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At Home In Hell Premieres New Song "Help!"

Faceless hardcore/metal act At Home In Hell is gearing up to create spontaneous mosh pits across the world and destroy necks everywhere with the release of the new full-length album "In Home Hell." With the impending release of January 31st, 2012 drawing near, the band has teamed up with us to premiere a brand new song online titled "Help!" Check out the song in the player below, and keep your eyes peeled for another brand new track cut off the album, which will be available for streaming later this month.

At Home in Hell had this to say about the song:

"When people hear the name 'At Home In Hell' they always ask why did you name your band that. Are you Satan worshipers, hate mongers, terrorists etc... This album will answer all those questions! Find it online at cdbaby, Amazon, etc, or in stores (in Montana) on January 31st, 2012.
'Help!' specifically is about dealing with childhood trauma and how somethings can never be forgotten...Or forgiven! Look for the upcoming album review at Metalunderground or follow us at Facebook."

The "In Home Hell" track listing is as follows:

1. House of No Faces
2. Help!
3. Last Chance
4. My Pain
5. Wrong Way Home
6. Threshold
7. Glorys End / Never Again
8. Stacking Bodies
9. Systematic Makeover
10. The Dogg
11. An Untimely End
12. WalloH!
13. A Poem To Remember Her By
14. Beatrice
15. Can't Sleep
16. The Other Me

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New Vise Massacre Album Streaming In Full

Brooklyn-based hardcore/metal trio Vise Massacre has put the final touches on the band's official first full-length album, "Expendable Humans," which will be self-released digitally this month with the LP coming out in February. You can listen to the entire album before then, right now in the streaming player below.

Recorded at Studio 65 and The Warehouse Recording Studio in Hicksville, New York by bassist Chris Vezza (who also mixed the tracks), self-produced by the band, and mastered at Bonati Mastering in Brooklyn by Josh Bonati (ZU, AIDS Wolf, Julie Christmas, Racebannon), "Expendable Humans" boasts 14 tracks in 31 minutes. VISE MASSACRE will release the album in early January on their own Gorilla The Horse Records imprint.

VISE MASSACRE’s new full-time lineup is preparing for more live shows throughout the coming year. Founded by guitarist/vocalist Rich Muller (ex-The Last Crime, the trio is rounded out by bassist Chris Vezza (ex-Awkward Thought) and drummer Jerry Carbone (ex-Science Diet, ex-Dawn of Bathos).

The complete track listing for "Expendable Humans" is as follows:

1. Paralyzer
2. Bloodsucker
3. Eyes Of Fire
4. Hail to the Wicked
5. Something Like Silence
6. MTA
7. Pushed Down
8. Internal War
9. Shark Intentions
10. Stranger
11. Winter Kills
12. Kill to Survive
13. Brain Decay
14. Rising Tide

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Gauchiste Offering Free Download Of "Viols"

Metalunderground.com has teamed up with ambient act Gauchiste to offer a stream and exclusive download of the new song "Viols" via the player below. "Viols" is the opening track taken off the band's upcoming debut self-titled album, which is set to drop on January 17th, 2012 through Little Black Cloud Records.

"I think of Gauchiste as setting a mood for an abstract form of storytelling, a kind of lighting or fog that proliferates throughout a room. It's more like horror meditations," says Tannon Penland (Loincloth), one-third of the trio Gauchiste.

"Gauchiste" was mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Scorn, Lotus Eaters) who has worked with such acts as Sunn O))), Earth, and Goslings.

Says Tannon, "The idea of Gauchiste came to be out of a shared love of oppressively heavy music and abstract minimalist forms that moved us to ask the question 'How can we play with and communicate sonically the otherness or peripheral spaces in these worlds, that which hovers above them and around them?' We all love metal in our own way. I imagine some will hear Gauchiste as an extension of black metal, but it isn't at all. Metal in general is only a very small part of the end result."

Download an MP3 of "Viols" here (right-click and "Save Target As")

The album's complete track listing is as follows:

1. Viols
2. When We Are Gone
3. Choeur I
4. The Light is Alone
5. Choeur II
6. Autist Hammer
7. Stop Believin

For more details on Gauchiste, check out the band's Facebook profile here.

