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Infestum Premieres New Song "Ordo Infestum"

Belarus-based black metal outfit Infestum is gearing up to release "Monuments of Exalted" on August 18th via Lacerated Enemy Records.

To give you a taste of the upcoming album, we're proud to bring you an exclusive premiere of the new track "Ordo Infestum," which can be heard below. Pre-orders are available digitally via Bandcamp or as a physical edition over here. Lacerated Enemy Records also comments:

"Infestum is the new forward-thinking force of black metal while remaining true to the
essence of the style. From Belarus, the band creates epic and traditional atmospheric black metal
while at the same time mingling it with Death Metal, industrial-tinged, hard-hitting music, taking the sound forward as a whole much like the genre's frontrunners, Behemoth, Emperor and Aborym.

"Lacerated Enemy Records is unearthing for the first time groundbreaking black metal from Europe which is similar in vision to the label's penchant for quality and innovation. 'Monuments of Exalted' will reach a wider audience through the label's worldwide distribution and promotion efforts and will expose the high quality and relevant black metal to its future fans. More...

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Spiral Shades Premieres New Lyric Video

Wish there was still high quality stoner doom that made you think of the early days of British metal bands? Today's premiere is for you then - as we bring you the official lyric video premiere for "Frustrations" from Spiral Shades!

Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments. "Frustrations" is taken from the band's "Hypnosis Sessions" album, due out through RidingEasy Records on August 5th, 2014.

Spiral Shades was formed by Vennesla, Norway-native Filip Peterson and Mumbai based singer-songwriter Khushal Bhadra. As avid fans of obscure ’70s rock, doom and proto-metal, prior to forming Spiral Shades both Peterson and Bhadra relied on YouTube to unearth lost music and showcase their individual talents as musicians. Each would upload their own cover versions of songs they had discovered online but it wasn’t until one evening in the Summer of 2012 that Khushal happened to stumble onto Filip’s channel where he was taken aback by the Norwegian’s choices and impressive guitar playing.

“We appeared to possess identical influences and a love for the ’70s,” recalls Khushal. “Later we
discovered that we shared in the belief that music created in that era had a certain kind of depth and emotion. My late father got me into bands like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple when I was young and those bands completely changed my world. Since then I have been trying to unearth bands with similar vibes.” More...

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Etched In Stone Premieres New Track

Central California's Etched In Stone is gearing up to release a brand new full-length album, "The Failure of Modern Man," this coming Tuesday, June 24th.

In anticipation of the forthcoming release, the band has teamed up with us to premiere new song, "Paragraph II," which can be heard below. Etched In Stone vocalist/producer Brian Lewis had the following to say about the lyrical inspiration for the track:

"Paragraph II was one of the first songs written for this record and the majority of the lyrics are adapted from the second paragraph of The United States Declaration of Independence. In a day in age such as our own, where civil liberties are being sacrificed everyday for the sake of 'security,' it just seemed fitting that this song remind the free American people of their right to openly spit in the face of the injustice that is the growing police state. Accountability is obviously scarce at the top, and it should be held there before anywhere else.

"With growing military and prison industrial complexes, it is clear that the motives behind our government are no longer the preservation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for it's citizens, but simply profiteering - even at the extreme cost of domestic surveilance and micro-management. George Orwell was simply 30 years early. The over all theme of this album is very political, which is a new direction for us lyrically, but it's important to voice one's opinions about current affairs if one hopes to incite any kind of change - My hope is that this record will inspire people to question everything, to take back their freedom and mostly, turn off their goddamned TV."

Check out the new song below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section! If you can't get enough Etched In Stone, listen to the previously posted track "Only Silent, Still" at this location. More...

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Cannabis Corpse Premieres New Track

Richmond's weed-obsessed death dealers in Cannabis Corpse will unleash their new album "From Wisdom to Baked" in North America on June 24th (June 20th worldwide).

For those who can't wait till the end of the month to pick up the bong and start taking hits, today we give you a pre-puff with the exclusive premiere of the track "Pull The Carb." Experience the haze of metal below, and let us know what you think of the track!

You can also pre-order the album via Season of Mist here. The Cannabis Corpse trio, including Municipal Waste bassist/Iron Reagan guitarist Landphil and former GWAR guitarist Brent Legion, fuse influences from the halcyon days of Florida death into a brutal, modern death metal attack.

