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My Chemical Romance Confirmed For Ozzfest 2007

Self-described rock/metal outfit My Chemical Romance have been confirmed as the final band for Ozzfest 2007, filling the last remaining slot on the main stage with Lordi, Lamb of God and Ozzy Osbourne himself.

My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way was optimistic and enthused about the announcement: “I’m excited to play to such a large crowd on tour this summer and I think the experience will help us get back to our metal roots. I wish we could have played the other year with Iron Maiden, who are a huge inspiration to us, and me personally, but I’m still psyched to be on Ozzfest!”

Shortly after the announcement, Nile frontman Karl Sanders had this to say: “Hell yeah! The prophecy shall be fulfilled. Now we will surely have loads of mall metal posers to lay waste to. That’s exactly what we wanted, although I don’t look forward to the prospect of hearing MCR’s whining on stage every night. We might have to lay waste to the band themselves.”

Rumor has it that My Chemical Romance’s addition to this year’s free Ozzfest was the idea of Jack Osbourne, who says he’s a big fan of the band.

The final Ozzfest 2007 billing now shapes up like this:

Main Stage:


Second Stage – Non-Rotating:


Second Stage – Rotating:


The 24-city OZZFEST will launch July 12 in Seattle, WA at the White River Amphitheatre. The tour was originally announced to start July 7 in Southern California but had to be moved to accommodate the extension of OZZY's European tour. OZZFEST 2007 will also hit Seattle, WA, George, WA, Sacramento, CA, Mountain View, CA, Devore, CA, Phoenix, AZ, Albuquerque, NM, Denver, CO, Kansas City, MO, Dallas, TX, San Antonio, TX, St. Louis, MO, Columbus, OH, Tinley Park, IL, East Troy, WI, Indianapolis, IN, Holmdel, NJ, Hartford, CT, Boston, MA, Philadelphia, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, Detroit, MI, Charlotte, NC and West Palm Beach, FL.

Read the full article at this location.

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New York Times Liken House of Reps To Metalheads

The New York Times website Friday published an article by staff writers Jeff Zeley and Michael Luo about the recent rebuke that the House of Representatives sent to the White House condemning President Bush’s escalation plan.

The only problem was, the photograph that the Times website published prominently above the article was not of Congressmen debating Iraq– but instead of a group of grungy-looking heavy metal fans screaming at a ‘Slayer’ concert in the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan.

The photograph of the unruly concert-goers graced the Times’ website under the serious headline “A Divided House Denounces Plan for More Troops.”

The Times’ article, which was published at 10:04PM Eastern time and will appear in Saturday’s paper, reported that the debate in the House of Representatives “illustrated how the partisan divide over the war has deepened.” Perhaps so, but a quick check of C-SPAN assures The Daily Background that the US House of Representatives has not, in fact, devolved into a pack of bearded, long-haired, screaming ‘Slayer’ fans.

The photograph of the screaming heavy metal fans, taken by New York Times photographer Michael Falco on Thursday, was originally was meant to grace a music review which will also appear in the Saturday Times. (The Times had a mixed review of Slayer, calling it “completely unreasonable music” but also “impressive.”)

You can see a full-size screen shot of the Times' website here.

Read the full article at The Daily Background.

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Underoath and Switchfoot Make Love God's Way "Safe List"

MTV.com reports: Christian acts Underoath and Switchfoot make the "safe" list issued by Love God's Way, an organization described on its Web site as a "faith-based ministry with the goal of spreading God's love through teaching and healing." They have also posted a sprawling list of artists they believe parents should beware of — those they describe as "gay or propagating a gay message" — which includes Jay-Z, Eminem, Metallica, DMX, the Killers, Lil' Kim, Eagles of Death Metal, Rolling Stones and Nickelback.

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Gears of War Video Remixed To Metallica's "One"

Microsoft has recently released a very artistic feeling promotional video (aka commerical) for Epic Games' Xbox 360 title, Gears of War. This has in turn triggered a rash of remixes - some better than others. In particular, I'd like to share the remix to Metallica's "One" (with additional video footage inserted). I'd say it's more fun to watch than half of the metal videos out today.

On a personal note, I don't mind pimping Gears of War a little because I used to work for Epic Games (it seems like a lifetime ago) and I know Cliffyb knows how to make a killer game. (Like you needed any reassurance after seeing the video...)

