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NEMHF Adds 75 New Bands To Bursting Roster

The New England Metal & Hardcore Festival added seventy five new acts, a convergence of approximately 25 ongoing tours, including Paganfest, Metal Alliance and now the Mayhem Festival lineup featuring Rob Zombie, Mastodon, Amon Amarth, Machine Head, Children of Bodom, Behemoth, Job For A Cowboy and many more. Even though the Mayhem Festival is scheduled for the end of June, promoters for the festival though the opportunity to do something even more special would prove hard to pass up. The Festival starts with the kick off show on Thursday, April 18 and then the main festival which runs Friday the 19th through Sunday the 21st.

NEMHF Promoter Scott Lee stated: "We decided to go all out for the 15th Anniversary of NEMHF this year taking advantage of all the great tours happening. The addition of over 70 additional bands does pose a logistical problem, especially with equipment changes and only two stages. Therefore, we have asked all bands to limit the set list to one song a piece, except top tier headliners who will play two songs. This will allow us to be able to safely change equipment with no real delays and the fans can get everything they want. There is a good chance we could add more before the festival is over so stay tuned." More...

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Heavy Metal Porno In The Works

Sex sells...but who's buying? Hordes of metal fans, that's who - or at least that's the hope of a new production company titled Full Frontal Metal specializing in a previously unfilled niche: heavy metal porno.

"Rammstein's 'Pussy' video shattered all kinds of viewing records," commented a source from the company that asked to remain anonymous until an official announcement is made next week. "It really got us excited about the possibilities. I mean, who wouldn't want to see their favorite metal stars going at each other with poor lighting and elevator music playing in the background?"

At this point only two stars have been confirmed for the company's first DVD release: Doris Yeh of Chthonic and Maria Brink from In This Moment, but the production team is currently in talks with several other members of the metal community to secure their involvement.

An Offbeatr campaign to fund the film will be announced in the coming days, with a variety of "perks" not to be missed. According to the producers of the film, one of the Kickstarter stretch goals will include a limited edition Blu-Ray release with a bonus guy/guy scene featuring two surprisingly open gentlemen from the metal community willing to bare all for the fans.

Our source wouldn't yet divulge the title of the movie, but confirmed it wouldn't be "...And Orgasms For All." We encourage our readers to make their best guesses in the comments below. More...

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Immortal Announces Collaboration With Beyonce

After "Lulu," the Korn and Skrillex combo, and similar collaborative efforts, it seems as though metal and the mainstream are destined to continue colliding. In one of the least expected collaborations, Norwegian black metal outfit Immortal has announced an upcoming single is due out with a guest appearance by none other than musical icon Beyonce.

Band members Abbath and Demonaz reportedly sought out the famous singer/songwriter on their own after an unflattering photo of Beyonce during her Super Bowl performance leaked online.

“When we saw the picture we knew she had a grimness in her struggling to be released, and we will be the vehicle of that kvlt apotheosis," said front man Abbath. "Honestly, it was like our photo shoots and videos from the '90s just staring right back at us. She gets what we are all about."

The new single will be titled "Diabolical Suga Mama in Black," and will follow the band's 2009 full-length "All Shall Fall" (reviewed here). Immortal and Beyonce have already been rehearsing for a string of special shows together, with further details to come.

 photo beyoncabba_zps64623485.jpg

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Dave Mustaine To Release Country Album

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has revealed that he will finally be releasing his long rumoured solo album, but has warned fans not to expect the same sonic assault he is known for. He elaborated on the album, as well as some recent news, by explaining that his recent meeting with county music icon Willie Nelson was no co-incidence, and that Nelson has been working with Mustaine on his solo album, which will be a country record entitled, "Honky Shreddin’" The album will see Mustaine’s trademark political and sometimes violent lyrics, sung over an old fashioned, foot tapping style of country music. A release date has not yet been confirmed.

