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Seven Nines And Tens Premieres New Single

Vancouver's Seven Nines and Tens spent upwards of a year recording and mixing debut album "Habitat 67," and we were fortunate enough to team up with the band to stream the full release online.

During the recording process, Seven Nines and Tens experimented with a large amount of new material that wasn’t to be included on the debut album.

Two live performance favorites “Constants & Axioms” and “Kemptville” were chosen to record as a single to give fans a glimpse into the evolution of the band’s sound since the release of "Habitat 67."

This new two-track single is available now available via Nefarious Industries, and we are again proud to bring you the premiere of the release. Check out the tracks from the single using the provided player (the song may take a moment to load after hitting "play").

The new single's track listing is as follows:

1. Constants & Axioms
2. Kemptville

Seven Nines and Tens consists of:

David Cotton - Guitars
Earl Heath - Bass/Drums
Kerry MacPherson - Guitars

Find more info on the band stay up-to-date with the latest Seven Nines and Tens activity over at Facebook here.

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Edge Of Attack Streaming New Song "In Hell"

No good could possibly come out of the frigid Northern lands of Alberta, you say? Well, sorry to tell you, there’s an exception to every rule. Enter smoldering power-thrash five-piece Edge of Attack.

Combining haunting vocals, shredding guitars, complex bass lines, furious drumming and choral and symphonic arrangements with surprising depth, Edge of Attack has not only taken the metal scene by storm, but also by surprise. Or, as Nuclear Fallout Radio puts its: “Edge of Attack is the near perfect combination anyone should be looking for in a modern Hard Rock/Metal band. That’s why this album is getting our very first A+ in 5 1/2 years.”

Having been featured in Revolver magazine, you’d think the band has surely been around for years, but truth be told, they’ve accomplished all this while releasing no more than two singles. Today we're proud to premiere a new single from the band for the track "In Hell," which will be appearing on the band's upcoming self-titled album, due out February 19th, 2013.

Check out "In Hell" through the widget below (the song may take a few moments to load after hitting "play"). You can also watch the previously posted music video for "Forever" at this location.

Representing the changes that have taken place and the reinvention of Edge of Attack’s sound, the self-titled album, which was produced by guitarist/vocalist Jurekk Whipple himself and is soon to be released with Spread the Metal Records, is according to the band "a reawakening and rebirthing of power metal with thrash creeping its way into the picture." Pre-orders are now available here and the track listing is:

1. In Hell
2. The Haunting
3. Demon (Of The Northern Seas)
4. Take Me Alive
5. In The Night
6. Edge of Attack
7. Forever
8. Rise Above
9. The Damned
10. Set The World Aflame More...

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Graven Image Streaming Debut LP In Full

It's been a long hard road for Connecticut's Graven Image. Over the past couple of years, the band has both solidified its lineup with the addition of seasoned vocalist Martin O'Brien (Beyond Reality/Weapon X) and fortified it with its newest additions, bassist Andrew Purchia and guitarist Scott Williams to go along with band mainstay, drummer Phil Michalak. Through this time, composer/guitarist Paul Coleman has refined/fine tuned the band's material and now on Saturday, December 15, 2012, the band will unleash its debut CD "The Future Started Yesterday."

The story of "The Future Started Yesterday" didn't come about until after most of the songs were written. As the band was writing new material, it was found that many of the songs had a common theme. From that point, the story of a soldier's return to the U.S. having to deal with post traumatic effects was born. As for the music, Graven Image plays metal the traditional way. On this release, the band successfully carried over more aggression in the studio than that of the live performances.

Guitarist Paul Coleman commented on the album: "I am very proud of this album and the guys on it. To write an album that's a concept is tricky enough, but to write one that raises social awareness is even harder. We set out to release something that would make you use your head, not just bang it."

Bassist Andrew Purchia added: "This is very exciting. With the release of this album it's a rebirth for me, but also vindication." More...

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Magoa Streaming Full New EP Online

After the release of debut album “Swallow the Earth” in 2011 and a year touring Europe alongside acts like Sybreed, French metallers Magoa are striking back with six brand new tracks of metal infused with a rock and roll energy to get you hooked. Influenced by bands like Dagoba, Mnemic, Textures, and Slipknot, Magoa strikes a strong balance between brutality, technicality and sincerity.

