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Edguy's Sammet Admits "Space Police" Prank

Tobias Sammet, singer/songwriter for German power metal act Edguy, has revealed that his near six month twitter campaign for the band's new album "Space Police - Defenders of the Crown" was actually part of an elaborate April Fool's prank. By utilizing a marketing strategy filled with song clips, sarcasm and wit, Sammet was able to boost pre-sales for the band's album by 800%, most of which are angry fans desiring to obtain the album that they are doomed to despise.

Sammet revealed all on a Twitter post today: "APRIL FOOLS DAY...there is no 'SPACE POLICE'"

The new album is actually entitled "The Joke Is On You!" and is the follow up to the 2011 release "Age of the Joker," but will be a concept album about DC Comics' most famous villian. Sammet explained the marketing direction: "With 'Age,' I received a lot of flak from fans and press even though the album sold fairly well. I decided I would take a different approach. I brought in artists and label representatives and told them my vision. What we needed was to poke fun at the band's history and come up with a wildly inventive cartoon world set in space and then proclaim it to be the greatest power metal album of all time. It worked because pre-sales for what is now 'The Joke's On You' went through the roof - mostly because those fans with the most complaints were curious to prove me wrong."

The album is still set for an April 18th release, but the actual song titles are:

1. Mirthless Grin
2. Thieving Trickster
3. Defenders Of The Clown Prince Of Crime
4. Gotham's Finest
5. The Bat Must Be Destroyed
6. The Life And Times Of 'Dear Old Jack'
7. Martha Wayne Is A Whore
8. Born Of Red Hood
9. Harle(y)quin
10. The Only Good Bat Is A Dead One More...

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Gloryhammer Becomes Gloryhammer Of Steel

Due to copyright and trademark issues, the band formerly known as Gloryhammer has changed its name to Gloryhammer of Steel.

The band members consider this a great new start, reflecting the emboldened and increasingly grandiose direction that their music has taken. "The power of hoots will burn brighter than ever before," says bassist/songwriter James Cartwright. Keyboardist/songwriter Christopher Bowes adds, "The name Gloryhammer of Steel better represents the energy that has always been present in this band and its music."

With a new record company in Napalm Records, a new tour planned and a new album on the way, Gloryhammer of Steel will continue to explore musical fantasy worlds with the precision musicianship and unique symphonic concepts that their fans have come to expect and adore. Fresh on the heels of the band's first live album release, "Live In Dundee 2013 - The Dark Prophecy," a new name and renewed vigor ensure that Gloryhammer of Steel still holds the passion and power that have always been associated with the band's music. More...

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Tim Lambesis Escapes From Jail

Authorities from North County Correctional Facility in Castaic, CA have put out an all-points-bulletin on Tim Lambesis and two other inmates, who were reported to have escaped last night.

Lambesis, who was currently two months into a nine-year sentence for commissioning a murder for hire, went missing after a routine head count. He and the two other inmates, Jesus Ramos and Enrique Martinez, went unaccounted for after dinner and recreation yard time.

The two correctional officers who did the bunk check in the wing where the detainees were housed noticed that the metal toilet had been removed and used to break out the narrow window in Lambesis' unit. How the other two inmates escaped remains unclear at this time.

Authorities have set up road blocks on I-5 and 1-805 leading to the Mexican Border near the San Ysidro and San Diego crossings, where the trio may possibly be going. "Ramos and Martinez both have family in the Ensenada area just south of the border and various ties with the Mexican underworld," stated North County prison official John Bennett. "We have to make sure that we cover all bases in apprehending these men."

Police have also questioned members of Lambesis' heavy metal band As I Lay Dying, his ex-wife Meggan Murphy Lambesis and his family to see if possible contact has been made to them from the fugitive. Police also caution that the fugitives may be armed and dangerous. Further details will be provided when they become known.

