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Judas Priest to take a Break

Judas Priest have announced that they will be taking a lengthy break following the completion of the group's recent world tour to rest before beginning work on the band's next album, which is not expected to surface before late 2004.

"I want to make at least two more albums with Judas Priest," guitarist Glenn Tipton recently told Metal Hammer magazine. "It is wonderful to have a part in creating the music of Judas Priest — I enjoy it and, as always, I would like to do at least one more tour. Also, I want to [pursue] a few solo [projects] — especially the album that I had recorded with [drummer] Cozy Powell, who tragically passed away four years ago. I would like to finish it and dedicate it to his memory, because he was a good friend of mine and he did a fantastic job [on the album], and I want people to hear it. I also have some solo projects that I will try to [pursue] if I get the chance, but Judas Priest are my first priority. I still want to produce other bands and I am interested in composing music for films."

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Generation Armageddon Fest Cancelled

The Generation Armageddon Festival - Part 1 European tour, which was set to feature Sweden's Impious, Norway's Blood Red Throne, Greece's Septic Flesh, Ireland's Primordial, Belgium's Ancient Rites, and Sweden's Dismember has been cancelled. No reason was given for the cancellation.

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Season of Fire Burns Out

Minnesota's Season Of Fire's has decided to break up after two years and one release on Goodfellow Records. Founded by ex-Harvest and ex-Krakatoa members, the group will be playing two final shows in early-October. Here is the official statement:

"After just a couple years as a band, Season of Fire has decided to call it quits. We based this on a lack motivation and enthusiasm. We have all learned very much from this band, and will look back on the things we have experienced with nothing but smiles. We would like to thank anyone who has ever set up a show for us, gone to one of our shows, bought any of our merch, or was just there to offer words of encouragement or advice. We appreciate all that Goodfellow Records has done and to all those who supported us in Canada. You were amazing. We will all be continuing other musical endeavors and hope that we'll see many of you again soon. We are ending it with two final shows taking place in MN on October 4th and 5th. Please check our web site in a few days for information on those shows as they are finalized. Thank you so much for everything."

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In Dying Days to Call it Quits

Montreal's In Dying Days will be officially breaking up later this year. Before that time though, the band has plans to release a five-song CDEP, with all new material, written this past year. The band will be entering the studio in late-October and the CDEP, entitled After the Fire, will be released on One Day Savior Recordings in late Fall/early Winter. They will also be playing a handful of shows, including an appearance at the upcoming One Day Savior Fest, in addition to a final mini-tour of Ontario and Quebec late this Fall. Here's an excerpt from the band's statement regarding their impending breakup: More...

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Candiria in Accident, Tour Cancelled

Members of Candiria were involved in a serious vehicle accident when their tour van was rear-ended in New York State near Buffalo. Consequently, their current tour with 40 Below Summer has been cancelled. Their van was reportedly hit by a truck, whose driver has admitted liability. John LaMacchia and Carley Coma were both reportedly flown by helicopter to a trauma center with injuries, now being described as "non-critical" (LaMacchia has a broken collarbone). The band was en route from a show in Albany to a show in Cleveland. We'll have more details as soon as we get them.

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Heartscarved Breaks Up

Winston-Salem, NC hardcore/metal band Heartscarved has decided to break up. The band had previously released an MCD on Tribunal Records last year, entitled "...And Tomorrow We Escape." Fans of the group will be glad to know that they will be releasing one last CD on Tribunal, which will include the last three songs they had written and recorded. Look for that one to hit stores on November 26th. The band will be playing their final show at the upcoming Tribunal showcase in early-October.

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UK's Metal Mania Fest Cancelled

Metal Mania festival, which was scheduled to take place on September 7th at the Newcastle University in the UK, has been cancelled due to a problem with the ticket distribution, according to the festival organizers.

The event, which was set to include performances by Blaze,Tygers of Pan Tang, Earthrod, Unleash, Nufuture Cowboys and Live Undead, will be rescheduled for a new date once these problems have been resolved.

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Not Waving But Drowning Officially Disbands

As a result of losing both drummer Calvin McRoy and bassist Jeffrey Meyer earlier this month (they both quit), Not Waving But Drowning has dissolved for good, after roughly four years together. The two remaining members, Todd Finoch and Justin Mank had originally considered replacing both members and continuing on, however, since Todd has a second child due in January, it appeared that their efforts would ultimately prove futile. The band still hopes to release their album, which they recorded months ago, sometime in the future, so stay tuned. Here's a few words from Justin on the "end": "Thanks to everyone who has ever supported us or helped us in any way. This has been the best four years of my life, hands down, and I will miss this band greatly."

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Rain Fell Within Dries Up

According to a recent online posting, “Rain Fell Within has officially broken up and will not be getting back together.” Says Dawn, “I fought very hard to keep the band in tact, but unfortunately the differing goals in the band tore it apart. I will miss the music terribly, and wish this didn't have to happen. I will be continuing on with my solo music, Dawn Desiree. I will miss Rain Fell Within. We will keep the website up and running and post any future projects of members of the band on the site.”

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PETA Targets Judas Priest

Judas Priest have become the latest targets of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), according to EntertainmentIdaho.com. PETA fired off a letter to band members last week, asking that they change their 1978 album Hell Bent for Leather to Hell Bent for Pleather.