The tracklisting for "Honky Shreddin’" is as follows:

1. Your Beatin’ Heart
2. Can The Bones Be Unbroken?
3. Wichita Hangman
4. He’ll Have To Go To Hell
5. Hate Can Burn A Bridge
6. Folsom Prison Snitch
7. Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Atheists
8. Flowers On The Grave
9. Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Red
10. All My Exes Live In The Ground
11. What Made Topeka Famous (Made A Gay Rights Supporter Out of Me)
12. I Fell Into A Burning Ring Of Fire Because I Didn't Accept Christ

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EYEHATEGOD Releases “NOLA Is The New Portland"

New Orleans sludge masters EYEHATEGOD have released a song from their upcoming album for online streaming before the highly-anticipated album is officially released. The song is akin to the title of another song that likened the city of New Orleans to a hellish warzone called “New Orleans is the New Vietnam,” except that the band is now espousing their beliefs that their hometown is becoming too modern. “New Orleans is the New Portland” was released for streaming two days ago and has been listened to over 100,000 times. Reviews of the song are mixed, but most of the people commenting do not care for the song. They often begin their statements with this sentiment: “I’ve never been to New Orleans or Portland, but I have a pretty good idea of what it’s like from music and TV….” More...

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Geoff Tate Pulls "FU" LP After Listening To It

Geoff Tate has pulled the upcoming "Frequency Unknown" LP from his version of Queensryche, which consists of the singer and guest musicians. The album is due out later this month through Cleopatra Records, but could be delayed due to what was termed as "sound problems." Apparently, after the album was pressed and packaged for release, the disgruntled singer finally listened to it and was not satisfied at all with what he heard. Employing the services of a new producer/engineer, Tate hopes to correct what now has been dubbed "soundryche" without having to re-record his vocal tracks. The band's former producer indicated that he was just following the direction indicated through the album's literal title and had no idea there was any "hidden message" to the "other Queensryche."

In what can only be deemed as an "odd coincidence," the album was pulled just after Scott Rockenfield's Queenryche, featuring Todd La Torre on vocals, released the new track "Redemption," from the band's upcoming, yet untitled album, due out on June 10, 2013 (EU) and June 11, 2013 (North America). More...

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A Sound Of Thunder Scraps New LP "Time's Arrow"

Maryland traditional metal act A Sound of Thunder has decided to pull the plug on the upcoming "Time's Arrow" release in favor of a more symphonic/gothic direction with the new release "Adam's Banana." The album peels June 4 (North America) and June 3 (worldwide) on White Corset Records and will be available in standard CD edition, limited two disc edition with bonus disc featuring 6 songs that sound just like the others, and a limited collectors' 12" vinyl release featuring tear-colored vinyl in a lace sleeve. There is also talk of another kickstarter campaign to release the album in a special "Chiquita"edition, though the band is arguing with the fruit company as to how to fit a CD in banana peels.

After writing and recording "Time's Arrow," the band never actually stopped writing and found that the newest material was leaning more towards the symphonic/gothic style that has become so popular of late, leading to this "about face." The band posted the following on its Facebook Page, oddly referring to its own guitarist Josh Schwartz as "John Swartz":

"A Sound of Thunder, known to date for an eclectic brand of traditional metal, shocked fans today by announcing that the band's third album 'Time's Arrow' has been indefinitely shelved.

"According to frontwoman Nina Osegueda, the band has finished recording a new album entitled 'Adam's Banana' showcasing the band's new gothic, symphonic and operatic direction. Although the reasons for the change in direction have not been fully disclosed, Osegueda hinted at a deep artistic shift: 'My soul is an endless well of pain, sorrow, yearning, and love. Also this shit sells.'

"A new visual style is also evident in the cover of Adam's Banana, also released today. 'We want people to know that this isn't just about me,' said Osegueda, referring to the prominent presence of guitarist John Swartz, drummer Chris, and bassist on the album cover. 'I'm really proud to have those people on my cover with me.'