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The Dead Lay Waiting Streaming Another New Song

Metalunderground.com is streaming a new The Dead Lay Waiting song, "Always Ask Why," off the band's new album, "Almost Heaven." The album is set for release in the U.S. via Rising Records on January 24th, 2012.

"Almost Heaven" was released in June 2011 in the U.K. The first music video from the album, "The Days I’m Gone," reached #6 in the Scuzz TV playlist, and the band is planning to release a second video for the track "Burnt to Ashes."

The complete track listing for "Almost Heaven" is as follows:

1. Wake Me Up
2. This Day Will Be Your Last
3. Take Me Away
4. Decaying King
5. Burnt To Ashes
6. Open Your Fucking Eyes
7. Always Ask Why
8. Voices
9. The Days I'm Gone
10. Beyond The White
11. Choke On Your Words
12. Pray To Us
13. Look At Us Now
14. Almost Heaven

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Gronibard Premieres Unreleased Song Online

Totally gay goregrind’nroll act Gronibard is gearing up to release the special vinyl edition of “Satanic Tuning Club Turbo!” on January 30th, 2012. The new version is a re-release of the band’s 2003 “Satanic Tuning Club” album, including 15 bonus tracks and remastered material.

The French act has now teamed up with Metalunderground.com to premiere a song from the album that has never been featured anywhere before. “Morceau sans titre” was recorded back in 2002 and was to be included with the original “Satanic Tuning Club” MCD.

According to Kaotoxin Records, the song was dropped after the band “totally fucked it up on stage” at the Fuck The Commerce fest in Germany, and Gronibard vowed to never play it again. That vow has now been broken and the band is finally ready to let the world hear the track through the player below, which until has now been totally unreleased.

The “Satanic Tuning Club Turbo!” track listing is as follows:

01. 30 Millions de Zobis
02. J'te Lacère les Tétons à Coups de Brosse à Dents (Sale Pute)
03. Arrête de Boire, Mets Toi au Foutre
04. Ta Gueule Cédric
05. Dans le Fion à Hélène
06. T.A.F (Tout à Fond)
07. David Gay Tha
08. A Life's a Life (Disrupt cover)
09. Fais Moi Pas Chier Connasse
10. Fingernails
11. Sale Pute
12. Morceau Sans Titre
13. Quand Je Sodo Mimi Mathy ça Fait un Méchoui (Live)
14. Arrête de Boire, Mets Toi au Foutre (Live)
15. Mets un Suppôt Quand J'Éjacule ça Fera le Space-Mountain (Live)
16. Crippled Bitch (Live)

17. Le Jeudi c'Est Sodomie !
18. Mets un Suppôt Quand J'Éjacule ça Fera le Space-Mountain
19. J't'Encule le Cule
20. Quand Je Sodo Mimi Mathy ça Fait un Méchoui
21. Oh Les Champions !
22. Stages
23. Viens-Là, Suce Ma Bite (Version 2002)
24. March of the Gronibard / Je Te Déchire l'Anus (Unplugged)
25. Prout de Bite (Unplugged)
26. Va Faire la Vaisselle (Unplugged)
27. Pacifuck (Force Anus) (Unplugged)
28. Morceau En Son Clair (Unplugged)
29. Noize En Son Clair (Unplugged)

Details on the various editions of the release are also available by heading over to this location or you can navigate to the Kaotoxin web store here to order your copy. More on Gronibard is available here or through the Kaotoxin Records Facebook profile.

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Revilement Streaming New Song Online

Taiwanese death/grind band Revilement is readying their new album, "Pillars of Balance," for release on December 10th, 2011 via Coyote Records, and Metalunderground.com is can now exclusively premiere a new song from the album. You can listen to "Terminal Sedation" in the player below.

"Pillars of Balance" will be available as a digital download through all the major channels (iTunes etc.) and physical copies will be available directly from the band, Coyote, and various distributors worldwide. To order a copy from Revilement, send an email to revilement[AT]gmail.com for ordering instructions.