Tim Lambesis in prison photo from March 2014

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Black Metal Festival To Hit Austin, TX

From the people who brought you Fun Fun Fun Festival comes BXBM (Black By Black Metal) festival. The 3-day, multi-venue festival will take place on May 1, 2015 on Red River Street in downtown Austin, Texas. Confirmed acts include Venom, Darkthrone, Kreator, Mayhem, Emperor, etc.

Graham Williams of Tranmission Entertainment, comments on booking the festival, "When I spoke with you regarding Fun Fun Fun 2013 (MU) I had mentioned almost securing Venom for the festival. I wasn't able to book them for FFF 2015, but secured a spot for May when they come through with Enthroned and Usurper. Then I found out Emperor and Mayhem were both available and all the cards started to come into place for making a festival. Austin doesn't have a true metal festival, especially black metal, and SXSW tends to ignore true black metal, so I thought, 'let's go for it!" More...

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Metallica Unveils Details Of New Album

Two weeks ago, Metallica leaked the first taste of the new material with the release of the demo track "Lords of Summer". Now the band has announced that the new album is complete and will be entitled "Hell Hath No Fury...." The album is tentatively set to drop on April 1, 2015 via its own Blackened Recordings with distribution through Warner Brothers Records.

Drummer Lars Ulrich commented: "When we played 'Lords of Summer' live for the first time, we felt re-energized - like it was 1983. James, Kirk and our bass player all felt as if the time was right to start anew. 'Death Magnetic' was just the start of the return back to the roots...but I promise that 'Hell Hath No fury..." will have a greater impact on fans than 'Master of Puppets.'"

Guitarist Kirk Hammett added: "One of the things I wanted to do on this new album is return to the glory of the guitar solo. There is one with a four minute solo and I am so proud of the band for finally taking this all back to where it started. It definitely feels reborn!"

Vocalist/Guitarist James Hetfield commented: "'Hell Hath No Fury' is the dawn of a new era for Metallica. We went back to a dark place and resurrected some old friends of ours. I made strides to get that rough edge back on my vocals and it really made a big difference in the direction of the album."

The bass player stated: "The new album is going to slay everyone. I am so excited to be part of this. Cliff would be proud!"

The track list for "Hell Hath No Fury..." is:

1. The Fire Lord
2. Black Death
3. Lords of Summer (Demo Streaming Here)
4. Trapped With No Escape
5. Hell Hath No Fury...
6. The Unforgiven IV
7. Sanity Harvest
8. Heroes Never Come Home
9. He Who Should Not Be Named...Dies
10. Battery (2014 Version)
11. Unto the Ages of Ages (Witchfynde Cover) (Bonus Track) More...

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Dragonland Splits With Vocalist Heidgert

Sweden's Dragonland announced on its Official Facebook Page that vocalist Jonas Heidgert has left the band after 15 years. Heidgert was named vocalist for Destiny back in January 2013.

The announcement reads: "It is with mixed feelings that we now announce that our vocalist Jonas Heidgert has decided to end his 15-year long position in Dragonland and move on to other musical projects.

"We wish Jonas the best of luck with his new endeavours, and we will all of course remain the best of friends outside of the band.

"You might ask yourself now: 'Who will be the new vocalist of Dragonland'? We have spent weeks deliberating, holding auditions and reviewing jaw-dropping submissions from a host of incredibly talented and famous singers of both genders from all around the globe.

"However, we feel that a mighty voice like Jonas’ cannot simply be replaced. Just as Olof’s guitars and Elias’ keyboards forge the signature sound of Dragonland, so does Jonas’ vocals, and to bring in another singer would simply taint the legacy of such an iconic performer.

"Thus we hereby announce that WE WILL NOT HIRE A NEW VOCALIST. Dragonland will continue as a purely INSTRUMENTAL band, with a state-of-the-art, previously unheard of new keyboard-oriented sound as the melodic core of our compositions. This decision also ushers in a new era of instrument-centric live performances, which will be unleashed upon the world with our first live show of 2014, at the PPM Fest in Belgium on April 20.