The "Animal" EP was recorded at the Hobby Shop Studios in Los Angeles with Magoa's long-time producer Charles "Kallaghan" Massabo and mastered by Andrew "Mudrock" Murdock. The release delivers a message of true freedom through metal, and all six songs can now be heard through the player below (the stream may take a moment to load after you hit "play"). If you dig the sound, "Animal" is available now and can be ordered online right here.

For more info on Magoa and upcoming activity from the band, head over to the Magoa Facebook profile here. The "Animal" EP track listing is as follows:

01. A Thousand Lives
02. Animal
03. Enemy
04. React
05. Sharks
06. The Grid

Magoa consists of:

Cyd Chassagne - Vocals
Martin Montergnole - Drums
Vincent Alvarez - Guitar
David Teixeira - Guitar
Swammer Blondel - Bass

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Neverstar Releases New Music Video "Lose Control"

Rising new female-fronted U.K act Neverstar has teamed up with Metalunderground.com to premiere the new music video "Lose Control," which was filmed at London’s renowned East End film studios this September. The clip can be viewed below.

The video sees singer Vega Sims trapped and escaping a psychological prison, while her band mates contrast the scene with their live performance. It concludes with Neverstar getting caught in a rainstorm, symbolizing internal turmoil. An extended version of “Lose Control” will be included with the band’s debut album, which will be released during 2013.

Neverstar will also be playing live dates in the U.K. during November and will continue to tour after the debut album comes out next year. For updated info, head over to the band's official website here.

“Lose Control” was released as a digital single last month and is currently playing on stations such as TotalRock Radio, while the group was recently selected as band of the month on femalemetal.com.

Singer Vega Sims commented, “Creating this video has been an immense experience and amazing learning curve. Originally we didn’t plan on releasing a video for this song, but it somehow made sense to take the idea behind the lyrics and bring them to life. Taking the concept to the screen enabled us to refine the band, and demonstrate our passion for the songs in a whole new way. We loved the process so much that we ended up being completely involved." More...

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Blynd Premieres Three New Tracks Online

After snagging the premiere of the music video for "The Chosen Few," we are now stoked to bring you more new music from the burgeoning Cyprus metallers Blynd.

The band's sophomore full-length album "Punishment Unfolds" is set to devastate the metal world in a mere five days, becoming available on November 20th, 2012 through Pitch Black Records.

If "The Chosen Few" wasn't enough for you, now you can hear three more tracks from the release through the widget below (the player may take a few moments to load the tracks after hitting "play"). Headbang along with the pummeling "Arrival of the Gods," "As Punishment Unfolds," and "Never For The Fallen" below, or read our review of the full album right here.

"Punishment Unfolds" features artwork by the iconic Seth Siro Anton of Septicflesh and includes guest appearances by Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) and George Charalambous (Winter's Verge). The tracks will be available for digital download through Amazon.com here.

The album's complete track listing is:

1. Divine Gathering (2:16)
2. Arrival of the Gods (4:53)
3. As Punishment Unfolds (4:32)
4. Never for the Fallen (4:50)
5. The Chosen Few (4:36)
6. Convicted in the Devil’s Land (5:25)
7. Sins to the Cross (4:47)
8. The Final Resistance (4:18)
9. Divine Conspiracy (4:08)
10. Infinity Race (5:17)
11. The Chosen Few – video (bonus) More...

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Dissipate Premieres Full New EP "Tectonics"

Update: the stream has now ended, but the "Tectonics" EP can be purchased via iTunes or through Basick Records here.

We may be nearing the end of the year, but there's still a storm of brutal metal coming your way before we finally hit 2013.

In our continuing quest to bring you new music you may not have had a chance to hear before, today we proudly premiere the full new "Tectonics" EP from California's Dissipate.

All six tracks from the release can be heard below (the player may take a moment to load the songs after hitting "play") and you can see what Dissipate had to say about the band's Basick Records debut through this recent interview or check out our review of the EP right here.

Vocalist Josh Foster comments, "The Tectonics EP has a everything to do with the things in life that seriously rock our foundation. Sometimes, more often than not, awful things happen to us that are so 'earth shattering,' that it actually changes who we are, and can put us in a dark place.

"That’s why I think 'Tectonics' is such a great name for this EP, it’s a very heavy-handed understanding of how the world can physically shift at anytime, and conceptually, how it might just be our turn to stand on the fault line and fall in...it’s up to us alone to crawl back out and reclaim our life."

