and thanks to my bros who built and helped run the web site. All of your help and support will never be forgotten. Sorry about all of the silence but it was out of our control. There were some things to take care of before we could make the final announcement. We're also sorry about all of the second hand info you've been getting from the Message board. We agreed that everyone 'deserved to know' what was going on, and no one was being 'kept in the dark' on purpose, because like I said, it was out of our hands. I'm going to be on AIM from time to time (BandP45) if any of you want to keep in touch. Also, feel free to email us anytime (Pressure45band@hotmail.com). I don't think the message board will be taken down anytime soon, if at all, so I encourage everyone to drop by every once in awhile and say what up. I know I'll keep checking in. Again thanks for everything." The band had initially planned to record & release a brand new album through Dreamworks sometime this year, but with the recent departures of their vocalist, bassist, and drummer, this was not possible.

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Producer John Purdell Loses Battle With Cancer

Producer John Purdell passed away from cancer late last week. His death was unexpected, for he was on tour with the Lou Gramm band until being hospitalized in Quebec two weeks ago. His works inlcude albums from the likes of Poison, Foreigner, Dream Theater, Ozzy Osbourne, Heart, Brett Walker, Cincerella, Kix, Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, LA Guns, Tangier, Bonham and Britny Fox. He also played on tracks from Night Ranger, Stryper, Quiet Riot, Love/Hate, Junkyard and Poison.

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Merlin Drummer Killed In Car Accident

Merlin's drummer, Nick Byckoff, was killed in a car accident on July 13th. The band will soon issue a proper statement.

Merlin is currently recording its third album for Great White North entitled Brutal Constructor. The studio sessions should resume within the next few days/weeks. Nick's drums tracks were recorded a few weeks ago, showcasing his enormous talent.

The new album is expected to be released in the late fall.

We at metalunderground.com wish to express our sincere condolences to Nick's friends, family, and fans.

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Coal Chamber Splits Up

Contrary to the April 24th post by COAL CHAMBER's Meegs that read "Coal Chamber is still going strong" - the exact opposite has occured...COAL CHAMBER are no more.

Meegs recently spoke out on his new bands official site PINATA (pinatamusic.com): More...

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Rob Halford, Judas Priest Reunion

After more than 12 years apart, Judas Peiest and original lead vocalist Rob Halford have reunited for a global live concert tour in 2004. The definitive Judas Priest lineup of Rob Halford, lead guitarist Glenn Tipton, lead guitarist K.K. Downing, bassist Ian Hill and drummer Scott Travis are back.

The original band members have been re-establishing their personal and professional relationships since 1999 along the way sparking hundreds of reunion rumors.

Several exciting projects, in addition to the 2004 world tour, are in the early planning stages. Next year's reunion tour will also celebrate the band's 30th anniversary.

Judas Priest and Ripper Owens, who replaced Halford, have parted amicably by mutual agreement. The band is very grateful for Ripper's work in helping them to continue to bring Judas Priest's music to their millions of fans and they expect big things for him in the future.

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Lux Occulta To Disband?

Lux Occulta, one of the most successful extreme metal acts ever to emerge from the Polish soil stated that they are stopping activities for good. Whether this means the end of the band or not, we cannot assure. All we know is that the band is stopping doing interviews, rehearsals and live shows for the moment.

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Incantation Involved in Crash

On Friday June 28th 2003, members and crew of Incantation and Funerus were involved in a high speed motor vehicle accident on their way to the Bloodlust pre-show in Sydney, Australia. According to a report posted at their website (www.incantation.com), “everyone’s injuries were minor for the most part, considering the severity of the crash. Due to the accident, Incantation and Funerus were unable to play the pre-Bloodlust show in Sydney Australia, and things were not looking good for either band to play Saturdays Bloodlust festival III also in Sydney, due to Kyle’s (drummer) chest injuries. Last minute arrangements were made when Dave Haley, drummer for Psycroptic, offered his services to Incantation so they could still headline the festival and not let down any supporters that came to see them play.”

As previously reported, Incantation returns to North America with Disgorge and Funerus on July 30th for the ongoing Rotting With Your Christ world tour. The confirmed dates so far are: More...

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Onward Split After Leaving Century Media

Acclaimed power metallers ONWARD appear to have split up following a parting-of-the-ways with their label, Century Media Records.

The following is the official statement on the matter from ONWARD guitarist Toby Knapp (as posted on the group's official web site: More...

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Dissection Seeking New Members

Reactivated Swedish death metallers Dissection, now featuring guitarist/vocalist Jon Nödtvedt and ex-Emperor drummer Bård "Faust" Eithun, are looking for a rhythm/lead guitarist and bassist to complete the group's new lineup.

