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Displaying records 1201 - 1300 of 1,366 1 2 ... 11 12 13 14 Last
Burkah   Spain Active 1
Burn Everything   NY United States Active 4
Burn Halo 2007  CA United States Active 8
Burn in Hell   Unknown 1
Burn In Silence   Boston, MA United States Active 32
Burn Infinite   CA United States Active 1
Burn It All 2008  United States Active 3
Burn It Down   Unknown 1
Burn Me Down   MA United States Active 2
Burn Out Bright   Unknown 1
Burn Season   Jacksonville, FL United States Disbanded 7
Burn The Army   Active 2
Burn the Hearse   MI United States Active 1
Burn The Mankind   Brazil Active 1
Burn The Priest 1990  Richmond , VA United States Disbanded 2
Burn The Void   United Kingdom Active 1
Burn to Black 2002  Toronto Canada Active 1
Burn Your Wishes   Boston, MA United States Active 2
Burned Up Bled Dry   United States Active 2
Burning   Netherlands Active 1
Burning Alive 2005  IA United States Active 1
Burning Black 2003  Treviso Italy Active 1
Burning Brides   Disbanded 4
Burning Bridges   Albany, NY United States Regrouped 3
Burning Church   LA United States Active 1
Burning Cross   Germany Active 1
Burning Crows   Unknown 1
Burning Flesh   World Active 1
Burning Ghats   Unknown 2
Burning Human 1990  Troy, NY United States Active 8
Burning In Hell 1995  Caxias do Sul Brazil Active 1
Burning Kingdon   Unknown 1
Burning Leaf   Serbia Active 1
Burning Love 2007  Toronto Canada Active 7
Burning Nitrum   Italy Active 9
Burning Point 1997  Finland Active 19
Burning Saviours 2000  Sweden Active 2
Burning Shadows   MD Active 2
Burning Skies 2002  Bristol United Kingdom Active 11
Burning The Day 2005  Toronto Canada Active 1
Burning The Masses   San Diego, CA United States Active 16
Burning The Memory   Long Island, NY United States Active 5
Burning The Prospect   Active 2
Burning Twilight   WA United States Active 4
Burnt Belief   Active 3
Burnt Books   SC United States Active 9
Burnt By The Sun 1999  NJ United States Active 31
Burnt Offerings 2005  Spokane, WA United States Active 1
Burnt Shadows 2004  Seattle, WA United States Disbanded 2
Burst 1993  Kristinehamn Sweden Active 41
Bursting Veins   Stockholm Sweden Active 14
Burweed   Finland Active 1
Bury Me At Dawn   Italy Active 2
Bury My Sins   Germany Active 1
Bury The Needle   Unknown 1
Bury the Silence   MI United States Active 2
Bury Thy Kingdom   PA United States Active 3
Bury Tomorrow   United Kingdom Active 29
Bury What's Dead   Unknown 0
Bury What's Left   Hungary Active 1
Bury Your Dead   Boston, MA United States Active 115
Burzukh   Pakistan Active 1
Burzum 1987  Bergen Norway Active 49
But   Czech Republic Active 0
But We Try It   Germany Active 7
Butcher ABC 1994  Japan Regrouped 5
Butcher Babies   Los Angeles, CA United States Active 35
Butcher In The Fog   London United Kingdom Active 1
Buttafuko   Unknown 0
Buttafuko   Seattle, WA United States Active 0
Buttered Bacon Biscuits   Unknown 1
Buzzherd   Active 2
Buzzov*en   Chalotte, NC United States Active 11
By Any Means Necessary 2003  Austin, TX Active 0
By Autumns End   Buffalo, NY United States Disbanded 4
By Blood Alone 2004  Portland, ME United States Active 1
By Brute Force   Germany Active 1
By Crimson Light   United Kingdom Active 1
By Demons Be Driven   Martinsburg, WV United States Active 2
By Night 1999  Falkenberg Sweden Active 5
By The Grace Of God   Unknown 1
By The Patient   Denmark Active 6
By The Sins Fell Angels   GA United States Active 3
Byblis   Germany Active 1
Byfrost   Norway Active 10
Byleth   NE United States Active 2
Bypass   United Kingdom Active 5
Byzantine 2000  Charleston, WV United States Active 69
The Babys   Unknown 1
The Bakerton Group   MD United States Active 6
The Banner 1999  NJ United States Regrouped 27
The Batallion   Active 5
The Beast of the Apocalypse   Netherlands Active 5
The Beast Of The Apocalypse 2007  Netherlands Active 2
The Beast Remade   Sonora Mexico Active 1
The Beautiful Ones   Active 1
The Beautifully Demolished   Unknown 1
The Beckoning   Canada Active 2
The Begotten   NY United States Active 2
The Bellicose Minds   OR United States Active 1

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