The "Tectonics" EP's track listing is as follows:

1. Motion (4:52)
2. Such is the Mind (of a Realist) (3:50)
3. Becoming the Mantis (4:07)
4. Mech Fail (4:37)
5. Fragments Lost (1:10)
6. Tectonics (4:44)

"Tectonics" is set for official release on November 19th, 2012 can be pre-ordered on its own or in a t-shirt bundle through Basick Records here. Give the EP an advance listen and let us know what you think about it in the comments below. More...

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Germ Premieres Full "Loss" EP

In a switching of gears from our last premiere, it's time for something a little more Fall appropriate: depressive black metal, but with a serious twist.

After seeing a U.K. stream through Zero Tolerance, Metalunderground.com is now proud to host the North American exclusive premiere of Germ's appropriately titled "Loss" (reviewed here).

Check out all six devastatingly avant-garde tracks from the release below (the player may take a few moments to load the first song after hitting "play"). The music speaks for itself, but if you want to know what you are about to get into, consider the ending lines of our review: "If David Bowie decided to do an album with Burzum, while both were under the influence of LSD, the end result would likely be something like 'Loss.' This one’s going to strongly appeal to fans of the insanity of Devin Townsend who want the black metal cred of Peccatum to boot."

You can also see what band mastermind Tim Yatras had to say about the release himself in this recent interview.

Begun as a solo project by Austere member Tim, Germ was conceived as early as 2003. The idea behind Germ was to create something that not only combined atmospheric black metal and rock - Tim has become known for with his love of classical, pop and electronic styles of music - but to create an image and visual aspect to accompany the music.

For more info on the project, head over to the Germ Facebook profile here, and you can also order the EP at this location. The "Loss" track listing is as follows:

1. My Only Hope
2. So Lonely, Dead Lonely
3. Only When Every Timepiece In The World Is Smashed Part I
4. Only When Every Timepiece In The World Is Smashed Part II
5. Cold Grey Dawn (A New Beginning)
6. Loss

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Malevolence Premieres New Music Video "Slithering"

"Slithering," the brand new video from Portuguese extreme progressive metallers Malevolence, sees its exclusive U.S. premiere today through Metalunderground.com (as well as PureGrainAudio for Canada and Arte Sonora for Portugal). The clip was directed by David Barros of 4THERECORDS and can be viewed below.

The song "Slithering," written by guitarist/vocalist Carlos Cariano, is taken from the band’s upcoming third album "Antithetical," which will be released in 2013. To find out more on the album, you can also check out our exclusive track-by-track breakdown straight from the band at this location.

Carlos commented about the new video: “Slithering was the first single extracted from our impending new album. Decibel Magazine kindly assisted us to make the premiere of the audio episode some weeks ago, helping us in the process to show the song writing diversity on 'Antithetical.' Now we are moving forward and presenting the visual production of our first (ever) music video interrelated with the same song. To achieve that we worked with 4THERECORDS, a young company producing mainly short films and commercials. SLITHERING is their boldest achievement to date and we are truly pleased with the visual quality of our first cooperation with this entity. The support of 4THERECORDS was central and decisive to attain the professional final results."

Considering the alliances used for the video release, Carlos added: “Subsequent to the premiere of 'Slithering' we received rave reviews far and wide. The interest upon 'Antithetical' grows on a daily basis rate. Sharing our video through such professional media, in 3 different countries at the same time means quite something!” More...

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A Band Of Orcs Premieres Full New Album

The prelimary invasion of the soft, weak races of Earth began with "WarChiefs of the Apocalypse" (reviewed here), and the orcs took a brief side trek to metal-up the fantasy miniature world, but now it's officially time to add even more heads to the pile!

The debut full-length album from A Band of Orcs, "Adding Heads to the Pile," doesn't see it's official release (and the subsequent enslavement of all mankind) until Halloween through Itchy Metal Entertainment, but now you lucky few get the chance to hear the release in full, and possibly be spared orcish wrath come the Domination.

The album tells a tale of A Band of Orcs' mercenary employment for a human kingdom in the realm of Hirntodia. This craven kingdom of humans hires the Gore-Stained Axe Tribe to "settle their giant troubles" for them with axe and spear, but they get a lot more than they bargained for, once the orcs fulfill the terms of their geas by vanquishing the giants and returning to pay the piper.