Jon has reportedly completed work on a pre-production recording of 11 new songs, and is expecting to enter Abyss Studios sometime next year to record the group's third full-length effort. A tentative late 2004 release through Nuclear Blast Records is expected.

The band's official web site, www.dissection.nu, has posted the following requirements for the new members: More...

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Reveille Call It Quits

Prior to releasing their highly anticipated third album, Reveille has decided not to continue making music as a band any longer. Here is the entire message from the band as posted on their website: More...

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'Headbanger' Added To Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The word "headbanger" — defined as both a hard rock musician and a fan — is one of the latest additions to the Collegiate Dictionary from the folks at Merriam-Webster, according to CNN.com.

The 11th edition, available in bookstores Tuesday, includes 10,000 new words and more than 100,000 new meanings and revisions among its 225,000 definitions.

Each new word and usage — along with a snippet from the publication showing how it was used — goes into an electronic database as well as the Springfield-based industry leader's massive card files. The files, started by Webster himself, now contain more than 75 million words and their usage dating to 1790.

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate is the best-selling hard-cover dictionary on the market with more than 55 million copies sold since 1898, according to Arthur Bicknell, a spokesman for Merriam-Webster.

Read the full article at CNN.com.

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Hades Drummer Has Operation

Ron Lipnicki, drummer with US metallers Hades, has just undergone an operation to remove a cancerous growth form one of his kidneys and will now undergo chemotherapy.

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Ancient Ceremony Forced Out of Summer Breeze

Church and city government have forbidden the performance of Ancient Ceremony at Summerbreeze Open Air (one of Europe's biggest Metal festivals) because of the band's Satanic and blasphemous attitude. Promoters were pressured by being told the whole event was cancelled if the band was allowed to play so that the organizers had no other chance than taking them from the billing.

And you thought things like this only happened in the US...

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Metallica's St. Anger Debuts At #1

Metallica's "St. Anger" has shifted 416,762 copies in the U.S. in its first, shortened week on the streets, landing the album on top of next week's The Billboard 200 chart, according to Hits Daily Double, the companion web site of music industry tip sheet HITS.

Metallica's last studio album, "Re-Load", sold 435,000 units during its first week, while 1996's "Load" opened at 680,000. 1991's self-titled "black album" debuted with 598,000 and has since gone on to sell more than 12 million copies in the U.S.

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The Used Frontman Hospitalized

The Used’s frontman Bert McCracken has been hospitalised with an undisclosed illness. He collapsed after performing one song at a show in Cincinnnati recently, and was told to take a complete rest. But this doesn’t seem to have done the trick, and he’s now back in hospital in Salt Lake City.

Updated: Bert has been diagnosed with 'acute pancreatitis'

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Purulent Guitarist Dies in Tour bus Crash

David Rairan, founding member and guitarist of Colombian death metal band Purulent, passed away last week as a result of injuries incurred during a tour-bus crash. This happened shortly after the group's departure from this year's Fuck The Commerce festival in Neiden, Germany, where the band performed on Thursday (May 29). At the time of the accident, Purulent were about to kick off a European tour, organized by Czech Republic's Obscene Productions (www.obscene.cz).

Further information about the crash and contact details for the band will follow shortly. However, things are all a bit up in the air right now as the group and the promoters are clearly shaken by the events unfolding and somewhat stranded at the moment. For the record, other members of the Purulent and Obscene Productions entourage appear to be in good shape.

We wish to pass our condolences to all members, friends, and families of the Purulent crew.

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Abigor Call it a Day

Austrian black metal outfit Abigor have officially split up, according to mainman Peter Kubik. "There are different reasons for my decision, mainly because I am pissed by the entire Black-Metal genre," Kubik explained in a statement announcing the group's decision to disband. "I simply can't identify myself, nor Abigor with today's Black-Metal genre anymore — it simply limits my creativity in so many ways, and I guess too many people and fans won't be able to understand the new material, because it's by far too untypical, technical and complex. Too many are addicted to old values, and our previous releases, while I hate stagnation and I am not willed to compose a copy of any previous record just to satisfy the need of the people, and our distributions!

"Abigor was deeply rooted within Black-Metal, within its true values — not addicted to sale-rates, not addicted to the opinion & reviews of magazines, and fucking not addicted, nor interested in the views & opinions of x-hundred fans, that tried to tell us how we should create music that they like it. Abigor stud for individuality! We never set us any limits, it was the union of quite different and insane individuals that tried to realize their visions through music — self-realization — as I called it throughout the years — all on a very personal level. To sum it up, ABIGOR was the expression of extreme mental attitudes through extreme music, based on a satanic, blasphemic & misanthropic background. However, I won't discuss about decisions anymore, just accept it — Abigor is dead & gone! More...

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