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Rock Me Like A Hurricane

As both Dark Icon and myself are in the path of hurricane Isabel, things may get quiet on metalunderground.com for a while. Hopefully we'll be alive, and the site will remain up, but we may not be able to post if we lose power for any length of time. Here's hoping we're online still tomorrow.

UPDATE: (Saturday Sept 20th) It figures the only thing I lost was my cable internet connection. I'm back up now, and news will resume. Hopefully we'll hear from Dark Icon by Monday.

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Links Section Surpasses 500

Another landmark here at metalunderground.com - our links database has surpassed the 500 link mark. You can search them alphabetically or by category, and sort the results how you please. I include a "site rating" for every site linked both to aid our visitors in finding the highest quality sites, and as a critique as a professional web developer. (If you own a website linked her and don't like your rating, I'd be happy to tell you why I rated it so)

I've only been adding links once in a while when I have time (not often) and am very back-logged on requests. A "suggest a link" function is one of the many more additions I hope to add to the site, but until then, please be patient and enjoy the 500+ links we have.

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Site & Server Upgrade

Metalunderground.com has successfully been moved to a new (Cold Fusion MX) server. The process did not go without incidents, which I have come to expect, but everything now seems to be running fine again. All of the "changes" I've made in the meantime have been behind the scenes, but some of the things you'll see in the near future are a revamped home page and then a new page layout for all of the content pages.

I'm pretty excited about he move to Cold Fusion MX, as I have been wanting to use this technology in my profession anyway. The main thing this upgraded platform brings is the ability to do more with XML and newsfeeds. That might not make much sense right now, but it'll make a lot more things possible that I've wanted to do with the site.

Thanks for your patience and for visiting! (If you're reading this, the site is obvious up, however).

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April Fools

I hope you enjoyed the few April Fools stories yesterday [explanation]. We're now back to RealTM metal news as usual.

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As I depart on a much-needed vacation for a few days, - my last before learning the responsibility of fatherhood - metalunderground.com updates will be left in the very capable hands of Dark Icon. As always, KEEP METAL ALIVE!

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Just a brief site update, since I haven't had one in a while. We've been consistenly pumping out the news here over the months, but progress on the pending portions of the site (reviews, message boards, etc) have been at a standstill as I've switched jobs a couple of times in a short period of time and have had problems getting my development and live platforms to match and to do code updates. What can I say - "life sucks and then you die..." I've just got all that straightened out and am going to be tackling more development in the near future. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading all the latest metal news here.

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Advertising and Launch Radio

I have seen some annoying popunder ads displayed on metalunderground.com and will assure you all that I'll be cutting back on them. I occasionally run a few of them because they pay better than the normal banner ads (to offset the cost of site hosting), but if they are really big or annoying and piss people off, it's just not worth it. If you're really against popups, check out this program, POW, that I use to get rid of the most common and annoying ads.

Also on the agenda is the fact that I've pulled the Launch streaming radio links, as the image links were no longer working. Once I find the proper links again, I'll put the link to the Launchcast radio back on the left sidebar somewhere.

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DNS Propagated

It seems that the DNS change for the new host has propogated everywhere by now. This just means that metalunderground.com is automatically resolving to the new server. I have not yet turned on my advertising on the new host and can see that I've only had one impression (on the old hosted site) since yesterday... I'll be banging out the remaining bugs since the switch today, so if you continue to find any more bugs, email me at deathbringer@metalunderground.com. Thanks for your patience and support!

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New Hosting Is A Go

If you are reading this, then the new hosting is working and DNS is finally propagating... There are a ton of code changes I need to make, so if you see some bugs, please bear with us or drop me a line at deathbringer@metalunderground.com.

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One Year Anniversary And A New Host!

Woops - I missed it! March 7 marked the one year anniversary of metalunderground.com. That day last year, I made the site live in "alpha" form. Since then, we've had almost 40,000 hits to the news page. I thank all of our readers out there and the admins (NightStalker for his outstanding contributions last year and Dark Icon who is still contributing) who have helped make the site a success. Of course I have much bigger plans for this site and hope that we can move forward with the reviews section and message boards in the near future.

As of today, I will be moving the site to a new (pay-for) host. As a result, there may be a lull in news and content updates for up to a day or two. But hopefully everything will go smoothly and you won't even notice the difference.

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Monthly Wrap-Up

I just wanted to give a short wrap-up for this month. I've spent a good amount of time getting back up and running and performaing data backups of everything electronic (like a speeding ticket makes you drive slow for a while, sometimes you need a good hard drive crash to make you remember the importance of back-ups!) , and am really looking forward to putting in some development time on this site. Because the reviews section is so overdue, I plan to do some briefs about the bands and albums that I really like lately. But first thing I plan to do is a lot of tidying up of those little things like broken banners and links...

While it may appear that we've slacked off on the news this weekend, I've spent much more time clearing low-content email than actual news posting, so it doesn't look like you're missing much...

As always, thanks for reading and spread the word about metalunderground.com!