The "Pillars Of Balance" track listing is as follows:

1. Pillars of Balance
2. Pity the Humans
3. Degradation to Extinction
4. Terminal Sedation
5. Tail Devouring Serpent
6. The Medjai's Return
7. Path of Apophis
8. Human Vivisection
9. Perverse Malevolence
10. Raping the Comatose
11. Feeding a Mind Corrupted

You can hear three more songs from the upcoming album over on Revilement's bandcamp page as well.

Revilement has departed for the Bang-Cock Death Fest 2011 in Thailand, which takes place Saturday, December 3 at 12:00am.

Their latest scheduled live gigs are as follows, with more in the works for 2012:

December 3rd, 2011-Bangkok., Thailand (Bang-Cock Death Fest)
January 13th, 2012-Manila, Philippines
January 14th, 2012-Davao, Philippines

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Abnormal Thought Patterns Streaming Debut EP

Abnormal Thought Patterns has released its debut self-titled EP today, November 29th, via the band's own, newly-formed CynNormal Lab Recordings. You can find some options to order it physically and digitally on the band's Facebook page. Now, Metalunderground.com brings you the full-album stream as well. You can hear the entire album in the player below.

Abnormal Thought Patterns is comprised of the core and founding members of heralded technical act Zero Hour, the band was formed by Northern California-based brothers Jasun and Troy Tipton (both also of Cynthesis) and Mike Guy. In order to complete the live sound, the trio recruited longtime friend and talented guitarist Richard Sharman, a student of Jasun's for many years.

The four-part epic "Velocity and Acceleration" and bass-only track "Ulnar Nerve Damage" were mixed by talented producer/engineer Dino Alden (Marty Friedman, Zero Hour), but due to Dino's carpal surgeries the band reached out to Matt LaPlant (Sikth, Nonpoint) to mix the tracks "The Machine Within" and "Electric Sun." The EP was mastered by Alan Douches (Between The Buried and Me, The Dillinger Escape Plan) and the cover artwork commissioned to Erick "Wurm" Pollard.

Here is the track listing for Abnormal Thought Patterns' self-titled debut:

1. The Machine Within
2. Velocity and Acceleration Movement 1
3. Velocity and Acceleration Movement 2
4. Velocity and Acceleration Movement 3
5. Velocity and Acceleration Movement 4
6. Ulnar Nerve Damage
7. Electric Sun

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The Fallen Divine Streaming New Album Online

Norwegian progressive metal band The Fallen Divine will self-release their new album, "The Binding Cycle," on November 28th. For a limited time you can stream the entire release exclusively on Metal Underground.com. "The Binding Cycle," was produced, mixed and mastered by Andy LaRocque (King Diamond) at Sonic Train Studios.

"The Binding Cycle" is the follow-up to the band's previous EP, "The Eternal Past and Future," which was released in 2010.

The track listing for "The Binding Cycle" is as follows:

1. Dissension
2. Shades of Oppression
3. Fire Lights the Night (Self Ignition)
4. Patterns Through Eternity
5. Northern Lights
6. Replenished
7. The Tormented One
8. The Binding Cycle

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New Seven Nines and Tens Songs Streaming Online

Vancouver, British Columbia's experimental metal band Seven Nines and Tens' debut full-length album, "Habitat 67," arrives three years almost to the day after their first live performance as a band. Metalunderground.com has the exclusive stream of two songs off the new album, which is set to be released on December 3rd at their CD release show. The band is still considering options for online distribution. In the meantime, you can stream "Saga of Butyric Fermentation" and "Thermocapsulary Dehousing Assister" in the player below.

Founding member Dave Cotton commented on their time together: "In hindsight, I think we spent the time between then and now wisely enough, playing any stage that would have us and always striving to refine and delve further into the sound we create."

Seven Nines and Tens recorded and produced these songs with their friend Hayz Fisher between October 2010 and October 2011 at the Dead Room and Factory Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Another friend of the band, Adam Veenendaal, mastered them.

