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Danny Leaves Anathema

Daniel Cavanagh has left Britain's Anathema, according to a statement from the guitarist posted at the group's official web site.

"I suppose it's time to tell you this now... I have left Anathema for various resons," said Cavanagh on the official Anathema site. "The best reason is because I now play songs with Duncan Patterson and Michael Moss in Antimatter. This is a good situation and I want you all to know that I am much happier doing this. There is a lot less tension and pressure and there is no "frontman". Our songs are going to be very good, and a lot closer to the true Anathema of Alternative 4, Eternity and songs like "Temporary Peace..." The other guys will carry on without me and I say good luck to them, though I feel a change of name would be more appropriate as they are now a totally different band altogether! You'll hear from us soon..."

The brother to guitarist/vocalist Vincent Cavanagh, Daniel was one of the founding members of Anathema and considered by many of the group's fans to be virtually irreplaceable.

No announcement has yet been made by the rest of the group—Vincent Cavanagh, drummer John Douglas and keyboardist Les Smith—with regards to Anathema's future plans or the exact reasons behind the split, which appear to be largely rooted in the age-old “musical differences”.

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Kittie Lose Guitarist

Kittie have parted with bassist Talena Atfield, for reasons which have not been disclosed. But they’ve already lined up a replacement, former Spine four stringer Jennifer J. Arroyo. The band will head out on an American tour next week with Flaw, My Ruin and Skinlab. The trek has now been dubbed the ‘Run Like Hell’ tour, instead of the more contentious ‘F**k Your Label’.

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Danzig Signs To Spitfire

Danzig has recently signed with Spitfire Records.

“The new material is arguably the strongest offering from DANZIG yet,” says Spitfire Records founder and president Paul Bibeau. “The first two singles, ‘Wicked Pussycat’ and ‘Dead Inside’, while at opposite ends of the musical spectrum in terms of approach and tempo, are unmistakably DANZIG. And ‘Black Mass’ is honestly one of the best metal songs I’ve heard in quite some time.”

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Why Burton Left Fear Factory

Former Fear Factory frontman Burton C. Bell has spoken about his decision to quit the band, leading to their decision to split up. Here’s his full statement: More...

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Seven Witches Bassist Departs

Sanctuary recording artists Seven Witches bassist Bill Mez has been officially asked to leave the group, at least partially due to the intense touring schedule of Single Bullet Theory, of which Mez is also a part. The upcoming Seven Witches / Annihilator European tour falls within the same weeks as the next SBT tour and there was no way to
reschedule either groups' run of dates.

"The next SBT tour is already booked in the United States and the momentum that SBT has created is too strong to jeopardize the bands future at this point." states Mez. "The SBT dates were booked months ago and it was known that I would be unavailable during those weeks. I never wanted to leave Witches, but was relieved of duties because I was unable to do this tour."

Bill wishes Jack Frost and the rest of Seven Witches the best of luck in the future and is looking forward to focusing all of his attention toward Single Bullet Theory.

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Fear Factory Possibly Call it Quits

Fear Factory have split up following frontman Burton C. Bell's decision to leave the band, a source within the group has confirmed to Blabbermouth.net.

According to reports, Bell had become increasingly unhappy with Fear Factory's musical direction and no longer felt “angry” enough to sing in one of the world's most high-profile extreme metal bands. It is also believed that personal differences between guitarist/mainman Dino Cazares and Bell, brought on in part by the increasing pressure caused by the disappointing sales performance of the band's last effort, 2001's Digimortal, had contributed to the break-up.

Please Note: This information has not been confirmed by any source within RoadRunner Records. Their officials said only "no comment" when MetalUnderground inquired about the situation. Until the breakup is confirmed, we present this as FYI, not as fact.

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Marduk's Drummer Departs

Stalwart Swedish black metallers Marduk have officially confirmed the departure of drummer Fredrik Andersson.

"Fredrik feels that his days as a full-time metal musician is over and wants to go on with his life and career and was therefore dismissed of his duties in the Marduk camp," said a statement on the Marduk website. "The break up was done with the best understanding from both parts and without any hard feelings. Marduk wishes Fredrik all the best for the future and good luck."

Read the full article at Digitalmetal.

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Mork Gryning Lose Guitarist

Mork Gryning guitarist, Avatar, has left the band, having fel like his work in black metal was at an end.

“I have nothing more creative to give the band, not in a musical way or in a black metal philosophy way. When one member of a band thinks in that kind of direction he is just a burden for the band therefore it is best for him and band if they go separate ways.”

The two original members of Mörk Gryning will continue to release masterpieces. Some new songs have already been put together. The planned tour got cancelled, but reportedly not due to Avatar's decision to leave the band.