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Computers Suck Part II

Just as I think I'll have time to work on the site some more, my main development computer is hosed. Gotta love those trusty Western Digital hard drives... Anyway, it's a minor setback and news posting will resume normally.

Unfortunately, as a result I've lost some email when I was about a week behind in replies. So if you've sent me email in the past week and got no reply, please resend it.

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A Mild State Of Disrepair

As I've been working on getting my development platform back up and running and looking for new hosting (both of which are almost complete), this site has fallen under a mild state of disrepair. We've been keeping the news updated as much as possible, but I've noticed a few code-level things that need fixing like the LAUNCHcast link, etc that I have not been able to fix with my personal machine down.

I should have these things fixed soon, as well as a few browser specific additions I've been playing with for the fun of exploring new technologies (custom cursors in IE6 and a dynamic sidebar in Netscape 6). Then in early February my wife is travelling overseas, so I expect to get a lot of work done :-)

As always, thanks for visiting and for your patience, and tell your metal-friends about metalunderground.com. I expect a lot of this site and hope it's appreciated. Keep metal alive!

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2001 End of Year Wrap-up

Well, it's been one hell of a year. Hopefully next year I'll be in some shape to do end of year awards and stuff, but this year I've devoted my time to getting metalunderground.com up and running in the news department, added a links database, as well as the foundation for a bands database (which will be fleshed out to include more bands, more underground bands, and include discographies and staff and user reviews, and an upcoming release list).

I've admittedly fallen short of my goals with metalunderground.com this year. This has been largely due to Real Life™ factors such as getting married, buying a house, and my real job. And to top it off, my computer died before Christmas and the two 4-day weekends I planned to get some major coding done. Alas, I hope we've kept the news updated enough to keep a few eyes coming back to visit in the meantime. I have much grander plans for this site, although I want daily news to be the staple of it all.

I want to publicly apologize to the bands and labels who have sent me material to review. While this has been motivational, The time I've needed to finish the reviews functionality has just not materialized and I have no forum to post these reviews as of yet. This is my top priority for 2002 and I'll be sure to shout it out loud when I get this done! There is much happening in the near future for metalunderground.com, but I hope everything goes smoothly, and we can move forward with some cool new features and lots more interaction in 2002!

On a more positive note, we did reach 30,000 visitors just before the year's end! I'd like to thank NightStalker for the great news contributions for most of the second half of 2001, and Dark Icon and Captain Schlitz for coming on board late this year to help out in the future. And thanks to everyone who visits and writes in to tell me what they think of the site!

Have a great New Year and stay true to metal!

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My Christmas Computer Jinx

Thanks to Dark Icon for covering the news this Christmas, as for the second year in a row my computer is giviing me trouble on Christmas... It's tough to enjoy a day troubleshooting hardware. :-( As such, I have some email stuck in limbo, so apologies to those people who sent news that doesn't get posted.

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Server Status - Functional

It seems as though the new server is working just fine, and even a little faster than before. I am ironing out the bugs as fast as I find them, but in the meantime you may notice that there is a weird-looking temporary redirect URL and that the embedded fonts do not display properly. Once the DNS propagates over the next couple of days, these issues will disappear on their own. News posting should resume shortly, as long as no major glitches are found.

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Server Migration, Hold On News

There will be a temporary pause in news service for most of today, as we migrate the site to a new server with new versions of MS SQL Server and Cold Fusion 5. This will mean more cool stuff I can do with the site in the future. Thanks for bearing with us, and apologies for the down-time, which we'll do our best to minimize.

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Welcome Dark Icon

I would like to introduce you all to and welcome Dark Icon, the latest addition to the metalunderground.com staff. He'll be helping out however possible - posting some news, populating the bands database and reviews once that section is live. I'll leave the actual introduction to Dark Icon:

Hail, fellow metalheads. As Deathbringer has said, my name is Dark Icon and I'll be helping out the site as things progress on our way to becoming the number one metal site on the web.

Now for those prying minds out there, I'll blab about a few things. I hail from upstate New York, but I'm currently in NC getting that higher education out of the way. My musical tastes run to the death and black metal side of things, but I do listen to other types of metal in order to keep myself as knowledgeable about the scene as I can. Well that's short and sweet, and tells you some things but let's me stay enough of an enigma to be perplexing.... heh heh heh... Rock on!

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Launchcast Changes

Since the purchase of Launch.com by Yahoo, I've had to migrate my Launchcast station to my Yahoo account (dgibson666). It appears as though this change may have broken the link to my Launchcast station on the left, and the image has definitely been broken for a week or so. I'll try to clean all of this up on Monday.

I have noticed that a lot of features on Launchcast have been removed while they make their system more robust and able to handle the growing number of users. I'm sure this will benefit the nine that have listened to my station! But overall, I do like the changes to the program that I've seen, and I didn't use a lot of the advanced features that were removed temporarily.

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Server Woes

The web server has been sucking the moose cock lately (see recent VOD quote for reference) and server downtime has been increasing as of late, and I apologize for that. Hopefully these issues will be worked out soon, as we're supposed to be upgrading to Cold Fusion 5. Please bear with us until this is worked out or we get new hosting.

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