Here is the "Habitat 67" track listing:

1. Thermocapsulary Dehousing Assister
2. A.s.o.h.a
3. Crystalline Xanthine Alkaloid
4. Microchasm
5. The Watch that Ends the Night
6. Saga of Butyric Fermentation
7. I Grow Tired
8. Famke Jansenn
9. Retrograde Orbit
10 Voir Dire
11. Day of the Living

Cotton commented on the future as well: "As far as our future plans are concerned, all of this striving and delving has yielded 20+ new songs that we are going to be demoing over the winter and taking out on tour before we track them properly in the spring of 2012."

Metalunderground.com previously premiered the track "Crystalline Xanthine Alkaloid," which is also available for free download.

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Mhorgl Streaming New Album Online

Having unearthed them for our readers in October, Metalunderground.com now presents the exclusive full album stream of Mhorgl's latest offering, "Heresiarch." The Perth-based blackened thrashers released "Heresiarch" in October through Sovereign Records.

“Heresiarch” is the follow-up to the band's highly acclaimed second album, “Antinomian” released early this year thru The Execution Kollective.

Here's the complete "Heresiarch" tracklisting:

1. Inheriting the Mantle of Power
2. Ophidian Legacy
3. Black Wolf Militia
4. Ravenous Wargod
5. The Seed of Rebellion
6. Fallen
7. Hostis Humani Generis
8. Impiety Storm
9. Soliloquy
10. Terror Manifesto
11. The Hubris Of The Departed
12. Purity

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Autumns Eyes Premieres New Song, "Ichabod"

Metalunderground.com brings you the exclusive premiere of the lead track off Autumns Eyes' new album, "Please Deceive Me." The song, titled "Icabod," can be heard in the player below.

Dan Mitchell commented on the song:

The track itself has it's own identity, as with most songs on 'Please Deceive Me'. However, the meaning is definitely more personal than the other tracks. It was written for my son, who is yet to be born. Some will call it corny, but I didn't write this for anyone else but my son. It's basically a promise to him before he enters the world. One day when he's old enough to make fun of his old man, I'll be ready for the insults. For now, it's more of a personal dedication. Besides, you can only go so far trying to be a tough guy who writes evil lyrics in this genre.

Here's the complete "Please Deceive Me" tracklisting:

1. Ichabod
2. Blood In the Woods
3. Anxiety Spiders
4. Please Deceive Me
5. So Close to Shadow
6. Pangea
7. Cobwebs and Crosses
8. Red Wine and Resin
9. Haunting Your Daughter
10. The Wooded Road

"Please Deceive Me" was delayed from its planned Halloween release following a freak October snow storm that caused major power outages in the Northeast. The album will be released "soon" and you'll be able to hear the full album stream here first.

In related news, the winners of the Metalunderground.com-sponsored Autumns Eyes Halloween costume contest have been announced. You can see them here, along with rest of the entries.

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Jimmy Bower Comments on New EHG & Down

Metal Underground.com caught up with Jimmy Bower backstage at Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011. The Eyehategod guitarist and Down drummer updated us on his two bands' upcoming albums and tours.

"Yeah, we’re almost done," answers Bower on the topic of the new Eyehategod album. "We’ve pretty much have gotten it written. We’re just trying to practice it and get it tight. We’re hoping for the first of the year (for release). Basically, we just have to record it. Brian [Patton] lives in Maryland, now, so that makes it a little tougher. Mike [Williams] lives across the lake."

Bower addresses new song titles, "We played one song tonight, 'New Orleans is the New Vietnam.' There is a (new) song called 'Medicine Noose,"

Bower will join Down on tour and will see the release of the group's new EP in 2011. Bower elaborates, "We just finished our first EP out of four. That should be out in February or March." Bower did not attach any profound concepts to releasing four EPs: "It’s just an idea that we had."

The forthcoming Eyehategod album follows the group's 2004 EP "99 Miles of Bad Roads." The Fun Fun Fest performance was part of a mini-tour through New Orleans and Texas. The upcoming Down EP follows the group's 2007 full-length effort, "III-Over the Under."

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Untimely Demise Streaming Entire Debut Album

Metalunderground.com is now hosting the full album stream of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan-based thrash/death metal trio Untimely Demise. The band's debut album, "City Of Steel," can be streamed in its entirety in the player below. Initially self-released, the album was released in North America via Sonic Unyon Metal on September 13th and a worldwide release date is pending.

