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Unloco Rumored To Split

It is rumored that UNLOCO bassist Victor Escareno has left the band and that the band has now been dropped by Maverick and the band plans to call it quits after their current Texas stint.

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Five Foot Thick Rehearsal Complex Burns

At approximately 1:30 am Tuesday morning, the FIVE FOOT THICK rehearsal complex caught fire and burned to the ground. Fortunately no band members were injured, however much of their equipment was unable to be salvaged. Sources say the fire is being called suspicious and an investigation is currently under way by the Spokane Fire and Police departments. A benefit show to help the band get back on their feet has been scheduled for September 27th at Fat Tuesdays in Spokane, WA.

Five Foot Thick's debut national release entitled Blood Puddle will be released by Eclipse Records on November 4th. They have also been tapped as a support act for some of this year's dates on the up-coming Jagermeister Music Tour featuring Slayer and Hatebreed.

View the band's video here

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Former Brick Bath Vocalist Admits Heroin Addiction

Former BRICK BATH singer Joseph McCaw has issued the following statement explaining his departure from the group last year:

I am writing this letter to clear the air about the exact reason I dropped out of BRICK BATH last year. I know there were press releases stating that it was due to illness, but this was only part of the truth. It is true that I suffer from an intestinal disorder called Crohns disease as well as intense pain from many severe spinal injuries caused by several violent car accidents. Unfortunately, these were all contributing factors that led me into yet another problem - drug addiction.

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The Promise's Van Burns Up - One-Up Darkest Hour

While on their tour with BANE and THE SUICIDE FILE, THE PROMISE's van went up in flames. The band was driving in Arizona when the van suddenly caught fire. Within a few minutes the entire van and its contents were burning, costing the band their equipment, merch, clothes, money, cell phones, laptops and more. Vocalist Anderson Bradshaw was left on the side of the road in boxers without shoes. The band was unhurt in the incident. Like the stand up guys they are, BANE gave the band some money for clothes and rented them a car to finish the tour in. THE PROMISE is currently continuing the tour as best they can. Indecision Records has started a fund to help them out. Anything that can be donated would be appreciated. There's a Paypal account setup at Itow@indecisionrecords.com.

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Ozzfest European Dates Cancelled/Rescheduled

The OZZFEST European tour has been cancelled so OZZY OSBOURNE can undergo foot surgery. The new dates will be announced next week, though the UK dates have been released.

Oct. 24 - Glasgow, UK @ SECC
Oct. 26 - Newcastle, UK @ Arena
Oct. 29 - London, UK @ Wembley Arena
Oct. 31 - Birmingham, UK @ NEC
Nov. 01 - Birmingham, UK @ NEC

In other OZZY news, VOIVOD has replaced GODSMACK on the European tour in September. Also on the bill are love metallers H.I.M.

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Ozzy Cancels Another Show Due To Pneumonia

OZZY OSBOURNE has cancelled yet another headlining performance at this years OZZFEST 2003 in New York at the PNC Bank Arts Center.

Rumor has it, pneumonia is ailing the Prince of Darkness, but KoRn has taken over the headlining spot. It is currently unknown how this affects his upcoming shows. (I'm hoping he'll be back for the Bristow show...)

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Ripper Owens Confirmed As Member of Iced Earth

As previously speculated but then publicly denied, Tim "Ripper" Owens has officially been announced as Iced Earth's new vocalist. He did the recording for the new album, but it nothing was official of him joining the band, now it is. Here's an update from Jon Schaffer on the matter, which also includes hint of a world tour come 2004: More...

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Nonexist Lose Two, Still Exist

Sweden’s Nonexist have parted with both vocalist Johan Liiva (formerly with Arch Enemy) and drummer Matte Modin. Both want to concentrate on other activities. However, the band still intend to record their second album very shortly, with a new line-up in place.

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Depswa And Grade 8 Now Drop Off Ozzfest

DEPSWA are the latest casualty to have tour support yanked from them by their label Geffen, which of course means they cannot continue on this years OZZFEST. They follow GRADE 8 who were recently dumped by Atlantic Records. This means that GRADE 8 and DEPSWA are both dropping off the tour, and this time - it looks as though it will happen...

