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Band Formed City/State Country Status Articles
Displaying records 101 - 184 of 184 1 2 Last
John Browne's Flux Conduct   Unknown 1
John Corabi   Unknown 1
John Galt   Unknown 1
John Garcia   United States Active 5
John Hex's CreepShow   United States Active 1
John Longstreth   United States Active 3
John No Arms   Brazil Active 1
John Tole   United States Active 1
John Wesley   United Kingdom Active 2
John Wilkes Booth   Active 1
John5   Active 15
Johnny B. Morbid   Unknown 1
Johnny Booth   United States Active 4
Johnny Lokke   United States Active 0
Johnny Roadkill   Unknown 1
Johnny Touch   Australia Active 4
Johnny Truant   United Kingdom Disbanded 7
Johnny Wore Black   Unknown 2
Johnny Wright   IL United States Active 2
Johny Truant   Unknown 1
Join the Dead   Unknown 1
Jon Oliva   Unknown 7
Jon Oliva's Pain 2003  Clearwater, FL United States Active 40
Jonathan, Brave The Rifle   Unknown 1
Jonbenet Ramsey   Unknown 1
Joncofy   Ukraine Active 3
Jonne   Finland Active 2
Jordaan   Italy Active 5
Jormengund   Unknown 1
Jorn 2000  Fredrikstad Norway Active 19
Jorn Lande & Trond Holter Present Dracula 2014  Norway Active 3
Josh Todd   Unknown 1
Jotnar   Spain Active 7
Jotunspor   Unknown 4
Joy   NC United States Active 4
Joy Basu   Unknown 1
Joy Division   United Kingdom Active 1
JPT Scare Band   Active 1
Jucifer   United States Active 19
Judas Goat   Unknown 2
Judas Iscariot   Unknown 1
Judas Priest 1967  Birmingham United Kingdom Active 338
Judas The Dancer   Italy Active 3
Jude The Obscure   Unknown 2
Judgement Day   CA United States Active 34
Judgment Hammer   MT United States Active 6
Judicator 2012  Salt Lake City, UT United States Unknown 21
Juggernaught   South Africa Active 1
Juggernaut 2006  Rome Italy Active 4
Jules Julio Martinez   France Active 1
Julian's Lullaby 2004  Athens Greece Active 0
Julius Seizure   NJ United States Active 19
Jumalation   Finland Active 1
Jumbo's Killcrane   Unknown 2
Jump The Shark   FL United States Active 2
Jungle Juice   AR United States Active 1
Jungle Julia   Italy Active 1
Jungle Rot 1994  Kenosha, WI United States Active 91
Junior Bruce 2007  FL Active 5
Junius 2004  Boston, MA United States Active 21
Junkyard 69   Unknown 1
Junkyard Prophets   Active 2
Junkyard Royalty   Unknown 1
Juno Bloodlust   Japan Active 8
Jupiter Hollow   Canada Active 1
Jupiter VI   Unknown 2
Jupiter Zeus   Australia Active 1
Just Before Dawn   Unknown 4
Just Karma   Unknown 1
Just Like Gentlemen   Unknown 1
Just One Fix   New Zealand Active 6
Just Surrender   Unknown 1
Justice   Belgium Disbanded 10
Juvaliant   Austria Active 1
The Jackpine Snag   Unknown 1
The Jasser Arafats   Tampere Finland Active 2
The Joint Chiefs   Vancouver, BC Canada Active 1
The Joint Chiefs   Vancouver, British Columbia Canada Active 0
The Jonbenet   Unknown 11
The Judas Chain   United Kingdom Active 2
The Judas Cradle   Unknown 6
The Judas Syndrome   NY United States Active 1
The Julia Set   Guanajuato Mexico Active 2
The Juliet Massacre   Italy Active 4

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