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Gorgoroth Causes Riots In El Salvador

Gorgoroth made the headlines in the major papers in Latin America after performing a show which created big riots in San Salvador. The audience got so extatic over the presence of the first black metal act visiting their country that the situation got totally out of control. The secutity and the police could not handle the people outside the venue so they had to call in the special forces "del cuerpo de Proteccion a Personalides Importantes" (PPI). When the PPI reached the venue the masses of people not getting a ticket for the already sold out show kicked in the entrancedoor and lots of fighting between the audience began. The audience started to kick in doors and toilets, several injuries occured and major damages to the venue. The PPI decided in the end to use gas on the audience to get the situation under control. When Gorgoroth entered the stage 30 security people had to be on stage preventing the audience to enter it. The fighting maintained through Gorgoroths performance and the PPI and the police had to hold the audience inside the venue with firearms to get the band in safety. Gorgoroth came from the incident without any injuries.

Pictures and links will come later (at gorgoroth.org)

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Skinless Vocalist Quits

After ten years together, Skinless vocalist Sherwood Webber will be leaving the group. According to the band, "He is pursuing other opportunities in life that wouldn't be possible while playing in a serious touring band." The search for a replacement is apparently already underway, though no specifics regarding the search have been disclosed.

Here's Skinless guitarist Noah's entire update:

"After a decade of giving 110% to SKINLESS, vocalist Sherwood Webber is leaving the band. He is pursuing other opportunities in life that wouldn't be possible while playing in a serious touring band. We thank Sherwood for his dedication, energy and talent that have helped elevate SKINLESS to the level we are at today. The search is underway for a new vocalist and SKINLESS will rock on.

We'd also like to thank everyone who came out to our DVD release show. It was an interesting night as ex-SKINLESS members Ryan Wade(vocals)and Adam Lewis(bass) took the stage along with Sherwood(heads back to play the drums)and myself to perform Pool Of Stool and Crispy Kids in a brief SKINLESS 1995 reunion. I hope you all have as much fun watching the DVD as we had making it.The feedback so far has been awesome. -Noah"

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Part Of Deicide's European Tour Postponed

Contrary to reports from the Portuguese date of Deicide's European tour, Deicide have not cancelled the rest of the trek but have instead postponed part of the tour in order to accodmodate drummer Steve Asheim, whose father has just died. The group's booking agent, Adam Elfin of First Contact Agency, has sent BLABBERMOUTH.NET the following statement regarding the situation:

"At 3am after the Madrid show, the tour discovered that (Deicide's drummer) Steve Asheim's father had died. Despite that the band played the show last night in Porto. However, they have flown back to the States today [Saturday, Nov. 6], to allow Steve to be with his family and make the necessary arrangements at this most difficult of times. Therefore, due to completely unforeseen and obviously unavoidable circumstances, Deicide are postponing PART of the current tour.

"Both Steve and the rest of the band are determined to not let the promoters, venues and fans down, and therefore to continue the tour as soon as circumstances will allow and Steve feels comfortable to return to gigging. To that end we are looking at moving some of the shows from the beginning of the tour, to the end of the tour. These dates will remain where they are: More...

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Motorhead: Band Resumes Touring

Motorhead's official web site has been updated with the following message:

"In September of 2004, the world of metal was shocked when the news was unveiled that Lemmy, Motorhead's veteran frontman, had sustained an injury to his foot severe enough to cause the band to cancel their much anticipated tour of the United States. Lemmy had managed to get an infection on his foot from an injury sustained on an earlier show. Ignoring doctors' orders, Lemmy forged ahead and finished the highly successful string of European festival dates. 'Motorhead fans are the best fans in the world and they deserve everything I have to give,' Lemmy waxed, 'and I am going to do whatever I can to play the shows. F**k the doctors!' The band went on to play to thousands of fans, bring classics and new songs alike to the hungry metal heads!

"The shows were a success, but the infection in Lemmy's foot grew to the point that some serious medical decisions had to be made. On the eve of the band's much-anticipated U.S. tour, doctors advised Lemmy that the infection was so severe that they suggested amputating a part of his foot to stem the spread. Lemmy told the doctors where they could stick their diagnosis and decided to head back to his native home of England and consult his physicians there. They suggested that the best course of action would be to address the infection with a regimen of antibiotics. The cure worked and less than two weeks later Lemmy was out of the hospital, in one piece and as fit as a fiddle, fitted with steel strings. It wasn't long before Lemmy was back to his old self, checking out his favorite London strip club String Fellows with a girl on each arm and plenty of Jack & Coke to make the evening complete.

