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Hell On Earth To Defy Assisted Suicide Law

Continuing the saga of the Hell On Earth publicity stunt/controversy, the leader of the rock band Hell on Earth said Monday that an onstage suicide will be conducted during a private St. Petersburg concert this weekend in defiance of a new city law designed to stop the act.

"The show will go on," Billy Tourtelot said. "It will be available on the Internet and it will be in the city limits (of St. Petersburg)."

Earlier Monday, the St. Petersburg city council unanimously approved an emergency ordinance that makes it illegal to conduct a suicide for commercial or entertainment purposes, and to host, promote and sell tickets for such an event.

"While I still think it's a publicity stunt, we still couldn't sit idly by and let somebody lose their life," council member Bill Foster said. More...

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Great White Drummer In Car Accident

GREAT WHITE drummer Derrick Pontier was involved in a three-car collision in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, Saturday afternoon September 29, 2003 that left one woman in serious condition. Pontier was driving near a club in Allentown, where the band was scheduled to play a Station fire benefit concert, when Sandra Tepes, 56, from Whitehall Township crossed the center line and hit Pontier's car head-on, according to the police report.

Derek was hit head-on in a collision when a woman lost control of her car and crossed the center into oncoming traffic. Derek was on his way to meet with the band when he was struck, after which he was rear-ended from a car in his lane. The jaws-of-life had to be dispersed to cut Pontier out from his vehicle. He was rushed to the hospital and held in critical care unit for testing. Pontier was released with cuts and bruises. The show in Allentown, PA went on as scheduled.

Read the full article at VH1.

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Death By Death By Stereo

A DEATH BY STEREO show in Blacksburg, Virgina turned tragic yesterday when six people fell from a third-story window at Blacksburg duplex. Roughly sixty people were inside the building during the show when some attendees became too rowdy (reportedly partaking in the "wall of death") and a window gave way, causing the people who were being pushed against the window to fall roughly 20 feet to a concrete patio below. Two people were airlifted to nearby hospitals, including a 19-year-old Virginia Tech student who later died. Several others were also injured during the fall. The duplex, often referred to as the Solar Haus, is frequently used as a venue for small musical events. The fire marshal and a local building inspector are currently investigating.

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Max, Soulfly Get Replacements

SOULFLY mainman Max Cavalera has officially parted ways with the rest of his band — bassist Marcello D. Rapp, drummer Roy Mayorga, and guitarist Mike Doling. According to informed sources, the mass exodus was prompted by the firing of Rapp by Max and SOULFLY manager Gloria Cavalera (Max's wife), which in turn led Mayorga and Doling to quit in protest.

Cavalera will be joined by guitarist Marc Rizzo (ex-ILL NINO), drummer Joe Nunez (who played on the group's "Primitive" release and subsequent world tour), and bassist Bobby Burns (ex-PRIMER 55 guitarist) at the group's live appearances in California and Arizona, scheduled to take place later this week. It is not presently clear if the trio will be named permanent replacements.

Roy Mayorga and Mike Doling have reportedly joined forces with bassist Tumor (Amen), vocalist Jason Radford (Onesidezero) and guitarist Levon Sultanian (Onesidezero) to form a new band called Mothra.

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Ironfire Split In Two

Danish metallers IRONFIRE have split in two "due to overwhelming musical differences," according to a post on the band's web site. Vocalist Martin Steene and guitarist Mads Andersen will continue IRONFIRE as you know it. And guitarist Jeff Lukka, bassist Jose Cruz and drummer Steve [Mason] are pursuing new musical pastures.

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Onesidezero On Hiatus

ONESIDEZERO frontman Jason Radford has left the following message on the bands message board:

hey everyone, as most of you know, onesidezero has been working hard, non-stop for the past 2 years since leaving maverick. so much has been accomplished in that time, because of you guys, your support kept us a band, pushed us to work harder, so it leaves me with a heavy heart to say that after october 23rd onesidezero will be taking a break........ this does not necessarily mean the end of oneside, but we are going to take a good look at whats going on, reassess our situations, individually and collectively. we feel that thats the only way to be honest with you and most importantly, ourselves. we hope that we can all come together and make this last show a great one! its great that people are flying in, i hope all of you can come for this. please dont take this as a bad thing...........change is good. again we say thank you for everything, without you non of this could have been possible..............jasan

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Hell On Earth's Suicide Show Cancelled/Moved

HELL ON EARTH's hyped show in Florida where they were going to let someone kill themselves has been pulled by the owner.

