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Band Formed City/State Country Status Articles
Displaying records 301 - 400 of 1,924 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 19 20 Last
The Anatomy Of   MO United States Disbanded 2
The Anchor   CO United States Active 1
The Ancient Enemy   Unknown 1
The Angelic Process 2006  Macon, GA United States Unknown 0
The Answer   Ireland Active 29
The Antioch Synopsis   United States Active 1
The Apest   TX United States Active 1
The Apex   Canada Active 6
The Apex Theory   Unknown 2
The Apocalypse Blues Revue   Active 1
The Apprehended   SC United States Active 1
The Approach and The Execution   OH United States Active 3
The Arcane   Unknown 2
The Arcane Hate   Queretaro Mexico Active 3
The Arcane Order   Denmark Active 10
The Architect   Unknown 8
The Argent Dawn 2006  Swindon United Kingdom Active 2
The Arkitecht   Mexico City Mexico Active 0
The Armed   Unknown 1
The Arrs 1996  Paris France Active 7
The Arson Project   Unknown 1
The Article Event   Unknown 1
The Arusha Accord   United Kingdom Active 4
The Ascendicate 1999  NC United States Active 3
The Ascension of Isaiah   United Kingdom Active 1
The Ascent of Everest   Active 1
The Assailant   Seattle, WA United States Disbanded 2
The Atlas Moth 2007  Chicago, IL United States Active 44
The Atomic Bitchwax   Active 3
The Atrocity Exhibit   United Kingdom Active 1
The Auburn System   Unknown 2
The Audition   Unknown 2
The Augments Project   CA United States Active 1
The Aurora Project   Unknown 1
The Austerity Program   New York, NY United States Active 2
The Austrasian Goat   France Active 3
The Automata   Australia Active 1
The Autumn League   Australia Active 1
The Autumn Offering 1999  Daytona Beach, FL United States Active 57
The Autumn Project   Des Moines, IA United States Active 2
The Aversionist   Guatemala Active 2
The Axis Of Perdition   Unknown 3
The Babys   Unknown 1
The Bakerton Group   MD United States Active 6
The Banner 1999  NJ United States Regrouped 28
The Basement Paintings   Active 2
The Bastards   Unknown 1
The Batallion   Active 5
The Beast of the Apocalypse   Netherlands Active 5
The Beast Of The Apocalypse 2007  Netherlands Active 2
The Beast Remade   Sonora Mexico Active 1
The Beautiful Ones   Active 1
The Beautifully Demolished   Unknown 1
The Beckoning   Canada Active 2
The Begotten   NY United States Active 2
The Bellicose Minds   OR United States Active 1
The Bendal Interlude   Active 4
The Bereaved 1998  Sweden Active 9
The Berzerker   Unknown 38
The Betrayer's Judgement   France Active 4
The Beyond   Italy Active 2
The Beyond   PA Active 5
The Binary Code 2004  Rochelle Park, NJ United States Regrouped 52
The Binding   NJ United States Regrouped 1
The Birthday Massacre   Toronto, Ontario Canada Active 4
The Black   Unknown 3
The Black Aces   Unknown 1
The Black Atlas   Active 3
The Black Cloud Collective   Unknown 1
The Black Coffins   Brazil Active 1
The Black Dahlia Murder 2000  Detroit, MI United States Active 300
The Black Goat Uprising   Active 2
The Black Heart Epidemic 2011  Holyoke, MA United States Active 0
The Black Knots   Unknown 1
The Black Lantern   Unknown 1
The Black League   Unknown 3
The Black Maria   Toronto Canada Active 9
The Black Moriah   Unknown 2
The Black Satans   Finland Active 1
The Blackout   United Kingdom Active 9
The Blackout Argument 2006  Germany Active 10
The Blank Theory   Unknown 1
The Bled 2001  Auburn, CA United States Active 30
The Bleeding Process   Unknown 1
The Blessed   Unknown 1
The Blessing Of This Curse   Unknown 1
The Blinded   Sweden Active 1
The Blinding   Unknown 1
The Blinding Light   SD United States Regrouped 4
The Blood Brothers   Disbanded 5
The Blood Royale   Unknown 5
The Bloodline   IL United States Active 8
The Blue Letter   Sacramento, CA United States Active 1
The Body   Providence, RI United States Active 52
The Body & Thou   Unknown 0
The Body Politic   Canada Active 9
The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom   Unknown 5
The Bones   Unknown 13
The Bones Of Children 2011  United States Unknown 1
The Boris Karloff Syndrome   Active 1

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