"Given a clean bill of health from all of his physicians, Lemmy, Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee decided to go ahead with their European tour plans. Motorhead kicks off the sold-out tour on November 4th in Dublin, Ireland. Dates continue throughout Europe and Scandinavia until the tour wraps up in Stockholm, Sweden, on December 19th.

"As for the U.S. tour? Plans are under way for Motorhead to take their spectacular road show to the US in March of 2005 to support their newest record 'Inferno'."

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Flowing Tears Founding Members Killed In Accident

On October 20, two founding members of the German goth metal band Flowing Tears, Björn Lorson and Christian Zimmer, died in a tragic car accident, according to a posting on the group's web site. "Even though they already left the band in '95 and '96 (Björn after the first demo tape 'Bijou' and Christian after 'Swansongs'), Flowing Tears may never have existed if they hadn't been," the band write. "We will keep you in our minds and hearts. These days we take a breath to listen to the tunes of songs such as 'Flowing Tears & Withered Flowers' or 'Waterbride' — while mourning about two young people who had to die much too early. Rest in peace guys — we will never forget you!"

Flowing Tears kicked off a European tour with SAMAEL late last month. The band are touring in support of their new album, "Razorbliss", which was released in March through Century Media Records. The follow-up to 2002's "Serpentine" was recorded at Woodhouse Studios in Hagen, Germany with producer Waldemar Sorychta (The Gathering, Lacuna Coil, Sentenced, Moonspell) and is the band's first to feature vocalist Helen Vogt, who replaced Stefanie Duchêne last year

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No Innocent Victim Regroup On Facedown Records

So-Cal staple No Innocent Victim has returned from retirement and announced their signing to Facedown Records. The band promises a summer 2005 release on said label. N.I.V. has announced their return show for November 19 at the Glasshouse in Pomona, CA alongside labelmates Sinai Beach and Inked In Blood as well as First Blood and xDeath Starx. A new website is also in the works.

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Exmortem Rejoined By Drummer Reno Kiilerich

Danish death metallers Exmortem have been rejoined by drummer Reno Kiilerich (Dimmu Borgir, Panzerchrist, Vile). Reno "will play for Exmortem on our upcoming tours etc. so watch out for that!" the band write in a statement.

AS previously reported, Exmortem have signed a new deal with Earache Records subsidiary Wicked World. The group's fifth album, "Nihilistic Contentment", was recorded at Antfarm Studio in Aarhus, Denmark with producer Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Hatesphere, Mnemic) and is tentatively scheduled for release in early 2005. Ten songs were recorded and mixed during the four-week session, including "Parasite Paradise", "Flesh Havoc", "Black Walls of Misery", "The Human Rape Symphony", "Division of Genocide Pleasure", "Bitter Discipline", "Fix of Negativity", "Graveside Mourning Ritual" and "Symbols of Inhumanity".

Exmortem were previously signed to France's Osmose Productions and Holland's Hammerheart Records.

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A Perfect Murder Loses 3 Members

Three out of the five current members (their singer, a guitarist, and bassist) of A Perfect Murder are leaving the group. Consequently, APM have dropped off their upcoming tour with Bury Your Dead and Scars Of Tomorrow. According to the band, "No hard feelings. personal situations is the reason why it's happening right now." The group will continue on and plan to begin auditions for replacements in the immediate future.

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Contestant Bands In Battle For Ozzfest Revealed

The bands taking part in the MTV Reality Series "Battle for Ozzfest", that gives competing bands a chance to land a spot on the coveted 2nd stage on OZZFEST 2005 are as follows:


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Still Crossed Break Up

Cincinnati, Ohio hardcore band Still Crossed has reportedly broken up. Reasons for the break-up haven't been disclosed, though according to the group, "Everyone from the band is still straight edge. Everyone from the band always will be." Still Crossed released a full-length with Indecision Records in January of this year.

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40 Below Summer Parts Ways With Guitarist

40 Below Summer have parted ways with guitarist Jordan Plingos. The group's official statement on the matter is as follows:

After five years of working together, 40 Below Summer and Jordan Plingos have decided to part ways. We appreciate everything that he and his family had brought to the band. We'll always wish Jordan the best in all of his future endeavors and will never forget him.