David Hundley, owner of the State Theater in St. Petersburg, said he was certain the suicide was either a publicity stunt or would be an "illusion," but said he was worried of what some other "nut case" might do during the show.

"We couldn't allow anything to happen," Hundley said at a news conference.

"We deal with a lot of kids here and we don't want their parents to think anything bad or that their kids are ever at risk."

The owner of Club Venom, a Pinellas Park venue where the band said would be the new location of the show, also said he won't allow them to play if a suicide is going to be part of the act.

"We're going to nip it before it happens," owner Matt Mullins said.

Obviously it was a "publicity stunt" and there were already lots of "nut jobs" involved.

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Soulfly Lose Three

It is rumored that Roy Mayorga, Marcello D. Rapp and Mike Doling have all left Soulfly. Rumors are that they had problems with the bands frontman Max Cavalera. More news as it comes out.

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Quiet Riot To Go Out Quietly?

QUIET RIOT website Quietriotforce.com has posted this basic message on the site:

To our fans:
Thank you for 20 years of Rock & Roll.


No details are available at this point.

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Hell On Earth To Have Live Suicide At Show

Industrial rock band Hell On Earth will feature a "live suicide" at their State Theatre performance in St. Petersburg, FL on Saturday, October 4th. A Euthanasia Society member will carry out the suicide to raise awareness for dying with dignity. The Euthanasia member, who suffers from a terminal illness, is using the event as a platform to help make back-street suicides a thing of the past.

Though his identity is being withheld until the day of the event, he did have this to say, "I thank the lord that Hell On Earth is giving me this opportunity to end my suffering. I just want to say as my last will and testament that this is my god given choice to end my life. I'd prefer to have a physician-assisted suicide but until the laws are changed, those who are in pain like me will either have to continue to suffer or do it themselves."

The event, The Hell On Earth Haunted Tour, is part of a national tour the band is on to support their new album, 'All Things Disturbingly Sassy.'

My gut reaction is that this is so over-the-top that it may not be true, and that it's definitely a publicity stunt (probably for all parties involved). However, I remain skeptical whether it would be allowed to happen anyway, now that the time and location have been so widely publicized.

UPDATE - Bay News 9 weighs in with some updated info about this event:

St. Petersburg City Councilman Bill Foster says he feels pretty confident that the event won't happen at the State Theater on October 4.

"This activity will not be tolerated in the City of St. Petersburg," Foster said.

The councilman, who happens to be an attorney, cites the Florida Statute that makes assisted suicide a second-degree felony.

"If it's a stunt, then they have very right to perform this stunt on stage," Foster added. "If somebody loses their life, they will be prosecuted as conspirators."

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Shai Hulud End, Only To Start New Band

Folowing the departure of singer Geert, Shai Hulud will use tour with ex singer Chad Gilbert (currently of New Found Glory) for one last tour before calling it quits as SHAI HULUD. However the band will continue on under a new name with a different singer.

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Hammerheart Reorganizes into Karmageddon Media

Holland's Hammerheart Records, known for releases by Ancient Rites, Alas, Septic Flesh, Primoridal among others, has shuttered its doors and re-organized as Karmageddon Media.

"After months of thinking, talking, evaluating plans and contracts Hammerheart Records have decided to call it a day," explains owners Peter van Ool and Guido Heijnens. "But we are not simply leaving all this behind, how could we ever? Of course with the same quality and impact as Hammerheart Records used to have. Why? We simply got a bit tired of some of the things happening in the music-industry, especially the attitude of some people was too much for us, we had to change things drastically or stopping was the only option.

"We ran into problems and what I would call "anti-social" behaviour too often and frequently. This new label is done in very close co-operation with Plastic Head Distribution, who will exclusively distribute Karmageddon Media starting October 1st 2003. We feel secure and positive that under the wings of our big independent brothers working at Plastic Head Distribution we get more chances to develop and grow in a steady and reliable way. The artists and the catalogue of Hammerheart Records are transferred to Karmageddon Media and we will soon inform everyone on our release-schedule."

For more information on Hammerheart Records and newly formed Karmageddon Media, please visit: www.hammerheart.com.