GRADE 8 were borrowing MOTOGRATER's instruments, and traveling on DEPSWA's bus - obviously now, transport is not available, forcing them to retire. GRADE 8's management along with Atlantic, also stopped working with the band 2 weeks ago, leaving them without any support in that direction.

Reasons for the bands being without a label seems to stem to their obvious lack of ability to sell CD's, both artists have soundscan numbers under 10,000. It's presently unclear as to what path either band will now go.

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Primus Are Back With Original Lineup

The classic line-up of Primus has re-formed. This means that, after a four-year absence, Les Claypool (bass/vocals), Tim ‘Herb’ Alexander (guitar) and Larry Lalonde (drums) are back to amaze and confuse. They’ve already recorded five new songs, which will be included on the upcoming retrospective CD ‘Animals Should Try To Act Like People’, due out in October.

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Hammerfall's Dronjak Suffers Broken Arm

Hammerfall member Oscar Dronjak suffered a multiple fracture in his arm in a motorcycle accident, resulting in Hammerfall not being able to perform at the UK's Bloodstock Festival this year. They will be replaced by Edguy. Here's the official announcement from Vince, the Bloodstock coordinator himself:

"It is with regret that for the first time in 3 years we are having to make a change with one of the major acts HAMMERFALL. This is unfortunately beyond our control, as Oscar Dronjak has sustained a multiple fracture in his arm as a result of a motorbike accident 2 days ago. We wish him a speedy recovery, however we will most certainly invite HAMMERFALL back in 2004.

The most worthy replacement will be EDGUY from Germany, who last played the UK on one occasion with Gamma Ray a couple of years ago.

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Pushed Breaks Up

San Diego's Pushed, featuring ex-Slayer drummer Jon Dette, and ex-Testament bassist Greg Christian have broken up. The Jagermeister sponsored band that was touted to land a spot on this Fall's Jagermeister 2003 tour have split due to creative differences. The band was also scheduled to played this year's Dwell in Darkness.

Guitarists, JP and Joe, are forming a new project, and that is something to be sure to look out for, but lead singer Travis Neal is actively looking for a new band to join.

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Ripper Ownens Not A Member of Iced Earth?

Electric Basement. reports that while Tim "Ripper" Owens has been drafted for vocals on the new Iced Earth album 'The Glorious Burden,' he is NOT a member of the band and the vocal slot will be filled by someone else for touring purposes.

Here's more on it from Jon Schaffer: More...

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Grade 8 DOES NOT Pull Out Of Ozzfest

Grade 8 have now managed to stay onboard for the rest of this years Ozzfest trek, thanks to the help of their sponsor Sobe. The latest statement reads:

"After much talk of having to drop off of Ozzfest, Grade 8 have managed to stay on the tour with the help of Sobe. Raise your glasses during Grade 8's set in Philly!"

The band were originally set to drop off the tour, as a statement was released from the Ozzfest camp reading like this:

"Grade 8 will be dropping off of Ozzfest. The band has had some conflict and they have requested to be let off the remaining shows. Today's show in Scranton will be their last show on the tour. A replacement may be named shortly."

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Burning Bridges Burnt Out

Just weeks after signing with Thorp Records, Albany's Burning Bridges have apparently disbanded. According to one member of the group, the band decided to break up after "a long string of bad luck." Several of the members will now be attending college. Prior to breaking up, the group had completed work on their Thorp debut, which will see a release later this year.

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Iced Earth Confirms Ripper Owens As New Singer

Iced Earth confirms what has been rumored for weeks. Ex-Judas Priest vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens is now their new lead vocalist. He has been recording a new album with the band called Glorious Burden due out on SPV in the Fall. If you'll remember, Matt Barlow announced he was leaving Iced Earth In May/June. Here's the official post by guitarist Jon Schaffer:

"Hey People,
Well the album is done, and it's not just done, it rules!! I have never been more pleased in all my years of recording.

