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Krist Novoselic Needs Rock Band Practice

On a recent trip to the mall, Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic spotted a Rock Band demo and decided to give it a whirl. He chose the Nirvana tune “In Bloom”, a song he’s played hundreds of times in the studio and on stage. But Rock Band’s controller and format stumped the bassist.

As Novoselic put it, “I knew the bass line to the song, of course, but I couldn’t quite master this new, different way of playing it. The game reminded me of Space Invaders. I tried to hit the notes cascading down the screen, but could barely keep up.”

The funniest part is that a kid was watching him, obviously unaware who was giving the song a go. Novoselic admitted to becoming self-conscious and handed the controller to the kid, who proceeded to nail the song.

Novoselic said he really does love Rock Band and adds, “instead of file sharing, people are actually buying music again! HA!!!”

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A Chart of Heavy Metal Band Names

Someone has spent some serious time putting together this extensive chart, which fits names of heavy metal bands into five main categories of death, deadly things, animals, religion, and badass misspellings, and further breaks them down and combines them from there. You can take a look at the chart here.

The author definitely has a sense of humor too. See "triple umlat," the animals track leading to "party animals" and "adolescent poetry" for examples (among others).

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Ace Frehley May Finally Be Headed To Outer Space

KISS member Ace Frehley, known as the "Spaceman," has launched a project to actually head into outer space to record music. The Ace To Space website has issued the following statement:

"To put the biggest question to rest, YES this is a real venture and we are going to do everything we can to be sure Ace is given the opportunity to take a journey into outer space.

During the last 10 months since we started this venture, our priority has been to establish our mission and do the due diligence to make sure it was even possible. Now that we know it is, our next objective is to make sure Ace is given the opportunity.

We have chosen VH1 to document this mission from the ground up and yesterday, Jeff Olde, VH1 Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Production, was given the latest top secret details regarding this mission."

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Scott Ian Turns 30...ish

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian is celebrating a birthday today. According to the band's website, it's his 30th. "Yeah...30," the news pokes at the founding Anthrax member. More...

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Enter Kazoo Man

"Mister Tim" has posted a hilarious video of Metallica's "Enter Sandman" performed on kazoos. You can watch the video below (after the jump). More...

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Metal Medical Alert!

A new study has just revealed something that might make you doublethink before head banging at the next concert you mosh into.

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Oceano Singer Discusses Backyard Wrestling Past

Chicago Deathcore heavyweights Oceano's reputation proceeds them, even before the release of their first album "Depths" (out on Earache records in March next year) the band are known as "The heaviest band on the planet" and have a reputation to "Bring the beef". Although both of these references are musical, it seems that in terms of Oceano front man Adam Warren these epithets could also refer to Adam's wrestling experiences.

"I got into backyard wrestling basically from watching wrestling on TV, and I was hanging out in the neighborhood and ran into other people into wrestling - and started trying out the moves - goofing off, messing around - then we kind of got serious about it, putting on shows and stuff, we were called the Chicago wrestling alliance - and it was violence, with a lot of weapons and pretty dangerous."

Backyard wrestling has always been controversial as its usually performed by untrained fans in an unsanctioned, non-professional environment. Described in the news as a "dangerous trend sweeping suburbia" Backyard wrestling has developed into an underground scene where films of antics and crazy stunts appear on youtube.

There are times however, when things can go wrong:
"Well we were having a match called a "death match" in someone's backyard in Chicago, and we had all these weapons like thumb tacks, scissors, fluorescent light bulb, mouse traps - over sized ones for rats - we had all this stuff on a tarp in the yard...We were just going on with the match and my opponent picked up the scissors and then cut me in the head, it meant to be choreographed, but it got a little out of hand and I ended up with the scissors stuck in my head - I was a good sport about it - I was told to get stitches but I didn't, I still have the scar - It was a crazy match hahaha"

In another incident: "I jumped off of a light tower once - like the ones they have for Baseball - I climbed up one of them in mid winter and jumped and twisted and landed on a pile of compacted ice - that was part of another match - it was like a dare - we planned it into the match - I was gonna flip off it but changed my mind and landed on my back - which messed my back up for a good while."