Give all 13 tracks of the album a listen in the player below (the songs may take a few seconds to load the songs after hitting "play.") If you dig the death metal you hear and don't want to be eaten by orcs on the 31st, pre-order "Adding Heads to the Pile" right here.

A lyric video for "In The Keeper's Chamber" can also be found below, and the album's track listing is as follows:

1. Prepare for Domination
2. When the Hills Run Red
3. In the Keeper's Chamber
4. Of Broken Chains & Shattered Skulls
5. Wyrd of the Winter Wolf
6. The Darkness that Comes Before (Interlude)
7. Hall of the Frozen Dead
8. Lair of the Ice Wyrm
9. Stormbringer
10. At the Mouth of Fire
11. Fall of the Fire Lord
12. Adding Heads to the Pile
13. A Deeper Evil (Instrumental) More...

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After Oblivion Premieres "Hatred Profound"

"Stamina," the debut album from Bosnia and Herzegovina based old school technical death/thrash metal band After Oblivion, will be released on November 9th through Metal On Metal Records.

After Oblivion's music is described by the label as "an homage to '90s period Death, as the band deliberately embraces Chuck Schuldiner’s legacy, however it also bears a personal stamp thanks to the passion and talent of these young musicians. 'Stamina' is not just a display of technical virtuosity, but it's full of emotion, atmospheric and intense."

Two songs off "Stamina" have been made available for streaming via bandcamp, and Metalunderground.com is now very proud to exclusively premiere a third track. Give "Hatred Profound" a listen in the player below (you may need to wait a few seconds after pressing "play" for the track to load), and then check out the other songs "Breeding Perdition" and "The Carnal Form" through bandcamp here.

The complete track listing for "Stamina" is as follows:

1. Deliverance
2. For The Rebels
3. Vultures
4. Breeding Perdition
5. The Carnal Form
6. Septic Mind
7. Ascent Of Misery
8. Stamina
9. Hatred Profound

The album's cover art was created by After Oblivion guitarist/vocalist Adnan Hatic. The CD can be pre-ordered with a discount from the Metal On Metal Records website here until November 6th, while the digital download can be ordered at the previously linked bandcamp page. A teaser trailer and the artwork are available below. More...

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Malevolence Breaks Down New Album "Antithetical"

Portugal's Malevolence is back after a 13 year hiatus to bring on seven tracks of extreme metal madness with new album "Antithetical."

To give fans a taste of what's to come, Malevolence recently released opening track "Slithering" over at bandcamp, and now we have scored an exclusive track-by-track breakdown and interview straight from the band. Front man Carlos Cariano offered the following explanations of the impending "Antithetical" experience: More...

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Blynd Premieres New Music Video "The Chosen Few"

Metalunderground.com is very proud to exclusively premiere a brand new video clip today from up-and-coming Cyprus based death/thrash act Blynd. Get a heavy dose of melodic style death metal with some serious groove to it in "The Chosen Few" video below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below (use the "change quality" button in the player to choose HD).

"The Chosen Few" is taken from Blynd's upcoming sophomore full-length effort "Punishment Unfolds," due out this coming November 20th, 2012 through independent record label Pitch Black Records.

The artwork, created by Seth Siro Anton of Septicflesh, is available after the jump. With the injection of a bit of symphonic sounding mayhem halfway through the video, it appears artwork may not be the only influence Septicflesh impressed on the band. You can also find more info on Blynd via Facebook here.

“Punishment Unfolds” features guest appearances by Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) and George Charalambous (Winter's Verge) and is set for release just in time before the band embarks on yet another tour, which kicks off on November 27th. A full listing of tour dates can be found below. More...

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Murder Construct Premieres Unreleased Song

Murder Construct, the California death/grind act boasting an all-star line up of death metal and grindcore veterans including Travis Ryan (CATTLE DECAPITATION), Danny Walker (EXHUMED, INTRONAUT) and Leon Del Muerte (EXHUMED, IMPALED), recently released its debut full-length album, entitled "Results." You can stream the entire album below via bandcamp.