"City of Steel" was produced by ex-Megadeth/King Diamond guitarist Glen Drover and spans seven tracks and 32 minutes.

"We are very excited to be working with Untimely Demise, as we feel they are one of the best new metal bands in Canada," says Sonic Unyon owner Tim Potocic. "The band is dedicated and diligent towards their craft, they have a work ethic not seen in most bands and is a great fit on our roster next to Voivod and Sacrifice."

The "City of Steel" tracklisting is as follows:

1. Virtue In Death
2. Hunting Evil
3. City Of Steel
4. Unmaker
5. Forget Of Belief
6. Streets Of Vice
7. Bloodsoaked Mission

Having recently returned from a successful headlining tour of Eastern Canada, the band is planning to begin touring the United States and abroad, following the re-release of "City Of Steel."

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Immolation Premieres New Song "What They Bring"

New York death metal legends Immolation will be releasing a new digital EP titled "Providence" through Scion A/V Metal on Tuesday, October 11th, 2011. "Providence" follows-up the band's eighth full-length album "Majesty and Decay" (reviewed here).

Metalunderground.com is very proud to bring you an exclusive premiere of a new track off the EP titled "What They Bring." You can check out the song in the widget provided below, or click here to download the track for free.

The "Providence" track listing is as follows:

1. What They Bring
2. Illumination
3. Still Lost
4. Providence
5. Swallow The Fear

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Charred Walls of the Damned Premieres New Song

As Charred Walls of the Damned gears up to release its sophomore album, "Cold Wind On Timeless Days," the band is previewing songs around the Internet. Metalunderground.com is proud to premiere the new song "Admire The Heroes." "Cold Wind On Timeless Days" is due out on October 11, 2011 (North America), October 7, 2011 (G/A/S) and October 10, 2011 (Rest of EU) via Metal Blade Records.

Charred Walls of the Damned, consisting of Richard Christy, Tim "Ripper" Owens, Jason Suecof and Steve DiGiorgio, began writing "Cold Wind On Timeless Days" while the band was mixing their 2010 debut. Christy recorded drum tracks at the Hit Factory Criteria (Black Sabbath, The Eagles, Aerosmith) with Mark Lewis engineering. Drums were finalized in Orlando, Florida, where work on the rest of the album continued.

"Cold Wind On Timeless Days" clocks in at 58 minutes across 12 tracks, which is a conscious effort by Christy to give fans more music this time around.

The full track listing is as follows:

1. Timeless Days
2. Ashes Falling Upon Us
3. Zerospan
4. Cold Winds
5. Lead the Way
6. Forever Marching On
7. Guiding Me
8. The Beast Outside My Window
9. On Unclean Ground
10. Bloodworm
11. Admire the Heroes
12. Avoid the Light

Charred Walls of the Damned previously posted tracks "Zerospan" and "Ashes Fall Upon Us" for streaming and download.

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Three Eyes Left Streams New EP Online

Italian stoner/psychedelic metal band Three Eyes Left just released their latest EP, titled "Non Method As Method, No Limits as Limit" digitally via Italy's booking and promotion company Vampata. Metalunderground.com is now streaming the entire EP for a limited time only. Additionally, we can offer the first track from the effort, "La Fee Verthe (The Green Fairy)" as a free MP3 download.

The three-piece band is comprised of:

Maic (vocals/guitar)
Andrea (bass)
Ste (drums)

The track listing for "Non Method As Method, No Limits As Limit" is as follows:

1. La Fee Verthe (The Green Fairy) - Download MP3 (right click and "Save As")
2. Jet Kunee Do
3. Hand Of Stone
4. Hymnn Of The Riffian
5. Luciferian As The Sun

You can follow Three Eyes Left on Facebook here.

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Wormrot Premieres New Song "Loathsome Delusions"

Singapore grind champions Wormrot will be releasing a new digital EP through Scion A/V tomorrow, September 20th. For grindcore fans that can't wait that long, Metalunderground.com now has an exclusive premiere of the "Scion A/V Presents: WORMROT-NOISE" EP's opening track "Loathsome Delusions," which can be streamed or downloaded as an MP3 in the widget below.

