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Ozzy Is a Grandfather

Posting this more for the fun than being real metal news. Ozzy is a granddad, as his daughter Jessica, from his first marriage, has given birth to a daughter, Isabelle. The man is a legend and still a great performer, but last Ozzfest I saw, he LOOKED like a grandpa on stage when he was walking around...

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Billboard Award Nominations (Rock)

Here are the nominations in the rock categories for the Billboard Magazine awards (some of these bands are borderline metal or metal-influenced, which is why I'm posting this):

Rock Artist Of The Year:
Creed, Nickelback, Puddle Of Mudd, Staind

Rock Track Of The Year:
‘Wasting My Time’ – Default
‘I Stand Alone’ – Godsmack
‘Blurry’ – Puddle Of Mudd
‘For You’ – Staind

Modern Rock Artists Of The Year:
Hoobastank, Incubus, Puddle Of Mudd, System Of A Down

Modern Rock Track Of The Year
‘The Middle’ – Jimmy Eat World
‘In The End’ – Linkin Park
‘Blurry’ – Puddle Of Mudd
‘By The Way’ – Red Hot Chili Peppers

The awards will also feature a special tribute to Run DMC, who recently split up after the murder of Jam Master Jay. Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Joe Perry will be among those taking part.

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Blind Guardian Explain Houston Cancellation

Blind Guardian's tour manager has issued a statement in an attempt to clarify the reasons behind the cancellation of the group's scheduled Houston show on Nov. 29 as part of their ongoing U.S. tour with Symphony X. It reads as follows:

"This is Roger Smith, the road manager for the Blind Guardian tour. The real reason for the show not happening is that Bobby, the Houston promoter, did not do his job. I tried to call, e-mail and even call his house. What really sucks is that I live in that city, and I wanted the show to happen..." More...

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International Noise Conspiracy Cancel UK Shows

Swedish band the (International) Noise Conspiracy have cancelled their planned UK shows, because singer Dennis Lyxzén has suffered a back injury.

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Stoned Wizards Festival Postponed

The Stoned Wizards Festival, which was scheduled to take place in Paris, France on Dec. 8 has been postponed until the spring of 2003. A new date will be announced soon. Among the artists that were scheduled to appear at the event were Cathedral, Hermano, Nebula, The Mushroom River Band, Orange Goblin, Solarized, Lowrider, Misdemeanor, Blackstone, Loading Date and Eon Megaherts.

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The Real End Of Napster

The patents and brand name of failed Internet music-swapping application NAPSTER have been sold to a company who build CD-burning software.

The firm, Roxio, paid $5million cash plus $300,000 in shares for Napster. They have also been protected from any future litigation Napster might face.

At one time, Napster looked set to completely alter the music industry. It claimed some 70 million worldwide users and had every major label quaking. It was shut down in July 2000 after the labels obtained a preliminary injunction against it over copyright infringement. It never recovered, going through a series of bruising trials. The company ceased trading in September.

In a final ignominious blow, the remaining assets of Napster are being sold off in what amounts to a high-grade car-boot sale to meet creditors debts. A load of computer hardware such as servers, routers, and computers, will be auctioned off on 11 December.

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First Annual Online Metal Awards

The folks over at UltimateMetal.com have put together the first online metal awards, in which YOU vote for the winners. Here's the dirt: More...

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Neurotica Split Up

In a surprise move, Florida’s Neurotica have split up. No reason has actually been given as yet, but vocalist Kelly Schaeffer is already working on another project.

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The Apex Theory Lose Vocalist

The Apex Theory are currently auditioning potential vocalists, after Andy Khachaturian left the band for reasons that have so far not been explained.

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Control Denied to Soldier On

Control Denied, started by late guitarist and death metal pioneer Chuck Schuldiner (also of Death), have apparently soldiered on, and will complete the group's long-awaited second album, tentatively titled When Machine and Man Collide.

Much of Schuldiner's music and vision will remain intact on When Machine and Man Collide, with members Steve DiGiorgio (bass), Tim Aymar (vocals), Shannon Hamm (guitars), and Richard Christy (drums) polishing the material sometime in early 2003.

Information on the album is scarce, but it's believed the drums and guitars have already been recorded while the bass and vocals haven't. Once DiGiorgio and Aymar have finished recording their respective parts, When Machine and Man Collide will then go in for mixing. A reflective DiGiorgio said this about the project: "it's sad beyond belief that [Chuck] never saw [the album] to its completion. We will try our best to finish it in his honor, but will never know if it lives up to his standards. That's the least we can do for someone who gave so much and cared so much about what he did and how it affected those who believed as well." More...

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Grieving The Days to Come Split

Seattle, Washington metal/hardcore band Grieving The Days To Come has reportedly called it quits, just three months after releasing an EP on Tribunal Records. The decision to break up was apparently made this past weekend as a result of "different priorities" amongst bandmembers. Posting on a message board, vocalist Nick Soularie stated the following: "Grievingthedaystocome will no longer be a band. I would like to thank everyone that has ever come to a show, or supported us in anyway. You have made the past couple years a great experience for me.... [there] probably will be other bands, but this one is a little hard to give up."

