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Sock Puppet Parody Streaming New Immortal Parody

The people of Sock Puppet Parody premiere a new Immortal-themed parody video, "Immortal Christmas III – Inquisition". The clip was directed and edited by Brady Tulk produced by
Johnny Zero-Forever.

Check out now "Immortal Christmas III – Inquisition" below.

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Metallica & Jimmy Fallon Perform "Enter Sandman"

Metallica guest starred on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to participate in one of Fallon's "Classroom Instruments" segments with The Roots. The recurring segment features Fallon, The Roots and major artist performing hits with instruments found in a high school music instruments.

In the latest version of the skit, Metallica assisted in performing "Enter Sandman." The performance can be viewed here:

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Heavy Metal Leaf Throws The Horns

Metal memes are a dime a dozen, but (other than Abbath in a forest or a pile of branches being mistaken for a band logo) its not often that nature collides with the metal world.

Some lucky Reddit user came across a leaf that is very clearly throwing the metal horns. You think it heard some folk metal from a passing car or something?

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Watch Scotland's "Rawking Gran" Dance To AC/DC

Below you can watch an old lady rock out to AC/DC’s "Highway to Hell", performed by Badboys, a covers band from Paisley, Scotland.

States the band on its Facebook page: "Badboys played at The Spree in Paisley today; last song was Highway to Hell and this happened #RAWKINGRAN -AMAZING!!!"

The clip was posted past weekend and has already passed 1.1 million views... Check it out: More...

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Slayer Fan Rocks Out In Hurricane Matthew

This one's been making the rounds lately, showing one metal head who isn't planning on fleeing from Hurricane Matthew, and instead plans to meet the winds head on with... Slayer?

Check out the video below of a topless, American-flag waving metal fan rocking out in Jacksonville, Florida.

In the video, Lane Pittman is seen standing in a lunge position as he steadies himself against the wind before twirling his ginger locks back and forth. Thanks to Turbulence for the video upload. More...

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Steve Terreberry Defines Djent

Apparently this one went online several months ago but it just came through my feed, so now it's time to share it with all of you! Steve Terreberry does a hilariously awesome job of explaining the definition of djent in the clip below.

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Revolver's Hottest Chicks Calendar Released

It's that time of year again that some in the metal world eagerly look forward to and others decry as sexist - yep, it's none other than the annual Revolver Hottest Chicks, which now comes in handy calendar format!

Revolver Magazine's Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Calendar 2017 is on sale now, featuring Lacuna Coil's own Cristina Scabbia on the cover.

The 2017 edition also features Lzzy Hale from Halestorm, Ash Costello from New Years Day, Elize Ryd from the Amaranthe, Simone Simons from Epica, Francheska Pastor from Bad Seed Rising, the Butcher Babies, and more. More...

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Testament Releases Browser Game

Bay area thrash metal group Testament just released an official browser game for the band's upcoming 12th album, "Brotherhood Of The Snake."

Play up to 666 points to prove you're a worthy prospect for the brotherhood and keep on playing to get inducted and claim your spot in the global highscore over here.

New album "Brotherhood Of The Snake" will be released on October 28th, 2016 via Nuclear Blast. The album is now available for pre-order in various formats right here. More...

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Anthrax Meets Maury Povich

If you're a member of Anthrax and you've recently shared The Tonight Show's line-up with Robert DeNiro, what do you do next?

Well, apparently guesting on SiriusXM's "Opie with Jim Norton" show, trading quips with none other than Maury Povich. You've got to see it to believe it.

Anthrax is currently on the road with Slayer as well as headlining dates. Full details on remaining September and October shows are available after the jump. More...

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WWE Superstars Talk Metal

On the eve of Summerslam, Metal Injection was invited to a special WWE2K video game event. Brock Lesnar, Bill Goldberg, Shinsuke Nakamura, Kevin Owens, The Miz, Big Cass and more talked about their favorite rock and metal bands, which wrestlers they'd form a band with. and which rock icon they'd have as their tag team partner. Check out the full clip below.

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Cannibal Corpse Ukulele Cover

When it comes to instruments that people would describe as, "metal" the ukulele is one which would absolutely not come to mind. And yet, that is exactly what Youtube vloggers Rob Scallon and Sarah Longfield have done. Prepare yourself to be completely brutalized by what the ukulele is capable of... of just laugh your ass off. More...

