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Band Formed City/State Country Status Articles
Displaying records 501 - 600 of 2,090 1 2 ... 4 5 6 7 8 ... 20 21 Last
The Communion   NY United States Active 1
The Company Band   Active 3
The Company Corvette 2007  Philadelphia, PA Active 3
The Complex Dialect   Seattle, WA United States Active 1
The Concubine   Tabernacle, NJ United States Active 6
The Confession   CA United States Active 1
The Conflitto   La Spezia Italy Active 1
The Conjuration   Unknown 1
The Constructor   Nuevo Leon Mexico Active 3
The Contagion Effect   MD United States Active 2
The Contortionist   United States Active 70
The Convalescence   Toledo, OH United States Active 19
The Core Of Your Nightmares   IL United States Active 1
The Corn Husk Project   Active 1
The Cory Smoot Experiment   United States Active 3
The County Medical Examiners   CA United States Active 3
The Crawling   Ireland Active 3
The Crevices Below   Australia Active 2
The Crimson Armada 2007  Westerville, OH United States Active 24
The Cringe   Unknown 1
The Crinn 2004  St. Paul, MN United States Active 13
The Crotals   Switzerland Active 2
The Crow Murder   Unknown 2
The Crown 1990  Sweden Regrouped 37
The Crowned   TX United States Active 1
The Crucified   Unknown 2
The Cruel Intentions   Unknown 1
The Curse Of Her Flesh 2009  West Haven, CT United States Active 1
The Curse of Millhaven   Active 1
The Curse Of Wendigo   Ukraine Active 2
The Curse Within   Canada Active 1
The Cursed 2006  United States Active 5
The Cursed   Moldova Active 2
The Cutthroats 9   Active 3
The Cyon Project   Italy Active 4
The Dagger 2009  Stockholm Sweden Active 3
The Dagger Rebellion   OH United States Disbanded 2
The Dahmers   Unknown 1
The Daisy Anthesis   Active 1
The Damned Things   United States Active 35
The Damning Well 2003  United States Unknown 1
The Dark Element   Finland Active 4
The Darkness   United Kingdom Active 11
The Day Everything Became Nothing 2002  Melbourne, Victoria Australia Active 14
The Day of Remission   Belarus Active 1
The Day Of The Beast   Unknown 1
The Day Will Come   United Kingdom Active 1
The Dayglo Abortions   Canada Active 1
The Daylight Curse   Unknown 3
The Dead   Unknown 2
The Dead & Buried   United Kingdom Active 1
The Dead Cold   Canada Active 1
The Dead Daisies 2012  United States Active 1
The Dead Deads   Unknown 1
The Dead Goats   Poland Active 2
The Dead Lay Waiting   Swindon United Kingdom Active 17
The Dead Romance   Unknown 2
The Dead See   TX United States Active 3
The Dead Stare Nightmares   Merida Mexico Active 1
The Dead Unknown   Unknown 1
The Dead Wretched   United Kingdom Active 4
The Deadists   Unknown 1
The Deadly   Philadelphia, PA United States Active 1
The Deadthings   Unknown 1
The Deafening   Unknown 1
The Dear Hunter 2005  United States Unknown 2
The Death of Her Money   Unknown 1
The Death Riders   Unknown 1
The Deathisodes   Active 5
The Deathtrip   Norway Active 2
The Decimation Protocol   Brisbane Australia Disbanded 1
The Dedication   Unknown 2
The Deep   Active 1
The Deep End   Unknown 1
The Defaced 1995  Helsingborg Sweden Active 8
The Defiled   London United Kingdom Active 37
The Demonstealer   India Active 2
The Demonstration 2004  Burlington, NC United States Active 4
The Denial   Unknown 1
The Departed   Unknown 1
The Departure   Unknown 1
The Depths   Unknown 1
The Descent   Spain Active 2
The Desolate   WA United States Active 2
The Destiny Program   Germany Active 10
The Destro   Dallas, TX United States Active 27
The Destroyer   CA United States Active 1
The Devastated   CA United States Active 20
The Devil   United Kingdom Active 2
The Devil And The Sea   Unknown 1
The Devil Rides Out   Unknown 1
The Devil Wears Prada   Dayton, OH United States Active 107
The Devil's Bastards   NC United States Active 2
The Devil's Blood   Netherlands Active 60
The Devil's Music   Active 4
The Devil's Rain   Unknown 2
The Dignity Complex   Romania Active 1
The Dillinger Escape Plan   NJ United States Active 310
The Dirty Pearls   Unknown 1
The Disease Concept   OH Active 1

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