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Saint Rose Rocks Feelgood’s in Las Vegas

Tired of the massive hotels and casinos I found myself wandering off the Las Vegas strip (20 minute taxi ride West of Las Vegas Blvd) to check out Saint Rose at Feelgood’s Rock Bar and Lounge last Friday.

First let me say that Feelgood’s is not your typical Las Vegas celebrity rock bar (Read: Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo Cantina at Planet Hollywood), but rather an authentic rock bar complete with a dark atmosphere, a second floor cage area for go-go dancers in leather and chains, large stage, motorcycle parking (in full use this particular night), and state of the art sound system. With the exception of the name and small shrine on your way to the bathroom you wouldn’t even know the owner is Vince Neil (Motley Crue). More...

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Warbeast's CD Release Show in Fort Worth, Texas

The musicians that make up thrash powerhouse Warbeast are no newcomers to the scene. Using years upon years of experience in creating extreme thrash in bands like Rigor Mortis and Gammacide, Warbeast has just released their debut album backed up 100% by Housecore Records and it’s owner Phil Anselmo, who joined the band on stage to show his support. At Warbeast’s CD release show in Fort Worth, Texas, last week, old fans of the musicians and curious youngsters just learning about the legendary thrash scene of Texas showed up to get their heads bashed in with damaging riffs and paralyzing growls from all of the bands on the bill. But most of all, just to get a peek at the supergroup that will soon dominate the thrash genre. More...

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Nashville Pussy's Rolling Party Rolls and Parties!

The fantastically named band Nashville Pussy likes to be on tour. So much so that they must have spent at least twice as many nights on the road as they have at home since they began playing their dirty, bluesy rock back in 1996. Out on their most recent tour, the “Parental Advisory Tour,” along with comedy rock/metal outfits Green Jello and Psychostick, Nashville Pussy is bringing their rolling party to a club near you! And if you like rock and booze, or if you like just one of those things, you want to see this show really bad. More...

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Sick Of It All Spreads The Hardcore Reality

New York hardcore legends Sick Of It All are about to begin a short tour of the United Kingdom supporting AFI to promote their forthcoming new studio album, "Based On A True Story." Luckily for the English folk who are not too keen on AFI, Sick Of It All announced a couple of headlining shows before the main tour kicked off and very luckily for myself, one of these shows was at The Croft in Bristol.

First things first, The Croft is an excellent venue. It appears to be brilliantly run along with having some really friendly staff and a great lounge area. Apparantly, Sick Of It All specifically requested this venue and it's not hard to see why, especially when one enters the stage area, which while not huge, packs plenty of people in and is the perfect setting for a hardcore show. More...

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Kreator with Voivod at The Bottom Lounge

Thrash is back. After dying off in the 1990s and returning in the mid-2000s it's finally returned, with four of five bands playing coming from metal's most headbangable genre. And it was a very special night given that two of the bands touring were originally local bands, one based in Kenosha, Wisconsin and the other from Wheaton, Illinois which proves that the Chicago metal scene has finally come into its own rather than simply live in the shadow of Ministry and Disturbed. More...

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W.A.S.P. at Cubby Bear North

I have always had a soft spot for W.A.S.P. as the "Crimson Idol" is my second favorite metal album of all time after Faith No More's "Angel Dust." They're a legendary name in metal circles since 1984, W.A.S.P. to this day still manage to put out quality heavy metal while many of their 80s peers have stagnated or worse. Thankfully, W.A.S.P. is still together, still touring and while they may not have the same amount of popularity that they have in North America that they have in Europe, W.A.S.P. still manages to put on a kickass show twenty-eight years into their career. More...

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Kreator and Evile Pack Nokia Theater in New York

On March 6, 2010 I went to see Kreator perform at the Nokia Theater in New York City. I was very eager to see Evile, Voivod, and Kreator. I have been a fan of Kreator for some time now, but have only heard one album, “Extreme Aggression.” Evile is a band I was interested in seeing because I have their demo, but have yet to explore much outside of what is on their MySpace page. Voivod has been recommended to me by friends, but I’ve never taken the time to properly explore them. When I arrived at the venue, Lazarus A.D. started playing. More...

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Hank III and Assjack Spread Evil in New Orleans

You may be wondering why the grandson of country artist Hank Williams is showing up on a metal website. Hank III does play traditional country music akin to his grandfather’s style, but he’s been a fan of punk and metal all his life. Along with his country band, Hank III has been making metal with his band Assjack for years, and finally recorded (all the music and vocals by himself) and released “Assjack” in August of last year. He also plays the drums in the classic hardcore/thrash band Arson Anthem alongside Phil Anselmo of Down and Mike IX of Eyehategod, and was a member of the now disbanded Superjoint Ritual. Hank III’s show was a three-hour barrage of three styles of music; country, hellbilly and metal. And it was only fitting that “Hell’s House Band” should use only red stage lights throughout the night to create an aura of evil. More...

