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Displaying records 601 - 700 of 2,021 1 2 ... 5 6 7 8 9 ... 20 21 Last
The Dream Is Dead   Unknown 6
The Dreamer Within   United Kingdom Active 3
The Dresden Dolls   Unknown 2
The Drip   WA United States Active 14
The Drowning   United Kingdom Active 2
The Duskfall 1999  Luleå Sweden Active 24
The Dying Light   Unknown 1
The Dying Seed   France Active 1
The Dystopian Project   Unknown 1
The Electric Hellfire Club   Unknown 6
The Element   Active 1
The Elements Around Me   CT United States Active 1
The Elite 2010  United States Active 2
The Embodied 2006  Jönköping Sweden Active 3
The Embodiment   Netherlands Disbanded 1
The Empire Shall Fall   Providence, RI United States Active 18
The End 1999  Toronto, ONT Canada Active 41
The End   India Active 1
The End   FL Active 2
The End Of 6000 Years   Unknown 1
The End Of The Universe   Virginia Beach, VA United States Active 1
The End Result   Oshkosh, WI United States Active 5
The Endless Blockade   Canada Active 4
The Entropy Within   Active 0
The Equinox Ov The Gods 1990  Sweden Active 3
The Erkonauts   Switzerland Active 2
The Erotics   Unknown 1
The Eruptors   Ireland Active 0
The Esoteric 1996  Lawrence, KS United States Active 45
the estoteric   Unknown 1
The Eternal 2003  Melbourne Australia Active 39
The Eulogy   United States Active 1
The Evenfall   Argentina Active 1
The Evening Redness In The West   Active 1
The Everscathed   Chicago, IL United States Active 4
The Evil Amidst   FL United States Active 4
The Exalted   Drenthe Netherlands Active 3
The Exalted Piledriver 2004  Toronto, Ontario Canada Active 4
The Exies   Unknown 1
The Expectorated Sequence   Unknown 1
The Experiment No.Q 2012  Turin Italy Active 1
The Exploding Eyes Orchestra   Active 4
The Exploited 1979  Edinburgh United Kingdom Active 10
The Eyes Of A Traitor 2006  Hertfordshire United Kingdom Active 11
The Eyes Of Murder   Salamanca Mexico Active 1
The Face Of Beauty   Unknown 1
The Faceless   Encino, CA United States Active 141
The Fading   Israel Active 5
The Fall Of Autumn   United States Active 1
The Fall Of Troy   Unknown 14
The Fallacy   Chile Active 3
The Fallacy   Canada Active 1
The Fallen Divine   Oslo Norway Active 6
The Fallen Heroes   Germany Active 1
The Fallen Symmetry   Peru Active 1
The Fallen Within   Greece Active 5
The Falling   Unknown 1
The Famine   New York City, NY United States Active 35
The Fat Dukes Of Fuck   Las Vegas, NV Active 2
The Fathomless Deep   Finland Active 2
the fearless vampire   Unknown 0
the fearless vampire killers   Unknown 1
The Fevered   Brisbane Australia Active 1
The Few Against Many   Sweden Active 3
The Fifth Alliance   Netherlands Active 4
The Fifth Sun 1991  MN United States Active 4
The Final Battle   Unknown 1
The Final Burden   Active 6
The Final Crisis   United Kingdom Active 2
The Final Sigh 2003  Leeds United Kingdom Disbanded 1
The Fire The Flood   Charlotte, NC United States Disbanded 4
The First Step   NC United States Active 4
The Firstborn   Lisboa Portugal Active 1
The Five Hundred   United Kingdom Active 4
The Flashbulb   Unknown 1
The Flight Of Sleipnir 2008  Arvada, CO United States Active 8
The Flood   Unknown 4
The Foetal Mind   Unknown 2
The Force   Paraguay Active 2
The Forerunner   Active 1
The Foreshadowing   Italy Active 27
The Forrest Gump Mile High Marathon   Long Island, NY United States Active 1
The Forsaken 1997  Landskrona Sweden Active 7
The Four Horsemen   Unknown 1
The Frail   Secunda, Mpumalanga South Africa Active 2
The Francesco Artusato Project   Active 4
The Franks Daredevils   Active 1
The FTW   New York City, NY United States Active 3
The Fucking Champs 1994  CA United States Active 1
The Fucking Wrath   Ventura, CA United States Active 6
The Funeral   Unknown 1
The Funeral Orchestra   Sweden Active 2
The Funeral Portrait   Active 5
The Funeral Pyre   Los Angeles, CA United States Active 46
The Furor   Active 3
The Fuzz Drivers   Qatar Active 2
The Fyredogs   Cologne Germany Active 1
The Gabriel Construct   Active 5
The Gardnerz   Sweden Active 19
The Gate 2009  Andernach Germany Unknown 2

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