"But despite the more sorrowful and delicate approach, fans can still expect a cutting edge sound and top production value on Adam's Banana. 'I'm really excited about the drums on this album,' said drummer Chris Haren. 'I can't wait to hear them. I've been told they used some killer samples.'

The track list for "Adam's Banana":

1 - Of Tears and Feelings
2- Dream of Me (Midnight Dew)
3- Mourning Shame
4- Hard Linen (Laundry Day)
5- The Pouting
6- Sweeping to Nowhere
7- Hard as Gold
8- Breathless (Corset of Steel)
9- Lilly White (Into the Niche) More...

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The Landenburg Festival Finally Takes Flight

Promoters have been attempting to organize "The Landenburg Festival" for years, but now have been given clearance to set the date for the inaugural event as July 5-6, 2013 at Reiterhof Park in Ottweiler, Germany. The original idea was a dream of Vermont resident Anthony DeCrisantis, a self proclaimed "power metal guru" and uber fan of drummer Alex Landenberg, which would seek to gather all the bands past and present in which the prolific drummer has played. The choice of location was a given, it is the hometown of Landenburg, who will also play drums for the full sets of every single band on the bill, which now includes the headliner acts: Luca Turilli's Rhapsody, Stratovarius, At Vance and Axxis.

DeCrisantis commented: "Part of the problem was that Alex just started 21 Octyane and is in talks to start or join another three bands. It was hard to make it a true 'Landenburg Festival' without including everything he is/was involved in."

Landenburg commented: "Its an honor really. I never considered myself worthy of such a festival and then I remembered all the bands I've played with and I suddenly felt very tired at the prospect of playing drums for every band. Thank god they made it two days! I have to dig out my old Arnold Schwarzenegger exercise tapes to get my self conditioned."

The drummer sets to break the world record for most gigs in a two day period.

Rounding out the lineup is:

Mekong Delta
Symfonia (Reunion Show)
21 Octayne
Broken Grace
Angel's Cry
Blind Faith
Broken Glass
Jaime's Gone
Meera Fe
Philosophobia More...

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Dave Lombardo To Tour With Korn

According to a reliable source, Slayer drummer, Dave Lombardo, who has been in a dispute with the band these past few weeks over financial disagreements, will spend his summer touring with nu metal pioneers, Korn instead. Korn’s own drummer, Ray Luzier, has been forced to sit out of the band’s summer festival schedule with an elbow injury, leading to the legendary thrash skinsman to take his place behind the kit.

“It’s truly an honour to have a drummer of such magnitude performing with us this summer,” read a statement from Korn. “We grew up listening to Slayer records, and we can’t wait to hear what Dave will bring to the table. Europe! Don’t miss this once in a lifetime chance this Summer!”

The band’s tour dates will see the band perform at such festivals as Download in the United Kingdon, Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium and Rock am Ring in Germany.

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Metallica to Re-Record “Kill Em All” For Own Label

Metallica has announced that the second release on its recently formed label, Blackened Recordings, will be a re-recording of “Kill Em All.”

The band is said to be considering naming the re-recording “Metal Up Your Ass,” the debut’s original working title, but no final decision has been made.

Under provision of a renegotiated joint venture agreement with the Warner Music Group in 1994, all of masters of Metallica’s albums reverted back to the band as of November 30th, 2012.

Addressing the reasoning for re-recording the band’s classic debut instead of simply remastering it, drummer Lars Ulrich had this to say:

“The songs on Kill Em All are vintage Metallica, but will benefit so much more from today’s studio and mixing technology. So we decided it would be better to re-record them entirely than release a simple remaster from those old analog recordings. I can’t wait to get in the studio and do these songs justice and give them a polished, modern sound.”

A producer has not yet been chosen for the “Kill Em All” recording sessions.

