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Band Formed City/State Country Status Articles
Displaying records 201 - 300 of 512 1 2 3 4 5 6 Last
On Pain Of Death   Maigh Eo United Kingdom Active 1
On Paths of Torment   Unknown 2
On Scalar Waves   Italy Active 1
On The Offense   NY United States Active 3
On The Outside   Unknown 2
On Thin Ice   Unknown 1
On Top   Philadelphia, PA Active 4
Onan 2010  Sydney Australia Active 1
Onanizer   Czech Republic Active 1
Once   Germany Active 1
Once Beloved   Unknown 2
Once Dead   Los Angeles, CA United States Active 5
Once For All   Unknown 3
Once Forgotten   LA United States Active 0
Once Nothing   Pittsburg, PA United States Active 11
One By One   Sweden Active 2
One Day As A Lion 2008  United States Active 6
One Dead Three Wounded   Philadelphia, PA United States Active 20
One Fell Down   Active 1
One Hour Hell   Stockholm Sweden Active 4
One Inch Giant 2011  Goteborg Sweden Active 3
One Last Legacy   Active 1
One Last Prayer   Cancun Active 1
One Life Animal   Canada Active 1
One Life Crew   Cleveland, OH United States Regrouped 1
One Machine 2013  Active 4
One Man Army   Unknown 1
One Man Army and the Undead Quartet 2004  Trollhättan Sweden Active 29
One Man Terror   France Active 1
One Minute Silence   United Kingdom Regrouped 2
One Night Stand   Active 1
One State   Russia Active 1
One Step Beyond   Australia Active 1
One Tail, One Head   Norway Active 2
One Without   Gothenburg Sweden Active 37
One Year Later   PA United States Active 6
Oneironaut   Unknown 1
Onesidezero   United States Active 18
Onethium   UT United States Active 2
One-Way Mirror   France Active 1
Onheil 1999  Netherlands Active 10
Onicectomy   Italy Active 3
Oniricous   Spain Active 5
Onirophagus   Spain Active 3
Onkel Tom   Germany Active 5
Only Crime   Unknown 1
Only Living Witness   MA United States Disbanded 3
Only the Dust Remains   FL United States Active 2
Onnirica   Brazil Active 1
Onogur   Active 1
Onsetcold   United Kingdom Active 6
Onslaught 1982  Bristol United Kingdom Active 154
Onus 1998  WI United States Active 0
Onward   CA United States Active 7
Onward To Olympas 2008  Charlotte, NC United States Active 13
Onward We March   TX United States Active 1
Oomph!   Wolfsburg Germany Active 1
Oozepus   Japan Active 1
Open Denile 2008  New York, NY United States Active 2
Open Grave   NJ United States Active 1
Open Hand 1999  Los Angeles, CA United States Active 5
Open Tomb   New Zealand Active 1
Opera Diabolicus   Sweden Active 4
Opera IX 1988  Biella Italy Active 4
Opera Rock   Italy Active 3
Operadyse   France Active 2
Operatika Element 2002  NJ United States Active 19
Operation Eat Shit   Unknown 1
Operation Winter Mist 1998  Calgary, AB Canada Active 1
Operative Me   Akron, OH United States Active 2
Operator   Unknown 3
Operator Dead:Post Abandoned   Tulsa, OK United States Active 1
Opeth 1990  Sörskogen / Stockolm Sweden Active 441
Ophicvs   OH United States Active 1
Ophidian Forest   Croatia Active 8
Ophidian I   Iceland Active 4
Ophiolatry   Brazil Active 1
Ophis 2000  Hamburg Germany Active 10
Ophthalamia   Unknown 1
Opiate   Denmark Active 3
Opiate for the Masses 1999  Phoenix, AZ United States Active 21
Opium Lord   United Kingdom Active 1
Opium Warlords   Active 6
Opius   Fond du Lac, WI United States Active 8
Opposing Motion   Active 3
Opposite Sides   Italy Active 4
Opposition of One   Unknown 2
Opposition Party   Singapore Malaysia Active 1
Oppression   Unknown 1
Opprobrium   Active 3
Optic   NY United States Active 7
Optic Perception   India Active 1
Optical Faze   Brazil Active 1
Optimal Impact 1998  Calgary, Alberta Canada Active 0
Opus Arcana   Mexico Active 1
Opus Dai   Losa NAgeles, CA United States Active 1
Opus Majestic   United States Regrouped 1
Opus Tenebrae   Sao Paulo Brazil Active 1
Oracle Of The Void   Australia Disbanded 3
Oraculum   Chile Active 2

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