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Metal As Art Second Leg Hits Chicago

The Metal As Art Tour had some good success on the first go round, with Hypno5e, Revocation and The Binary Code headlining clubs across the U.S. The currently running second leg features Starring Janet Leigh and Fallen Martyr as the touring bands, and they are supported by local metal outfits in each city. The 2nd leg hit Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago on February 17, 2010, and crushed an appreciative, but small, audience. More...

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Crowbar and Exhorder Together After 20 Years

For the first time in over twenty years, two amazing metal bands from the sludge-covered city of New Orleans shared a stage. The crowds came out in droves for the show, bearing the freezing temperatures to see what will be considered a landmark show. There were many familiar faces in attendance, but the large amount of middle-aged non-metalheads was staggering. I can only speculate that these people came because Exhorder was one of their favorites as a kid, and even though they don’t like metal anymore, they wanted to see a band from their youth. It was similar to the crowd from their first show in years in November 2009 that had even less younger people. Regardless of the differences in the crowd, everyone had a great time watching the incredible event unfold. More...

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Arch Enemy Conquers Philadelphia

For the first time in almost two years, Arch Enemy made their way to the United States to cause devastation using blistering melodic death metal. Touring in support of “The Root Of All Evil,” which included re-recorded Arch Enemy songs from the band’s first three albums, the band made their presence known at the Theatre Of Living Arts in Philadelphia on January 21st. The “Tyrants of Evil” tour was a monstrous package that not only included Arch Enemy, but up-and-comers Mutiny Within, technical death metal shredders Arsis and legendary thrashers Exodus. The show was strong from start to finish, and the audience that packed into the intimate venue ranged from respectful to outright ruthless at times. More...

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The Anvil is Dropped in New Orleans

After years of obscurity, Anvil has returned to the world of metal in full-force. After releasing their latest album “This is 13” and playing numerous festivals this summer, Anvil is touring the US and other countries this year to reclaim their old fans’ love and make new ones. At all-ages shows, the generations represented range from young kids who have never been to a rock show to metalheads older than the half-centurions in Anvil. I saw their first show in New Orleans Saturday night, and it was amazing. More...

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Nile And Immolation Tear Down The Trocadero

Nile’s first big US tour in support of their latest album, “Those Whom The Gods Detest,” rolled its way through Philly on January 17th. Immolation, Krisiun, and Dreaming Dead provided support, ensuring that a night of brutal death metal was on the menu. A dreary, drizzle-soaked night made for a perfect accompaniment to the reign of terror that was on display from the time the doors of the Trocadero opened to the bitter end. While the lack of Abigail Williams, who had to drop off the tour due to a band injury, was disappointing, the rest of the bands held their own and put on a show that left many necks aching from all the headbanging going on. More...

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Outlaw Order Takes Over Metairie

Back home from their West Coast tour, Outlaw Order had a welcome back show for their New Orleans brethren. Opening the show were the strange The Foot and Flesh Parade. Us New Orleans's metal heads are proud of having Outlaw Order here almost as much as we're proud of our football team. Although the bar was not packed to the brim, everyone in attendance heard some great music. Outlaw Order's entire set can be seen below. More...

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Madball Tears Apart The Croft In Bristol

When going through the list of legends in the Hardcore genre, several bands immediately come to mind. Bad Brains, Black Flag, Agnostic Front and Sick Of It All are just a few that are instantly mentioned, but half the time, people forget to mention Madball, the band formed twenty years ago by Agnostic Front singer Roger Miret and his younger brother Freddy Cricien. To be honest, there is absolutely no reason to forget Madball. They have written some of the best songs in their genre and bring a huge amount of intensity and energy with them wherever they go. So getting to see the legends live for the first time was not only alot of fun, but a real treat.

The band took to the stage at The Croft in Bristol and opened with the classic song, "Set It Off." As soon as the band started playing, the crowd exploded. Moshing, stage diving, pogoing and singing along to almost every word, a great atmosphere to have. Madball continued to perform with an unrivaled passion and drive, playing some of their more recent (and equally outstanding songs) such as "Heavenhell" and "Infiltrate The System" and every single person in the crowd loved every second of it. So did the band and they thanked the audience numerous times throughout the night for the support, Cricien held the mic out for members of the audience to sing along and engaged in the Great British dialect by calling someone a "fucking wanker." They finished with the song, "Pride" from the 1996 album, "Demonstrating My Style," to a great response. As I said before, this was my first Madball show and it certainly won't be my last!

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Another Wave of Decimation of the Nation Hits NOLA

The Decimation of the Nation 2 Tour is packed with big names and even bigger music. Veteran bands Hatebreed and Cannibal Corpse alongside Unearth, Hate Eternal and Born of Osiris makes for an unforgettable evening that no metalhead has an excuse to miss. For the New Orleans show, Crowbar made a last minute decision to join in the fun making it even more awesome for the crowd in attendance. Luckily, I was able to film their set so those who didn’t have the privilege of being there. More...