...And so begins the new era of 40 Below Summer. Filling in for the next tour will be Ty Fury, formerly of Motograter. Get ready for what is to come.

40 Below Summer's most recent album, "The Mourning After," was released last November through Razor & Tie Records.

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Dying Fetus Dismisses Vocalist

Vocalist Vince Matthews has been dismissed from the Dying Fetus lineup. According to the band, "This action was taken due to a number of musical, professional, and personal reasons that we feel do not need elaboration at this time." However, the group goes on to state that "Vince remains a long-time friend of several Dying Fetus members and we wish him the best of luck in the future." The move will apparently not affect the band's current tour plans, as they intend to continue as a four-piece, handling the vocals "accordingly."

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Windir Now History

Norwegian black metallers Windir have posted this message on their official website:

The farewell concert at Rockefeller September 3rd, was a tremendous success. There were about 1200 people at the concert, and Windir, with Valfars brother Vegard Bakken as a special guest, performed a great show.

Windir would like to thank those who could make it to Oslo this special evening. Also the band would like to thank Mindgrinder, Finntroll and Enslaved for honouring Valfars memory with great live-performances!

Windir is now history. Those who have supported us, you know who you are, we thank you! To everyone else: RAIS TI HELVETE ADLE I HOP!!!!!

Hváll, Steingrim, Sture, Strom & Righ.

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Burnt By The Sun Lose Singer And Drummer

The future of Burnt By The Sun is in doubt as frontman Mike Olender and drummer Dave Witte have now left the group. Remaining members Teddy Patterson and John Adubato may or may not continue under the same name. Here's what Mike Olender said about the split:

"The decision was amicable and there are no ill feelings between any of us. This core line-up was really exciting, satisfying, and rewarding for me to take part in and I'm honored to have shared the last 4 years with Dave, Ted, and John. We wrote music that we loved and tried to convey a message that made people think."

Olender will do a few more shows with For The Love Of, before focusing on his website The O Report. Witte will continue on with various other projects. Adubato and his wife are expecting another child in November.

UPDATE: Teddy writes on the band's site:

Things are looking up at Camp BBTS today. Johnny & I are talking about future plans, they are not as bleak as they seemed last week, we'll keep this a secret for a while...

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Johnny Ramone Passes Away At 55

Johnny Ramone, guitarist and co-founder of the legendary band The Ramones died in his sleep Wednesday, September 15th following a five year battle with prostate cancer. He was 55.

Ramone (born John Cummings) founded the band in 1974 with Joey Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone and Tommy Ramone. Joey (real name Jeff Hyman) died of lymphatic cancer in 2001, Dee Dee (Douglas Colvin) died of a drug overdose in 2002. Tommy is the only surviving member of the original line-up.

Along with his wife Linda Cummings, Ramone's friends Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) and wife Jill, Rob Zombie and wife Sherrie, Lisa Marie Presley and others were at his bedside when he passed away.

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Amen Guitarist Quits, Calls Casey Chaos A Fraud

Amen guitarist Matt Montgomery has quit the band, branding the group's leader Casey Chaos "a fraud."

In a statement posted at the Metal Hammer web site, Matt writes, "If I joined Amen to be famous or be a 'rock star', I joined for the wrong reasons. I joined it purely for an intense love and passion for what Casey Chaos led me to believe he stood for.

"I had two Amen tattoos before I joined, and moved myself to L.A. to join one of my favorite bands. Now after 2 long years I can say I've had enough and learned a hard lesson.

"I've made a lot of friends and had some great experiences which I'm grateful for. However, living on just under 2800 dollars (that is my full take-home pay) from over two years has put me in extreme debt, and caused so many problems for me. All that was ever asked from the band was a band agreement that would split any profits from gigs and merch evenly so we could survive. That was apparently too much to ask.

"But the most heartbreaking reason for leaving is the realization that Casey is a fraud. The promises of band solidarity were nothing more than lies. Myself, and previous members all played with the band because we believed in Amen and its message. I now know why there have been so many members in this band.

"Thanks to all who helped us get through the last 2 years. And a huge thanks to the fans that are so open minded and die hard. I wish I could say I was still one of you."

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Circle II Circle Announce New Lineup

Circle II Circle, the new band fronted by former Savatage singer Zachary Stevens, have announced the details of their new lineup.

Commented Stevens: "Zak says, We have been very careful to select only the best musicians for the new band. All of these guys came highly recommended by a very good friend of ours, John 'Ozzy' Osborn, who had just filled in on drums for our Saxon/Doro tour. He really understood what kind of players we needed to go to that next level, and thank god he did, because he introduced us to some really great players and some really great friends.

