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Morbid Angel Need Frontman

The Morbid Angel duo of Trey Azagthoth (guitar) and Pete Sandoval (drums) have ended their collaboration with touring bassist/vocalist Jared Anderson and are currently holed up at a Louisiana jam pad writing material for the group's next studio effort, due in 2003. Anderson, who had filled the role of the band's frontman during the act's most recent touring activities, has apparently opted to focus all his attention on Hate Eternal and Internecine and will not be contributing his services to Morbid Angel's upcoming CD, which is tentatively scheduled to be recorded later in the year. An official announcement regarding the identity of the group's new bassist/vocalist and the details of the forthcoming album is expected in the coming months.

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Neat Records Sold to Sanctuary

Jess Cox, MD of Neat Records (incorporating Neat Metal Records & Eldethorn Records) has sold the label to Sanctuary Records. He will, however, continue with his label Edgy Records with releases in May and on through the rest of the year.

"I really didn't want to sell the label, but I needed to create some space to concentrate on Edgy Records Ltd. Sanctuary will be able to release all the old 80s NWOBHM catalogue that I couldn't find the time to do & which I was constantly asked about - like Hellenbach, Cloven Hoof &, of course, Venom."

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Marduk Forced to Cancel US Tour

Swedish black metallers Marduk have once again cancelled plans to tour the US as a result of their inability to secure the proper paperwork from the American Embassy to enable them to enter the country legally. Here is the band's official statement on the matter:

"Marduk still has not been granted their clearance from the INS [Immigration Naturalization Service], and will therefore not be able to participate on the upcoming Danzig US tour. As we have told you before, Marduk has had a lot of problems with the American embassy and has not been able to get any information about how the visa matter is being proceeded and since time is running out Marduk see no other choice than to not do the tour. According to the band all they have been informed about is that their case is under investigation and that they will be informed when a decision has been made by the INS whether Marduk will get their visa clearance or not"

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Lilker: S.O.D. is Gone

While the whole world watches Billy Milano try to resurrect lauded and hated thrash act S.O.D. after ousting members Scott Ian and Charlie Benante (both of Anthrax), it appears bassist Danny Lilker is completely fed up with the idea.

"I spoke with Bill, and he is no longer going to attempt to put together any version of [S.O.D.] without all the original members, and since he and Charlie have both decided never to play with each other again due to all the recent shit-slinging, the band is over," Lilker posted on the official Anthrax message board. "This is not an Ozzy-esque trick — we're not gonna do a 'final' tour ('This is the last time you'll get a chance to see us ever, so make sure and go!'—that Sharon is a crafty bitch), if you never saw S.O.D. you never will. Sgt. D will be going to Valhalla with the rest of the dead warriors. Adios amigos, and thanks for all the support, it was greatly appreciated." More...

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Ulrich Closes Label

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has shut down his label The Music Company. Systematic, one of his signees, have now switched to Elektra.

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Cryptic Slaughter to Reunite and Record Album

After 13 years, speedcore pioneers Cryptic Slaughter have reunited three of their four original members and are working on material for a proposed fifth album. The present line-up includes Bill Treadway (formerly Bill Crooks, vocals), Rob Nicholson (bass), Les Evans (guitar), and Brian Lehfeldt (drums). More...

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Kiss Leave Mercury

I don't usually report on "this kind of metal", but I found it interesting that Kiss have parted with Mercury Records. That relationship had lasted more than 25 years. The band hope to sign a new deal soon, and the first release could be ‘Alive IV’.

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Milano Fires Benante and Ian

S.O.D. frontman Billy Milano has issued a follow-up statement in response to the growing criticism over his decision to seek out replacements for guitarist Scott Ian and drummer Charlie Benante, both of whom are widely viewed as integral members of the group.

First off, as far as Ray [Herrera] is concerned, he said to me at the Fear Factory show in Dallas last year that when I was ready to get a 'REAL' drummer in S.O.D. to call him and let him know," Milano said. "END QUOTE!!! TRUTH!!!!! Secondly, I will do what I want with S.O.D. Charlie and Scott are fired!!!!! They never gave a fuck about the S.O.D. fans anyway. So I am going to find two guys to do it from somewhere and [Danny] Lilker will do it if he chooses to do it. But, This still is not going to help Charlene [a.k.a. Charlie] and Dimebag Ian [a.k.a. Scott]. They called Lilker to ask if we were gonna do S.O.D. without them, But didn't call Lilker to apologize for fucking him on the VH1 special. These guys know I am serious and the real deal. Maybe the next guy I hang out a window on the second floor will be you, Scott. For real."

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Lemmy's Hat: Stolen!

Legendary heavy metal trio Motörhead played Club Townsend in San Francisco, CA, on Friday, May 17, 2002, as part of its U.S. tour to promote the Metal-Is/Sanctuary CD Hammered and, unfortunately, the distinctive hat owned and worn by vocalist/bass guitarist Lemmy was stolen from the backstage area. The theft occurred during a 30-minute window between the beginning of the encore and the end of the show. He'd worn the hat on stage for the main set.