Adam started wrestling at school: "I basically wrestled at school doing the real thing through high school and a little bit of college, I was quite good I guess, I guess I'm quite an aggressive person in nature"

Adam no longer does Backyard wrestling and says that "A lot of wrestling is pretty predictable these days, I really like UFC now especially Brock Lesnar" When asked if he uses his wrestling moves in the pit at Oceano shows (which are known for being violent) he says "I don't use any of my moves in the pit, only if I get in a fight...although you never know"

Oceano's new album "Depths" is on on Earache records on 10th March 2009 in USA and 20th April 2009 UK and Europe. 2 songs from Oceano's upcoming CD "Depths" are available for streaming at the bands Myspace.

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KFC Black Metal Commercial Posted Online

MetalInjection.net has posted up a KFC commercial featuring a segment with a black metal band. You can check out the video here.

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AC/DC Singer Talks About Meeting Chuck Berry

AC/DC frontman recently spoke on camera to a fan about meeting rock and roll legend Chuck Berry in 1975. Judging from his description, the legendary singer/guitarist wasn't the most fan-friendly person in the world! Check out the video below. More...

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USC Marching Band Plays A7X's "Almost Easy"

I'm not sure when this took place, but Avenged Sevenfold blogged about and posted a video of USC's marching band playing "Almost Easy" at a halftime show. Here's what the band posted:

"We have gotten some pretty cool shit over the years, but thanks for our fans for sending this to us! Check out the USC Marching Band doing our song 'Almost Easy' during their halftime show!"

You can watch the video below. More...

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"Guitar Praise" Coming Soon!

Christian electronic companies seem as though they're not shy about using the popularity and style of successful video games to create their own, having previously given their own spins on Zelda, Super Mario Brothers and even Doom! Coming soon however is a new game entitled, "Guitar Praise" which looks strangely familiar and features songs from many Christian rock artists. Check out the trailer below. More...

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Antagonist Frontman Wins On "Price Is Right"

Footage has been posted online from yesterdays edition of "The Price Is Right," which featured Antagonist frontman Carlos Garcia as its winning contestant. You can check out the video below.

While on tour in September with Decrepit Birth, friends and fellow Californian bands Antaonist and Animosity decided to spend a day at a filming for the long-running game show and Garcia was lucky enough to get called up for a game as well as a Showcase Showdown with new The Price Is Right host Drew Carey. More...

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Judas Priest Fan Listens To "Nostradamus" Too Much

Friday, November 7th, 2008 will mark the 145th straight day Cleveland, Ohio JUDAS PRIEST fan, Jim Bartek, has listened to Priest's epic, two-disc concept album Nostradamus in its entirety from start to finish since the initial release.

To put his obsession in better perspective, this translates to approximately 249 hours or 1 1/2 weeks of his life listening to the album. There have even been some days when Bartek has listened to the entire album multiple times so the numbers are more higher than reported. He owns all the various configurations released and mixes between listening to the 2CD and 3LP sets. More...

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Ville Valo To Play A Hippo In Madagascar 2

H.I.M. frontman Ville Valo will be in the animated movie sequel "Madagascar Escape 2 Africa." Ville will reportedly be voicing a hippo in the movie alongside Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer and Wicked Wisdom frontwoman Jada Pinkett Smith.

UPDATE: according to commenter Hevonen Lääkäri, Valo will be doing voice in the Finnish-dubbed version of Madagascar 2 for the character of Moto-moto, who - according to the IMDB - in the original English version of the animated movie is voiced by Will.I.Am (Black Eyed Peas). The original article on Metal Hammer made no such distinction, but Valo is also not listed in the credits on the IMDB for the film either.

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Pantera And Sepultura Receive Cover Treatment

Pantera and Sepultura have both been covered in very different ways recently, as British pop group Spiritwo has revealed their own rendition of the Sepultura staple "Inner Self" and violinist Rachel Barton Pine has translated the Pantera classic "Cowboys From Hell" into the world of classical music world. You can check out videos of both covers below.