Punishing new tracks like "Zero Weed Tolerance," "Individual Pot Patterns," "Baptized in Bud," and "THC Crystal Mountain" are nothing short of killer metal, giving voice to insane stories of marijuana zombies, arcane pot lore, and demented hillbilly cannabis farmers.

The album features guest appearances from Chris Barnes (Six Feet Under), Trevor Strand (The Black Dahlia Murder), Digestor (Ghoul) and the track listing is as follows:

1. Baptized In Bud
2. Zero Weed Tolerance
3. Weedless Ones
4. Individual Pot Patterns (streaming here)
5. Pull The Carb
6. Considered Dank
7. Voice Of The Bowl
8. THC Crystal Mountain
9. With Their Hash He Will Create
10. From Wisdom To Baked
11. Medicinal Healing More...

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Expain Premieres New Guitar/Bass Playthrough

Vancouver, BC's mosh pit architects Expain (formerly known as The Almighty Excruciating Pain) today has teamed up with us at Metalundeground.com to unleash a new guitar and bass playthrough video for "Aggressions Progression."

See the band performing the new track below. The clip was shot and edited by Andrew Baena and "Aggressions Progression" is taken from the forthcoming album "Just The Tip," which is due out June 24th.

The full track listing is as follows:

1. Bacchus
2. Aggressions Progression
3. Phoenix Writhing
4. The King
5. Don’t Worry The Worst Is Yet To Come
6. Idol Worship
7. Allegiance To Pain
8. Manatee
9. Headbang Your Head Off
10. A.T.M.
11. Eating A Beating Heart

Mixing thrash with jazzier elements and everything in between, the band delivers music that’s energetic, diverse, and thoughtful in every sense of the word. “Our music tends to be very melodic and we put a big emphasis on the songwriting, as well as the individual riffs,” says guitarist Eric Morrison.

The band’s debut album, "Just the Tip," plays to its sense of humour, but also represents the beginning of a musical journey that’s not bound to stop or slow down any time soon. Writing about everything from overcoming adversity to partying hard, living in an ever-changing city and the state of today’s society as a whole, Expain has captured its true identity on record.

As Morrison explains, “We go through many different concepts on this album but I think throughout all of it there is an attempt to stay hopeful and make something positive out of difficult or unpleasant situations.” More...

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Khuda Premieres Full New Album

This month marks the return of the Khuda duo, and with it the arrival of the group's biggest and most fully realized album "Molasses Constricts The Clinostat."

If you're down for some dynamic instrumental post-metal, then we're proud to bring you a full stream of the entire album today. Check it out below, and let us know if you dig it in the comments section.

Be sure to also pre-order the album before it's June 9th release date right here, or find more info on Khuda at the band's Facebook profile here.

The Leeds/Jyväskylä based twosome has been carving out an unholy body of work since forming in 2007, drawing on the brooding, angular influence of bands like Hella and Russian Circles and setting sounds against an imposing progressive metal backdrop. "Molasses Constricts The Clinostat" is a body of music populated with bold compositions driven by the ambition and percussive/rhythmic attack of guitarist Tom Brooke and drummer Steve Myles.

Despite the 1500 kilometre divide the separates them as individuals, together they have performed over four hundred gigs in more than thirty countries, sharing stages with the likes of Russian Circles, Mono, And So I Watch You From Afar, Torche, Caspian and Red Sparowes.

"Molasses Constricts The Clinostat" is Khuda’s third full-length album, following 2010’s "Palingenesia" and 2011’s "Iecava," which were also released on Prügelprinz Records and Field Records. More...

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Nihilo Premieres Full New Album

The Swiss picturesque Emmental is not only host of cows and cheese, but also some first class metal!

Swiss metal outfit Nihilo is marking 10 years as a band with the "Dum Spiro Spero" album - the group's sixth release overall.

The darkest Nihilo material to date, the "Dum Spiro Spero" lyrical themes range from wars and manslaughter to zombiesque criticism of the society we know today ("We’re All Infected"). These lyrics stand as a framework for the band's trademark death metal with a big side serving of doom and grind.

The album was recorded live at Hidden Stash Studios in Bern, Switzerland, and includes a 20+ minute title track.

Today the band has teamed up with us at Metalunderground.com to premiere the album in its entirety: check out all of "Dum Spiro Spero" below, and let us know what you think of the release in the comments section! For more info on Nihilo, head over to the band's Facebook profile here. More...

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Benighted Premieres New Music Video

If you haven't heard "Carnivore Sublime" (reviewed here) by the death metal extremists in Benighted, you're missing out on a truly ear-slaughtering experience of devastating brutality matched by few other bands in the genre.