"Actually, I'm a big Judas Priest fan," spokeswoman Lisa Franzetta stated. "The idea is not to give them hell, so much, but to encourage them and their fans to make a more compassionate choice." To make her point, Franzetta, 24, enclosed a video of slaughterhouse footage — along with a convincing photo of herself in a black pleather dominatrix outfit.

PETA's letter to Judas Priest follows: More...

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Lawsuit Against Ozzy Thrown Out

The following article appears in today's edition of The New York Times:

Here is a scene viewers won't see on the MTV show The Osbournes: Ozzy Osbourne handing over millions in royalties to his onetime bass player and drummer.

The bass player, Bob Daisley, and the drummer, Lee Kerslake, sued Mr. Osbourne in federal court in Los Angeles in 2000. They said he owed them about $20 million for writing the songs on two heavy-metal albums from his pre-reality-television, pre-household-name days.

Judge Christina A. Snyder dismissed the case last week, saying that the statute of limitations had long since expired. She also said that the two men had failed to explain why they believed they had been improperly credited on record labels. More...

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Hendrix Family Fight Over Estate

The brother of Jimi Hendrix filed suit Friday to gain what he considers his fair share of Hendrix's estate, according to Hits Daily Double. Hendrix's legacy was controlled by his father, Al Hendrix, who died in April at age 82, leaving nearly everything to his adopted daughter. In the father's will, Janie Hendrix was given control of Experience Hendrix LLC and the Hendrix estate, worth about $150 million to $240 million. His brother, Leon Hendrix, got a souvenir gold record. The suit argues the will and living trust are invalid because Al Hendrix signed them under Janie's undue influence.

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Dave Williams Public Funeral

There is to be a public funeral for Drowning Pool frontman Dave Williams, who died on August 14. This happens on Sunday, August 18 at 2pm (local time) at The Plano Centre in Plano, Texas. Anyone wishing to send flowers should send them c/o Turrentine-Jackson Morrow, Hwy 75 @ exit 38, McKinney, TX 75069. Anything other than flowers should go to: Dave Williams, P.O. Box 1007, McKinney, TX 75070.

There are additional quotes and details at

Read the full article at CDNOW Allstar News.

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Dan Quayle Comments on Ozzy

The following item appeared in today's edition of the New York Post:

Dan Quayle, who was ridiculed when he criticized Murphy Brown for glorifying single motherhood, is a huge fan of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne. "Here you have two adults who are madly in love with each other, dedicated to each other," Quayle tells T&L Golf. "The language is an issue but they do have certain restrictions . . . And Ozzy is always saying no to drugs, no to drinking . . . If you look at Ozzy, can there be a better walking billboard for why not to do drugs?"

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Drowning Pool Frontman Found Dead

Drowning Pool singer Dave Williams was found dead on the band's tour bus Wednesday afternoon. The quartet from Dallas, Texas has been performing as one of the main stage attractions on Ozzfest. The cause of death has yet to be determined.

This is really a shame. I heard about it at Ozzfest today (Thursday) in Bristow, VA all day. It was really a downer on the show. Not only was one of the most energetic headlining bands not playing, but everyone who was playing had it on their minds. R.I.P. Dave Williams!

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Hammerfall Frontman Assaulted

HAMMERFALL frontman Joacim Cans was assaulted with a beer glass at a bar in the group's hometown of Gotheburg (a.k.a. Göteborg), Sweden on Saturday, August 10th and ended up with a cut around his right eye that required 25 stitches to close. As a result, the band have postponed the filming of the video for the track "Hearts On Fire", taken from their forthcoming Crimson Thunder opus, which was scheduled to take place tomorrow, August 14th.

Here is an official statement on the matter from guitarist Oscar Dronjak: More...

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Chinese Democracy in November?

Guns n' Roses will release their long-awaited new album, Chinese Democracy, in November, according to promoter Tommy Pratama, who is in negotiation to bring GNR to Indonesia early next year.

Pratama told Australia's Undercover that he was initially talking about touring the band next month but they have decided to move dates to January/February 2003 to promote the new album. Tommy will not be handling the Australian leg of the tour but he will be in charge for the Indonesian concert following the Australian dates.

Guns n' Roses have shows scheduled in Hong Kong and Japan next week and England and Belgium later this month.

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Halford Wants to Do Black Metal

Former Judas Priest and current halford frontman Rob Halford has sensationally revealed to Revolver magazine that he has aspirations to collaborate on an album with ex-Emperor singer Ihsahn.

"I'd like to make a black metal record with Ihsahn from Emperor," Halford responded when asked to name a musical project he'd like to do that he hasn't yet done. "I don't know when or how it's going to happen, but I'd really like to do that at some point. It'd be something different."

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Paul Samson Dies of Cancer

Paul Samson (49), guitarist/founder of the NWOBHM band SAMSON, passed away from cancer on Friday, August 9th. News stories spread this week about his battle, expecting him to have weeks left on his life. The band Samson featured Bruce Dickinson on vocals prior to Dickinon's exodus to IRON MAIDEN. Paul Samson was reportedly working on a new album, due out later this year.

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Vince Neil Issued Warrant on Assault Charges

Police in Beverly Hills have issued a warrant for the arrest of Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil, who allegedly attacked a record producer in a nightclub parking lot, according to MTV.com.

The warrant, issued Wednesday, stems from an April 28th incident involving Michael Schuman, who accuses Neil of taunting him outside of a club and then punching him numerous times in the face, knocking him to the ground. Neil faces misdemeanor battery charges, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County district attorney's office said. More...

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