"Inner Self" comed from Sepultura's breakthrough album "Beneath The Remains" which was released in 1989. The album was the bands first release which allowed them to tour outside of Brazil.

"Cowboys From Hell" comes off Pantera's 1990 album of the same name which also saw them break into the limelight and gain international recognition. More...

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"Hot Lixx" Is First Ever 2-Time Air Guitar Champ

Hot Lixx Hulahan, aka Craig Billmeier was crowned the 2008 and two-time Air Guitar champ last week. The finals were held in Finland and the results were as follows:

1. Craig "Hot Lixx Hulahan" Billmeier (United States) 35.5
2. Andel "John Sniffler" Soree (Netherlands) 34.8
3. Cole "Johnny Utah" Manson (Canada) 34.7
4 Francois-Xavier "Master Peace" Phan (France) 34.4
4. Ichikawa the Rock (Japan) 34.4
6. Ochi "Dainoji" Yosuke (Japan) 34.2
7. Christian "Heart Buckboard" Sweep (Denmark) 33.5
8. Clay "Clay Bangers" Connolly (Australia) 33.4
8. Daniel "Midnight Moses" Robertson (United Kingdom) 33.4
10. Simon "Turak" Edwards (United Kingdom) 32.8
11. Ramsey James "Carlos Slazenger" Williamson (Greece) 16.6
11. Maxim "Angel of Death" Andro (Finland) 16.6
13. Daniel "Fahnderstruck" Faranna (Italy)16.5
13. Terje "Lord Fist" Stephansen (Norway) 16.5
15. Aikyu "Super IQ" Kanagawa (Japan) 16.4
16. Dirk "Lord Airness" Lüdi (Switzerland) 16.3
17. Heine "Lord Wolmer" van der Walt (South Africa) 16.1
17. Alexander "Devil Seducer" Gott (Russia) 16.1
19. Oskari "Knucklefinger" Martimo (Finland) 15.4
20. Aivar Meos (Estonia) 15.1

Borrowing a move from "Big Rig" Randy Laymen (regional winner Denver, Aspen, etc.) and "Joseph of Air-imathea" Joe Coleman (Des Moines regional champ), Hot Lixx entered the compulsory round in second place after topping off his act by breaking a bottle over his head.

You can check out some photos from the event here and a video below: More...

Read the full article at US Air Guitar Blog.

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New AC/DC Single "Leaked" To Youtube

The following report is courtesy of Andrew Ramadge from News.com.au:

Perhaps driven insane by an eight-year wait for new material, die-hard AC/DC fans have sunk to a hilarious new low in rock and roll fandom.
In the same week that songs from U2's upcoming album were leaked online, fans of the Australian heavy metal pioneers have given the world a preview of AC/DC's new single 'Rock N Roll Train' – played on air guitar.

Fans who attended a film clip shoot in London last week were among the first in the world to hear the new song and, instead of leaking an unauthorised recording, have set about recreating it themselves on YouTube. More...

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Gym Class Heroes Covers Lamb Of God Live

First Fall Out Boy covers Pantera, now Gym Class Heroes plays some of Lamb of God’s "Laid to Rest" at a recent Warped Tour appearance. The audience reaction is classic. You can watch the video below:


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Cryptopsy Fans Respond To Drummer's Comments

A new video has been posted on YouTube by (former?) fans of Cryptopsy, in response to drummer Flo Mounier's comments that fans who had not been receiving the bands new sound well were closed minded. You can check it out below (warning: unclean language galore.)

The video comes from the acclaimed movie "Downfall" which is based on the last few living days of infamous Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. The same footage has also been used to parody XBox Live and the rivalry between English football teams Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. More...

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Math Metal Covered By IllWillPress.com

Anti-social cartoon rant site IllWillPress.com has a number of funny cartoons up, most relevant (to Metalunderground.com readers) of which would be Math Metal and a rant on CDs.

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