Gears Of War Remix Trailer: Metallica "One": More...

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Hot Topic Lets You Create Your Own E-card

Hot Topic has put together an interactive e-card creator. With it you can create a Halloween E-card for a friend while listening to some of the hottest releases from Red Distribution bands at HotTopic.com! Featuring:

Amon Amarth
Boys Like Girls
Bullet For My Valentine
In Flames
My Chemical Romance
Suffocate Faster
The Sleeping
War of Ages

You can create your own e-card here.

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Young Band Covering Sepultura, Iron Maiden

A hot new band is tearing up the scene with some awesome covers of classic metal acts. You can check them out on YouTube or below. More...

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Tenacious D Announce New Tour, Album And Movie

Tenacious D, the one-album wonder band that helped frontman Jack Black to a busy life on the Cinema screen have announced the unexpected; A Tenacious D movie. Entitled "Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny", the movie is about two friends (Jack Black and Kyle Gass) who quest to find a mighty guitar pick which will aid them in their ultimate search of fame and glory in the rock and roll industry. Fellow rockers Meatloaf and Dave Grohl will also appear in the film. The movie will hit the big screen on the 11th of January 2007.

Of course, you can't have a movie without a soundtrack, and Tenacious D will be releasing just that, through SonyBMG, on November 11th. Likewise called "The Pick of Destiny", the soundtrack, to be produced by John King (The Dust Brothers), will follow the characteristically unique stylings of the duo's debut album. Star guests on the soundtrack include Meatloaf, Dave Grohl and Ronnie James Dio.

In support of the new album, Tenacious D will be heading out to tour New Zealand and Australia this coming January. The tickets are available as of the 11th of October. The tour dates follow:

New Zealand:

Tuesday 09 January - Christchurch Town Hall
Ticketek (09 308 5000 or ticketek.co.nz), Real Groovy Records, 438 Queen St, Auckland 0800 GROOVY

Thursday 11 January - Auckland Logan Campbell Centre
Ticketek (09 308 5000 or ticketek.co.nz), Real Groovy Records, 179 Tuam St, Christchurch 03 366 7410


Saturday 13 January - Brisbane Entertainment Centre (reduced mode)
Ticketek (132 849 or ticketek.com.au)

Tuesday 16 January - Sydney Hordern Pavilion
Ticketek (132 849 or ticketek.com.au)

Friday 19 January - Melbourne Festival Hall
Ticketmaster (136 100 or ticketmaster.com.au)

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IT Workers Twice as Likely to Wear Metal T-shirts

According to new research, IT (information techology) staff are twice as likely to wear a heavy metal t-shirt as their non-IT counterparts. The study of 1000 office workers, by Intermedia.NET, also found IT types 34% more likely to sport a ponytail and that black jeans are 63% more popular among IT types than other workers. IT workers are also 32% less likely to wear clean clothes every day of the week than business managers (ed. - I didn't get my bad-ass Demiricous t-shirt dirty coding all day today, so why not?)

The bizarre press release goes on to cite additonal trends discovered about IT workers in what is clearly a grab for press by the researching company.

Read the full article at PRWeb.

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Fozzy Frontman To Sing On Celebrity Duos

FOZZY frontman and former WWE star Chris Jericho will be taking part in "Celebrity Duets" — an unscripted series that pairs singing stars with celebrities outside the music industry to make "beautiful music" together. The show will follow the professional singers as they instruct their partners, choose songs and perform duets in front of a panel of judges and a live studio audience. After each episode, viewers will vote for their favorite duets. The winning pair will emerge from the competition in perfect harmony, while the losers definitely will have to change their tune. The competition, which will be judged by producer David Foster, kicks off August 29. The celebrity contestants are as follows:

Chris Jericho - Wrestler (WWE)
Lucy Lawless - Actress ("Xena")
Cheech Marin - Actor ("Born In East LA")
Carly Patterson - 2004 Olympic Gymnast
Alfonso Ribiero - Actor/Director ("The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air")
Jai Rodriguez - Pop Culture Guru ("Queer Eye")
Hal Sparks - Actor/Comedian ("Queer As Folk")
Lea Thompson - Actress ("Back To The Future")

The contestants remaining in the competition will be paired with a different music superstar each week. Those singers include Clint Black, Michael Bolton, Belinda Carlisle, Taylor Dayne, Peter Frampton, Macy Gray, James Ingram, Wynonna Judd, Chaka Khan, Patti LaBelle, Kenny Loggins, Richard Marx, Brian McKnight, Aaron Neville, Smokey Robinson, Randy Travis, Dionne Warwick and Lee Ann Womack, among others.

