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Stryper Backlash Escalates Over "Satanic" Covers

When Stryper announced that they will be doing a covers album of their favorite 70s and 80s metal songs, there was initially little resistance from their fans. Then what seemed to be a vocal minority made themselves heard, but as more negative reactions surfaced, the band was forced to make a statement about it:

"We wanted to step outside the box and record a record that shows you, the fans, where we come from - our historical, musical roots so to speak. It's a side to Stryper that no one has really seen or heard before, or at least quite like this. We performed 'On Fire' by Van Halen on a few tours and we also performed 'Breaking The Law' by Priest on this last tour. The response was far beyond our expectations each time we performed these songs. People seemed genuinely surprised to hear Stryper cover these songs and even more surprised to hear Stryper perform these songs relatively well. This will be an opportunity for Robert, Oz, Tim and myself to loosen up and have some fun.

"For those of you who may think that we're walking away from our faith - your wrong. We've never been more serious about our faith at any point in our lives. It is however important to enjoy what you do and lighten up from time to time. That's what we plan to do. This will be a fun record to make and we hope that this comes through, as well as the chance to showcase the abilities that we've been blessed with. More details to come and a specific song list and sequence to follow."

Sufficient enough to quell the concerns of many fans, to the more fanatical of them the statement was seen as an open challenge or rebellion in the face of their beliefs; beliefs that they believed Stryper shared in strength and conviction. The negative reaction has been rising like the tide, and as it's reached its peak it has shaken the band to its core, according to friends of the band.

On the brink of breaking up, and more than one member questioning their beliefs and faith in humanity, the band has not been seen in public for weeks. Stryper's Michael Sweet commented on the situation: "It's really gotten out of hand. We haven't even announced the songs we're planning to cover yet! Apparently you really can't be Christian and metal at the same time. It's spun out of control, with people telling us that we're going to hell for singing 'the devil's music' and songs of a gay man [Rob Halford of Judas Priest]. I don't question my faith in God, but this whole experience has made me question humanity and the volatility of our society. God help us if we covered [Iron Maiden's] 'The Number of the Beast'."

It's also just been discovered that last week Stryper was to play a secret show in Northern California, but cancelled due to religious picketers blocking their entrance to the small club. "We hate to leave our fans hanging like that, but these people have lost touch with reality and are, quite frankly, crazy," commented Sweet of the situation. "This is how the rest of the world views Christianity and I have gotten to experience why firsthand," he concluded.

Read the full article at this location.

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Metallica's "Enter Sandman," Smooth Jazz Version

Everyone loves covering and mashing up Metallica, and Metal Injection delivers with the latest mashup: a smooth jazz version of "Enter Sandman" dubbed over a live video of the band (with vocals). Check it out below.

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"What A Wonderful World" Death Metal Edition

A brilliant death metal dubbed video of Louis Armstrong singing "What A Wonderful World" has recently made its way online. Death growls were provided by Slovenian solo artist The Markness, arrangement, instruments and recording by Andy Rehfeldt and video editing by Stephanie Wooten. Check out the video below:

UPDATE: you can check out the original source video here.

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Steel Panther Wishes You A Happy Mother's Day

Steel Panther has posted a video clip online wishing everyone in the U.K. a happy Mother's Day, in their own special way. The footage can be viewed below.

Steel Panther is headed off to the U.K. for three tour dates in March. Before the mini-tour the band members will be answering fan questions via a MySpace web chat on Wednesday, March 17th. To submit a question to the band ahead of the web-chat you can add your question at this location.

Steel Panther's U.K. tour dates are as follows:

3/18 2010 - O2 Academy Newcastle
3/19 2010 - Brixton Academy London
3/20 2010 - O2 Academy Sheffield

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Olympic Figure Skating to Metallica?

In case you missed Russia's figure skating routine set to Metallica, be sure to check it out below.

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Warpath Shares Fan Cover Video

U.K. metallers Warpath have shared a video of a 15 year old fan from the U.S. performing the guitar part for their song "Damnation," which can be viewed below. Warpath also commented about the footage: "Fan cover of Damnation on Youtube! Check out this awesome cover of 'Damnation' by 15-year old Javi from the United States! We were so impressed with his talent we just had to share it with everyone!"

