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Band Formed City/State Country Status Articles
Displaying records 601 - 635 of 635 1 2 ... 5 6 7 Last
Lysura   IN United States Active 3
Lyzanxia   France Active 10
The Land of New Hope   Active 1
The Last Alliance   Unknown 1
The Last Breath   Quintana Roo Mexico Active 1
The Last Felony   Montreal Canada Active 14
The Last Goodbye   Germany Active 1
The Last Hangmen   Germany Active 5
The Last of our Kind   NY United States Active 4
The Last Of Us   United Kingdom Active 1
The Last Outlaw   Australia Active 1
The Last Savior Of God   CO United States Active 1
The Last Shot Of War   Belgium Active 7
The Last Stand   NY United States Active 1
The Last Ten Seconds of Life   PA United States Active 20
The Last Vegas 2008  Chicago, IL United States Active 5
The Last Warning 2003  Obdach-Weisskirchen Austria Active 4
The Law 2004  Karlstad Sweden Active 9
The Leaves Eyes 2003  Germany Active 1
The Legacy   Unknown 1
The Legion 1996  Jönköping Sweden Active 18
The Legions of Hetheria   Unknown 1
The Lidocaine   Finland Active 1
The Link   Belgium Disbanded 1
The Lion's Daughter   MO United States Active 5
The Living End   Unknown 6
The Living Fields 2002  Active 6
The Lizards   Unknown 1
The Loathsome Couple   Seattle, WA Active 1
The Locust   Unknown 9
The Love Below   CA United States Active 5
The Lucifer Principle 2004  Apeldoorn Netherlands Active 6
The Lumberjack Feedback   France Active 4
The Lurking Corpses   IN Active 6
The Lustmord   AZ United States Active 1

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