The track listing for the "Noise" EP is as follows:

1. Loathsome Delusions
2. False Assumptions
3. Outburst of Annoyance
4. Breed to Breed
5. Perpetual Extingtion

You can also check out a video clip of Wormrot playing "Breed to Breed" by heading over to this location.

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Stream Eliminator's New Album In Its Entirety

New Jersey thrash metal band Eliminator's new album, "The One They Were Waiting For," is out today via Obskure Somber Records and Metalunderground.com has the full album stream for you to hear first. You can stream the entire album below.

"The One They Were Waiting For" is the band's follow up to their debut album, "Breaking the Wheel." Eliminator has recently made a name for itself by posting excellent covers of Slayer's "Angel of Death" and "Altar of Sacrifice/Jesus Saves" online.

The complete track listing for "The One They Were Waiting For" is as follows:

1. Atish
2. Calm Before The Storm
3. Me and The Devil Blues
4. The Man In The Picture...To Become What One Is
5. Answers Left Behind
6. Honey Sacrifice
7. He Who Laughs Best Today
8. Goodness Is Dead...Enter The Black Hole, Fucker!
9. R.I.P

You can buy your copy of the album directly from Obskure Somber Records now.

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Eliminator Previews Two New Songs Online

Metalunderground.com has an exclusive preview of two songs off Eliminator's new album, "The One They Were Waiting For." You can stream the album opener, "Atish" as well as "Goodness is Dead...Enter The Black Hole, Fucker!" in the player below.

"The One They Were Waiting For" is the band's follow up to their debut album, "Breaking the Wheel," and is being released by Obskure Sombre Records on Friday, September 16th.

The New Jersey thrash metal band has recently made a name for itself by posting excellent covers of Slayer's "Angel of Death" and "Altar of Sacrifice/Jesus Saves" online.

The complete track listing for "The One They Were Waiting For" is as follows:

1. Atish
2. Calm Before The Storm
3. Me and The Devil Blues
4. The Man In The Picture...To Become What One Is
5. Answers Left Behind
6. Honey Sacrifice
7. He Who Laughs Best Today
8. Goodness Is Dead...Enter The Black Hole, Fucker!
9. R.I.P

Metalrecusants.com is also previewing another two tracks, so head over there to hear them if you like what you've heard here.

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Shadowside Premieres New Music Video

Brazilian female-fronted melodic metal band Shadowside is premiering the new music video for "Angel With Horns" exclusively on Metalunderground.com. "Angel With Horns" is off the band's third album, "Inner Monster Out," which was just released on August 30th via SHP Records. The music video was directed by Thiago Pinheiro of Studio Kaiowas.

"The song is about someone trying to escape their own boring reality by putting their hopes in one disturbing and mysterious person that's pure evil, though innocent as an angel at the same time," said vocalist, Dani Nolden.

"I don't think I've been this excited about one of our albums being released before! I can't wait for people to hear Inner Monster Out," added Nolden. "It is exactly what I've been looking for as a musician since day one. It's heavy, aggressive, yet very melodic and catchy, so I believe it will please both extreme and melodic metal fans, as well as our old fan base. I don't know how good it is for the world yet, but I sure know that I love it and I'm proud of what we’ve accomplished!"

The "Inner Monster Out" track listing is as follows:

1. Gag Order
2. Angel with Horns
3. Habitchual
4. In the Name of Love
5. Inner Monster Out (featuring Björn "Speed" Strid, Mikael Stanne, and Niklas Isfeldt)
6. I'm Your Mind
7. My Disrupted Reality
8. A Smile Upon Death
9. Whatever Our Fortune
10. A.D.D.
11. Waste of Life

"Inner Monster Out" was produced, mixed, and mastered at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden by Fredrik Nordström (Arch Enemy, At The Gates, Bring Me The Horizon, In Flames), and features guest vocals from the likes of Björn "Speed" Strid (Soilwork), Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquility), and Niklas Isfeldt (Dream Evil). The album is now available digitally via iTunes and Amazon.com.

You can stream more songs from the band, including the new track "Waste of Life" on the band's Facebook page.

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