"This news will surely come as a shock to many of you, but we assure you that Dragonland is stronger than ever before, and we promise you nothing less than a mind-blowing sonic monster of a new album when the time comes.

"All hail Jonas Heidgert. All hail keyboard solos. ALL HAIL DRAGONLAND!!!" More...

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K.K. Downing Breaks Retirement, Re-Joins Priest

Just days after Rob Halford declared the new Judas Priest album done, former guitarist K.K. Downing has announced that he has come out of retirement to re-join the band, nearly four years to the day that he initially left (April 20, 2011).

Downing indicated that "boredom was a big contributing factor" to his decision. He also revealed that all along "I was involved in the writing and recording process of the new album." The band indicated that in the spirit of Iron Maiden (when Adrian Smith rejoined in 1999), they would remain a three piece with Richie Faulkner remaining on board.

Guitarist Glenn Tipton added: "I cannot tell you how elated I was when Ken called me to express his desire to rejoin the mighty Priest. We worked together for so long and have been through so much it seemed like a family was torn apart when he left. Even though I understood his decision to leave, I still felt a gap in the band. Now we are stronger than ever. We haven't decided whether we will do a live tour again, but Ken is all for it if we do."

The band is expected to reveal the first information about the new release soon. More...

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Nightwish's Holopainen To Pen Children's Books

Nightwish have issued a quick update that mastermind and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen will again be taking some time away from the band to focus on a new endeavor. In light of the upcoming release of "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck," Holopainen will also be penning and releasing an official collection of children's books, filled with both short stories and full-length epic poems. The singer's noteworthy pairing with illustrator Don Rosa has been extended to these books, as well, and will feature prominent displays of Rosa's illustrations. More...

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John Longstreth Shows You How To Make Coffee

In the player below, Origin drummer John Longstreth talks about his daily rituals, which includes his new sponsor Bulletproof Coffee.

In the video John demonstrates how to make a cup of coffee and talks about his developed routine for managing his schedule on and off the stage. He comments:

"I've been drinking Bullet Proof coffee for over a year now. The energy, the focus, the health benefits are amazing! As a touring musician, a Brazilian jiujitsu practitioner, and a man who has a very demanding day to day schedule, I find that replacing my 6 daily cups of coffee with 2 cups of Bullet Proof Coffee allows me the energy and focus I need to keep on keep'n on all day!" More...

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Reporter Throttled in Pit At SXSW Metal Showcase

Steve Goldbloom, a reporter for PBS, is shown being throttled in the pit during a live broadcast at Pitchfork's Show No Mercy showcase at SXSW held at Mohawk. When the news caster goes live for a report, this reporter can't quite find his balance to give the scoop. He makes the mistake of trying to do something other than smash into other metal heads during this performance by a thrashing mad, Power Trip band. Watch the video embedded below. More...

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Culture Club Releases Rare Death Metal Track

Back in 1983, the boy wonder Boy George and Culture Club released the Top 10 Hit "Karma Chameleon," which appeared on the "Colour By Numbers" album. To this day, it was the band's biggest hit and the pop sensation's only single to go #1 on the Billboard Top 100.

Little did anyone know that there existed an alternative death metal version. Little is known about this version of the song, but since it pre-dated Possessed's 1984 "Death Metal" demo (arguably the originators of death metal), then could Culture Club have actually invented death metal?

Actually, this version was created by the very talented Andy Rehfeldt who has been turning stuff on its ear for a long time now. This is just the latest in a series of classics (follow his YouTube Channel). Check it out here: More...

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"Metal Vox" Parody of Ylvis' "The Fox" Online

German band Cookiebreed has posted a "metal vox" spoof of Ylvis' "The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)." If you can get past the screamo-band look, and know the original song, it's actually a decent parody. But if you haven't heard of Ylvis or "The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)", then consider yourself fortunate and move along.

And while we're at it, here's a metallic cover of the original song: More...