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Exhumed Banned in Germany

Due to pressure from German government ratings groups, Relapse Records German distribution partner SPV has been forced to withdraw Exhumed's new record, Anatomy Is Destiny from distribution on the brink of its release and on the eve of the band's European headlining tour.

Ratings groups deemed the band photos inside Anatomy Is Destiny (‘dead shots' taken by acclaimed photographer Alex Solca) far too realistic and gruesome for mass consumption.

Vocalist/guitarist Matt Harvey comments; "Censorshit...here we go again. Well, censorship is nothing new to Exhumed, especially in Germany. It never fails that someone there is hell-bent on filtering what people can see and hear. Ultimately, despite every effort on the part of both Exhumed and Relapse to release Anatomy Is Destiny the way it was intended to be released, outside pressure from government ratings groups has blocked our record from being distributed in it's current form."

A new version of Anatomy Is Destiny, devoid of band photos and lyrics, will surface in Germany-proper, in early October, but Harvey continues: More...

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Terra Firma Call it a Day

Terra Firma, the Swedish band headed by Unleashed guitarist "Fast" Freddie Eugene and former St. Vitus/Count Raven vocalist Lord Chritus, have decided to disband, according to Stoner Rock.

Freddie is said to be in the process of launching a new project with Terra Firma drummer Izmo which will reportedly head in a direction similar to TF, only "rougher and better written."

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Deathwitch Guitarist Arrested

Deathwitch guitarist Slade Doom was recently arrested for undisclosed offenses. He remains incarcerated. More details will be announced soon.

Meanwhile, the band have announced details for their forthcoming new album, Violence Blasphemy Sodomy.

The full tracklisting for the album, due for release in early 2004, is: More...

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Unloco Rumored To Split

It is rumored that UNLOCO bassist Victor Escareno has left the band and that the band has now been dropped by Maverick and the band plans to call it quits after their current Texas stint.

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Five Foot Thick Rehearsal Complex Burns

At approximately 1:30 am Tuesday morning, the FIVE FOOT THICK rehearsal complex caught fire and burned to the ground. Fortunately no band members were injured, however much of their equipment was unable to be salvaged. Sources say the fire is being called suspicious and an investigation is currently under way by the Spokane Fire and Police departments. A benefit show to help the band get back on their feet has been scheduled for September 27th at Fat Tuesdays in Spokane, WA.

Five Foot Thick's debut national release entitled Blood Puddle will be released by Eclipse Records on November 4th. They have also been tapped as a support act for some of this year's dates on the up-coming Jagermeister Music Tour featuring Slayer and Hatebreed.

View the band's video here

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Former Brick Bath Vocalist Admits Heroin Addiction

Former BRICK BATH singer Joseph McCaw has issued the following statement explaining his departure from the group last year:

I am writing this letter to clear the air about the exact reason I dropped out of BRICK BATH last year. I know there were press releases stating that it was due to illness, but this was only part of the truth. It is true that I suffer from an intestinal disorder called Crohns disease as well as intense pain from many severe spinal injuries caused by several violent car accidents. Unfortunately, these were all contributing factors that led me into yet another problem - drug addiction.

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The Promise's Van Burns Up - One-Up Darkest Hour

While on their tour with BANE and THE SUICIDE FILE, THE PROMISE's van went up in flames. The band was driving in Arizona when the van suddenly caught fire. Within a few minutes the entire van and its contents were burning, costing the band their equipment, merch, clothes, money, cell phones, laptops and more. Vocalist Anderson Bradshaw was left on the side of the road in boxers without shoes. The band was unhurt in the incident. Like the stand up guys they are, BANE gave the band some money for clothes and rented them a car to finish the tour in. THE PROMISE is currently continuing the tour as best they can. Indecision Records has started a fund to help them out. Anything that can be donated would be appreciated. There's a Paypal account setup at Itow@indecisionrecords.com.

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Ozzfest European Dates Cancelled/Rescheduled

The OZZFEST European tour has been cancelled so OZZY OSBOURNE can undergo foot surgery. The new dates will be announced next week, though the UK dates have been released.

Oct. 24 - Glasgow, UK @ SECC
Oct. 26 - Newcastle, UK @ Arena
Oct. 29 - London, UK @ Wembley Arena
Oct. 31 - Birmingham, UK @ NEC
Nov. 01 - Birmingham, UK @ NEC

In other OZZY news, VOIVOD has replaced GODSMACK on the European tour in September. Also on the bill are love metallers H.I.M.

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