Blackened Recordings will handle all marketing and promotion duties for the re-release of “Kill Em All,” which will be manufactured and distributed by Rhino Entertainment in North America and licensed to the Universal Music Group internationally. A release is tentatively being targeted for late 2013.

The re-recording of “Kill Em All” will be the label’s second release. The first release from Blackened Recordings was the live DVD, "Quebec Magnetic," which was released on December 10th, 2012.

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Gloryhammer Gets Sued By London Porn Star

The power metal act founded by Alestorm frontman Christopher Bowes, having just issued the debut LP "Tales From the Kingdom of Fife" (See review over at this location), started the new week off by being slapped with a lawsuit by British porn star Oliver Mitchell (a/k/a "Pug Darkholer") for naming rights. The plaintiff's Particular of Claims form alleges that the Scottish power metal act violated a cease and desist letter sent by lawyers who claimed that Mitchell would sustain substantial financial harm caused by confusion with the highly popular "Gloryhammer" porn film series of the late 1990's.

The band has yet to issue a statement on the matter, though vocalist Thomas Winkler did post up the following on his Facebook page: "Seems like that impostor is making a fuss and trying to mess up things for the band. I don't see how a totally different project from the 1990's is relevant now. Being a washed up loser does not make one entitled to anything." Though the post was not specific to the current situation, the date reference seems to suggest it refers to the instant action.

Submitted as "proof" of the copyright claim, was the cover of "Gloryhammer IV," the 1997 installment of the series (seen below). Mitchell's lawyers are hoping the court will be persuaded to render a decision in their favor based on what they call "overwhelmingly obvious similarities." More on this story as the situation unfolds. More...

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Rage Against the Machine To Release EP

After 13 years, Rage Against the Machine are finally releasing new music. This time for Pussy Riot's legal defense. The four track EP is set to release this May and will include four songs. According to Tom Morello, “Contemporary Russia is a late capitalist hell run by robber barons interested in maintaining their power through a police state. We're sick of the war in Chechnya, assassination of dissidents and corrupted elections. What it really took was jailing musicians for dissent to drive us to release new music.”

The EP will be available through the band's website and will allegedly address issues like Obama's Disposition Matrix, the Occupy Movement and bias on Fox News. A price point is set at $7 for a digital download and will be made available on iTunes at a later date.

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Strapping Young Lad Reuintes For Farewell Tour

This autumn, Strapping Young Lad will engage in one final farewell tour. According to Devin Townsend, “I started jamming with Gene again for Z2 and everything just seemed right. Strapping Young Lad never really announced a final headlining tour, it was just Ozzfest and that was it. Right now, the timing just feels right to do a last tour.”

No dates have been announced but the tour is scheduled to come to North America. Metalunderground.com will post updates as supporting acts and venues are confirmed in the near future.

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Nightwish Recruits Another Vocalist

After its recent tour with new singer Floor Jansen, Nightwish has decided to part company with her after she went in to get a root canal. Commented Tuomas Holopainen from the band:

"She just doesn't have the dedication we need, taking two hours out of her schedule. We had these problems with Anette getting sick and pregnant. Women just don't have the band's best interests at heart."

The band has decided to do away with female vocalists altogether, recruiting Gord Kirchin as the new singer on its tour. In fact, just like they did with the dismissal of Tarja Turunen over getting married to an Argentine, Nightwish posted on its blog that Gord Kirchin would be the new singer - without even telling him first. More...

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Kerry King Speaks Out About Slayer

With the dawn of 2013 came the disconcerting news from the Slayer camp that not only one, but two founding members would be sitting it out on the world tour that the band would be heading out on. Dave Lombardo had once again left the fold of the legendary thrashers over alleged contractual issues, just ahead of the band's stint in Australia.

One of our contributors sent in some email questions to veteran Slayer mouthpiece Kerry King to get the guitar legend's thoughts on the schism in the ranks and to debunk all these unfounded notions that Kerry is controlling and rapacious. After a lengthy wait, the email questions were transcribed and sent back to us by an unnamed source from the Slayer camp. Today on Metal Underground, we bring you that conversation so you can hear it from the horse's mouth, and not another part of the horse's anatomy. Here is the interview: More...