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Cartoon Network Goes Death Metal

Larissa Glasser of The Phoenix recently conducted an interview with Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha, creators of the upcoming cartoon series "Dethklok Metalocalypse" about a half-Norwegian/half-American black metal band called DEATHKLOK.

Premiering this Sunday (August 6) at 11:45 p.m. on Adult Swim (the adult-oriented television programming block on Cartoon Network) and featuring voice cameos by METALLICA's James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett — along with members of ARCH ENEMY and NEVERMORE — "Metalocalypse" follows the mayhem surrounding the world's biggest band, and 12th-largest economy, DETHKLOK. They live in a gigantic upside-down dragon boat perched atop the fjords of Norway. They cause disaster, destruction, and bloodshed wherever they go. In an age where metal is king, DETHKLOK's business savvy trumps the world's most shrewd visionaries. But they're excessively dumb when it comes to the most rudimentary tasks. For example, they don't know how to make food for themselves — not even a sandwich. During one scene, guitarist Skwisgarr Skwigelf tries to make coffee with a toaster. Although they've outsold THE BEATLES, DETHKLOK are, Brendon Small promises, "Just a thousand times more dangerous and a billion times more stupid."

"Ted Nugent once said that there's something inherently stupid about rock and roll," Blacha explained to The Phoenix. "I agree, but we aren't derisive of metal. For example, when we had Michael Amott [guitarist, ARCH ENEMY] come in to do voices for the show, it was really pleasing to have him tell us in his Swedish accent, 'I don't like it when people make fun of metal, but you guys know what you're doing.' He gave us this one head nod, and we were like, 'YES! That's exactly what we wanted.' "

Read more at ThePhoenix.com.

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Make Your Own Concert Ticket Stubs Online

There's a cool little website that allows you to create your own digital concert ticket stubs. It looks cooler than it sounds, so check it out here and make your own stubs to print or post online. The "tickebastard" watermark in the background is classic too. More...

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Durst, Stapp Make "Worst Onstage Meltdowns" List

Two hard rockers - who happen to be the butt of many jokes in the metal community - have made Blender's "Worst Onstage Meltdowns" list (in the August edition).

Fred Durst:
When Metallica's 2003 Summer Sanitarium tour arrived in Chicago, few of the 40,000 headbangers gathered at Hawthorne Racecourse were keen to see openers limpbizkit. Possibly incited by a feud between bizkit frontman Fred Durst and local shock-jock Erich “Mancow” Muller, the crowd held up signs reading “Fred Sucks” and pelted him with garbage and coins. Dodging the barrage of detritus, Durst suggested that the audience's lousy aim explained why the local baseball teams were so bad — ironically, he was then struck squarely in the balls by a lemon. Calling the set to an early end, Durst berated the crowd from the wings, boasting that limpbizkit was the greatest band in the world, until his microphone was taken from him.

Shame Scale (7 out of 10)

Scott Stapp:
Messianic Creed singer Scott Stapp seemed over-refreshed before playing Chicago's Allstate Arena on December 29, 2002, possibly due to a cocktail of Jack Daniel's, Xanax and an anti-inflammatory steroid he'd been taking for his throat. After performing five songs, Stapp wandered off stage, and guitarist Mark Tremonti went backstage to look for him. He found the singer resting on a couch, apparently convinced he'd played a full set. Persuaded to return to the stage, Stapp removed his shirt and shoes before falling backwards over a monitor. He then got up and sang the wrong words to crowd favorites “Higher” and “Arms Wide Open.” Four fans later sued the band, demanding the entire audience be refunded.

Shame Scale (8 out of 10)

Read the full article at Blender.

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Playboy Announces Girls of Ozzfest

Beginning this week and running through August 18, Playboy.com will feature a sexy metal maiden chosen from the Miss OZZfest 2006 competition. A brief bio, video and pictorial will go up each Friday featuring a new rocker babe. Photos of the current OZZfest babe, Daniella from Sacramento, can be found at playboy.com.