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Femme Metal Fest 2009 at the Asylum, Birmingham

The Femme Metal Fest 2009, the first of what is set to be an annual event, was a huge success, with a great turnout and amazing performances. Before the Femme Metal Festival had even started, anticipation was running high outside the Asylum in Birmingham, where I took the opportunity to ask my fellow festival-ers who they were looking forward to watching. Unsurprisingly, symphonic metal band Delain came out on top, with everyone I asked excited at the prospect of witnessing their first ever UK gig. More...

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Exhorder Returns to the New Orleans Scene

After more than twenty years since they rocked the New Orleans scene to its core, Exhorder is still together, ready to destroy anything in its path. Ending a rather long break of eight years, the men of Exhorder proved that they aren’t done making extremely heavy punk, hardcore and metal mixed music. Exhorder was merely laying in wait, holding the fans in agonizing anticipation and striking at the perfect moment to ensure a kill. And, believe me, they killed everyone at that venue with extreme prejudice. More...

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Motorhead Takes Over The Swindon Oasis

It's almost a given that if you like any form of hard rock or metal, you like Motorhead. No other band has the longevity, the honesty and the volume that Motorhead carry with them at all times. Not only do they live rock and roll, they are the embodiment of it. So having them come to perform in Swindon (which they have only done about three times before in their 34 year history) was a real treat for all concerned.

Opening the show this evening was Girlschool, who have been going for nearly as long as Motorhead, forming in 1978. I unfortunately missed quite a bit of their set but what I did see was alot of fun. They gave a performance that showed how much they enjoy not playing their music, but being on the stage in general. They were definitely a great opening act and set the mood for the great evening of rock and roll that was to follow. I look forward to seeing them again in the future and hopefully getting there on time!

Next up was British punk rock legends The Damned. A little bit of pub trivia for you, The Damned were the first British punk band to release a single, an album and tour the United States, not the Sex Pistols as so many people believe. As Michael Caine might say, not alot of people know that! The Damned approached their live show with a great spirit and got plenty of the crowd excited from the opening sentence of "Hello... We're The Damned.... And we sound a bit like this... Is she really going out with him?" before the pounding drums of "New Rose" kicked off a fantastic performance. I personally had been wanting to see The Damned for six years and it was well worth the wait to see them tear through classic songs like "Neat, Neat, Neat" and "Love Song." They were also as hilarious as they were exciting, with guitarist Captain Sensible joking about the recent Morrissey show in Swindon that ended after the singer collapsed on stage after one song. He declared the tour to be "very anti-Simon Cowell" and a "celebration of rock and roll." They closed with the always classic anthem, "Smash It Up" which was followed with Captain Sensible running over to lead singer Dave Vanian's microphone to perform a bit of his 1980s novelty hit song, "Happy Talk" before being dragged off the stage by his guitar straps by Vanian. If I had to ask anything of The Damned, it would be that next time they play "Machine Gun Etiquette" and "Melody Lee." "Nasty" would be a good addition too, but really, those are only requests. If you're a fan of punk rock, go and see The Damned. You won't regret it!

"We are Motorhead... We play rock and roll" was the introductory growl from the iconic singing bass player Lemmy as the headliners took the stage. After that it was into the classic, "Iron Fist" and the onslaught of loud instruments and great songs continued from there. The energy the band brings didn't stop for a second and the band brought a few surprises into their set too, which is always good to hear, performing a cover of the Twisted Sister song, "Shoot 'em Down" and the acoustic blues vibe of "Whorehouse Blues." It was also nice to hear songs from their new album, "Motorizer" as well as songs from the previous two albums, "Inferno" and "Kiss Of Death." The band performed the awesome, "One Night Stand" from the latter album and "In The Name Of Tragedy" from the former. They also included timeless songs such as "Going To Brazil," "Killed By Death" and "Over The Top." Hearing the band playing "Bomber" felt fantastic as on the two occassions I had seen them before, they left it out from the set. And for the encore? What else would you expect than the song that defines heavy metal and hard rock and roll in general, "Ace Of Spades," followed by the title track of their second album, "Overkill." Motorhead proved once again why they are one of the true legends of rock with a performance that didn't falter once, great crowd interaction and timeless songs. All in all, it was a great night, though the crowd really were a disappointment. Alot of people in Swindon complain that they don't have a proper music venue to draw bigger acts but if they are as still as many in the crowd were for Motorhead, building a venue would just be a waste of money and time. That aside, if you live in the U.K. and you like your concerts to be f'ing loud (the "f" is not for fairly!) and alot of fun, then you simply have to catch this tour!

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AC/DC Electrifies New Orleans

I honestly thought the day would never come when I would see the legendary AC/DC in person. They haven’t been my way in years. But, like a message from God (or Satan), I received the news that indeed the duck-walking schoolboy would be visiting my town. My worn-out copy of AC/DC Live at Donington gave me high hopes of an incredible show that I prayed (to Satan) the aging men could still pull off. They not only equaled the spectacle, but far exceeded it, and it was one of the most energetic, loud and stunning shows I’ve ever seen. More...

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