It came out the way it was supposed to be! And now for the big news, it's Tim Owens on vocals and he did an amazing job! I know there were a lot of people hoping that this would be the case, and it is. I've asked Neil to put a sample of three of the songs for you guys to check out. SPV agreed to letting me do this as long as I did not put the whole song up. I hope you enjoy them, I know I do. I'll be in touch soon with more news and details of the release dates for the single which will be called 'The Reckoning' and the full length CD The Glorious Burden. I can honestly tell you I've never felt better and am truly looking to the future with more optimism than ever before.

Until next time,

People can hear the new sound clips here (Real Audio format, unfortunately).

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Hate Eternal Bassist Goes Into Rehab

Jared Anderson, bassist and backing volcals for Hate Eternal has issued the following statement:

Due to a continuous ongoing drug problem for the last couple of years, I've committed myself to rehabilitation. I will be leaving HATE ETERNAL due to the time and dedication it's taking to get myself back on the right track. It's a very unfortunate situation, which must be dealt with, and out of total respect for my bandmates, it's the right thing to do for I cannot be responsible for holding the band back. HATE ETERNAL has been one of the greatest things in my life for 5 years and now it must end due to my personal issues. I want to apologize to all the fans and my bandmates as well. But I can simply say that I will get well and I will be back somewhere in this scene. I wish the band all the luck in the world and thank you for the great 5 years. Blessed be and may the hatred be eternal!"

The rest of the band issued a separate statement offering their support to Anderson.

"Jared, being our bandmate as well as one of our best friends, we wish him the best with his recovery and his health and he will always be a part of what HATE ETERNAL was and is, we will miss him!

"Randy Piro (who has been filling in for Jared for the last 5 months) will be taking over on bass/backing vocals.

"HATE ETERNAL will be touring as main support for ARCH ENEMY from August 25th until September 9th, at which point touring with HATEBREED commences on September 12th through October 9th. After that, we look forward to hitting the road with DEICIDE starting on October 31st and will run through until November 27th. All tours are in North America."

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Iron Maiden Drummer Arrested

Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain was arrested on an assault charge after allegedly hitting a car park attendant with his car just prior to the band’s appearance in the area. Apparently, the drummer got angry with the unnamed attendant refused to allow him to park in the VIP area, because he didn’t have the right credentials; McBrain is said to have deliberately driven his car at the 30-year-old worker. He now faces a court appearance on September 16.

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Iron Butterfly Guitarist Erik Braunn Dies At 52

Erik Braunn, the lead guitarist on IRON BUTTERFLY's classic heavy metal anthem of 1968 "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida", died of cardiac arrest Friday in Los Angeles, according to the Los Angeles Times. He was 52.

Braunn, considered a violin prodigy, began his musical career at age 4. He was born in Pekin, Ill., but raised in Los Angeles. He was 16 when he joined IRON BUTTERFLY and spent 1967-69 on tour with the band. The teenager said he had not been prepared for the frenetic pace of working 365 days a year in such venues as the Hollywood Bowl.

Braunn and colleagues Doug Ingle, Ron Bushy and Lee Dorman, left their mark on musical history with the 17-minute "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" (later covered by SLAYER on the "Less Than Zero" soundtrack). The album went platinum and stayed on the national sales chart 2½ years, and a three-minute version also became a Top 40 radio hit.

Braunn occasionally reunited with his BUTTERFLY partners for performances, and worked as a songwriter, musician and producer until his death. During one such reunion in 1988, he spoke to The Times about his whirlwind superstardom experience 20 years earlier, saying: "My first vacation I bought a car — a Jaguar — and parked it outside the hospital where I spent two weeks for ulcers and gastroenteritis."

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Ozzy's Manager, Bobby Thomson, Passes Away

Ozzy Osbourne's longtime tour manager Bobby Thomson (50) ,who had worked for Osbourne since 1983, died in his sleep on Thursday night at the Townshend Hotel in Birmingham, Michigan, after an 18 month battle with throat cancer. Thomson, a native of Glasgow, Scotland, and a resident of Los Angeles, was discovered in his hotel room on Thursday morning.

In a statement Thursday, Osbourne said, "We are devastated by the loss of our dear friend Bobby. He has been a part of our family for 23 years and loved very much. He will be greatly missed by all of us. Our sincerest sympathies go out to the Thomson family."

Read the full article at Launch.com.

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