But Metalunderground.com can now present the exclusive premiere of another track from the "Results" recording sessions that's not on the album. The track is alled "Murder Construct" and Guitarist Leon Del Muerte commented on it:

The song is two riffs we put together literally just days before we started tracking. More of a companion piece than an album track, and definitely the slowest thing we've recorded. The only song that doesn't contain a blast beat. Or even a d-beat, for that matter. Kevin put together the samples in a relatively short amount of time and boom, a small ode to Autopsy is born.

You can hear "Murder Construct" below.

Here's the tracklisting for "Results":

1. Red All Over
2. Under the Weight of the Wood
3. No Question, No Comment
4. Gold Digger
5. Compelled by Mediocrity
6. The Next Life
7. Dead Hope
8. Feign Ignorance
9. Mercy, Mercy
10. Malicious Guilt
11. Resultados

Stream the band's entire "Results" album via bandcamp below:

Murder Construct recently released a music video for the song "Red All Over," directed by Mitch Massie (Cattle Decapitation).

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Savage Annihilation Premieres Full New Album

Update: the stream is no longer available, but the album is now available for ordering online through Kaotoxin records right here.

Formed in 2002 in the center of France by members of Defecal Of Gerbe (Goregrind) and Brennkelt (Black Metal), Savage Annihilation is all about being true to what the name suggests: uncompromising death metal brutality.

For the band's 10 year anniversary, Savage Annihilation is proud to announce a multi-album deal with up-and-coming French label Kaotxon Records (home of Ad Patres, Darkall Slaves, Dehuman, Eye Of Solitude, VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxCx, and more) which will result in the release on October 1st of new full-length, “Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries."

Metalunderground.com is now proud to present you with a full stream of the upcoming album. Pre-orders will go live this coming Monday, September 3rd, and the stream will be available for the entire month up until October 7th.

Kaotoxin Records comments on the band: "Raw, brutal, fast, blasting and featuring sick soloing, Savage Annilhilation is bringing back that primal proto Death Metal feeling the likes of Morbid Angel ('Abominations' / 'Altars'-era), (early) Sepultura, (early) Krisiun, Nephasth or Nefas made popular before them, with the addition of their very own vision of twisted-ness. 'Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries' will unleash Savage Annihilation’s heretic Armageddon upon mankind, joining the Great Old Ones in their quest for the (savage) annihilation of mankind." More...

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Unsu Delivers New Music Video For "The Filthy"

French grind/death act Unsu has teamed up with Metalunderground.com for the U.S. premiere of new music video "The Filthy." Enjoy the pig squealing madness in the player below. Kaotoxin Records also commented:

"Kaotoxin records proudly present the debut music video by Unsu for the title track of their latest MCD, 'The Filthy.' The video, directed by Jordan Saunders of UK's Dead Parrot productions (also responsible for music videos for Flayed Disciple, Merciless Terror, Fool Body Autopsy and many more and already working on a brand new Eye Of Solitude one among others) has been shot July 9th & 10th, 2012 at l'Hôtel de la Musique in Roubaix (FR) and La Rumeur in Lille (FR).

"The label on behalf of the band, would like to sincerly thank everyone involved in the shooting, including the very special guests (lightning fast) appearances by the members of Malignancy, Cephalic Impurity, Unfathomable Ruination, Eye of Solitude, Trifixion, Purify, and Forget Your Fears. Unsu's debut full-length, which will feature the full-quality music video as a CD-ROM bonus track, will be released first 2013 half through Kaotoxin records."

To hear more from Unsu, you can listen to the previously posted song "Kill Kyst" at this location, or check out Unsu's gender confused addition to our "Pit Stories" column over here. More...

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Watch Common Dead's New Music Video

Premiering first on MetalUnderground.com, U.S. metal outfit Common Dead is now streaming "Inveigh," the band's third music video supporting the album "Diatribe" (reviewed here), and sixth music video in total.

Not unlike previous videos from Common Dead, "Inveigh" was directed and edited by the sole instrumentalist behind the album, Andrew Laurenson, with aiding camerawork and equipment provided by Valérie Delorme and JP McGurrin.

The band founder comments: "'Inveigh' is a track about the anonymous drive or passion that keeps you alive, which can be different for each person. Choosing to live, even when there's no clear reason to do so. For some, the ability to create something that will exist in this realm, even after they are gone, may be all they need to strive on."