"Mitch Stewart (bass/vocals) and Tom Drennan (drums/vocals) were able to get on board during the June/July tour with Blaze and Saxon. They were so absolutely fantastic and made such a HUGE impression on all of the fans and press that we knew they were the guys we were looking for.

"After the tour they recommended that we contact some great friends of theirs, Evan Christopher (guitars/vocals) and Andrew Lee (guitars/vocals), both of whom they had been performing with in Nashville for many years. On the December tour with Saxon and Doro, Circle II Circle hooked up with keyboard great Oliver Palotai of Doro to handle the intricate keyboard arrangements and soon he became Circle II Circle's sixth touring member."

Circle II Circle are currently completing work on their second album, "Faces In the Dark", tentatively due late February 2005 through AFM Records. The pre-production for the CD was completed at Cabin Fever Studios in Brooksville, Florida.

Commented Zak: "We have finally found our own Circle II Circle sound!

"We make 'classic heavy metal' in a modern way!! Pushing the old boundaries, and creating a new future for this style of music that we all love so much."

In 2005, Circle II Circle will hit the road once again with an extensive worldwide tour, including some great summer festivals and possibly a headlining tour in the fall.

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Cancer Part Ways With Guitarist

Reunited U.K. death metallers Cancer have parted ways with guitarist Rob Engvikson following the completion of their recent European tour dates. "This was a totally amicable decision by both parties," reads a posting on the group's web site.

Commented Cancer drummer Carl Stokes: "There is no malice between the band and Rob, and we wish him well with his Asatru project, and we'll see him down the pub for a beer."

Stokes and Cancer guitarist/vocalist John Walker will spend the next few months writing material for a new full-length album, tentatively due in 2005 through Copro Records.

Cancer recently issued their comeback EP, "Corporation$", through Copro. Included on the effort was the group's cover version of the Celtic Frost classic "Dethroned Emperor".

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Exodus Singer Fired

San Francisco Bay Area thrashers Exodus have confirmed the departure of singer Steve "Zetro" Souza from the group's ranks. "Zetro is out of the band for sure!" Asked about the reports that Zetro left the band of his own accord, Exodus manager Steve Warner replied, "He did not quit, he was fired!"

Guitarist Gary Holt has slammed singer Steve "Zetro" Souza over the circumstances that led to his departure from the group, calling the singer "human crap" and vowing to carry on with a replacement vocalist.

In a posting to the band's official forum, Holt writes:

Okay people, the word has leaked, so I'm here to give you a brief rundown. Let me give you an idea of what we've had to deal with as far as that fat motherfuckin' shit brick is concerned. He pulled out of going to Mexico City only about twenty-four hours before were ready to leave, saying, "I'm not getting on the plane, you'll see me on Thursday to go to South America." He lied to our manager, saying that he had talked to me already about this, which was a total lie. He then ducked every fuckin' phone call and just hid out. The promoter had already paid a non-refundable 8 thousand dollars for the room and it would have been a disaster to have cancelled. None of this mattered to that miserable piece of shit. The only thing he cares about is himself and money.

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Iced Earth Bassist Quits To Join Megadeth

Iced Earth bassist James MacDonough has officially left the band to join Megadeth as their touring bassist. MacDonough's statement on the matter (as posted at Iced-Realm.de) is as follows:

"A while back I had heard that Megadeth might need a bassist, so I contacted them via email and much later got a response, to my suprise. Before I knew it, I was on a conference call with Dave [Mustaine]. I sent in some video of me playing a couple Megadeth songs and I got a call a couple of days later. Everything with Iced Earth has been up in the air as far as touring, so I told [Iced Earth mainman] Jon [Schaffer] about this when I got the first email back, and being my older bro, he told me to go for it. Unfortunately, I won't be able to play with Iced Earth in the future because this will be a very lengthy tour, but we'll see what happens down the road. I am keeping in touch with Jon and maybe something in the future will happen.

"Megadeth has always been one of my favorite bands and I have a lot of respect for Dave and what he's done for music. I feel honored to have been picked for this endeavor."

Megadeth's lineup for the upcoming tour will be as follows:

Dave Mustaine – Guitar/Vocals
Glen Drover (EIDOLON) – Guitar
Nick Menza – Drums
James MacDonough (ex-ICED EARTH) - Bass

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