The black hat — a cross between a pirate hat and cowboy hat — is of great sentimental value to Lemmy. He bought it at a truckstop while on tour many years ago, and he personalized it with his own original decorations and designs. The hat is made of brushed, soft cloth although it is "hard" and maintains its shape.

Lemmy would like to have his hat back, and the person or persons who took it are asked to return it. Individuals who have information about the hat's whereabouts may send an e-mail to Ace Trump, the webmaster of Motörhead's official web site — www.imotorhead.com. Tips should be e-mailed to Trump at: acetrump@bigfoot.net. Tip providers may remain anonymous.

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Burnt By The Sun Boots Guitarist

New Jersey outfit Burnt By The Sun have officially split with guitarist Chris Rascio.

"During the Candiria tour, it became apparent that Chris and BBTS were not "all on the same page" about certain very personal issues," said bassist Teddy Patterson III to DigitalMetal. "After BBTS returned from completing the tour, Chris was asked to leave BBTS."

"We really were disappointed in what happened and we all felt let down," continued Patterson. "Chris is a great guy and an excellent guitarist, he was a perfect fit for us, but certain things cannot be overlooked or excused. BBTS wishes Chris the best in all his endeavors and hope in the long run that everything works out for him.

Presently, Burnt By The Sun are looking for a replacement guitarist. The ideal candidate will have a flexible schedule, a valid U.S. passport and drivers license as well as possess solid songwriting skills. Serious parties can contact for more information.

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Prototype Drummer Departs

Pat Magrath, drummer of Prototype for over 4 years, has announced his departure from the band. The band are seeking to fill his position immediately and potential candidates or persons knowing of potential candidates should either contact Prototype at info@prototypeonline.com or call (818) 406-3001 to schedule a meeting/audition. The band are currently in the process of writing new material for our next album. Dave Chedrick of New Eden will stand in on drums until a permanent drummer has been found.

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Machine Head Parts With Guitarist

Machine Head’s Ahrue Luster has left the band, on the eve of their upcoming European tour. Although no reason has been given foe the guitarist’s decision, it’s being stressed by official sources that the parting is amicable, and that the band intend to play all previously announced dates.

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Break Up Official for Centurian

Holland's Centurian have officially broken up. It appears drummer Wim van der Walk was prematurely excited about continuing Centurian, but as co-founder and guitarist Rob Oorthuis points out, the band is dead.

"Hello, this is Rob Oorthuis here, I am the founder and guitar player of Centurian. I would like to set something straight. Centurian split up. There will be no continuation whatsoever. There has been serious shit going on in my band and I would like to state that that has been because of troubles between all four of the Centurian band members. I am not going to piss off my ex-fellow bandmembers, because there is no reason to. We made a good death metal record of which I am proud and I am proud I made it together with Jerry and Oscar and Wim. However, the right chemistry amongst us is gone."

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Staley Died From Mix of Heroin, Cocaine

TotalRock has posted an update on new information about Layne Staley's death. A coroner’s report has officially established that Alice In Chains frontman Layne Staley died from a mix of heroin and cocaine. Staley actually passed away on April 5, although his body wasn't found until the 19th.

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Lynne Cheney "embarrassed" by Ozzy's Appearance

According to Drudge Report, Vice President Dick Cheney's wife Lynne Cheney told associates she was "embarrassed" by the commotion surrounding Ozzy Osbourne's appearance at this weekend's White House Correspondence Dinner in Washington.

"He's hardly someone we should be applauding... not a role model, I am rather embarrassed," Cheney reportedly said after the dinner, according to sources cited by Drudge Report. More...

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Sentenced Single Debuts at 2

Sentenced's brand new single, "No One There", taken from the group's upcoming The Cold White Light CD, has entered the Finnish Singles Chart at position #2.

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Flaw Guitarist Quits

Guitarist Jason Daunt has left Flaw due to ‘personal and musical differences’. However, the band still intend to carry touring as a four-piece.

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Godflesh Call it Quits

Seminal industrial music artists Godflesh has officially called it quits following the group's sudden cancellation of their North American tour with California's High On Fire and Australia's Halo.

"Justin suffered a nervous breakdown prior to boarding his flight to the US. Unable to make the trip, nevermind perform a two month long tour, Justin has decided to call it quits," a statement on the Godflesh website reports. "Godflesh is done for." More...

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Gandalf Spilt

Finnish death rock outfit Gandalf has officially broken up after founding member and drummer Nalle Österman decided to leave the band.

"It's with sorrow and regret I write this following statement. After nine years of hard work and dedication one era has come to an end," Nalle Österman revealed recently. "Under the circumstances I find it impossible to continue being the leader for the band I have put my whole heart and soul into. Too much stress and bullshit has made it not to be fun to play in this band anymore. And if it's not fun to play then what's the point of continuing. I want to thank everyone who has supported Gandalf over the years but life goes on." More...

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Breed 77 Guitarist Collapses

Breed 77 guitarist Danny Felice has flown home to Gibralter suffering from a collapsed lung and pneumonia. The band will carry on touring in the short term without him.

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