Originally the solo endeavor of Laurenson (who performed all instruments across the band's first three releases), Common Dead has committed to a roster expansion since the last album, with the aim of including an ensemble for upcoming efforts. Reviewers often label Common Dead as having a thrash/death backdrop with sporadic forays into tech and post-metal territory, adopting a broad range of themes including vengeance, civil disobedience, and metaphysics.

For more info, visit the band's website or 'Like' the Facebook profile here for updates. More...

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Malevolence Reveals "Antithetical" Teaser Trailer

Portuguese extreme progressive metallers Malevolence today reveal the teaser trailer for their upcoming third full-length album "Antithetical." Malevolence teamed up with Metalunderground.com for the U.S. premiere and Infektion Magazine for the Portuguese side, with the trailer available below.

"Antithetical" is the first studio work from the band in a period of thirteen years, and this will be the very first chance to sneak a quick listen to the new material. The full sound of the album is represented below in the preview, which includes 4:20 worth of musical passages from the vast assortment contained within the release.

Malevolence in 2012 expands the band's extreme metal sound, enriching it even further. “Antithetical represents our musical progression bursting on hard commitment and total dedication!” says vocalist Carlos Cariano. “We are one of the most long running and iconic metal exportations from the Portuguese soil and Antithetical is a ravaging journey constructed and depicted throughout the seven (7) experienced havoc anthems we have delivered. The new material sounds exactly how I envisioned it (during the production design) and the way WE as Malevolence wanted it to sound on this new record.”

The "Antithetical" album features the same line-up responsible for the recording of "Martyrialized," including core members Carlos Cariano (vocals/guitars), Aires Pereira (bass), Fred Noel (guitars), and Paulo Pereira (keyboards) alongside session drummer extraordinaire Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork, The Devin Townsend Project, Jeff Loomis). More...

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Stream In The Casket's New EP In Full

In The Casket released the new EP "You Could Get Hit By a Truck" at the band's CD release show on Saturday at Trickshot Billiards in Clifton Park, NY and Metalunderground.com can now bring you the full album stream. Give it a listen below. The album is the first of two that are being released in 2012. The other is planned for December.

"You Could Get Hit By a Truck" contains five studio tracks and two live songs, of the latter being a cover of Tears For Fears' "Mad World." You can purchase and download the five studio songs from the band here.

Here's the tracklisting for the "You Could Get Hit By A Truck" EP:

1. Watch You Bleed
2. Good Luck and Go Fuck Yourself
3. You Could Get Hit By a Truck
4. The Placebo Effect
5. Win Her Over With Chloroform
6. Mad World (Tears for Fears cover)
7. Its Only a Plague Away

In The Casket still has shows scheduled on August 20 at Bogies in Albany with Sapremia, and Nightfire (members of Jungle Rot) and also August 28 at The Loft in Poughkeepsie, NY with Fleshgod Apocalypse, Kataklysm, Vital Remains, Rose Funeral, and Necroptic Engorgement and then November 8 at Bogies in Albany with Deicide and Necroptic Engorgement.

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In The Casket Streaming New Songs Online

New York death metal band In The Casket recently finished recording a new album and is readying it for a July release, The EP, entitled "You Could Get Hit By a Truck," will released on July 14th at the band's CD release show at Trickshot Billiards in Clifton Park, NY and will be available online starting the same day. The album is the first of two that we are being released in 2012. The other is planned for December.

The EP release will contain five studio tracks and two live songs, of the latter being a cover of Tears For Fears' "Mad World." You can hear two songs exclusively on Metal Underground.com in the player below: opener "Watch You Bleed" and previously released "Win Her Over With Chloroform."

Here's the tracklisting for the "You Could Get Hit By A Truck" EP:

1. Watch You Bleed
2. Good Luck and Go Fuck Yourself
3. You Could Get Hit By a Truck
4. The Placebo Effect
5. Win Her Over With Chloroform
6. Mad World (Tears for Fears cover)
7. Its Only a Plague Away

In The Casket just recently wrapped up playing Brutiful Metalfest in Alabama and still has some shows scheduled for the near future. After the July 14 CD release show, the band has shows scheduled on August 20 at Bogies in Albany with Sapremia, and Nightfire (members of Jungle Rot) and also August 28 at The Loft in Poughkeepsie, NY with Fleshgod Apocalypse, Kataklysm, Vital Remains, Rose Funeral, and Necroptic Engorgement and then November 8 at Bogies in Albany with Deicide and Necroptic Engorgement.

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