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Metal Musicians Interview NAMM Booth Babes

Metal Blade Records has posted a video clip online of various metal musicians interviewing the booth babes at the 2010 NAMM convention. The video clip, which can be viewed below, features Jon "Charn" Rice from Job For A Cowboy, Greg Weeks from The Red Chord, Jeff Paulick from Lazarus A.D., Frank Bello from Anthrax, and more.

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Your Demise Guitarist Experiences A Stun Gun Shock

Guitarist Ozzy Porkchop of U.K. hardcore act Your Demise recently experienced the fine American tradition of getting shocked by a stun gun. The band issued the following statement about the incident:

"YD played in south Carolina, whilst there we encountered a guy with a swazzy tattooed on his head. Later on that night we over heard the venue manager and the said 'skinhead' playing with a Taser. Oz then felt the need to try it out, what a legend."

A video of the experience can be viewed below.

Your Demise is currently on the Small Town Shakedown tour with The Ghost Inside, For the Fallen Dreams, and Suffokate. The dates are as follows: More...

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Super Mario Castle Theme Death Metal Cover

Vancouver, BC metal band NYLITHIA posted a video of their version of the Super Mario Castle Theme last year, which has been making rounds on social sites of late. Check out the video below.

Not just a gimmick band, however, Nylithia released their debut full-length last year and plans to record another this year. Check out some of their music on the band's MySpace page. Here are the upcoming shows that the band has announced:

Feb 25 2010 @ 8:00P - Red Room w/ BRUTAL TRUTH & INFERNAL MAJESTY Vancouver, British Columbia
Feb 26 2010 @ 8:00P - Evolution w/ Reaver Victoria, British Columbia
Feb 27 2010 @ 8:00P - Club Pauloburger Cumberland/Mt.Washington, British Columbia
Apr 10 2010 @ 8:00P - Fernridge Hall Langley, British Columbia
May 18 2010 @ 8:00P - The Rickshaw Theatre w/ HYPOCRISY Vancouver, British Columbia

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25 Hardcore Pets

Holy Taco has posted an article featuring photos of 25 hardcore pets. Tatoos and body modifcation especially are often linked to metal and what could be more metal than that? Why modding your pets, of course! (note, we make no claims as to the authenticity of the features photos and suspect Photoshop work in many of them.)

Read the full article at Holy Taco.

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WTF: Black Metal Cookies?

If we had a daily WTF? post, this would qualify. Not much more to say. Just watch the video:

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A Muppet Metal Medley

A new, high quality Muppets video of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" is making its rounds on Facebook and social sites, so I decided to take this opportunity to post it, along with a medley of various other Muppets heavy metal renditions.

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

I'm not quite sure what the fascination is, but there are more Muppets metal videos after the jump. More...

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Steven Tyler Laid Off From Aerosmith

So states the infamous The Onion in what is an excellent parody of the ongoing Aerosmith drama (even if a bit long). Here's an excerpt:

Analysts speculate that the sector-wide layoff was a result of multiple factors, including redundancies in the singing-songwriting division, rising rehab fees that have cost the group millions, and a 34 percent decline in jump-kicks since 2003. In addition, some of Aerosmith's younger, more ambitious employees, such as Joe Perry, 57, are willing to sing and play an instrument at the same time, often for half the salary.

Read the full article at The Onion.

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Obituary Guitairst Launches Bar-B-Que Sauce Line

Guitarist Trevor Peres of Florida death metallers Obituary has released his own line of Bar-B-Que sauce. More information on the "T-Bones Famous Original Rib'Licious" sauce can be found at this location.

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A Guide To Moshing And Concert Survival

For anyone who has ever wanted to partake in a concert mosh pit but wasn't sure how, below can be found an informative video on the fine art of moshing. Special thanks to California's Echoes of Fear for bringing this to our attention.

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Metal Musicians Spill Their "Guilty Pleasures"

All About The Music has posted a new blog featuring musicians describing the "guilty pleasure" bands they like outside of metal. Excerpts from the blog follow:

Dave Davidson (Revocation) – “One of my guiltiest pleasures would probably be Fall Out Boy. Not really a fan of their older stuff but the last couple of records they've put out were awesome. Phil's guilty pleasure is probably Boys 2 Men, he will straight up sing that CD from front to back when he’s drunk and it always brings the laughs. Anthony is also into a lot of pop, right now I think he's on a Lady Gaga kick.”