Benighted previously released a music video for the "Experience Your Flesh" track, and now the band has teamed up with us at Metalunderground.com to premiere the album's second official video clip.

Check out "Spit" in the player below, which features Niklas Kvarforth of Shining! The full album's track listing is:

1. X2Y
2. Noise
3. Experience Your Flesh
4. Slaughter/Suicide
5. Spit
6. Defiled Purity
7. Jekyll
8. Collection of Dead Portraits
9. Carnivore Sublime
10. Les Morsures de Cerbère
11. June and the Laconic Solstice More...

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Meadows End Premieres New Lyric Video

After teasing an upcoming album release and dropping the album artwork, Swedish melodic/symphonic death metal act Meadows End has teamed up with Metalunderground.com exclusively today to premiere the "Trench Of Souls" lyric video!

Check out the song in the player below, and let us know what you think in the comments section. The video was crafted by Roel De Jong at Rock 'n Roel Design.

"Trench Of Souls" is taken from the band's second full-length album "The Sufferwell," due to be officially released June 13th, 2014. Pre-orders can be found at this location.

"The Sufferwell" features cover artwork by Fredrik Burholm and was mixed/mastered by Oscar Nilsson at Crehate Studios in Gothenburg. The track listing is as follows:

1. Kings of Greed
2. Trench of Souls
3. Ur Askan
4. Devilspeed Loathekill
5. Reap
6. Under a Canopy of Stars
7. Hung in Gallows By Dawn
8. This Coming Nightfall
9. Funeral of a Porcelain Doll
10. Masses Flee
11. Insurrection More...

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Rage Nucleaire Unleashes New Track

Savage Canadian black metal militia Rage Nucleaire returns with its most brutal offensive to date, in the form of the new album "Black Storm of Violence." Today we bring you an exclusive premiere of a track off the album - check out "Ritual Murder (And Its Attendant Blessings)" in the player below.

"Black Storm of Violence" is nihilism incarnate, devoid of all subtlety and mercy. The band, led by the inimitable Lord Worm (ex-Cryptopsy) and featuring Marduk touring drummer Fredrik Widigs in its ranks, burns through eight tracks of cult black metal including stand-outs "A Sino-American Chainsaw War," "Annihilation Frenzy," and the title track.

Rage Nucleaire's rabid metal recalls a time when the genre was still dangerous, and sharpens it with an almost masochistic rage. "Black Storm of Violence" will be released by Season of Mist on July 22nd, 2014 (July 18 worldwide) and pre-orders can be found at this location.

The band also comments: "...And the angel of light said: 'Let there be more killing, more hatred, more war and more violence,' and there was begotten a second Rage Nucléaire album. And there came a time when no good remained in the world, when chaotic evil met lawful evil, and it was called Black Storm of Violence. Now you die."

If the song below leaves you desperate for more Rage Nucleaire, be sure to also hear the full previous album "Unrelenting Fucking Hatred" over here. More...

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Lysura Premieres Full "II" EP

Having just wrapped up a U.S. trek with UnKured, Midwest atmospheric metal outfit Lysura is now out with a new release simply titled "II."

Featuring 18 minutes of haunting black metal (True Detective fans keep an ear out for the voiceover at the beginning...), we are proud to premiere all of "II" today, which can be heard in the player below.

Formed by ex-Acheron guitarist Max Othworth, the band originally premiered in 2012 with the release of the EP "Malignancy". With "II" the band keeps to its Dissection/Unanimated-esque roots while bringing in different elements in the vein of Akercocke along with lush atmospheres similar to Evoken and Asva.

You can hear more from the band at Facebook here, and Lysura consists of:

Max Otworth - Guitars/Vocals
Sam Jackson - Bass
Jordan Smith - Guitars
Brandon Howe - Drums More...

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Conjonctive Premieres New Music Video

Swiss male and female fronted metal outfit Conjonctive has teamed up with us to premiere a new music video today for the track "The Rise Of The Black Moon!"

The song is taken from Conjonctive's debut album "Until The Whole World Dies..." released in October of 2013. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Vladimir Cochet at Conatus Studio and can be ordered via Tenacity Music here.

Check out the new video below and be sure to let us know if you dig it in the comments section. If you can't get enough Conjonctive, also hear the track "Somnambulant Cannibal" over at this location. The full album's track listing is as follows:

1. I Spit On Your Grave 01:59
2. The Rise Of The Black Moon 03:22
3. Emily Rose 03:34
4. Somnambulant Cannibal 03:43
5. Inceste Indigeste 03:44
6. Victoria's Lake 03:09
7. Until The Whole World Dies And Nothing More 03:24
8. Pray For Redemption 04:01
9. Exit Humanity 04:39 More...