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At The Gates Refusing To Release New Music

At The Gates have once again incited rumors of a new album, this time in a recent interview with a French magazine Metal Menteur. But they have also declared the music will "never see the light of day... never".

After several large scale tours, festivals such as Bloodstock and a retrospective DVD, many fans hoped they would finish off their run with a new album, which they have firmly denied up until contradictory statements last year in a Blabbermouth interview about "never saying never".

"We said we wouldn't record another album so... I guess we have to stand by that" said frontman Tomas Lindberg. "We've actually written about 7 new tracks, but we've decided to stick to our words. We'll probably make a demo and give that to close friends, which sucks because I feel these tracks are better than a lot of the stuff on Slaughter [of the Soul]".

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Metal Blade To Sign Mystery Retro Band

Metal Blade Records is set to announce a new band to their roster this month, which is said to be a "70 era NWOBHM band you've never heard of."

In a press release about the signing they state "Given the success of Nuclear Blast's signing of Hell and Listenable Records upcoming album from Satan, we here at Metal Blade get that metal fans want retro. And satanic; the whole Ghost thing! We have our own metal gem in the ready to shine, they're pretty cult though. We don't think you would have heard of them." More...

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Kvelertak Ranks The Best Of The Worst Beer

Metal Injection checked in with Kvelertak to discuss beer in Norway and the States. Watch the clip at this location or through the player below. Metal Injection also comments:

"Kvelertak are from Norway, and they definitely know how to drink beer, so we decided to do a taste test of some of the worst/cheapest beers in America including Pabst Blue Ribbon, Keystone Light, Miller Genuine Draft, Coors Light, Bud Ice and Bud Light Lime. Watch the video to learn which is the Best Worst Beer and which is the Worst Worst Beer."

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Dave Mustaine Meets Willie Nelson

Dave Mustaine and his family are currently in the Austin, Texas area house-hunting. Yesterday evening at a local restaurant, Dave randomly met up with music legend, Willie Nelson.

Dave tweeted, "Willie Nelson is in the restaurant I am eating at. I just met him! How cool is this???" and shortly after posted a photo of him talking to Willie about a possible guest appearance on the song "The Blackest Crow," which will be featured on Megadeth's new album, "Super Collider." More...

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Grad Students Model a Mosh Pit

Cornell grad students Matt Bierbaum and Jesse Silverberg have created a mathematical model for a mosh pit; not just a single mosh pit, but presumably any mosh pit taking into account a number of variables such as speed of movement and denseness of crowd and more. Now if only some of these controls could be mapped to logical labels like a "band sucking" slider.

From the NPR article:

About five years ago Silverberg took his girlfriend to her first gig. "Usually I would jump in the mosh pit," he says. "But this time I wanted her to be safe and have a good time, so we stayed out on the side and watched things from there."

While he was watching, he realized that the motion of people in a mosh pit looks kind of like molecules moving in a gas.

"It was basically just this random mess of collisions, which is essentially how you want to think about the gas in the air that we breathe," he says.

Physicists have worked out the basic rules that describe this kind of motion, so Bierbaum and Silverberg decided to look for the rules of motion in moshing. They went to concerts and studied videos from YouTube. Silverberg emphasizes that no tax dollars went toward buying concert tickets — the study is a labor of love.

Using just a few variables, like how fast people moved and how dense the crowd was, Bierbaum and Silverberg created a mathematical model that they presented at this week's March meeting of the American Physical Society. Using a mixture of simulated moshers and standing fans, they could reproduce mosh pits, circle pits and other common collective motions that take place at metal concerts. You can try some simulations for yourself in their mosh pit simulator below.

The model has even been put into an embeddable script, which you can try out and play with below: More...

Read the full article at NPR.

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