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Band Formed City/State Country Status Articles
Displaying records 401 - 500 of 2,021 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 20 21 Last
The Blackout   United Kingdom Active 9
The Blackout Argument 2006  Germany Active 10
The Blank Theory   Unknown 1
The Bled 2001  Auburn, CA United States Active 30
The Bleeding   Active 1
The Bleeding Process   Unknown 1
The Blessed   Unknown 1
The Blessing Of This Curse   Unknown 1
The Blinded   Sweden Active 1
The Blinding   Unknown 1
The Blinding Light   SD United States Regrouped 4
The Blood Brothers   Disbanded 5
The Blood Royale   Unknown 6
The Bloodline   IL United States Active 8
The Blue Letter   Sacramento, CA United States Active 1
The Body   Providence, RI United States Active 53
The Body & Thou   Unknown 0
The Body Politic   Canada Active 9
The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom   Unknown 5
The Bones   Unknown 13
The Bones Of Children 2011  United States Unknown 1
The Boris Karloff Syndrome   Active 1
The Bounded   Active 1
The Boy Will Drown 2006  United Kingdom Active 16
The Braindead   Unknown 1
The Brave   Unknown 1
The Breathing Process   United States Active 17
The Bridal Procession   France Active 1
The Bride Wore Blood 2011  Orlando, FL United States Active 12
The Bronx   Unknown 4
The Bronx Casket Company   United States Active 2
The Brothers Highhorse   TX United States Active 2
The Browning   Dallas, TX United States Active 59
The Brutal Deceiver   France Active 3
The Bulletmonks   Erlangen Germany Active 2
The Bunny The Bear   United States Active 15
The Burden   Luxembourg Active 1
The Burial   South Bend, IN United States Active 15
The Burial Chamber   Spain Active 1
The Burning   Aarhus Denmark Active 24
The Burning Crows   Unknown 1
The Burning Deities   Unknown 2
The Burning Dogma 2006  Bologna Italy Active 0
The Burning Down   Unknown 1
The Burning Room   Unknown 5
The Burning Season 2002  Active 16
The Burning Shield   Unknown 1
The Butterfly Effect   Australia Active 2
The Cage 1998  Savona Italy Active 1
The Cancer Conspiracy   Unknown 1
The Canyon Observer   Slovenia Active 1
The Carburetors   Norway Active 2
The Cargo Cult Revival   Active 1
The Carrier   MA United States Active 17
The Casanovas   Unknown 0
The Casket Crew   CO United States Active 1
The Cast Pattern   Lawrense, KS United States Active 3
The Casualties   Active 21
The Catalyst   Montreal Canada Active 16
The Cauled   Unknown 1
The Cavalera Conspiracy 2007  Active 57
The Celebrator   IL United States Active 1
The Centuries   Ukraine Active 1
The Chant   Finland Active 11
The Chaos Agent   FL United States Active 2
The Chaos Is Coming   Spain Active 1
The Chariot   Atlanta, GA United States Active 91
The Charm The Fury   Netherlands Active 4
The Chasm   Mexico Unknown 10
The Cheap Thrills   Unknown 1
The Cheats   Unknown 1
The Chronic Legion   India Active 2
The Chronicles of Israfel   Montreal, Quebec Canada Active 4
The Chronicles Project 2011  International Active 1
The Clan Destined   Unknown 2
The Classic Struggle 2002  Myrtle Beach, SC United States Active 23
The Claymore   Unknown 1
The Cleansing   Copenhagen, Sjaelland Denmark Active 21
The Cleansing Tide   Active 1
The Clearing Path   Italy Active 4
The Coffinshakers   Unknown 1
The Cold Existence 1999  Sweden Active 11
The Cold View   Active 1
The Color Morale   Unknown 19
The Color Of Violence   Active 6
The Colour Line   United Kingdom Active 2
The Committee   Unknown 1
The Communion   NY United States Active 1
The Company Band   Active 3
The Company Corvette 2007  Philadelphia, PA Active 3
The Concubine   Tabernacle, NJ United States Active 6
The Confession   CA United States Active 1
The Conflitto   La Spezia Italy Active 1
The Conjuration   Unknown 1
The Constructor   Nuevo Leon Mexico Active 3
The Contagion Effect   MD United States Active 2
The Contortionist   United States Active 69
The Convalescence   Toledo, OH United States Active 14
The Core Of Your Nightmares   IL United States Active 1
The Corn Husk Project   Active 1

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