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Animus Divine Premieres New Song

Tucson, Arizona based outfit Animus Divine is gearing up to drop new album "NOVO" digitally tomorrow, which was produced by From First To Last and D.R.U.G.S. guitarist Matt Good.

With the release nearly upon us, today we've teamed up with the band to stream an advance track from the album. Check out "Leonard Lawrence" below (and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!), or you can also hear the previously posted "No Respect" over at this location.

The band's unique style of hybrid metal melds together the southern grooves of Pantera with a death metal mindset, and the spastic insanity of 36 Crazyfists to create a volatile sonic battering ram of music that will appeal to fans of Rage Against the Machine and more.

Animus Divine has quickly developed an underground following with an explosive live show that has helped the group nab opening slots for the likes of Static-X, Devil Driver, In This Moment, Gwar, Winds of Plague, Mushroomhead, Fear Factory, and Born of Osiris. The band recently destroyed the competition winning the Headbang for the Highway The Summer Slaughter Tour showcase in Arizona in front of a packed house.


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Helsott Details New Album "Woven"

As a Metal Underground.com exclusive, California pagan metal act Helsott revealed details of the upcoming new release "Woven," the band's debut full length album and follow up to the 2012 EP "Fólkvangr," which has been re-mixed, re-mastered and included as bonus tracks on the new album. "Woven" was mixed by Roy Z and mastered by Andy Horn. The artwork (seen below) was created by Felipe Machado Franco (Blind Guardian/Brainstorm). It is set for release on July 28th.

The band announced that Indiegogo supports, who financed part of the release, should expect to receive their perks in June.

More information on Helsott can be found at the band's Official Facebook Page.

The track listing for "Woven" is as follows:

1. Helsott
2. Agamemnon
3. Axe, Shield and Battlefield
4. Painless Journey of Death
5. Cessation (Vandals Divide Pt. II)
6. The Sacking of Lindisfarne
7. Now His Fate
8. Eight Drunken Celts

Bonus Tracks: "Folkvangr" EP Re-mixed and Re-mastered

9. Folkvangr
10. Vandals Divide
11. Honour Thy Valkyrie More...

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Voice Of Ruin Unzips Some "Morning Wood"

The horny farmers in Swiss outfit Voice Of Ruin are gearing up to show off their "Morning Wood," and today you can bear witness to the towering monolith in all its erect glory below!

You too can get "Morning Wood" today in Switzerland and on May 5th elsewhere via Tenacity Music. Digital copies and physical pre-orders are available at the Voice of Ruin Bandcamp page here.

Voice of Ruin was born in 2008, driven by the common desire of five Swiss farmers who dreamt of leaving the family farm and becoming rock stars. Hungry for success and recognition, the five strapping young lads abandoned their shovels and harvesters to take on different type of instruments, with the goal of becoming icons of sex, alcohol, and rock’n’roll (or horny farmer metal).

Between two harvests and after a first EP, the band released its first album in 2011 through Heimathome Records. Voice of Ruin quickly sell 666,666 copies of this release, which allows the quintet to make a lot of cash and spend it on alcohol and women, like bankers, whilst playing a series of shows in Switzerland and France.

However, times are tough and cows and hop don’t make enough money to sustain their extreme and rock’n’roll lifestyle. The band is hence obliged to record second album "Morning Wood" in order to fill the coffers. Distributed by Irascible in Switzerland and Plastic Head in Europe, this new opus will be released on Tenacity Music and will allow the band to tour Japan in spring 2014 with The Black Dahlia Murder and Fleshgod Apocalypse. More...

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VPOAAWAMC Premieres Split With Teen Pussy Fuckers

Metal maniacs, it's time for some more devastating pornogrind to ruin your otherwise lovely day!

There probably are as many goregrind/pornogrind bands in the world as types of bacteria in a
corpse rotting in a sewer, but not many of them have achieved a cult status like Austria's VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC (Vaginal Penetration Of An Amelus With A Musty Carrot) has in only five years since its inception.

For double the grind, VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC has teamed up with TxPxF (Teen Pussy Fuckers) for a new split coming out via Kaotoxin Records on May 6th. Titled "A Fairytale full of Apotemnophiliac Moments," the first four tracks are offered up by the amelus penetrators, while tracks five to 14 come courtesy of the teen pussy fuckers.