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Insania Cancel Tour

Due to illness within the band, Insania decided not to go on tour with the former Mötley Crue singer Vince Neil. Insania will not replace any member in order to make the tour possible and the band will not reveal the name of the ill bandmember.

Insania will stay in Sweden til June 26th, when they enter the Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, Finland again for the recordings of their third album. The album is so far known as "Fantasy", and will contain an Intro, and 10-13 songs. There might be some bonus tracks added for the "friends" in Japan. Insania will stay in Helsinki for as long as 3 weeks, because of the pressure from the band itself to produce a better album than before.

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Tool Wins Grammy

Tool won a Grammy in the category “Best Metal Performance” for their track "Schism" at the 44th Annual Grammy Awards, which were held 2/27 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Tool beat out Black Sabbath ("The Wizard"), Slayer ("Disciple"), Slipknot ("Left Behind") and System of a Down ("Chop Suey!" ) to win the award.

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Venon Frontman Injured Climbing

Venom leader Cronos has been badly hurt in a climbing accident. He will be out of action for several months with injuries to his neck, muscles and tendons.

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Poison The Well Lose Bassist

Poison The Well has parted ways with their bassist Iano. The split was on friendly terms.

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Slash NOT in Supergroup

Despite an official announcement by others confirming his presence in a new supergroup, Slash has now issued a statement denying that he’s involved with Sammy Hagar, Neal Schon, Michael Anthony and Deen Castronova. The as yet unnamed band have been working on two songs - one of which might make an appearance on the soundtrack from the 'Spiderman' movie - but NOT with the former GNR star.

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Hagar, Slash in Supergroup

On the glam/lite metal side of things, former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash has confirmed that he’s teamed up with Journey guitarist Neal Schon, former Van Halen/Montrose frontman Sammy Hagar, Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony and drummer Dean Castronova in an as yet unnamed supergroup. They’ve already recorded two songs, ‘Vertigo and ‘Peeping Through A Hole, which they aim to get in a movie soundtrack. The music is supposedly a combination of Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, and Tool.

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No More Dedication

The Dedication have decided to call it quits. After two years, a recent record on Deathwish Inc., a 7", and a demo, it appears that professional conflicts within the band have led to a split. The band's founding members, Mike and Shawn, will continue on in a new band called Ghosts, and vocalist Rich Perusi will now join his other band, Stop And Think, full-time.

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Maharahj Bows Out

Canadian metalcore outfit Maharahj are strongly rumored to have called it a day after two full-length records on New Jersey's Now Or Never Records

"Yes, it is true. After almost four years of playing together as Maharahj, we have decided to call it quits," drummer Dave Johnston said. "Everyone is still the closest of friends but we just thought that now would be a good time due to the way the band was progressing."

Apparently, Maharahj thought it best not to continue on when vocalist Garren Ustel left the band sometime after the release of their second full-length, Repetition

Read the full article at Digitalmetal.

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Beautiful Creatures Guitarist Leaves

Beautiful Creatures guitarist DJ Ashba has left the band for undisclosed reasons. However the band, recently dropped by their label Warner Bros., are determined to carry on, and will announce a new guitarist shortly.

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Stabbing Westward Split Up

After 12 years, the members of the Chicago industrial rock quartet, Stabbing Westward, are moving in different directions, the group announced on Saturday. The decision to disband was made a week prior to the announcement, but the band wanted the termination to marinate for a bit before going public, according to the group's manager.

The future plans aren't yet known, though it's likely that they'll stay in the musical realm, their manager said.

Read the full article at SonicNet.

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Botch Calls it Quits

Acclaimed metalcore act Botch have decided to call it a day after two unstoppable full-length albums and innumerable compilation appearances.

"I am deeply saddened to inform all concerned that Botch has decided to quit after nine years of playing together," drummer Tim Latona posted on Botch's official website. "The decision, while not completely mutual, is by far the best for all in the band. Personally, I just wanted to thank everyone who has ever put us up for the night, booked us a show, bought out record or put out one of our records. Most of all though, I want to thank everyone who has continued to support us. I hope that we have done something positive in hardcore, and hopefully have touched some of you on some level. I will continue to answer questions on the message board, and we will keep you posted on when the last show will be. Thanks again everyone."

Read the full article at Digitalmetal.

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Exodus' Paul Baloff Dies of Stroke

The metal world was shocked over the weekend as Exodus frontman Paul Baloff, 41, suffered a massive stroke and passed away shortly after. Exodus was major part of the 80s thrash metal explosion, encouraging the infamous "mosh pit mentality" with their anthem "The Toxic Waltz" and a string of classic albums.

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