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First Cooking Hostile Episode Posted

The Gainesville, FL Pantera tribute band Good Friends And A Bottle Of Whiskey has uploaded its first episode of "Cooking Hostile," a ten minute comedic pastiche of cooking along to reworded Pantera, Anthrax and Suicidal Tendencies songs with their frontmen. Listen to the episode below.

The video features vocalist Joey Siler, drummer Gray Spengler, bassist KD McClellan and guitarist Allan Godfrey, along with several other guest musicians. On this same date the original "Cooking with Phil Anselmo" (Five Minutes on Low) will be shown at Philip H. Anselmo's Housecore Horror Film Festival in Texas. The original has reached over half a million views and has received two big thumbs up from Phil personally.

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The Avett Brothers Play Metal On Jimmy Fallon

American folk rock/bluegrass band The Avett Brothers was recently part of a skit on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show in which the band covers segments of classic heavy metal songs. "If you're looking for a sunnier, gentler sound of heavy metal classics like Black Sabbath's 'Iron Man,' then pick up a copy of about 'The Avett Brothers Sing Heavy Metal.'"

They're no Slaughter of the Bluegrass, but it's fairly entertaining nonetheless. More...

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The Harp Twins Cover Deep Purple

After previously covering Iron Maiden and the Scorpions, the Harp Twins have posted a new video clip online featuring their rendition of Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water."

Check out Camille and Kennerly's version of the track below.

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Harp Twins Cover Iron Maiden, Scorpions

Camille and Kennerly - the Harp Twins - have posted electric harp cover videos online for "Fear of the Dark" by Iron Maiden and "Send Me An Angel" by Scorpions. Check out these unique renditions in the YouTube clips available below.


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Steel Panther Member May Be Your Father!

Steel Panther has posted a special Father's Day message online, since any given member of the band might be your actual father given everyone they slept with in the '80s.

Check out the heartwarming message below. And the best thing you can give your metal dad for father's day? Please convince your mom to drop the claim for child support.

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Dave Mustaine: I've Got A Big Cock For Your Face

At a live show last night in Manchester, thrash act Megadeth briefly stopped the show due to technical problems, which apparently caused a fan to begin booing. Footage of Mustaine's response can be seen below, courtesy of YouTube user Tedthecamera.

Is this good old classic "metal as fuck" Dave, or new "what the sweet Jesus are you thinking" Dave? You decide!

In related news, Megadeth just released new album "Super Collider." Check out two tracks from the album at this location.

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My Little Pony Meets Metal And More!

Heavy metal is no stranger to the cover, and in fact metal covers of non-metal tracks have become a staple of the scene, from Children of Bodom infamously recreating a Brittney Spears song to the full-force awesome of Graveworm covering "I Need A Hero."

Going past standard song recreations, Florida based guitarist Eric Calderone has a series covers for anime theme songs and video game tunes. A sampling of metallized versions of childhood favorites can be found below, including Sonic the Hedgehog, a Final Fantasy medley, and even My Little Pony! More...

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Erasure To Headline Download Festival

Over the past few years, the Download festival in the United Kingdom has catered to the tastes of music fans young and old, particularly in the headline department, where they have given major slots to younger bands such as Linkin Park, Slipknot and My Chemical Romance, as well as bands such as Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and Billy Idol. In 2013, the festival will continue this trend of booking bands that made a name for themselves in the eighties, by adding British synth duo Erasure to the lineup, who will headline the Zippo Encore Stage on the Friday night, so those who don’t always want to be with Slipknot can head over to the second largest area and pay a little respect to one of the greatest musical forces known to mankind.

“We’re really excited about the gig!” claimed frontman, Andy Bell, “We’ve always been about trying new things, from cover records to opera lessons, so performing at one of the most legendary rock festivals was an opportunity just too good to pass up!”

The addition of Erasure will force previous Zippo Encore headliners, Black Stone Cherry down a slot, as it will the rest of the lineup, which will mean shorter set times in some cases. However, Europe have been moved up to the second from headlining spot, to get the crowd in the true eighties mood.

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