"Playing Mühlviertel Rabbit Chase In A Nursery" features guest vocals by Andreas Tseung (Vomitous) while Erwin De Groot (ex-Last Days Of Humanity / SMES) guests on "Neuk Je Moeder."

Today we are streaming the disgustingly awesome split in all its glory to the detriment of all your ears (and other various orifices)!

You can order your own copy in various configurations, and see the full gag-inducing cover artwork over at the Kaotoxin website here. The track listing is:

1. Baptized In Clammy Scat
2. Lacerate Some Farmers With A Harvester
3. Playing Mühlviertel Rabbit Chase In A Nursery
4. Mucus Of A Giant Anal Papilla
5. 40 Y 13 (paedolove)
6. I Like Your Pussy Shaved Cause That Makes You Look Underage
7. Whor(e)shipping Val's Ass
8. Menstruation Is The Best Lubrication
9. Neuk Je Moeder
10. I Love Morritas De Secundaria
11. Paedophilic Love
12. Anal Ana (taco Y Burrito En Tu Culito)
13. She Loves To Rape And Be Raped
14. Circus Macabrus More...

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Hollow Debuts New Single "Iscariot"

Clad in black and painted in ghostly, skeletal white and gray, Montreal's Hollow is one of North America's most deceptively original and subversive underground metal acts today. Exploiting the surface aesthetics of black metal, the band surprises with an abundance of musical diversity and depth.

Years in the making, Hollow's analog-recorded debut studio effort "Mordrake" is finally ready to be unleashed May 30th. The album will contain twelve tracks, each of which combines black, death, thrash, symphonic, and progressive metal in a dizzying, memorable web.

To whet your appetite, Metalunderground.com is proud to exclusively premiere second single "Iscariot." Leaning toward Hollow's thrash and traditional metal influences, this is one of the more "riff-centric" offerings on "Mordrake."

"Iscariot" follows the March 1st release of "Landscape," Hollow's first official music video.

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UnKured Premieres Full "As Reality Melts" EP

Update: The stream is no longer available, but you can find the band's music and more info on UnKured over at Facebook here.

Drawing from influences such as Death, Carcass, Warbringer, Vektor, and Havok, Ohio outfit UnKured plans to bring a new breed of death/thrash to the forefront of the metal scene.

Founded by lead guitarist Cody Karr and rounded out by bassist Ben Stanton and drummer Adam Green, UnKured is currently in the studio readying debut full-length album "Mutated Earth."

While the album will be released next month, today we'd like to help get you acquainted with UnKured by bringing an exclusive full stream of the band's previous "As Reality Melts" EP.

Give it a listen in the player below, and then head over to the UnKured Bandcamp page here to pre-order "Mutated Earth."

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Something You Whisper Premieres New Video

Ontario post-hardcore outfit Something You Whisper recently released new EP, "From The Other Side," which was produced by Brent Allen and Devin Oliver of I See Stars.

Today Metalunderground.com is proud to bring you the exclusive lyric video premiere for "Dead In Fiction," taken off the new EP. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

The Cambridge, Ontario-based band began to take shape in early 2011; harnessing the talent of Wes Will (vocals), Tom McArthur (drums), Kyle Adshade (guitar/vocals), Austin Palladini (guitar/vocals), and Brian Shepherd (bass/vocals). The quintet emanates an intense energy that blends with catchy hooks and choruses. This was exemplified in the bands debut EP, “Nostalgia,” with the help of producer Jordan Valeriote (Silverstein, Structures, and Dead and Divine) at Sundown Studios. In February 2013 the band re-issued “Nostalgia,” including two songs previously unavailable and the brand new track “20/20 in the 3rd.”

Now the band's latest EP "From The Other Side" was released earlier this month, and you can pick up your copy at iTunes here. The track listing is as follows: More...

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VPOAAWAMC Premieres Trailer For New Split Release

Infamous goregrind outfit Vaginal Penetration of an Amelus With a Musty Carrot is teaming up wfor a new split CD with Mexico's Teen Pussy Fuckers.

"A Fairytale Full of Apotemnophiliac Moments" is due out May 6th, 2014 via Kaotoxin Records, with pre-orders to go online on April 15th.

Today Metalunderground.com is both disgusted and delighted to bring you the first teaser trailer for the split release. Check it out below, and check back next month as we'll also be hosting a stream of the split the day pre-orders become available.

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