"some music was meant to stay underground..."

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Formed: 2003
From: Norway
Last Known Status: Active


'Of withering ashes' refers to that which is allowed to grow and flourish from the remains after a destructive fire, when the ashes dries up and are spread by the wind.

With our music, we paint a dark & barren landscape. Using dramatic dynamic variations and progressive structures, we strive to keep our music as sincere and true to Life as possible.

As any other self-respecting musicians we plainly refuse to categorize ourselves, however others :p have mentioned doom metal, gothic rock, and an ounce of celtic, when attempting to describe our music.

Settled on the fierce norwegian west coast, one of our goals is to prove that Norway isn't all about black metal... (Though most of us play that kind of music in our spare time, as of course all true vikings do in addition to skiing :))
Of withering ashes has existed as a band since the summer of 2003.

Of withering ashes is (recording lineup):
Toril - voice
Kristian - guitars, keys, programming, words

Additional members (not playing on the Solitude DEMO tracks):
Erlend - guitar
Jon Ivar - bass guitar
Rune - drums

Site: http://ofwitheringashes.dmusic.com/

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