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Lance Bass of N'Sync Comes Out Of The Closet

LANCE BASS, band member of N SYNC, says he's gay and in a "very stable" relationship with 32-year-old actor Reichen Lehmkuhl, winner of season four of CBS' "Amazing Race."

"I knew that I was in this popular band and I had four other guys' careers in my hand, and I knew that if I ever acted on it or even said (that I was gay), it would overpower everything," he tells the People magazine.

You can read the entire news article at Yahoo! News.

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Comedian Brian Posehn's "Metal By Numbers" Video

Comedian/Actor Brian Posehn recently completed work on his first music video.

The video, for POSEHN (Brian’s metal band) track “Metal By Numbers” taken from Brian’s upcoming CD ‘Live In: Nerd Rage’, was shot on location in Los Angeles, CA with the team of director Darren Doane (DEFTONES, AFI), producer Jeremy Jackson and editor Dan Dobi. The video illustrates Brian’s view on today’s metal scene and features appearances from POSEHN members Scott Ian (ANTHRAX / DAMNOCRACY) and Joey Vera (ARMORED SAINT/FATES WARNING).

The video can be viewed exclusively at Brian’s MySpace page as part of Brian's stint as the featured comedian this week (7/3 – 7/9/06) on MySpace Comedy.

'Live In: Nerd Rage' reveals the hilarious observations of a self-professed nerd and life-long fan of heavy metal. Recorded as part of Brian's appearances on the Comedians of Comedy tour, and including a sketch with Bob Odenkirk (Mr. Show), 'Live In: Nerd Rage' is Brian at his funniest. 'Live In: Nerd Rage' will be released on July 11th in North America, with an international release to follow in August.

'Live In: Nerd Rage' can be previewed via Brian's MySpace site and BriansNerdRage.com. More...

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100 Worst Album Covers Ever

RateYourMusic.com has a list of the "100 worst album covers ever" complete with mostly witty commentary. Of course there are some classic and not so classic metal albums on there. And if that list is not enough, more lists are linked at the bottom of the article.

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'Metalocalypse' Cartoon Featuring Metallica

METALLICA's James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett — along with members of ARCH ENEMY and NEVERMORE — have lent their voices to the cartoon series "Death Clock Metalocalypse". Check out the show teaser at this location.

Brendon Small, known for the series "Home Movies", co-created "Death Clock Metalocalypse" about a Norwegian heavy metal band called DEATHKLOK. Although they rock to the top of the charts with gusto, they are also incredibly stupid and leave a path of destruction and mayhem behind wherever they tour. The new series will premiere in August on on Adult Swim, the adult-oriented television programming block on Cartoon Network.

METALLICA had previously lent their voices to such animated shows as "The Simpsons" and "Dave the Barbarian".

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666 Festivities

As you're no doubt aware, today is June 6, 2006 or 6.6.06, the day of the Beast. Here's a roundup of a few interesting features I saw on the 'Net:

To honor the symbolic date of June 6, 2006 — the sixth day of the sixth month of the sixth year; as in 666, the "number of the beast" or Anti-christ in the Bible's Book of Revelations — Yahoo! Music has delared today "Metal Day!" Have a black celebration with black metal videos by CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR, and others, plus check out other metal specials at Yahoo Music. (Thanks Blabbermouth)

VH1.com also has a special up, rounding up devil-music (mostly metal, of course) and movies. You can read that article here.

Finally, dont' forget to play lots of Slayer on this National Day of Slayer.

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The Onion Explains GNR "Chinese Democracy" Delays

The Onion, the satirical publication that bills itself as "America's Finest News Source," has offered several explanations for why GUNS N' ROSES' long-awaited new album, "Chinese Democracy", has yet to see the light if day. You can read the article (an image, actually) here.

In related news, Vidspot has released what a video clip that purportedly depicts the alleged fight between GUNS N' ROSES mainman Axl Rose and fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger at a New York City club last month. You can watch it at YouTube.com.

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"More Cowbell" Video

Reading my daily round of blogs today, there was an obscure reference to a "cowbell" which linked to this site, which contains a classic video of Saturday Night Live. The SNL skit revolves around the Blue Oyster Cult and features Christopher Walken as Bruce Dickinson and Will Ferrell as Gene Frenkle - a fictional character in charge of the cow bell (actually handled by BOC singer Eric Bloom).

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