Micah Kinard (Oh, Sleeper/Violent Lighting/Steadfast Modesty Clothing) – “My guilty pleasure band is Flickerstick. Haha, though that is not necessarily the most random thing you will find on my iPod. I also LOVE Fiona Apple and Sarah McLachlan, but I rep them proudly. haha.”

Gabriel Luis (Fallen Martyr) – “Muse and Radiohead. 2 amazing bands. What I like about them the most is that they are progressive music; they do and sound how they want. And that’s a pretty metal thing to do. Also, Radiohead is pretty strange. Strange bands are always awesome. 3 6 Mafia and Project Pat. I like rap, and sometimes I gotta listen to something else other then metal. I also find that it’s better to write new material when listening to music that is very unlike the style you play. You can pick up inspiration from anything if you really just have an open mind.”

Read the full article at All About The Music.

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Suffocation Fan Meets Band Due To Banned Video

Suffocation fan Philip Kaplan posted a video on YouTube of himself playing along on the drums to the track "Infecting the Crypts." The video was subsequently removed due to copyright issues, which led to Kaplan contacting the band's management and label and eventually meeting Suffocation. The video (which has since been posted back on YouTube) can be viewed below. Excerpts of Kaplan's blog about the experience follow:

You may have read about my YouTube drama. Short version: I made a video for a song by the death-metal band Suffocation and uploaded it to YouTube. The video received over 3,000,000 views until YouTube removed it, via Warner Music complaint, for copyright infringement. I’m happy to report that not only has the issue been resolved and the video is back on YouTube, but one of the more awesome experiences of my life occurred because of it.

Background: After YouTube removed the video, I got in touch with the band’s management: Extreme Music Group. Their manager told me that they approve of the video and want it back online. I also reached out to Roadrunner Records (label), Warner Music (distribution) and YouTube — they were all surprisingly nice and cooperative.

But the coolest thing happened a couple of weeks ago. Suffocation was on tour and playing a show here in San Francisco. A drumming magazine, Sick Drummer, heard about my YouTube story and contacted me. Somehow they hooked up a free ticket and backstage pass for me at the concert.

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New Guitar Hero Ad Says The Game Is For Losers

A new musical short-film type ad for a Guitar Hero/Doritoes tie-in is airing in the UK. While the video and song are both comical in their own, normally you want to promote something positive with an ad. You know, characteristics of cool and attractive people get associated with the product. What happens if the opposite is true? Let us know what you think after checking out the ad below, courtesy of Metal Injection:

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Napalm Death Appears On Children's Show

Rare footage of Napalm Death performing on the BBC show, "What's That Noise?" in 1989 has been uncovered and posted online at YouTube. You can check out the clip below. The show was presented by Craig Charles, (perhaps best known as Lister from the hit sci-fi comedy series, "Red Dwarf") and also featured Sir Cliff Richard and Patrick Moore, who is the presenter of one of the BBC's longest running shows, "The Sky At Night." More...

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Vintage Flesh Comments On Alice Cooper

New Hampshire metallers Vintage Flesh have issued the following statement about Alice Cooper's connection to black metal:

"IF DOOM HAS BLACK SABBATH TO THANK, THEN BLACK METAL HAS ALICE COOPER AS ITS FOREFATHER. How can this be so? well since you are fool enough to ask, I suppose I can enlighten you.

"First comes the voice of Alice, right from the first few Albums Alice struck a warped chord with his unsusally, disturbing, deviant, and decadent witch like vocals. Scaring the fuck out of people from as far back as the late sixties till now. Not entirely unlike black metal vocal styling of today, when closely compared. Some of Alice's earliest leather and stud get ups even predate Rob Halfords so called introduction of leather & spikes to the metal spectrum. dating back to '72' for Alice. Alice did dabble with the Devil back before the man who created him decided to seek out the dirty hippy Jewish guy called Jesus. but that was many years later.

"Alice basically married horror and hard rock which when it comes together what do ya got kids??? HEAVY METAL!!!! ALICE'S first album came out one year before B.Sabbaths and it was called pretties for you. Perverted name and album art included. The sound is bombastic unpredictable and hard to listen to for most. sorta like, HEAVY METAL!!!!! In fact i personally believe you can trace the first true doom metal songs back to this very album by Alice. the song is called 'fields of regret' and it is arguably heavier then anything from Sabbaths first album that came out one YEAR later! ALICE-1969 B.Sabbath-1970!!! Look it up! More...

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