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Band Formed City/State Country Status Articles
Displaying records 601 - 651 of 651 1 2 ... 5 6 7 Last
Nuestros Derechos   Netherlands Active 1
Nufutic   Unknown 3
Nukeateen   United Kingdom Regrouped 2
nulldB 2001  W├╝rzburg Germany Active 1
Null'o'zero   Greece Active 1
Num Skull   Active 2
Numbers   WA United States Active 4
Numbskull   Unknown 1
Numidas   Algeria Active 0
Nunca Digas Muere   Mexico Active 1
NunFuckRitual   Norway Active 3
Nunslaughter   Active 18
nunwhore commando 666   Unknown 1
Nursing Home Panty Raid   Wichita, KS United States Active 2
Nutrition   United States Active 2
Nux Vomica   OR United States Active 5
NVRVD   Active 3
Nyarlathotep   Spain Active 2
NYC Irate   Unknown 1
Nyctophobia   Spain Active 1
Nydvind   France Active 2
Nylithia   Vancouver Canada Active 6
Nymphea Aurora   Netherlands Active 0
Nyogtha   United Kingdom Active 1
Nyogthaeblisz   TX United States Active 1
The Nails   Azerbaijan Active 1
The Neglected   Unknown 1
The Neologist   United States Active 4
The Neon Hookers   MA United States Disbanded 1
The Neptune Power Federation   Australia Active 1
The New Affliction 2008  Rutherford, NJ United States Active 1
The New Black 2008  Germany Active 17
The New Czars   Los Angeles, CA United States Active 0
The New Dominion   Tilburg Netherlands Active 3
The New Jacobin Club   Canada Active 1
The New Plague   CA United States Active 1
The Nibiruan   Finland Active 1
The Nicaea Room   Unknown 3
The Nicea Room   Unknown 1
The Night Flight Orchestra   Sweden Active 1
The Nightwatchman   Unknown 2
The Nine Orders Of Angels   Unknown 3
The Ninth Gate   San Diego, CA United States Active 1
The Nocturnal Chaos   France Active 2
The North   VA United States Active 1
The Northern   Canada Active 2
The Northern Ontario Black Metal Preservation Society 2009  Ontario Canada Active 2
the number 12 looks like you   Unknown 1
The Number Twelve Looks Like You   Fairlawn, NJ United States Disbanded 31
The Nuremberg Code   Australia Active 1
The Nurso Experience   St. Louis, MO United States Active 2

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