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Skycamefalling Call It Quits

New York's Skycamefalling have surprisingly decided to call it quits after six years and two full-lengths.

"After six years of doing something we care so passionately about, Skycamefalling have decided to call it quits," stated the band on their official website, www.skycamefalling.com. "The split was a band decision that was completely amicable and by no means was attributed to bad blood between band members or lack of effort. We all reached a point in our lives where other endeavors began to take precedence and sacrificing something we felt so passionate about would be unfair to ourselves, as well as our fans."

"The desire to finish school and tap into other formidable outlets of our lives requires our 100 percent dedication, leaving the dedication we put towards making this band what is was, secondary," continued the statement. "We've always maintained an 'All or Nothing' philosophy in this band. Pushing ourselves and striving to be the best we could was fueled solely by our fans. We thank you." More...

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Twice The Sun Split

US band Twice The Sun have split up, despite only recently signing a deal with Roadrunner. No reason has yet been given for this decision.

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Sevendust Postpone All Dates

Sevendust have postponed all dates for the foreseeable future, because vocalist Lajon Witherspoon has suffered a personal tragedy, with the death of his 23-year-old brother Reginald, who was shot in Nashville.

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Rainbow To Reunite?

Classic Rock Revisited has inside information that RITCHIE BLACKMORE is considering reuniting RAINBOW in 2003. No word yet on what former members may join him in a 2003 version of the band but online fan polls have shown a strong preference for JOE LYNN TURNER behind the microphone.

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The Osbournes Host American Music Awards

Ozzy Osbourne -- along with his crazy clan -- will host the 2003 American Music Awards, which ABC will broadcast live Jan. 13. Meanwhile, an hourlong interview with the Osbournes will air Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST on ABC's 20/20, during which Sharon Osbourne will reveal that "this is definitely the last year" for the family's MTV reality series.

Read the full article at CDNOW.

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Kreator's Petrozza: Bush is an Idiot

KREATOR frontman Mille Petrozza has publicly expressed his disapproval for the foreign policy of the Bush administration and the possibility of the U.S. waging war on Iraq.

"A lot of Americans [I spoke to] on [Kreator's most recent U.S.] tour have told me that they don't agree with some things that Bush does," Petrozza told KNAC.com. "It's really cool to see that. I think the majority of the people just follow this patriotic bullshit that is going on at the moment. They are proud to wear their flag or whatever. If that's all they identify with, in my opinion, that's really lame — it's like 'I don't have anything else but my stupid flag.' I don't think that the way Bush is handling things is the way they were meant to be handled. America stands for something else — not just this redneck dictator. He just tells people what to do and sends them to war. It's fucked up. I'm really anti-Bush. Even though I'm not from this country that's how I feel. More...

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Destruction Bassist Breaks Finger, Cancels Tour

Destruction's bass player, Schmier, broke his hand recently in an accident. As a result, the band has been forced to cancel their UK dates. Here's the official announcement: “This situation really sucks! I feel terrible! The plaster on my hand is far too big - it gives me a hard time to handle my fucking bass. I did play with the broken hand for one week in the States, this didn't help. I need my fingers and can not risk any further complications. It was broken for already two weeks before I went to see a doc, I thought it wasn't that bad but... I know it is my own fault, but sometimes things drive you crazy and you lose control! I am sorry for that situation and we will try to find a solution ASAP. We have waited for so fucking long to finally come back to the UK, I would hate my guts more than anybody else if those shows won't happen. How did the injury happen? Oh no you don't wanna know... CHEERS to all the dedicated fans out there - YOU RULE!”

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Booking Agent Slams Voivod

The booking agent in charge of the forthcoming Nile tour of North America has slammed Voivod over the group's decision to cancel their participation in the upcoming month-long trek.

Voivod were originally set to perform on the five-band bill alongside Nile, Napalm Death, Strapping Young Lad and The Berzerker. However, in an official statement released last week, Voivod officially withdrew from the tour, citing a desire to focus on the recording process for their forthcoming album, The Multiverse, as the main reason for their decision to pull out of the trek.

Not so, according to John Finberg of First Row Talent, who claims that the actual reasons for the group's decision to back out of the tour were at least partly money-motivated.

"The official reason Voivod bailed on the upcoming tour, contrary to reports from 'within the camp' is that the member — whatever he is named this time [presumably referring to Jason Newsted—ed.] had an enormous star attitude and demanded everything from more money to a catering list that could feed an army, along with the 'my own bus' request," Finberg said in a written statement submitted to Blabbermouth.net. More...

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Steve MacDonald Reportedly Commits Suicide

Steve MacDonald, drummer for the long-running Canadian death metal act Gorguts, reportedly hung himself a couple of days ago after battling depression for the last few years. An official statement from the rest of the group is expected by the end of the week.

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