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Rob Scallon Posts Cannibal Corpse Ukulele Cover

You are probably already familiar with Chicago-based guitarist Rob Scallon, who covers Slayer songs etc. with banjos and ukuleles.

Today Scallon and Sarah Longfield offer you a cover version of Cannibal Corpse's "Evidence in the Furnace" played on ukuleles. Check it out now below.

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Meshuggah Mashed Up With The Simpsons

Meshuggah is gearing up to release eighth album "The Violent Sleep Of Reason" on October 7th, 2016 via Nuclear Blast Records.

While waiting for that release, an intrepid YouTuber decided to sync up a Simpsons episode with some quality classic Meshuggah. Get ready for the giggles and hit play below!

This isn't the only epic Meshuggah mashup to land online recently - if you missed it, check out the CS:GO gunfire cover here. More...

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Video: Couple Has Sex During Attila's Set

A couple decided to have sex during Attila's set at past weekend's "Dirt Fest" at the Crofoot Festival Grounds in Pontiac, MI. SFW footage of the two lovers in the act can be seen below.

States Fronzak on his Facebook-page: "I can't say that I'm surprised by this at all but...... Two people were having sex while they watched my band play yesterday hahaha. Just when I thought I've seen it all! Can't blame em though... Stay horny & SUCK MY FUCK ATTILA. PS - Name the baby after me please!!!!! I know y'all were raw-doggin up there haha." More...

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Steel Panther Meets "Angela Merkel" At W:O:A 2016

Los Angeles glam-metal jokesters Steel Panther met with German chancellor Angela Merkel (played by German comedian Sara Kelly-Husain) at this year's edition of Wacken Open Air festival, which was held August 4-6 in Wacken, Germany. You can now watch their discussion below.

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Randy Blythe Vs. Gwar-B-Q Mascot Street Fight

GWAR is streaming a clip showing GWAR B-Q's mascot "Grilly" and Lamb Of God's Randy Blythe getting into a street fight. The 2016 GWAR B-Q, will take place August 20th, 2016 at Hadad's Lake in Richmond, VA.

States GWAR on the band's Facebook page: "Grilly confronts Lamb of God's D. Randall Blythe as tensions begin to boil over in anticipation of the 2016 GWAR B-Q!! Bah God! It's spilling out into the alleys and the streets! The mayhem! The carnage! YES! YES! YES!"

Check it out now below.


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See 40 Years Of Goth In Under 4 Minutes

In just under four minutes, the "40 Years of Goth Style" videop takes viewers through the evolution of the clothing, hair and make-up styles of those seductive children of the night from 1970s punk rockers up to today's Ouija-worshipping Nu Goths. The digital short was created by Liisa Ladouceur, author of the definitive Encycyclopedia Gothica.

"I was really quite bored of seeing the headline 'Celebrity X Goes Goth' every time a model or pop star shows up on a red carpet wearing all black," says Liisa. "That's not what Goth is about. And while I'm a fan of the many different 'fashion history in two minute' videos, they all seem to showcase conventional, very mainstream beauty standards. I wanted to create something that celebrated the wilder, weirder goth girls out there, and to really show how goth style has evolved over the decades."

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Vulgar Display Of Horsepower

Youtuber James Dickson just uploaded a hilarious video of a horse apparently headbanging away to some Pantera. It's a vulgar display of horsepower!

In sorta-related news, Phil Anselmo recently announced he and Down are coming out of exile following the backlash from his drunken white power outburst at Dimebash earlier this year. The first show will be taking place in Las Vegas this coming August.

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Metallica Shares Comedic Clips For Brioni Menswear

Metallica has shared various comedic behind the scenes clips from the band's recent photo shoot for Italian luxury menswear company Brioni.

You can check them out now below:

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Jim Breuer Premieres New Music Video

Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy's premieres a new music video for "Old School", taken from the band's debut album "Songs from the Garage", out in stores now via Metal Blade Records. In the clip, Breuer name drops some of his favorite metal and hard rock songs and references and also does his best impersonations of some of hard rock and metal's biggest personalities.

Check out now "Old School" below.

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